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    2017 Journey overheats

    Pretty vague post.....tell them you dont want it then ..give it back them sounds like trouble a 4 or 6 ?
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    Need help please on Rear Defroster

    well after taking apart the back hatch rear inside corner panel figured it out the ground where ever it is, is bad. found the wire at the connecter back probed the wire it was the right one but it was a bad ground just cut the wire made a new one and bam defroster working. all back together and all seems well now I just need to try it in the morning and make sure its all good. Thanks for the quick responses. I just wish our Journey's had a hanes manual
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    In the U.S. the EPA has made it law that ALL octane fuel will contain additives, as a dirty engine creates more HC. The extra money you pay for higher octane fuel is in effect a waste, and has been proven. In fact one test on a dyno and emission test showed that the 91 octane actually had more unburnt fuel as a result of all the additives and there gave worse emissions. As far as fuel additives goes I would be very careful. Actually I now use none. Having had several Dodge trucks, I used various engine cleaners and additives and the result was a plugged up EGR every time. I don't have the pics any longer but the EGR valve piston was sealed shut with black, burnt debris.
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    2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Finally had time and called FCA Canada Customer Care to confirm the details on TSB 09-002-14 In Canada the warranty is extended to 120 months (10 years) and 240,000 km (Approx. 150,000 miles) and the fix will be done by the dealership under X56 Warranty Extension. I was concerned they would limit Canada to 150,000 km as companies like to do with other warranty mileage when comparing USA to Canada. I was pleased to see they did the right thing here. I have requested a service appointment from a local dealership and hopefully fix my engine troubles. TSB details in attached PDF TSB_LC_0900214.pdf
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    Going uphill

    It. Could. Be. Anything. Take a service tech on a ride and demonstrate the issue.
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    Antenna Mount Question

    I have a 2009, and not sure it is the same, but a lot of hardware stores have a display that has all of the different thread sizes mounted on it, like studs for matching a tapped piece, and long nuts for matching a threaded piece. I would assume that it is metric, and so I'd take the antenna into the store, and see if there is one that matches. If not, it may be some sort of proprietary thread, but I doubt they'd go to that extra expense.
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    Engine overheated

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    Heat and flow problem

    Blend doors may not be operating properly. A coolant flush won’t change the amount of air coming out of the vents. It will help with the temperature though.
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    Evic controls

    JUST go by your local dodge dealership they can look up your vin# and print out everything your journey came with and they can also print out all the maintenance it has rec from any and all dodge dealerships since it was brand new, you can probable even do it yourself online if you google how to do it.... try this web site dont know if it works for Canada www.dodge.com
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    2017 Journey overheats

    Still under warranty? Take it in, tell them to keep it until they can figure it out and get a loaner.
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    Had this issue on my 2014 Dodge Journey. The screen turned black, and then the next time it turned on, no detailed maps... I asked the dealer about it and the guy had heard about it and said the only fix was to replace the stereo. That didn't sound right. It took a lot of searching to find all files, but finally found them all (and upgraded to the 2018 maps). I couldn't do the one step update (got half way then failed, but the multiple step worked). I left the 5 files in the main folder and the SQLite folder (unsure if that helps, or if I have anything extra, but it all worked). Here were my steps (PM me if you need an help with files): DOWNGRADE TO CTP13 Downgrade radio navigation to CTP13! This is very important as newer versions have securIty that prevents loading of maps without dealer codes. Take a second USB drive with the gupdate.gcd from CTP13. Turn on the car and hold temp up + temp down + front defrost, after a few seconds dealer mode will pop up. Select garmin recovery update and plug in the usb drive with CTP13 on it. NOTE: After you flash this it takes a long time to load. Let it load and it will still say cannot unlock maps. Just click ok, you may need to restart your car one time to click out of the pop up. — RESTORE MAPS (LONGER VERSION, SHORT VERSION DIDN’T WORK) Step 1: 1) On the USB stick, create another folder in the root named "Disabled". 2) Move the Garmin subfolders (ASR, JCV, & SID) into the "Disabled" folder. Keep the five files (gmapprom.img, gmap3d.img, gmaptz.img, gmapbmap.img and gmapdem.img) and the SQLite folder in the Garmin folder. 3) Plug the USB stick into the car and perform the update. It will take about one hour. You don’t have to keep the vehicle running but rather in the ON position. The vehicle will turn off after 30 minutes, so do a cycle before that time (don’t start the vehicle as it will turn the system on and off again). Step 2: 1) On the USB stick, move gmap3d.img, gmaptz.img, gmapbmap.img and gmapdem.img from the Garmin folder into the Disabled folder. Leave only gmapprom.img in the Garmin folder. 2) Move the JCV folder from the Disabled folder into the Garmin folder (SQLite Folder stays). 3) Plug the USB stick into the car and perform the update again. When this is done, the Junction View is now installed, and the 3D landmarks and time zones are still there. Step 3: 1) On the USB stick, move the ASR and SID folders from the Disabled folder into the Garmin folder. Leave gmapprom.img and the JCV and SQLite folders. 2) Plug the USB stick into the car and perform the update once again. After this is completed, the system is fully updated to the new maps and all features work except for the phone number lookup. ___ UPGRADE RADIO Using the latest files from https://www.driveuconnect.com/support/software-update.html upgrade the radio and GPS software. In September 2018, these files were: CTPMY14.KWI (Radio to 7.09) and gupdate.gcd (CTP17). The first is the only file in the root directory of the flash drive. The second is the only file in the Garmin folder (no other folders or files on the drive). Do one and then the other.
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    Transmission being replaced

    Yes. Its good that I purchased the max care lifetime warranty. If I hadn't, it would be a huge bill and the train ticket would be adding insult to injury. I'm happy with the warranty covering the repair. The other thing that I found interesting in my case, was the complete lack of any symptoms. The transmission shifted perfectly up until and even after the check engine light appeared. No shudders, no loss of engine power to the wheels, nothing that I could detect. I'm hoping that this is a case of some sensor doing its job, and I get a good ending. This is not done yet. The dealership in CA still has my DJ. I've had no followup from them. For anyone who has had a big repair at a dealership, you know that snags can occur. This isn't over for me yet. There's also the question of how it runs after the initial install and testing. I'm hoping this new transmission runs for a good long time and does not give me problems in 6 months or something. Anyway, it will be what it will be. . . I will keep the forum updated on how this goes. I'm hoping for long term success. Peace.
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    He didn’t like finding out he lost his HVAC controls. Lol
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    One post wonder. Ask a question and never speak again!
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    Nav Misdirection

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    A pioneer radio will not allow you to control anything but the radio. You lose your climate control abilities. You need to replace the factory radio with another (same type) factory radio
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    Tail gate wire harness

    I think if you repair what's there correctly (solder, shrink tubing, no quick connects) you’ll end up with something better then the factory. Protect the wires inside the rubber boot and your all set. Replacing with the exact same wire loom (hasn’t been updated as far as I know) will result in the same thing occurring. I’d fix what’s there, just use the same size wiring.
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    Yes we should have that was exactly the issue the thermostat was not opening, switched it out runs perfect now, have a 2.4L 4 cylinder engine..now we know but hopefully won't have this issue for a long time from now. Thanks!
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    Do you have scrap car places around you ?? should be lots at a wreckers....
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    Armando G

    Antenna Mount Question

    I just want to get this clear in my head...are you trying to replace your stock antenna with an after-market antenna (maybe your antenna broke)? Now that after-market antenna does not fit the base on the roof of your DJ? Did you just buy the new antenna and did they claim it will fit your car? It seems like you are doing a lot of extra work for something that should not be that hard. And if you just bought it, it would seem like you should be able to go back to where you bought it to get it all straightened out. If no, I believe a new antenna that will fit is not that expensive. Or am I way off?
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    I am going to THROTTLE someBODY

    My advise on this topic as a mechanic by trade would be to never just replace a sensor because a code comes up. A decent hand held scanner/diagnostic unit can show you live data in which you can see with your own eyes on the screen what percentage of open throttle is being reported to the ecu from that sensor. Whilst observing this push the gas slowly down to the floor and watch to see if the open throttle percentage climbs as your foot goes down toward the floor. This will confirm or deny the sensors actual operation. The fact is ecus can throw codes at times just because of a momentary brain fart lol and puts the light on. Sometimes a reset is all that's required. On the subject of parts im well with using breaker yard parts over aftermarket as 95% of the time you'll get a manufacturers original part from a car breaker and they do work better/last longer. Always do some investigating before buying anything unless its diagnostic gear lol
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    Armando G

    Engine overheated

    I won't jump in and try to pull any teeth. You guys can play 100 questions and maybe come up with the answer.
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    So I ended up getting a used 2015 Journey screen from a local wrecker I found it on car-part.com and completing my project. Happy to report that everything clipped in to existing wiring and I now have a complete installation with GPS, Satellite and everything working including the auto Temp controls, rear climate controls and GPS turn by turn in speedometer screen. Oddly I didn't even have to re-connect my cell phone with bluetooth (must be in some other memory module). Only thing I may look at adding is the factory back-up camera - had an aftermarket wireless camera hooked up to may Garmin GPS but don't need that anymore
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    3 little buttons on driver's visor

    Homelink buttons. Explained in detail in the manual.
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    Antenna Mount Question

    Yeah if I think of it or cross one in the wild outside of the hardware store, I will probably ask the guy if I can look at it. I've done weirder things in life, so hey. haha I just went ahead and ordered one. I am still curious though since I not only bought a few screws, I also tried every single one I had in the garage + the 7 that came with it. You know, I can tell the difference between a few 60's 70's era cars on a year by year basis. I have friend who can not only tell you the difference on all 60-70's Mopars but he can also tell you all the details of small things like door knobs, where the factory markings were etc... but also tell the difference by VIN's. It might not be a big deal now, but back in the day you could give him a VIN and he would tell you which car it belonged to, which engine it should have, and which options were on it.
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    2017 Journey with transmission shudder.

    Transmission shudder is very common. I just learned to live with it.
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    Low Growl/Whine from Engine

    why not run by the dealership and let them listen to it for their opinion....
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    Armando G

    Baby play yard

    I loved that article too...
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    Antenna Mount Question

    Thank folks, and especially Neto ... That was totally 100% cool of you! I am the type, I would have done the same thing. I go the extra mile for people day in and day out, without expecting a thing. It's good to know other's are out there, and also to get some karma back. I will definitely pay it forward and just know it was much appreciated! As to why I never just went to the dealer, at first it was because I wanted to use the antenna I had, then it became one of those things where I just wanted to know the size. You know us guys get head strong, and the more I searched and didn't find, the more I just wanted to know because the mystery was getting to me after I had lots of time in to it. C'mon, we are all guilty of that right?, and this was my thing. My plan is to head to Lowes/Home Depot around the corner and buy an M5 x.8 and if that doesn't work, then I am going to just head to the dealer.
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    Baby play yard

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    great that you respond with the fix will help others maybe...take care
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    2013 crew drivers side seat trim

    i assume you are replacing it due to the plastic tabs that holds it on have broken as mine did on my 2011 and also 2014 journey i didnt replace i just held it in place where it is suppose to be and drilled a small hole thur the side and then added a small black screw to hold it then moved back about 2 inches and then repeated the process never had any more problems with it. so i didnt have to fool with the seat adj or thew seat belt brackets. this is a very common problem with journeys
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    console/speedo flashing

    UPDATE sorry it took so long took it in and after 3 batteries replacements since 2012 this time the post on the battery was corroded off {they say} I've been driving it now foremost year with no new electrical problems
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    The root cause of the intermittent problems was the common "ring land wear", however the mechanics at Woodbridge Transmission were very surprised I caught it in the early stages. Peter said that most folks would not have realised it until much later. I would highly recommend these guys if you have this problem or looking for a rebuild (which was my case too). Their prices are very reasonable compared to Mr Transmission or any other places. They are family run and dealerships always use their services. When I dropped off the Journey, I saw a pretty new (maybe 2 yrs?) BMW X3 and a shiny new Benz SUV (looked 1 yr) up on the hoists. I don't nickel & dime, I simply ask for the price and compare it to others. The Journey drives quite well and the acceleration is smooth. I learnt another lesson as well when I had to drive it while it was suffering - if I kept my speeds between 100 - 105 km/h on the 401 freeway, my fuel economy was between 9.3 - 9.5 L/100km. If I kept to the legal speed on local roads - the highest it climbed was 10.3L/100km. Gas prices are CAN$1.30/L for octane 81. Lesson learned.
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    How about Amazon? I love Amazon....
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    Sometime wont start Video of problem

    what yr ,what size eng, check with the dealership to see which trans you have and where the neutral switch is located , some are easy to get to some are not. good luck
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    "The book says a 26 will fit" hahahahahaha yeah right. The guy who designed this battery placement (and bracket) should be taken in a dark room and B E A T E N.
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    Dealer did mine....
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    left rear exhaust water leak

    It's not just condensation. The catalyst/s turn harmful gases into water and other less harmful gases like co2 in the catalysing process. So even in zero humidity you'll get water of some amount.
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    I would first ask you, what have you done so far to try to fix the problem, if anything. I don't think this is just a DJ issue, I truly believe this is a 'newer' car type of issue. I've dealt with three cars now that had the same type of issue and with all three cars we have completely cleaned out the ground wire where attached (remove any corrosion, wire brush the paint at the connection, and added anti-oxidation gel/stuff), and the issues have gone away on all three cars. With all the systems on these newer cars, making sure the ground is securely connected to a clean metal surface is necessary. Adding an extra ground is just avoiding fixing the issue itself. And if I look really closely at the car on the video, it looks like they cleaned the original surface itself (see pic). That was probably the fix without having to take the extra step. Anyway, that's where I would start, then go to the fuse box and relays to see if there is some corrosion in those areas as well. Moisture will create that little bit of corrosion that will effect the electrical.
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    try it. claybar it and see how it looks vs the rest of the front end. REMEMBER to use A LOT OF SOLUTION. NOT WATER!! go buy some detail spray and keep the area your working on VERY WET AT ALL TIMES
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    Nav Misdirection

    LOL, we had an old AAA Trip-tik with us that was maybe more useful than the nav.
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    LED headlights

    As long as you order the correct bulbs, yes.
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    Here's a picture of the Caravan.
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    TPMS module Faulty? Or bad sensor?

    google you tube for great info on most repairs.............my daughter just spent $250.on repairs to her sons car that was using coolant and after they gave it back to her after replacing thermostat and flush an something else ,2 days later it is still using coolant. i googled the car model and coolant leak took me 2 minutes to see this car has a bad history of leaks at the heater elbows that go thur the serpentine belt tensioner bracket and so i washed it off at the car wash drove it for a few minutes and sure enough it was leaking just a little bit at that elbow , so at least we know what to do next but you tube videos are a GREAT info for problems.
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    Bumper Coming Off

    I have a 2015 crossroad and there is an issue with the front bumper. Dodge had 3 of these obscure parts in stock because, as they said, they break all the time, its' a known issue. If your bumper is drooping like mine was, you will see a gap developing where the bumper ties into the body panel. There is no fix, you will need to retro fit it on your own as I had too. I removed the grill and added 4 metal shims to the steel frame, which the front bumper rests onto. After taking off the grill, put your hand inside and between the bumper and the steel frame and you will feel the play that exists and will come up with your own solution. Now the bumper is solid, doesn't sift up and down. Good luck.
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    P2017 Cleared but still shows

    This may help someone so I'm just posting this here for future reference. There are many others Chrysler Vehicles that have this problem; Caliber, Avenger, Patriot, etc. After getting this code and doing my research I decided to tackle the problem myself. I picked up some rust remover spray as opposed to wd-40. I took off the intake manifold runner control valve to see that the springloaded solenoid gets stuck when you twist it. The actual manifold flaps itself are fine as I can twist them open and closed (about 30 degrees I can twist them). I removed the runner control valve and started spraying it inside to get the solenoid to move. Took about 1.5 hours as I let soak, resprayed, vaccumed it out and kept twisting until it was free to move. I put everything back together and put the key into the ignition and left it at 'on'. Pulled out my bluetooth obd reader and cleared the code. I did this on Dec 12 and so far no light even after the system was in testing mode and completed. Hopefully this will help someone out.
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    Here are some before & after pictures: Old caliper: New caliper: Old with wheel (wow, they look tiny inside a 19" wheel ): New with wheel: That's about it. Just a couple of things before I go..... Be advised that with these bigger brakes, you will need a minimum of 17" wheels to clear. So some Journey owners with smaller wheels will have to budget for new wheels as well as the bigger brakes. Parts list: Part Part number Qty Pads 68159579AC 1 Rotors 04779712AA 2 Caliper (L) 68144161AA 1 Caliper ® 68144160AA 1 Carrier (bracket) 68159578AA 2 Pin Kit (sliders) 68144165AA 2 Spring kit (pads) 68159523AB 1 Dust shield (L) 04779907AA 1 Dust shield ® 04779906AA 1 As mentioned before, to save some money, you may be able to find the pads & rotors aftermarket. The calipers, brackets, pins and backing plates are probably dealer only items, but can be found cheap on line at the following sites: www.factorymoparparts.com www.moparoverstock.com Tools required: 11mm wrench for the bleeder screw 13mm wrench or socket to remove caliper 15mm wrench to hold slider pin 21mm socket to remove bracket bolts vice grips or a clamp of some kind to crimp the brake hose.