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  1. ABS Module

    easy to replace.on the front good luck
  2. ABS Module

    if you know which one that would be great i found out the local part stores cant read abs codes they can only read engine check light codes, let us know what happens
  3. Which refrigerant?

    just a simple Coincidence that your compressor started working again,the two have no connection together by just being low of coolant, more likely a wire shorting out in the wire loom
  4. ABS Module

    a few weeks ago my ABS, and traction control (TC) lights on my 2014 started coming on and going off intermittently and then a day later came on solid ,so i took it in to my dealership and they replaced the right front wheel sensor, i have the max life warranty but they said sense the cost to fix it would be less than my 100 deductible i would have to pay the book rate which ended up being around $29 for the part and $29 for labor, had them do the plugs and the coolant change as well since i have 93 k on the clock,all set for another 100 k....................P.S. when mine were lit the only other thing not working was the cruise control so if you have other things not working i would assume you have something else not working right,good luck
  5. Engine cooling upgrade

    sounds like you have a cooling problem, 2012 have you flushed your rad and cooling system along with new coolant?
  6. P0123 & p0222

    what engine do you have, and how many miles, could be a plug problem
  7. 220 miles a tank!?

    so what eng 3.6 i guess?how many miles on the speedo, does the journey seem to be running fine,hard to guess what is wrong from here, sounds like a trip to your dealership for a diagnostic test, possible gas leaking from tank my daughters caravan the fuel pump leaked right after coming out of the tank they used a plastic fitting that would age and crack.good luck on what you find out.
  8. Front end wobble/vibration

    probally a bad tire,quick way to check that is rotate the front to the rear if the problem is gone then its the new tire, if i remember right if its pulling to the left it is prob the right side tire that might have a broken belt, could also be a bad rim.good luck
  9. Unknown wire connector

    go with option b ,probally more expensive but you wont burn your engine by accident
  10. no responses means no one knows i guess,if it bothers you why not drive by your local dealership and ask them and then give us a response to what they say...
  11. Battery Tray Corrosion.....

    guess it depends where you live had my journey for 5 yrs no problem here of course they dont use much salt
  12. iv seen a car will start when in neutral but then when you put in drive it will die, so i believe it is the battery temp sensor, not surer if there is a way to test it.. good luck google on the battery temp sensor might be some info on you tube
  13. Open air filter

    i have the 2014 crossroad with the 3.6 just got back today from a long trip avg 28 mpg with 2 adults and carrying my wife's medical scooter on the rear traveled around 70 mph

    do a load test on the battery as well
  15. Cooling fans cycling excessively

    also check the connections ( the connectors inside and outside of them)i had yrs ago a problem with my daughters car overheating and it was the connector shorting out inside the plastic connector , you might have some Corrosion or a bad connection, also check the wiring leading to and from the fan and the senors or possible shorts or other problems ....good luck let us know what you find even if you get it fixed