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    • I got a 2013 Dodge Journey R/T with the 3.6   I understand the capacity is 2,500lbs. I got my buddy to install a mopar hitch on it a while back and told him to leave off the harness as the only reason i got the receiver installed was because we hit the ditch one winter and realized the vehicle has zero places to tow from...(Mind boggling)   Anyway, no wiring harness.   There are two kits available. 56146 - Short-Proof Conversion Kit $51.20 56187 - Standard Kit $49.95   These are after-market kits, does anyone know anything about these, buddy just said they are aftermarket kits and he gets them from his "supplier"   Next question,   The camper we are supposed to rent this year is a 2002 Troy Tahoe Lite 19ft. according the owner, the dry weight is supposed to be 1860lbs but I couldn't confirm as the label was all peeled off. Can't find consistent info online on that specific model. The trailer itself is gonna be quite a bit taller and a stick out the sides of the journey I think.   What do you guys think? Its a really good deal but if it messes with my journey I need to pass on it.  
    • Well if your dealership won't call a difference dealership in a different city. If you look in the vendors sections think there is someone from a dealership. Please correct me if i am wrong.
    • Nah, free shipping. Received them today and got them installed on my blacktop wheels. Can't be worst than the Khumo, I hated them. 
    • Got that in my search, but in wiring it gives me a blank page.
    • Most likely a sensor problem.  A special scanner is needed to read those codes. If you don't have one or know anyone with one, you will need the dealer to service your vehicle. Just know that with that light on, the air bag system is disabled and will not deploy in the event of an accident. Welcome to the forum. 
    • What do you have to lose by contacting the dealer and asking this same question?
    • Your dealership is lazy! Google it. You be surprised what you can find.    Took me 30 seconds to find this. But you can find it here and order it.
    • So I finished the installation and took it to the Dodge Dealer this morning - they updated the computer but couldn't get the camera to work.  They suspect a bad camera or wiring.  When you put it into reverse it does say "watch your surroundings" or something like that, so it looks like the update took.  When I got home, I once again checked the wiring at the camera - verified that the pins were in the correct holes and nothing was pinched, etc.  Then I took the radio out and verified that those pins were correct (they were) and finally, I double checked the power and ground wires and all looked good (soldered).  Is there a way to connect the camera to a monitor to test it?  My next step would be to ohm out each wire but that's a daunting task as I will have to pull everything out again.   Anything else anyone can think of to check? I got a "great deal" on this kit ($200) on ebay - the person selling it said he accidentally bought this but it wasn't compatible because he had the smaller screen. I did notice that he must have tried to install it since he had pinned out the camera side of the wiring.
    • The factory wiring harness shorted.  Best buy just swapped the RB5 in, replaced bezel and screen and plugged in bluetooth and back up camera.   I can take it there and see if they have a generic wiring harness, but it's like pulling teeth for a dealer, mopar, or uconnect to tell me the part # for the factory harness so I could just order it, go to a dealer and have them re-wire.   It worked for 20 min of the ride back from Best Buy... they probably had it on for an hour making sure features worked, etc.
    • Does anyone know the part # for the wiring harness in the Journeys?  It's behind the stereo.   Dealer said mine shorted which accounted for RB5 to go dark, no power, no response, and fans and temperature stuck at high temp and hi fan.   When it did work, the temps were originally 22 Celsius, but sliding them on the screen converted them to Farenheit and it stuck.   So now, the dealer said he wired the unit directly and the temp won't change (but I can turn the fans on or off or hi/lo) and bluetooth doesn't exist and GPS has no antenna.  Back up camera defunct.   Guessing this is the wiring harness that connects to bluetooth harness, GPA antenna, and back up camera as well as HVAC (perhaps).   Anyway, if there's a part # for that, I would be very thankful!
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