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  1. How to manually turn the driveshaft

    No need to be rude. We have lots of members who post in lots of sections. There are no walls between sections. We try to help where we can. Sometimes that may mean only offering words of encouragement.
  2. Where do you live?

    Go here to introduce yourself. https://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/forum/2-welcome/ To post a topic or question, go to the appropriate section of the forum. i.e. enging, wheels, tires, climate control, etc.
  3. Dodge journey coolant issues

    This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  4. New Journey in NOVA

    Cool. I lived in Centreville, Falls Church, Arlington and Sterling back in the days before I got married (and moved around a lot, lol)
  5. New Journey in NOVA

    Welcome! What part of NOVA?
  6. Probably need to replace the throttle body.
  7. 2009-10 seats in 2015?

    But.....it is possible.....they should bolt right in. Now, all the electronics, airbags, etc....thats another story. But, yes, it is possible....
  8. 2009-10 seats in 2015?

    Yes it’s possible.
  9. New Member

  10. Engine stall & ETC light issue RESOLVED

    I'm going to pin this thread. This is good info. You may have stumbled onto something Dodge service techs can never figure out....
  11. You replaced the battery and now it won't work? Did you observe polarity when replacing the battery? They should not lose programming simply by replacing the battery.
  12. I need a fuse box for dodge journey 2011 model

    I don't think I've ever read anything so vague.
  13. Carbon Cleaning?

    Might as well if the warranty will pay for it. Sorry, I did not see you were in Europe, hence the question concerning the turbo. We are not that lucky on this side of the pond. Good luck!