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  1. sounds good but how the in **** would know, depends on condition a lot of other things, have it checked out by your local mech you trust. good luck
  2. Serpentine belt chirping

    i typed in 2011 journey serpentine belt replacement u tube and it brought up a bunch of sites one showing directions on how to replace the belt but i cant copy the address and have it come back up, any ways just keep looking and you will find it,also a 2011 caravan would be the same way might check that out. article stated not to hard to do now replacing the belt tensioner would add some hardship and cost but i would do that as well since your journey is 7 yrs old and going thur salt and winter weather your tensioner probally needs to be changed ......your choice
  3. Serpentine belt chirping

    well your belt may have stretched a bit, and since you gave no mileage on the journey but with the age it wouldn't hurt to replace it but if you do ALWAYS replace the belt tensioner as well and it isn't cheap on this journey but they do weaken over age and also when you release the tension on it, it may not go back to the proper tension and let the new belt come off and get ruined...this happened to my fathers van yrs ago so dont cheap out on it. also the noise could be from one of the other pulleys that the belt turns but since you say its a chirp and not a squeal or hum i would just do the belt first, and have never tried it on my journey but it does look tight ,but look on u tube there should be a video on how to do it.
  4. Abs/tone sensor- confusion

    speedo shows 42624, as far as i seen most of the tone rings are built into the axle themselves, the sender unit that reads the tone should be able to be replaced but i have no knowledge of the cost or work there. good luck
  5. well he said that by changing the switch did make them come on and go automatically all the time which shouldn't be a big deal it would just burn the bulbs out a little sooner than normal,if you didnt want to spend the money on adding the ambient senser as needed. with them on full time would just be an added safety feature i guess.
  6. mine has been doing that lately have a 2014 journey i think its more of a wiring problem than the camera . because it wont work at first or it flickers and then a couple of stops later on it starts working again.. oh well till some one finds the cause we all will be in the dark
  7. So frustrated

    that is your electronic throttle control symbol if it is on solid all the time you have some time to get it checked, if it is flashing that means you need to get it looked at right away
  8. So frustrated

    first off is it the org battery? even if its been changed have a load test done on it to see if it is still good. also check all your connections on the battery, yes it would be a pain to have to actually check the battery under the wheel compartment but the connectors could be corroded or loose. check all other connections as well get rid of the easy and cheap fixes first before diving into bigger and more expensive options...
  9. reminds me of when i hit a small submerged stump with my ski boat letting water into the lower unit on the down drive. mechanic said well it is a 99 cent O Ring that got cut or nicked but the labor to replace it was somewhere around $ 400. for the labor...oh well live and learn
  10. 2010 Journey V6 Engine oil cooler

    why not take your journey by your local dealership and have them look at it and tell your for sure what you have or you could call them and ask them..
  11. well 6.5 yrs on a battery you were due for a non start issue this winter if it hadnt happened when it did, and the weather is a lot better now than it would have been in a couple of months. also probally would have cost more with all the problems you ran into if a garage was doing the install this winter. count your self lucky i would guess
  12. Raised white letter tires for 2012 Journey Crew?

    of course you can just look for tires that are advertised as white letter you might have to look around but i am sure you can find them, but to be honest i just seen a suv with wlt on it and it didnt look that good.
  13. Leather Seats

    normal they came that way from the factory....
  14. Transmission being replaced

    glad to hear about the journey and sad to hear about the bike accident. take care and get well the bad thing is when you get older like me things that happened to you when you were younger ,comes back to haunt you. arthritis and aches and pains so take it easy on your body......