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  1. Dealer will have the answer to your questions.
  2. So frustrated

    Agreeed. Start with getting the battery checked.
  3. Where is OBD II plug

    Under the steering wheel.
  4. Get some RFI chokes and install on the power wires.
  5. 2017 journey 2.4 engine Shudder/Tick

    I would suggest scheduling an appointment with your dealer and demonstrating the issue to them.
  6. Good luck with your next vehicle.
  7. Never buy a dodge because the radio is bad. I just have to lol at that one.
  8. Sensitive Brakes

    All brakes are different. You will get used to it.
  9. As stated, if it was done properly, you will get years of service out of it. No one can tell you for sure because we don’t know what your driving conditions are.
  10. What needed to be fixed?
  11. Suspension noise

    Things wear. What has been done to it so far?
  12. Loud bang from rear when turning

    If they are different sizes, possibly.