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    Performance coil pack?

    most products like this are more subjective to what you want to believe. only a dino test would show any improvement, kind of like k-n air filters giving you better performance and mpg (which i do use but havent noticed anything except saving money of the replacement filters) kind of like a placebo pill if you believe in it it works for a while. just my thoughts.plus to save any money on gas mileage it would be a very long time considering the price they want.also your friend doing both things at one time he really cant say which one helped him the most if any.
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    sorry if i upset you Donald as i said i was only stating on how old the trans oil was, if you dont want to change it then dont. since you dont have a dip stick you might be low on fluid? as i asked what engine you had and you gave no answer. bad spark plugs can give some of the problems you seem to be stating, you are posting asking for help and i was only trying to give some insight but do as you please and i hope you get it figured out.
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    he doesn't need a Journey...more like a Hummer
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    Remote Start 2014 Journey

    And just how do you get it to the dealer, since the new radio module needs to be learned in before it can be started. I believe this is a dealer-install item at best.
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    search the forum under which you posted i have seen articles showing how to do it, not cheap tho
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    Gutting catalytic converter

    Just remember that you won't see any significant performance increase from doing this and what you are actual creating is another resonator by "gutting" the cat. You may hear some sound improvement, but the majority of sound dampening in the exhaust is from the muffler and existing resonators. Plus your vehicle will stink bad, real bad. Good luck and post your results after you finish.
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    I believe the AWD system requires all 4 tires to be replaced at the same time because they all have to be the same spec wise or people have experienced the issues you are having
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    There's no mystery; Either your battery is weak or your radio needs replacing. But why are you here? Your vehicle should still be under warranty. Take it to your dealer and have him fix it. You might consider buying a factory extended warranty once you find out how much the radio costs to replace.
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    blend doors trying to reset
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    Transmission problem error code P175D

    Update, went back into the gear box today and unbolted the electronic position centre and wouldn't you know it there's a metal wheel on the back of it that you can turn to adjust the display on the dash , I must have knocked this wheel when I originally but the have body back in first time round, just for reference the gearbox I'm working on is the 6dct450 it's in the dodge but also a lot of other cars ,Volvo and ford to name a few
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    yea i checked also.looks like it could be hard to do, keep us posted and if you do it take video of it and post on you tube and be a star...good luck
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    Ok, please, no more idioms!
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    License Plate Screw Specs

    actually since he is talking about the rear plate they use the nut insert the uses a different thread them the ones you showed and he would be better to make them fix it then for him to try to fix it. the insert and screws can be bought off amazon or someplace that handles such screws. M6 6mm Flat Head Aluminum Rivet Nut Blind Insert Nut Pack Of 100 not sure if this is the size he needs but this what he needs and then has to remove the old ones that are bad put in the new ones than buy the screws. you can u tube to see hoe to install them buy buying the tool or rigging one up yourself. i actually have a a small cup of them off the floor when i worked at the caravan plant 10 yrs ago still haven't used any of them yet...lol
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    Something like this looks good. I think red or black on your white DJ would be a good accent. I had thought about getting hood/roof/rear hatch stripes like the challenger or charger painted on my DJ, but decided against it. Dunno. In the end, I think just the nice factory paint job looks the best. Your call. Good luck. Peace.
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    Given that it happened when changing gears, I'd say it's probably the transmission. If the fluid that is leaking is pink/red, that's more proof. You should still be covered under the powertrain warranty - have it towed to a dealer (which may even be covered under that warranty - but don't quote me on that) and let them fix it. Don't try to drive it until it's fixed (sometimes, you just have to state the obvious).
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    I recently acquired 2010 SXT that seems to have the random starting problem. So far the solution that seems to have solved the problem, at least for me, was to improve the engine grounding. After reading through many posts in the forum I pulled the air cleaner box out and looked at the ground connection. I also own an old Cherokee that has taught me that Chrysler is not long on over engineering electrical stuff and many solutions to issues with Jeeps is to clean and repair grounds. The ground cable going to the engine block.starter was slightly corroded but what stuck me was the small gauge of the ground cable. So I cleaned up the corrosion and added an additional 1 gauge cable running to the ground connector from the battery. The one that your would use to boost the car. So far the starting problem has not returned. Cost was $25 for the 36" 1 gauge cable and about 30 minutes of work cleaning up the corrosion and routing the cable. As I said so far it seems to have solved the starting issue.
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    Armando G

    Squealing nose

    Best guess would be some oil type spoil on the belt or belt surface. Or just a loose belt that's slipping.
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    Armando G

    Clear Oily Fluid?

    All great suggestions, or guesses really, but let's be honest there just isn't enough information to really be helpful. As mentioned, which side is it coming from? Have you crawled under there to try and see where it's coming from (you really don't even need to jack it up)? Does it have a color? All your going to get are guesses at best. There are normal fluids disbursed from cars, and there are abnormal fluids. If you really want help, you need to narrow it down in order for people to give you good advise.
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    Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    It is supposed to be changed every 3 years but mine has never been changed. As mentioned above, the car was serviced by a Dodge dealer for the first 2 years (I've had the car since new and after the first 2 years the Dodge dealers disappeared) and they were stamping up the petrol schedule where changing the filter is not a service item! The company that had the Dodge franchise still exist (but are now Mercedes only) so I'm thinking about writing to them to contribute to all of the other unnecessary work I've had done as it is there fault (due to using the wrong service schedule) that the fuel filter was missed in the services that followed. I think the filter was probably clogged and blocking the fuel.
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    Armando G

    Power Steering Going Out

    I would personally start with the belt. It's definitely the cheapest part of this repair and you don't necessarily have to hear any squealing for them to be bad. Then go from there. Rack or pump, neither is an easy fix. Keep us updated.
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    I changed out all 4 corners with drilled/slotted roters with ceramic pads at 80k miles on the originals on my 2014 RT. The only reason I changed them was the fronts were starting to squeal more than usual. Thing is the were just halfway warm and had plenty of life left. But the pads were splitting, appearing to be delaminating causing the vibration sqealing.
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    Groaning door hinges

    most extended warranties have a deductible . even if its a covered problem, i went with a $100 ded. on my max warranty that i bought.
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    Is yours Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive? Mine is FWD and is a rocket ship when floored. Too much power for the front wheels - I get torque steer and really have to hold on. How many miles on yours? Give the tranny time to adapt to your driving style and it should feel more responsive after a few thousand miles of adaptation and break-in.
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    Iphone 5 with uconnect

    Iphone 5 is appropriate for this 5 year old thread...lol
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    If all 4 tires are now new and the same size, perhaps disconnecting the battery for a bit will reset everything. Otherwise, it takes a special scan tool to read the codes causing those lights which means a dealer trip unless you know someone who has such a tool. Good luck and be sure to post back what you find.
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    There is a reason the hoses are flexible in the first place. If you put in a solid pipe, I think you'd discover failure far faster than in the cold conditions they keep blowing up in. Only two payments left on my Journey now ... it'd be great if it manages to not blow another line before that happens. LOL Luckily it doesn't seem to mind +30 and higher nearly as much as -30 and lower.
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    Damn I used the T connector from CURT ..... so easy to get it working ..... don't have to mess up with reflashing PCM !? WTF
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    P0740 dodge journey 2011 CREW

    You are too far above my knowledge. This stuff I leave to the professionals.
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    Radio not getting 12v nor turning on

    If it were me and the radio is shot, I would go aftermarket. Try Crutchfield. You put your car info in, what you are looking for and results come up. Just did this for my sons Chrysler. I wanted him to have hands free phone,etc. looked there and did a live chat with a representative. She found a radio that I missed, showed me a install kit, and never pushed. Got everything I needed to install for $180! And that was an Alpine unit! You might be able to get Bluetooth and Nav (if that’s something you’d want) for way less then factory... Good luck! Let us know what you do....
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    glad you are so smart on how to deal with your problem, i was just stating that your trans fluid was 6 yrs old, do what you want,i was just offering my point of view. hope you find out your problem.good luck.
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    OMG, let it go.
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    I have no clue what the point of your meme is. You said you were looking to save money, yet were willing to spend what seemed to be $900 for a backup camera - the 2 concepts are pretty much mutually exclusive. It isn't as if a backup camera is a necessity of life.
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    Just for you Frank
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    Performance coil pack?

    Exactly. Couldn't have said it better myself.... ^^
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    2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    like the strips, not sure about the red rims, not my style but if you like them congrats....
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    Remote Start 2014 Journey

    https://moparonlineparts.com/dodge-journey-remote-starter-p-6014.html Takes about 2-3 hours to install, then you get the new fobs programmed in and the dealer has to add the sales code to make it work.
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    Armando G

    Journey 2009 windshield wiper problem

    Ah, got you. Then definitely check the relay, might be going bad, or you have a frayed wire somewhere (or bad connection)...either one may cause loss of power to the motor.
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    IMO, if you are looking to conserve money then spending anything for a backup camera flies in the face of the concept.
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    2018 Dodge Journey Crossroad

    Dealers suck. Yours seems to suck more than many. Yes, you can add the OEM backup camera if you have the 8.4" screen. Of course you can also add aftermarket ones of you find the OEM one to be too expensive.
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    Armando G

    Journey 2009 windshield wiper problem

    I would check the wiper relay or the switch itself. Do you have any issues with your turn signals or high beam? Not sure what you mean by the PARK position not working? You can't get the car in Park, or the light is out?
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    2010 Dodge Journey Win Module

    Take it back to whoever did the repair. You paid for it?
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    you should be able to turn them off thur your radio in the settings section,LOL most of the post on here are wanting to activate the drl for the U.S. folks, good luck.
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    And the OP never speaks again.....
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    Need help with 2009 Journey 3.5L SXT

    Its supposed to so you won’t blow your engine up revving it up while in park.
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    Feedback on a pinstriping idea...

    I had my local graphics shop make me side stripes that match my redline edition r/t challenger. They were scaled to fit the side of the journey. Both vehicles are black. It only cost me $65 installed.
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    2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    IMO, yes. Dodge should fix these latent cylinder head defects. Certainly doesn't mean that they will. A proper dealership diagnosis is the start to the process. Peace.
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    Well, get the code read and let us know what it is..can’t fix something over the Internet and can’t guide you if we have no clue what’s going on. Help us help u....
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    Glad you got it running again. And you learned something too, we hope. Pay it forward.
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    Steven Harshbarger

    Brighter Reverse lights

    Sorry but I don't entirely agree. They do signal others that your backing up, but without the light in reverse, how else would you see when it's dark. With that said, the brighter bulbs I put in mentioned above do add additional light over stock bulbs to see better on dark nights. No need for extra LED lights at this time for me. BTW, they're working awesome. I highly recommend them if your looking for additional light.
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    Take the time and read the posts above your question There could be a whole bunch of reasons