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    • sounds good but how the in **** would know, depends on condition a lot of other things, have it checked out by your local mech you trust. good luck
    • No they are not all the same-different offsets etc
    • Hi guys Wanna know if a dodge journey 2014 SXT FWD with mileage 220,000 km is good for CA$5,500.
    •   Hi guys Wanna know if a dodge journey 2014 SXT FWD with mileage 220,000 km is good for CA$5,500.    
    • Are all oem wheels direct fit  from year 2009 to 2018 ? I have stock 17 inch and I found a good deal on some 19 inch r/t s wheels. 
    • ok thanks!    yes i will hunt down the video(s) for sure.   again i am always willing to do my own maintenance to save on $.

      i was trying to find similar engine layouts like the more recent 3.6L caravans.     i went to go look at the belt diagram under the hood but it wasn't there for some reason.
      just to get a visualization of whats going on down in there and how it all snakes around.   yup,  LOTS of salty roads up here in winter.    i get my car under-sprayed each fall every year.   not too expensive yearly,  but worth it in the long run.   if i get anywhere with the belt or tensioner,  i will post back to update for the benefit of others.
    • i typed in 2011 journey serpentine belt replacement  u tube and it brought up a bunch of sites one showing directions on how to replace the belt but i cant copy the address and have it come back up, any ways just keep looking and you will find it,also a 2011 caravan would be the same way might check that out. article stated not to hard to do now replacing the belt tensioner  would add some hardship and cost but i would do that as well   since your journey is 7 yrs old and going thur salt and winter weather your tensioner probally needs to be changed ......your choice
    • Same thing happened to my Chrysler Sebring.  Got REALLY noisy after spraying beltdressing.  Hit the belts with some silicone spray and noise is gone.  No  slippage noted, everything running great. These belts were less then 6 months old, tensioner replaced when the noise started.  That was in March of this year, still no noise..
    • thanks for the reply,   yes after i posted i realized i didnt mention mileage.    i should have.      about 150,000km give or take a couple thousand.    but around there.  (convert to miles for U.S. reading)

      i was just surprised that as soon as i added the dressing and the dressing dried it immediately became constant.    i did give it a good coating and it did go quiet,  until it dried. (same with the water test)

      no humming, whirring, screeching like you would get on an old fan belt or anything that really sounds like pulley bearings.      definitely a chirping sound like rubbing or catching   (chirpity-chirpity-chirpity-chirpity!    say that fast and for a while,  thats the sound i hear.    haha!!)   it is annoying to hear especially in city driving.   i am an attraction with the noise for sure!

      i will take a look at some more you toob videos to see what it takes to replace our belt + tensioner.    i couldnt find a heck of a lot the other day on my initial search.

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