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    • Bought my V6 AWD July 2017. Had no problems, average mpg around town 19-21, highway 24-25. Lots of power. I previously had 4 cylinder FWD journey and had worse mpg and no power.    October I began to notice a slight decrease in the mpg's nothing major. The colder it got the worse it got. To the point of driving on the interstate where I would usually get about 24+ mpg, I ended up with 13.9 and it sounded like the whole exhaust system was going to fall off my car.    Brought to the dealership, they changed the air filter and said it was good to go. None the less, leaving the dealership the vibration, lack of power, and rattle where all still present. I have been bringing it to the dealership since December 12th. Just brought in yesterday 2/21/2019.    So the resolution from the dealership in my area was ... If I need more power going uphill (as that is when the bog down is significantly noticeable) I was informed to utilize the +/- on my shifting column to down shift to gain that extra power needed. Well, I may be a female, but I am not a dumb person. That is completely unacceptable from a dealership. This complaint has been recorded with Chrysler FCA as throughout this process I have been in contact with them as well.    They have legit not changed a single part on my car. Only advise to me that there is nothing they can do for it. I have to accept that after almost 2 years my performance and mpg's have all the sudden changed, and that it the way it will be.   They did find that under the hood, the ECM was banging against the frame (causing  a rust spot) so they corrected the spacing, and are hopeful that at least the rattle will be subsided. However, it still makes the noise.    I questioned from the beginning the catalytic converter - but was told because there is no check engine light that can not be the problem. I had experienced 2 instances of smelling rotten smell within the vehicle, the loud (penny in a tin can sound) rattle, and the reduced mpg's. However, they disagree. So after literally doing this since December I asked yesterday about the ECM being bad ... and if they checked that. They advised again, nope its not that, just the way the car is. He can not explain what would have changed in the last 3 months but its a non fixable item.   Does anyone else have this problem, experience/knowledge, or had this fixed??! I would LOVE input!   My car has 47,700 miles - Still has several components covered under factory warranty. I bought another warranty that covers it until 125,000 and its got a certified pre-owned warranty until 100,000 miles ... yet no one will try to rectify this! HELP!
    • You can pick up used replacement radios ad display panels (especially the 4.3" ones) for cheap in scrap yards and on ebay.  You can put the satellite version into a on satellite (you won't get XM unless you do the antenna, mind you) and the non sat in your XM equipped unit (and of coure you wouldn't get XM reception), but hey are, for all intents interchangeable.  Swapping the radio and screen takes all of 10 minutes.

      You WILL need to get an unlock code for your new radio, which some dealers will give you for free and which you can apparently purchase from online sites.          
    • Just went through this with my 2011 three weeks ago. Went to start it at -43 and started but cel came on and I pulled code P0562. Check out that code. Replaced battery and no further codes. As a side note that was my original battery.  
    • Jkeaton is right a low or bad battery wont turn on any codes or cel
    • What is the code? Get it read so you don't have to guess.
    • Had the radio volume oh high issue years ago in our 2012  SXT 4.3 " screen / 3.6 L, it was fixed with an update I believe. But, have had the radio sometimes not work at all / almost frozen it seems on and off for years now., dealer confirmed latest firmware etc.... Since that system was out of warranty, there was no way I was giving them hundreds of bucks to fix. I simply turn engine off and on at the next stop and a reset occurs fixing the issue. Sucks that you live with a problem because the issue is too expensive to fix, radio replacement .
    • Howdy, y'all. Daughter's 2012 Journey (3.6l, 156K mi) has coupla electrical problems. Firstly, the radio, UConnect Touch 4.3" screen, is blank. To fix a related problem, recall T47 ("Steering Wheel Wiring"), she took it to a local dealer, and asked to have the UConnect system checked. The tech assigned to the workorder told the service writer that the system must be replaced. The part alone is $400. The steering-wheel wiring recall was addressed with the installation of coupla wiring sleeves, but the Journey was released with even more problems. Now, the 4-way flashers don't work, nor does F and R a/c. Ventilation fan also doesn't work. I phoned the service writer and complained, and she told me what I expected: "Bring it back and we'll look at it." Oh, and the bill was $160 for "inspection."   I phoned FCA owner support at (800) 992-1997 and filed a report. I don't accept that a vehicle is released to the owner with more circuit failures. Obviously the tech didn't bother to check.   I read that the UConnect Touch problem can be fixed by pulling fuses to initialize the box. Also found a service bulletin, 08-048-11 Revision A, that describes a firmware update to fix another problem that daughter complained about, and that was high radio volume when starting engine.   Anybody seen this before, and what's the fix?
    • No issues with my 09 mounts...
    • Its been ultra cold here in atlantic Canada and it killed my battery. Guess this was what was turning on the CEL.   Not an "exhaust" code.
    • never had any with mine either, sometimes its age combined with miles driven,also sometimes its with the auto supplier to the OEM manufacturer with faulty products, happens with all manufacture of vechiles....
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