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  1. Moisture Issue Won't Defog

    I'm really hoping someone can give me an early Christmas present here... We have a super irritating issue that's actually becoming unsafe. For the first two years of ownership our Journey had no issues with the windows fogging up. In fact it de-fogged them way faster than our older cars. However starting last year, any time the temp drops below freezing, the inside windows start to build up moisture. It's starts off like a regular foggy window, but instead of getting better as the car warms up, it gets worse. It's also worse the colder it gets. For example, we're a big skiing family, and on out last trip to the mountain it got down into the teens, and there was literally dripping moisture on the side windows, and I had to keep the defrost on full-blast for the entire trip just to keep the wind shield clear. Needless to say, something about the freezing temps is creating moisture in the climate system. A few weeks ago, the dealer said it was the cabin filter and the refrigerate was low, but that clearly wasn't it because it's still doing it. I've done a lot of searching on the forum and found one guy with a similar issue, but no solution
  2. jeffhoward001

  3. First time tow'er. Can I tow a boat ?

    Something else to think about is how far your towing the boat. If most of your towing is to the local boat ramp, and you live in a relatively flat part of the country, I think you have more flexibility. Long hilly trips that exceed the rating will eventually cause issues
  4. Hi all - Did quite a bit of searching and couldn't find much info on aux trans coolers for towing. We bought a tent trailer that's 2k unloaded and 2.5k gawr, so right within the Journeys limits. We went on a 100mi trip on a 90+ degree day and the trans got up to 195 degrees a few times. My understanding is that temp is fine, it's over 200 when varnish can start to build up. But if we had more gear or people, I'm thinking we would want an aux trans cooler. Has anyone installed one with some before & after testing? I'm curious how much it helps, and I assume you had to break the dealer seal to add additional trans fluid?
  5. Towing Feedback

    That's great feedback and makes sense. We're looking at one of the lighter Forest River R-Pods. They get good reviews, and are targeted at the CUV market with low tow/tongue weight, and low air-resistance. I find that towing with non-truck vehicles tends to be a very polarizing issue - one side being the "I should be able to tow the Class III limit if a Class III hitch fits!" Then the other side being the towing purists who balk at towing with anything less than a real "truck" or diesel. As with any argument, most real use-cases tend to fall towards the middle. For example, does towing a heavier trailer put more wear and tear on the car? Probably, but there are so many variables. How often do you plan to tow? How far is your average trip? Are there a ton of hills, or is it relatively flat? Will you be against a 40 mph head-wind for half your trip? Will you pay attention to your trans temp gauges? Anyway, we definitely fall in the less-frequent crowd. We make probably 4-5 trips per year and stay within a 100 miles of home. There are definitely some hills, but I'm fine taking them slow and using my gears. We already have a brake controller and I wouldn't tow without one. There's a local rental shop that has some R-Pods for rental, so we'll probably do that next spring before making any real purchasing decisions. Thanks again for all the feedback so far, I'd love to hear more examples if people have them.
  6. Towing Feedback

    Thanks guys, I appreciate the insight. I was also hoping for some feedback from people who have done some towing with their Journey.
  7. Towing Feedback

    Hello All - We're thinking about buying a 15-17 ft travel trailer to tow behind our 2012 V6 journey, and I was surprised to see so many negative posts. Given the high output V6 and thr six-speed gearbox, this seems like as good as it gets for normally aspirated V6 towing. The trailers we're looking at are 2500-3000 dry weight, so should be less than 4k loaded up. Questions to the forum are: 1) Why is the journey towing cap 1K less than the caravan. That makes no sense 2) If my expectation is to cruise at 55mph on the flats and I'm Ok with gearing down to 35-40 mph on the hills, will this be a decent towing experience? Ten years ago we were towing campers with engineswith 25% less horsepower and only 4 speeds. Not sure why the Journey has such a bad rep for towing. Maybe the high-powered diesels have raised the bar way higher? - Jeff
  8. Anyone attempted a Lockpick Air V1 install along with the MimicsX2 product? If everything works as advertised, it would be amazing. You wirelessly stream video from your Android phone via Miracast to your UConnect screen, then the MimicsX2 module "catches" your touchscreen input on the UConnect and pipes it back to the phone as a touch input. Seems like a game-changer to me if everything works properly. Has anyone tried this out? - Jeff
  9. Just a heads up, you were using the wrong product. Not sure if their website has been updated since you purchased the product, but it's very clear now that the V1 is for specific models, and the V2 is for others. Example, V1 is for Chrysler 300's, Journeys, and non-SRT Chargers. V2 is for RAM, Jeep, Durango, etc. This is because Chrysler made some significant hardware changes and essentially "branched" the UConnect product into kind of a premium and value line (that's my interpretation anyway). if you look at features, the V2 UConnects have other more advanced stuff like phone app integration, pandora, etc. Did you email their support? I'm still looking into their Lockpick Air V1, and I received a super-fast reply in email. I would hope their support would be quick to tell you a bout the V1/V2 compatibility.
  10. Some data on transmission performance

    I would agree 100% with both of you... I suspect this has something to do with fuel efficiency. Which in all honesty, I wouldn't mind that shifting behavior if I had a choice. For example, on my Audi it had a "sport mode" which was nothing more than a single sent to the TCU (position on the shifter) that made the transmission hold the gears a little longer and downshift a little earlier. It's genius because in "regular" mode it up-shifts super early and uses "throttle adaptation" which actually makes the throttle "softer" so to speak, which in turn makes for less downshifts when the driver adds only slightly more throttle pressure. So instead of me just complaining more, onto solutions I'm going to give Dodge a call about the TCU update (if any exist for my 2012). I think that's a good start. I'd also like to look into after-market TCU flashes for Dodge TCUs. I know some exist for the higher-end SRT's and such, but haven't looked into anything for the Journey. A switchable "sport" and "economy" mode would be amazing, but who knows if that exists. If I find anything, I'll be sure to report back to the forum.
  11. We originally started talk about transmissions on my "285 vs 305hp" thread. Thought I'd share this new data on a new thread that's specifically focused on the transmission. 1) Can't remember who, but someone mentioned that "adaptation" in the TCU may make the transmission "feel" a little better after it adapts to my driving style. I'm happy to report, "Yes and Yes" After about a month of drive, shifts seem to be a little more crisp and it seems to down-shift a little sooner (which fits my driving style). 2) So the biggest annoyance now is the dreaded 35mph "death zone". I'll explain - Both me (the "car guy") and my wife (knows nothing about cars) both had the same fundamental complain - right around 35mph, (which happens to be the speed limit on all the streets with hills around our house) the DJ kind of "poops out". After some playing around with it, I realized that it's the shift from 3rd gear to 4th gear. ...It shifts into 4th gear, loses considerable power ...which forces you to press harder on the accelerator forcing a down-shift ...which in-turn surges the car forward ...which in-turn encourages you to let off the accelerator ...which in-turn causes an up-shift to 4th ...which in-turn... you get the idea. It's most annoying on hills where the drop in power really matters. So I pulled some data on the HP/TQ curve of the Journey's 3.6L as well as some logged shift points at different speeds, and suddenly it all makes sense. The largest ratio-difference is between 3-4. Referencing the data below, you can see there's a huge drop (36%) in the ratio difference between 3rd and 4th. While that in itself isn't a huge deal, it becomes a huge deal when you see how that effects the power output of the engine. The range from 2000-3000rpm is what I would consider the "bread-n-butter" RPM range for this engine during regular driving. 1st gear is really low, and the TCU knows it. So (this is my assumption) they programmed the TCU to hold 1st gear a little longer when you have anything more than moderate throttle pressure. This makes for slightly higher revs coming out of 1st, however it's a great shifting experience. It revs out to a little over 3K, which drops you nicely into 2200 rpm range in 2nd. PLUS, the power will always feel more responsive with higher ratios because the engine has more "cranking force" against the drivetrain. They did a great job with the 2-3 ratios by dropped the ratio between 2nd and 3rd to just 19%. Again, this provides a great shifting experience because the drop in percentage difference means a 3K rev in 2nd will drop you into a nice spot on the TQ-curve in 3rd @ around 2500 rpm. So here's the rub... They screw it all up with 3rd to 4th. Like I was saying before, the higher the ratio, the more "pull" the engine has against the drivetrain. So they really shoot themselves in the foot on 3rd to 4th. They not only exceed the transmission average of around 30% per-shift, but do so (unfortunately) at a VERY critical time in the driving experience (~35-45 mph). Looking at the data, you experience (roughly) a 55hp drop in power when the engine shifts from 3rd to 4th @ 3K revs. Rarely does data so perfectly match real-world situations, but that is exactly what it feels like. 1st, 2nd, and 3rd feel like a nice well-tuned V6, then when it hits 4th, it feels like you took the engine out of my wife's Civic and dropped it into the Journey. Which, given the HP numbers at the 1800rpm, that would be a pretty accurate comparison!! So what's the fix? I think two things: 1) They need to have the transmission hold 3rd longer, especially when there's additional throttle pressure. The easiest way to "detect" a hill is simply by measuring throttle pressure against speed. On a 6% grade, you will likely need to press the throttle 25-30% more to achieve the same acceleration as you would flat ground. 2) I don't know if this is getting too complicated for TCU programming, but when it detects a down-shift from 4th to 3rd, I think it would make sense for it to continue holding 3rd even if the driver lets off the throttle a little. This would prevent the vicious down-shift/surge/decelerate/up-shift situation I described above. Longer-term fix would be to actually use the funky "fourth-prime" gear as a regular gear, and spread the ratios out a little more over seven gears (yes, there's a hidden seventh gear inside all of your Journey's )
  12. Seat Position and Mirror Memory

    This is true... Once you have it though, it's tough to go back to not!
  13. Seat Position and Mirror Memory

    Hi All - I was surprised to find out that none of the DJ trims come with seat position or side-mirror memory! I assumed that the entry level models wouldn't, but was surprised to see that it's also not offered on the Limited or R/T trims. This is a huge bummer because it's offered on the Durango, and I was excited to eventually see if I could source the hardware for it "upgrade" my 2012 DJ Crew. Anyway does anyone know if there's aftermarket hardware for power seat position memory, or if you can source the Durango or Cherokee hardware are retrofit it to work with the DJ? It's a shame to have power seats and power mirrors, but not be able to save the different "positions" for different drivers (namely myself and my wife Thanks,
  14. Hi All - This is (was) my quest to better understand what (if anything) the UConnect Mobile app can do on my 2012 8.4/RE2 System. Turns out so far the answer is really "nothing". My end goal was to simply get the Pandora integration working where you can see your playlists and select your channel from the 8.4 touchscreen. My understanding is that this is done through the "App" screen on the 8.4, which does not exist on the 8.4/RE2. I had a chat session with UConnect Tech Support, and they said that "...UConnect Mobile services where (are?) only available on select RA3 and RA4 8.4 UConnect systems..." WHAT??!?! Why would you develop something like that for a small sub-set of your vehicles. You think that would be universal... Apparently the RA3 and RA4 units are only used in some models (like the Durango). So if I'm understanding correctly, no one with a Journey (even if it's a brand new 2015) has any use for the UConnect Mobile app integration?
  15. Fair enough, so it sounds like the 2012 RE2 will never have the Pandora uConnect integration It's Ok though, bluetooth still works great