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  1. depends on what you did? did you use the approved oem Plugs? and more important check your mpg the old fashioned way,gallons used divided into the miles driven over 2 tanks of gas.also recheck every thing you did make sure everything is plugged up correctly,problem has to be something you did as you say it was running good before you worked on it.
  2. Left rear turn signal light stays on

    as stated above just unplug the curt connectors and re-plug the lights again as it is usually plug and play style, unless they have hard wired it, you could have a trailer place help you if you cant do it.
  3. Oil Pressure light flashes on at idle

    most cheap parts( not oem) dont work as good on some models, my father yrs replaced a alternator from a parts store on his caravan and it would last about 1 week then go bad they kept replacing it but finally he took it to a dodge dealership they replace it with one of their alternator and he never had any more problems with it.
  4. Steering wheel not centered

    you will have to have an alignment done to get it straight. also it being off center wouldn't cause a warning light unless the front end is so far off or has other problems
  5. Front end clunk, while braking

    glad everything worked out good for you keep it between the ditches and happy trails...
  6. Caliper Covers

    yep the offset will get you unless you use a spacer or different rims
  7. New guy

    welcome to the group, my 2011 was a white one looks great till they get road film then its a off white..lol went with a silver on my 2014 crossroad....
  8. check the forum plenty of info on this but i dont believe so.
  9. Front end clunk, while braking

    none of what you did would affect the the movement of the car, other than that your guess is a good as we can guess, unless you took the cv joints loose or out of the trans on both sides at the same time if both sides are removed from the transmission at the same time you have serious problem then.good luck
  10. never had no problem with my 2011 journey had it about 3 yrs have a 2014 journey and have had some problems with the back up cam inop every once in a while, seams to be a software problem, i checked the wires going thur the hatch back rubber grommet did not see no wire problems there, havent heard of any solutions for this problem and not a big enough problem for me to pay to find out what is causing it.. good luck
  11. Have to rev past 2,000 for OD

    55 mph? i just cruise at 70-80 have never paid any attention to how it shifts......
  12. Lift door tail light - see photo

    well since you have it off i assume the light is still working just that part came loose, before spending or looking for a light take a small drill and from the side drill a small hole that you could insert a long needle thur with some gorrille glue in it and do what you can and then after thats done just use a little silicone to fill the hole should work...
  13. Lift door tail light - see photo

    finally just seen what you were talking about, LOL,
  14. Weird Engine Behaviour

    2014 crossroad here with 91 k only problems so far was a oil sender go bad ( covered under my ext warranty) and upper rear control arm problem ( fixed out of my own pocket , but pro would have been fixed under my warranty had i used it) sorry to hear of your problems, hopefully it will be clear sailing as long as your trans holds up
  15. well guess you are entitled to your own opinion,,,, i have had 2 journeys a 2011 and a 2014 loved them both ,of course i bought new and didnt buy an 10 yr old journey that has a lot of problems, guess you get what you pay for.....sometime you win and sometimes you dont......