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    • It's awd. I just presume it's the wheel base and weight ratio compared to what I was used too. But I'm still more than satisfied and like the setup of my journey with the spare underneath for trunk space.
    • I had that message and ended needing a new module the battery disconnect didnt help
    • Wow. Thank you for the update. Wish I was still under warranty. I recall seeing a video on resetting. Maybe I will give that a try. Can't make it any worse. 
    • You have assessed the issue correctly.   It is the tune.  Dodge tuned it for mpg.  As Journeyman correctly stated, the transmission will adapt to your driving style somewhat, but not enough to compensate for the tune.  The pentastar has lots of power, you just have to wait for the computer to know that you want to accelerate.  I use the manual mode when I need immediate power.   That works fine for me most of the time.  The DJ is a great vehicle.   It would be unbeatable with a more responsive tune.   Peace. 
    • Ended up talking to a customer service rep. That took me through the reset process. At first. It seemed like it had worked but after using the car for a bit longer, the screen kept shutting off and now its actually worse. Now, its not just the reset but also a fading white screen. Ill be taking it to the dealership some time next week.
    • You dont need to add the sales code for the radio to the vin...I dont know where u heard it would show the mileage for the vehicle it came out of because the radio doesnt show the mileage that is shown on the odometer...I never added the sales code to my wife's car and everything works fine minus the fact that it shows 22c all the time (see my previous posts)   I have also gotten 2 radio unlock codes at my local dodge dealer one for my wife's car and one when I did the radio in my ram each about a year apart and they gave me both of them free...I just had to show them the registrations to prove I owned the vehicles they were going in...which didn't really make sense because proving that someone owns the vehicle the radio is going into isnt going to stop them from stealing the radio and the point of the unlock code is to prevent ppl from stealing radios but o well
    • Hi!   I currently own a 2013 Dodge Journey RT. As of late, I have been having issues with both the Bluetooth and the Handsfree functionality of the vehicle. They are completely non-functional. Each time I try to use them, I'm met with a Please wait... message from UConnect.   I've read here on the forums that I should first try disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery for a period of time in attempt to reset the computer. However, after locating the negative terminal under the hood, I've been unable to disconnect it due to a plastic barrier around the nut. Here's a picture I found of it. Frankly, I have no idea how to remove this barrier, and the isolation hole shown here as item #3 doesn't seem to have a purpose. Just to add, I brought the vehicle in to be assessed, but after a $200 CAD assessment, they told me it would be $700 CAD to fix.  I can find the MOPAR part online for much cheaper, and I'm tempted to buy it and have my local mechanic install it. That being said, I just want give this potentially simple fix a chance before I fork out the cash. Am I missing something here to disconnect the terminal and battery? Any help would be much appreciated!
    • There is a service bulletin for the whine sound when cold. The idler pulley bearing can make this sound. Mine screeches for a few seconds in extreme cold. The power steering pump makes a noise like it's low on fluid for several seconds after cold start. Finally, there is a moaning sound from the engine after a cold start which lasts about a minute then stops. Been making that since new. The minivans do it too, but strangely, not the Grand Cherokee, Durango, 300 and Charger - essentially the RWD platforms as opposed to the FWD ones. No worries.  
    • Is yours Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive? Mine is FWD and is a rocket ship when floored. Too much power for the front wheels - I get torque steer and really have to hold on. How many miles on yours? Give the tranny time to adapt to your driving style and it should feel more responsive after a few thousand miles of adaptation and break-in. 
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