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    • I will probably get it. Thank you for detailed explanation!
    • CarID is pretty good... I've bought a few things from them in the past and haven't had any issues. As far as the moldings though I'm not a huge fan of the chrome look. I wanted to find some that can be body-color painted. For my last few vehicles I've been able to find multiple companies on sites like amazon and third party parts companies that have the color codes, but no dice with the DJ. 
    • It may just be the weather changes... Over the past few days here the temperatures have ranged from 73 degrees Fahrenheit to 30 degrees and I feel like everything is working differently for some reason. It may very well be the temperature preventing it from happening but if it was something dangerous the dealership would be able to notice it. If they don't find anything then take it back once it starts making the noise again. I'd also ask if someone can ride with you before they look at it to ensure that they hear the noise and can confirm it is there as well.    Mechanically it could be the shocks or sway bar/sway bar link? The first thing I would check is simple stuff that you'd probably already checked... Spare tire, anything caught in the rear suspension and also check the front suspension because noises can be tricky like that. If you find out what it is keep us posted!
    • Hi,  I have a 2009 Dodge Journey Se.    My driver and passenger door lock switches do not work, windows and mirrors work fine.  Using the key fob,  the doors lock and unlock fine also when opening the drivers door they will unlock.  My dealer says all my recalls are done and up to date.  I have checked the harnesses between the doors, they are ok.  I have power and ground to the door switches and I can see  the voltage change on the door lock switches with a multi meter when pressing the buttons.  I have tried unhooking the battery already.      What am I missing?   Has anyone else had and solved this problem?   thanks Mark 
    • I’m an idiot.  I thought you wanted to ADD Nav (a very common question here) not that you HAD Nav and needed an update.  Sorry, read it to fast
    • 2010 Journey rt with xm, back up cam, touch screen. Can you install oem or after market nav without changing the radio?
    • Another day of testing with no results.  Not sure if this is good or not.   Could it have been ice? Perhaps it is a mechanical problem and the cold is keeping it from happening?  Perhaps it will start again when it gets warmer?   I will keep you posted.   mechanical-idiot
    • ... thank you, I will install a screw in that approximate location.
    • i dont know how to post pictures on here but looking at your pic above here the horizontal hole towards the front go about half half towards the front and place a screw there that is where i did mine on the passenger side and just use a small screw about half inch long with a good size head and or washer... my wife has about the same problems as yours and that is why i believe it gets broken as the seat kind of sinks down to the top of the plastic side panel and then gets dragged outward and breaks... good luck  do it now before it breaks for a more secure sde panel ....
    • ... I understand, my wife does virtually all of the driving of this Journey and she is handicapped (wears brace on leg as well) and can’t just get in and out without putting weight/pressure/stress on that top plastic retaining tab. I would be so grateful to you if you could post a couple of pictures of your repair method (black small screw and location) as I am at a loss for ‘where’ exactly it would be installed and I will go ahead and install one now to avert another breakage... which would save time and money too, thanks.
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