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  1. Hello! I noticed a leak in the sunroof, and then saw the gasket was a little warped. So, I purchased a 5173172AC seal, but can't find instructions on how to replace it (it's two pieces). I was going to shotgun it, but if someone has any words, I'd appreciate it. Thanks! Regards, leaning
  2. Two quick things for a 2009 Dodge Journey: 1) I took the bottom glove box off and took two gray bolts at the bottom that were attached to the dash trim. I replaced the blend door actuator, went to put the bolts back and can only find one. Anybody know of a good exploded part diagram that would show those two bolts so I can get the part numbers? 2) There is a little square panel in the middle top of the dash that I guess is used to hold knickknacks. It was broken (hinges snapped) when I bought the car, but I'd like to get it back to working. it has this info on the back but I can't find this part either anywhere: DCX JC49 Door Inner 100015630 Rev Level B CAV 1. Anyone know a good source for one of these? Any help appreciated! Thanks! Leaning
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  4. make-up mirrors, poor interior fit/finish

    Hello! I know this is an old thread, but for those drivers who have a 2009-2011 Dodge Journey with the interior sun visor mirror cover broken, you have options. The discussion is that you have to buy the whole visor, but they actually make a kit for just the covers. You get two covers (mine were grey) for $3. If you Google "RRT_09060", it has the Rapid Response Transmittal 09-060 which tells the part number for the covers (68068736AA) and how to install them. So, if you want the whole visor, you can find them for $40-60 each, or if you just want to fix the cover itself, it's only $1.50 each. So, call your local Dodge/ Chrysler dealer and if they don't have them, they can get them. And BTW, the pins on the new covers are metal, not plastic. HTH! Regards, Leaning