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  1. Dodge Journey

    if the engine dies after starting then the alt is not working properly
  2. check the forums all kinds of problems with non-starting issues,start with the basics battery,alternator problems, ground connections, and shorts,or electrical parasitic voltage draws...good luck
  3. REALLY?

    there can be a leak at where the clamp holds the rubber hose to the frame at the calipers rust has been known to collapse the hose and prevent the calipers from working so there might be a small hole in one of the four hoses you have there have a mech check them out and or replace that hose
  4. Is this thing a lemon?

    seems like someone told you to have the alt checked after having a load check done on the battery ,and you could have had that done for free at any parts store, but at least you found the problem, good luck after all. i am out of here
  5. REALLY?

    probally Anthony again.....
  6. that would be easy to check and or replace, the filter you should be using should have the 3 leg tripod on it. part # mo-349 mopar, actually that is the only filter iv ever used, i buy them from the local dealer and they are about the same price or cheaper then most aftermarket filter so i figure why try to save .70 cents or so on something you only do once or twice a year....
  7. sometimes might take a few days for someone to post if they have help or info, i have not heard or had any problems like this myself. good luck
  8. Alarm

    pull the fuse for the alarm till you get it fixed
  9. Is this thing a lemon?

    ok, so it did good till it didnt want to start,,, i am out of this one.....
  10. Is this thing a lemon?

    are you 100% sure they put in a brand new Battery? journeys act crazy with the electronics with a battery that is about dead, as i said i would definitely have a load test done on this battery just to make sure even new battery can have a bad cell in it.. and take the time to make sure the connections at the battery itself are clean and tight a loose connection could be a cause of the problems......it is a pain to have to recheck them but might save you some $$$$ good luck
  11. Touch-up paint interior console?

    well thats what i was saying, looks like something has spilled on some of the pics the other ones looks like the paint is bubbling up from under the finish. i would just remove the plastic piece sand and pain it. trying to do it on the vec would be real hard.good luck
  12. Is this thing a lemon?

    the point you make sounds logical BUT you only hear from the ones that are having problems,you dont hear from the ones that dont have problems .All car manufactures have different problems with all the different models that they sell. sorry to hear about your problems. i assume you have no warranty on it ,did you buy it from a dodge dealership?have a load test done on the new battery most places will do this for free and have them check the alt to see if its putting out okay.good luck but as we all know if buy used you usually are buying some one else problems.
  13. Multiple electric issues

    good luck,,,,,, and please respond with whatever happens and detail what you did for future help
  14. Touch-up paint interior console?

    first off touch up paint wont help unless you sand down the spots and or damaged area and if you do that the whole plastic part needs to be repainted and quit using whatever you are wiping it down with i guess.
  15. Multiple electric issues

    no thats a scc unit