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  1. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    first off the readings from the dash can be misleading only real way of tracking mpg is gallons of fuel vs mileage driven and short trip at highway speeds can make a big difference and also idling time while car is warming up. also they way your car is park for instance on a steep driveway overnight and them the tank pressure gets equalized over night,also some elevations on your drive to work might be more subtle than you know as mostly down hill on way to work and uphill the way home.if it was earlier in the yr could be the station switching over to winter grade of gas from summer gas.... so many possible reasons....or maybe the kids or other half got a little drag racing going on....
  2. no such thing as battery saver mode, the transmission has the limp home mode when there is a problem with the transmission...
  3. 2016 Crossroad. Paint bubbling

    i believe the lift gate is aluminum like the hood
  4. i would have the new battery LOAD tested to make sure it is good. hope they tightened the cables down tight on the battery also. what do you mean the car was losing gear?
  5. Cold Heat

    look on you tube for journey heater core replacement easy fix from the drivers side,do it yourself or have the local garage do it a lot cheaper than the dealership...
  6. probally is correct i watched a you tube on changing one and the thermostat looked about like that, they dont look like the old style most are use to. if not sure why not get one from your dealership to make sure you got the correct one. google the location and watch a you tube video on it.
  7. New member

    welcome to the group
  8. Our 5-year ownership experience

    yes i do miss the rear windows that opened just a little bit on my old caravans
  9. Rad fan not cycling correctly

    have you actually had the refrigerant pressure checked ?
  10. There is a TSB related to the concern you are describing on some Dodge Journeys: "NUMBER: 08-097-17 GROUP: 08 - Electrical DATE: September 28, 2017 SUBJECT: Flash: BCM Diagnostic and System Improvements NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles within the following markets/countries: NAFTA and EMEA. NOTE: This bulletin applies to vehicles built on or before August 28, 2017 (MDH 0828XX). SYMPTOM/CONDITION: The customer may describe the headlamps flicker while operating at night. This condition may be more prevalent after the bulb(s) have been replaced with an aftermarket bulb." Your dealership will be able to identify if this TSB applies to your vehicle or you can send us a PM with your VIN and I can check for you as well!
  11. wasn't there a recall or tsb on the headlights? check with your dealership about what is going on......
  12. Will tires fit?

    https://www.tacomaworld.com/tirecalc is the one i use
  13. OIL LEAKING ?????

    seems like remember someone posting that the oil filter cooler was covered under the power train warranty which i believe for the 2014 is 5 yr 60 k , i would call a different dealership and ask them or maybe dodge care can chime in on this post......as far as your last sentence since no other car manufacture has any problems with their product ,all i can say is good bye then....
  14. well report back after doing thoes 3 items.... 1,3,2 is what id check first.. but first throw a charger on the battery, over nite so it will be fully charged then if it runs drive it down and have a load check done on it to see if its good , most places ( auto part stores) will check your alt. for free if you can take the car to them. have no idea on the battery temp sensor ,,,,,,,, last week seen a girl and old man working on her Honda or whatever it was ,they were trying to jump start it, but as soon as they disconnected the cables it would die. even more interesting was when it was off you couldn't even put the gear selector in neutral from park so we jumped it again and then before we disconnected the cables i had her put in neutral it did it with no problem so then we took the cables off and it died again but at least we were able to push the car off the road to the side and then she put it back into park and then we couldn't move the shift lever again.told her about the battery sensor cable and then had to leave so never did find out what they did to it. ..........can you shift the gear selector as of right now in your journey?
  15. if you feel you can replace the plugs yourself ,do it and as jkeaton suggest swap the coil packs to see if the error code swaps to the different plug, you are getting close to the time to do the plugs anyway. also i have checked with several local garages and their price to replace plugs are about the same or more than my local dealership so i am going to go with the dealership myself here in a little bit with my 14 crossroad, i have about 84 k on it now.will probally let them do the coolant flush at the same time i know more $$ for them to do but then its on the record i had it done and i have the max life warranty. so that way i am covered ,let us know what you find out...good luck