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    •     I've been away too long (or simply not paying attention).

      First of all, the mileage displayed is the accumulated GPS mileage - feel free to reset the accumulators at any time by pressing the menu button (top left) and the 'reset all' - no dealer crap required.

      RB6 is simply an RB5 with no Sirius/XM - no hard dive.

      The reason I quoted Ghost's post is to mention that the Bluetooh is all contained in a module located above the steering column.
    • My wife and I just purchased our second new vehicle (for her to drive) and we were SHOCKED to find out it doesn't have bluetooth, navigation, or carplay... but it has three zone climate control? It is the 8.4uconnect, can these features be added via update? 
    • my daughter had a problem couple yrs ago with the coil going bad on her caravan sounds like what you are having problems with, they ( regular garage not the dealership) kept replacing her coil said it was bad, lucky thing was the coil was guaranteed for  1 yr and it kept going bad about every 3 months ( this was her postal van) so it started bucking and messing up so she took it in and it ran good for him but he said leave it and let me try it for a couple of days he ended up finding out the wires in the connector were shorting out and thus making the coil go bad he replaced the connector from the wire loom and no more problems for her. have them check for shorted or bare wires. good luck
    • This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum.    For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
    • Yes. Search this section it’s been discussed numerous times. 
    • So you have dual zone climate controls? If so, what is the passsenger setting?
    • You should have warranty left. Force their hand or find another dealer. 
    • Plugs the the 4cylinder are good for 30k (if I recall correctly) and need to be copper (I think anyway). I have a V6 that’s why I’m not positive. Putting “upgraded” plugs in does not work well with these engines.   much discussion on the forum.  Search spark plug for 4cylinder or perhaps someone else will chime in.....
    • Blend doors may not be operating properly.   A coolant flush won’t change the amount of air coming out of the vents.  It will help with the temperature though.
    • Hoping for some help. Purchased used in 12/2017. Jan 2018, it starts bucking and kicking back going up hill and when getting to 55mph. Get to dealership, said spark plugs and coil 3 were bad. All replaced, good to roll. Fast forward July 2018, start getting the kicking again when driving uphill. Took 3 visits and into August (and a lot of complaining that something really was wrong...) for them finally to say the coil burnt again. Replaced and good to roll... September morning go to start the car and I get black smoke out of the vents and a burning smell. Get to the shop, pop the hood and you can see the engine bucking and jumping all around.... and they then tell me coil 1-3 are burnt up and spark plugs bad. Go to get it changed after parts arrive, and they get in and said only coil 3 is bad.... so replaced last Wednesday. Over the weekend took a small out of town get away, suddenly getting the slight shake back. Got back and was at 500ish miles since I left the shop  This morning on the way, it’s back to the way it was, bucking up hill, feel it jumping when idling and everything.... so I’m 99% it burnt again already!!!!!    Has as anyone else had this issue???? V4 motor.. 
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