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  1. just keep us informed on what ever happens so any one else that this happens to can have a way think might be wrong i their problem good luck
  2. 2010 Facelift?

    just check with your local dealership on the frt end change and if the parts are interchangeable and just change your bulbs out to led will be the cheaper solution than buying the whole units themselves as they are Expensive and when they quit working they have to be serviced at the dealership only..good luck
  3. since this is in Km is this outside of the power train warranty that is offered by Chrysler?if you are still with in the limits i would take to a different dealership as they should be required to fix it. as you suggest i dont believe the fluid and filter change will solve the problem. maybe dodge care will chime in on weather you are in the warranty range?
  4. Adjust brake pedal height ???

    well thats a great way to get advice by calling names from whom you want help...to be honest their isn't much can be done if the pedal height is not to your liking. i use to work for Chrysler in St Louis and drove the vans off the line and to be honest the ones with adjustable pedals that CAN be ordered(and to be honest might could be redone at the dealership but u am certain the cost would be extremely high) had a feel to them that i didnt like dont know if it was the angle or just the pressure feel when using them..good luck finding a fix for your problem
  5. Relocating the battery

    beside the cost of the cables and also losing space inside the vech, i wouldn't bother with it as i just replace it every 4-5 yrs and i always pick nice weather as i choose when to replace it
  6. Loud bang/clunk when turning

    one or two of our members have had to replace that unit kind of pricey to have it done at the dealership check the forums for more info
  7. i would replace the fob battery first, as i seen in the past the cars battery can turn on the lights or radio but not enough juice to start the car , could be the same with your locks,at least it would be the easy to replace and might save you a bunch of trouble and $$
  8. Dodge TIPM's

    no experience here ,,,,good luck
  9. seen this video on u tube but it is in Italian and there is no translation version but i believe what is happening to my journey. he starts the journey and then the words come up above which mine says i believe check your surroundings and then goes blank as his does , he shows how to replace just the camera and then his rear cam starts working, this is the first u tube i seen showing info other than the broke wire u tube.. just thought id put this here in case some one else has something like this going on ,,,since my knee is still healing i dont want to mess with this right now and also havent stopped by the dealership yet to check on what is covered on the max life warranty that i have...
  10. sounds like the ejection assy. is out of alignment if you still want the cd player to work run by a stereo shop and let them work on it otherwise you will probally mess it up more yourself by pulling the cd out. the assy get out of alignment over time from having a cd in 24 -7 and the vibrations of the road traffic
  11. Journey not starting problems

    maybe a bad connection at the battery but i would almost lay odds he will be back in a couple of days
  12. well nice day today,so i tried to see if there was any broken wires in the rubber boot for the back up cam, since i had it added at the dealership after buying the journey the big white cable and the 2 smaller wires ( i guess positive and negative) are not wrapped in the loom as the other wires are , nothing looks broke or cut all the other wires look great, no other problems then just the random working not working of the back up cam. had the parking brake on and put car in reverse while moving the wires and wiggling them didnt make no difference . oh well guess ill wait till something else needs work under warranty and then have them take a look at it
  13. Journey not starting problems

    well 1 yr old battery should be good unless its got a bad cell, first try to start it in neutral to see if its the park switch has went bad ,then i would pull the battery and have it load tested to see if its still good. guess you could check the strength of the battery at the the remote post with a volt meter but if thats good i still do a load test on the battery, there is also a battery temp sensor that is built into of the batter cables and that could have went bad as well,,,,good luck on what you find and please report for others that might have this problem as well
  14. Journey not starting problems

    yes your battery can run the lights ut not enough to start it..you need to have the battery load tested at the auto shop like you said you were going to do??/ look at it this way replace the battery with the best one you can buy its 4 yrs old at least and going into winter time.
  15. Journey not starting problems

    get a new battery