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  1. as it happens that a lot of times simple things can be missed and expensive parts end up getting replaced before they find the real problem.glad you responded and gave your fix
  2. Heater hose failure

    as the above post ,were both heater hose hot after running the heater that long if only one was hot id say you have a blocked heater core as it isnt letting the hot water to pas thur the heater core,you might want to do a reverse heater core flush since your journey is a 2013
  3. New Journey in NOVA

    welcome to the group, mine is silver as well
  4. Heater hose failure

    did you try what he suggested?if you have trapped air in the system you will have problems
  5. tag your it

    well wife and her sister going out to eat and her sister driving our journey due to my broken knee cap and they pull to the front of the restaurant and wife goes to get out and was reaching back in for her cane and a really old (90) man backs into the front left corner of our bumper so they all exchange info,and i run it down to the local body shop about a 2 inch crack going thur the lower facial just above the black trim along side of the fog light and then about 2 inches above the crack the plastic is kind of wrinkled a tiny bit, wife says well that wont be to high to fix will it,i just laughed ,body shop quote $989.20....look out State Farm here comes the claim since it wasn't our fault..................................................................................................................................2014 DODG Journey Crossroad FWD 4D UTV 6-3.6L Flex Fuel Sequential MPI Line Oper Description Part Number Qty Extended Price $ Labor Paint 1 FRONT BUMPER 2 O/H front bumper 2.6 3 Repl Bumper cover w/o lmp washer 5QZ97TZZAC 1 334.00 Incl. 2.8 4 Add for Clear Coat 1.1 5 # Subl Hazardous waste removal 1 4.00 X 6 # Rpr Color sand and buff 1.5 SUBTOTALS 338.00 2.6 5.4 ESTIMATE TOTALS Category Basis Rate Cost $ Parts 334.00 Body Labor 2.6 hrs @ $ 52.00 /hr 135.20 Paint Labor 5.4 hrs @ $ 52.00 /hr 280.80 Paint Supplies 5.4 hrs @ $ 38.00 /hr 205.20 Miscellaneous 4.00 Subtotal 959.20 Sales Tax $ 334.00 @ 9.0000 % 30.06 Grand Total 989.26 Deductible 0.00 CUSTOMER PAY 0.00 INSURANCE PAY 989.26
  6. What have I got

    the need for speed is to late after you buy the 2.4 but at least the plugs are easy to change use the oem copper plugs as well if your not sure when they were last changed then i would replace them as they are good for 30 k.per the manual, might want to have the trans serviced as well book says 120 k but i had mine done at around 70 k just makes sense to do it early as well
  7. summer solstice i was raised in Clarkston Mi Great small town to grow up in...till i moved to AL in 1974
  8. Towing possibles ?

    your local dealership would be your best bet for answers,or even read your car manual if you dont have one down load it off the internet for free.1500 lbs you should be okay, unless you over load it with camping equipment and extras like heavy accessories you shouldn't need an extra oil cooler. as well as you shouldn't need a electric brake controller but i guess that would depend on how you drive or what kind of driving you are doing lots of mountains or a lot of flat roads ..just remeber Journeys are not the best to haul heavy loads with just use common sense and you should be okay
  9. Dodge Journey AbsFailure

    how did you determine which wheel it was, mine went bad no codes from it and i dint have a code reader that would read it cost me $58. at the dealership for the part and their labor. guess you replaced the wrong one i would say
  10. Transmission fluid

    sure do it,what can go wrong other than ruin your transmission
  11. third party warranties usually are not the best, kind of like HMO always trying to deny your coverage
  12. never thought he might have reversed that,good question Jkeaton
  13. Engine stall & ETC light issue RESOLVED

    so many parts replaced due to bad connectors and frayed wires as well.yrs ago my daughter had problems with her caravan rubbing real bad one minuet then okay the next after a bunch of coils replaced it was found to be a bad connector that would work okay for a while then vibrate or short out and then work again till it went bad again and then short out the coil again but it was the wire ans connector that connected to the coil that was bad,we were just lucky the mechanic had bought a lifetime warranty on all his parts as he replaced that coil about 3 times before he seen the plastic connector looking deformed on the inside of the connector
  14. in the U.S. when changing the battery in our key fobs do NOT need reprogramming, i have heard about local key shops that can reprogram the key fobs to work with the journeys when one has been lost. hard to believe you would have to have it reprogrammed just due to replacing a battery in your key fob ,,,good luck on your problem