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  1. Multiple problems

    I'm not disagreeing with you. Just stating the fact that no single engine did more to sully the good reputation of the diesel engine in North America than the Oldsmobile Diesel.
  2. Gutting catalytic converter

    Today's cat's are high flow enough not to restrict exhaust flow. Back in the early days of catalytic converters, yes it could free up the exhaust by doing that. Not beneficial on todays cars, plus you will throw a check engine light for cat efficiency. There are better ways to get the tone you want. Down here it is a federal offense to alter factory installed emissions equipment and you will fail inspections. Maybe different in Canada.
  3. Multiple problems

    General Motors killed almost any chance for a diesel passenger vehicle engine back in the 80's. They are slowly making a return.
  4. Gutting catalytic converter

    No. Why would you?
  5. Multiple problems

    Europe only.
  6. If all 4 tires are now new and the same size, perhaps disconnecting the battery for a bit will reset everything. Otherwise, it takes a special scan tool to read the codes causing those lights which means a dealer trip unless you know someone who has such a tool. Good luck and be sure to post back what you find.
  7. Persistently blowing power steering hose

    You can't use solid pipe in place of a flexible coolant hose. The engine moves. The radiator does not.
  8. 20" SRT8 wheels and tires installed

    Chance you take when modifying a vehicle from stock.
  9. In Love with this new bad boy

  10. Go to Lowe’s, buy a garden hose tee and a few hose clamps.
  11. 3.5 requires timing belt replacement every 100k or so. Guess you found out the hard way.
  12. Multiple problems

    Not much diesel knowledge here.
  13. P0740 dodge journey 2011 CREW

    You are too far above my knowledge. This stuff I leave to the professionals.
  14. Is that the correct connector for power? There are a bunch there.
  15. Hello from sask!