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    •   Were you able to get it into the dealer? Send us a direct message if you need any help with this.   Jasmine Dodge Social Care Specialist
    • This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum.    For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section
    • Twice after turning corners i heard a loud boom as if my tire blew, pulled over both times, couldn't find any thing wrong. Help.    
    • TLDR;   My radio is lazy, and unresponsive. Volume isn't working, and XM is not working. Will attempt a 'disconnect the negative terminal' trick, per forum discussions. feeling optimistic; will update.   Story:   As a follow-up to my previous repair tutorial entitled "Cruise Control, LOVE TAP FIX", and my experience as a Alternative Mechanical Repairman (ei, advocate of using the Love-Tap to fix everything from HVAC to Gauge Clusters)  I recently noticed my Uconnect 4.3 (2011 DJ) was slowing down, crashing on boot up, and XM/Volume was unresponsive. After boastfully explaining to my wife that 'I knew FCA products, and that a well placed 'LOVE TAP' would fix this touch screen...' I proceeded to give the side of the console a 'THUD' (Just south of the ignition) AND I SHIT YOU NOT THE RADIO FUNCTIONS ALL RETURNED TO NORMAL! ALL WORKING- XM, FM and the VOLUME!... we couldn't stop laughing!!!!.... for about 5 minutes... then it froze again. Oh-well. 

      So today, I check the forums. some folks say to leave the battery disconnected for 30 minutes. Seems legit. I'll do this tonight- and report my findings. I have no doubt this will solve my issue.   PSA: I work at GM now... So I get to deal with my coworkers bugging me to switch my ride daily. To them I say "ONCE FCA, HERE TO STAY!"  .... Also, it's not in my budget for a new car.
    • actually yrs ago with my caravan i had a episode with a cruise control not disengaging after stepping on the brake pedal was kind of scary as of course i was coming up behind another car but mine disengaged by simply shutting off the unit whit the cancel button. I had just that day picked the van up from the dealership where they had worked on the transmission and after looking at the van they latter called and said the van is fixed that it was the brake pedal switch that had gone bad, i kept asking about it as i had just picked it up from the dealership and that it was working before they had it and it wasn't after they gave it back to me ,they kept saying they didnt do anything to have damaged the brake switch disconnect but i had a hard time coming around to their way of thinking.  But is was a scary thing to happen and was lucky to have been able to just hit the cancel button.......
    • so true about being warned, do what every you want it is your journey i would not be afraid to use it.good luck on what ever you decide...
    • yes evidently the fix has not been disclosed to us here at the forum. people come with problems but a lot of one time posters after getting the problem solved dont bother to report back on what happened and how it got resolved, thus leaving others who develop the same problem with no idea on how to fix it. so please share with our readers on what happens to your vec... thanks in advance and good luck.....
    •   Sorry to hear. Report back the solution once you figure it out. 
    •   Here’s information on how to address that code. Pretty much all of them involve specialized equipment so if you can afford to take it to a shop, you’ll have to live with it unless you can do this stuff yourself.    https://www.obd-codes.com/p0496
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