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    • Please make only one post about this issue. Have you tried radio shack?
    • So I have a broken input port on my stock radio.. I already have another head unit but I want to keep the factory one. I need help trying to find the replacement part I already took apart the broken piece and I'll post pictures. Any ideas where to buy a replacement part to my understanding my head unit is made by alpine but i might be wrong. I have a RES 130s 6cd player
    • Tire shops here used to plug tires, but now they are not allowed to. They must remove the tire and install a patch/plug combination from the inside. I've used plugs for years and never had an issue, but I guess there was enough cases of the plug coming out that Big Brother decided they weren't safe any longer.    
    • First of all, once the vehicle is running you can take the FOB and lose it and aside from  complaining about the FOB not being present there would be no problems.

      Mine also does this every so often - I discovered that if I lock and unlock the door using the switch on the arm ret and then open and close the door it works fine again.  it could be another problem, but that's what works for me.
    • every auto stores or walmart sells them, of course you still need air after you plug the tire, i went to my local gas station and asked if i should have them remove the plug and put in the kind that is a plug with a patch over the back of it and of course you have to remove the tire to do that and he said he wouldn't bother to do that since he heard what kind of plug i used. amazon sells a kit for about $ 35 -40  for the good model with the oversize plugs, they are about 7 inches long instead of the smaller 4 inch ones you buy from walmart or the local auto parts store....i am going to go buy me a small travle air compressor and a good plug kit just in case this happens again out on the road... it sure saved us a lot of time and extra work.
    • Try your second fob. If that fails disconnect negative battery post at jumper point for 10 - 20 minutes re-attach see if problem clears up.
    • I've a 2014 dodge j ó urney  It has intermittently give me the 'No key detected' messsge for about a month now but has resolved itself until yesterday  Yesterday I got the message... sitting at the patient pick up lane at the local hospital. I changed the battery in the fob with no luck. After a long hour i called the dealer.. Dealer told me to push the button with the fob.. it worked but i drove home  scared to death the car would  not stay running while no key detected stated ... I bought this car from a chrysler dealership 6 months ago.  Now what?
    • I drive easily unless I'm getting after the throttle for some reason.  When that's the case,I get after it. . .    I also tend to have a lot of roof cargo; bike or surfboard.  I get about 19mpg in town and anywhere from 22 to 25 on the highway with cargo.  Wind, headwind especially, markedly affects efficiency with these engines more than one would think due to the 6 speed transmission.  I think more gears would be better, but 6 is what we got.   Overall, great engine.  Smooth, powerful, quiet.  Don't expect 30mpg.     peace.
    • I didn't know there was such a thing as tire plugs.  I mean, I knew that there were plugs for tires, but I thought the tire had to be deflated and the plug inserted into the tire only after the tire was deflated and off of the vehicle.  I never realized there was a DIY kit to use with air in the tire for roadside emergency situations.  Seems easier than getting the spare for a nail or screw puncture.     Peace.
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