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  1. Power Steering Going Out

    Armando is right but also when changing your belt ALWAYS change out the belt tennsioner yes it isn't cheap but that can ruin a new belt if the tennsionor is not applying the right tension after changing it out, it happened to my fathers vehicle once
  2. Power Steering Going Out

    havent checked on a journey but its a big job that my daughter had to have done on her caravan replacing the rack
  3. Power Steering Going Out

    i would suspect the pump and also that would be the cheapest to replace the rack can be very expensive to replace.
  4. Groaning door hinges

    i could have went with a zero ded on mine but it would have cost about an extra cost of about $700 so i figured go the cheaper route and hope i dont have to use it too much have used it only once so far.
  5. New owner!

    welcome to the group,lots of good info and some bad info LOL
  6. Groaning door hinges

    most extended warranties have a deductible . even if its a covered problem, i went with a $100 ded. on my max warranty that i bought.
  7. Groaning door hinges

    mine made a little noise but i used a silicone lubricant spray and never had any more noise but also i live in a warmer environment than you all do so might be some corrosion problems that is causing the problem.
  8. as Journeyman said, my fwd has more pep and power than the tires can handle, you lose hp when it is transferred to your rear wheels vs all the hp going to the front wheels. just the nature of the setup .
  9. In Love with this new bad boy

    welcome to the group
  10. www.youtube.com/watch?v=26FyUgmhUNQ this is for a 2010 caravan but about the same thing you need to do
  11. check you tube i believe their is a few videos showing this repair. keep us posted and good luck
  12. your welcome, also dont forget your coolant it ages and can cause problems with age.
  13. Dash goes crazy!!!

    my daughter had a similar problem with her jeep, sorry to say we never found out the problem she traded it in on a new jeep. i have had heard of other car owners have the same problems. i would check for loose connections near or under the outside fuse block under the hood. maybe some one else here can help. good luck