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  1. Adjust brake pedal height ???

    LOL....You certainly are a keeper! Maybe only use the brake pedal when you need it instead of using it as a foot rest....lol
  2. Transmission

    Is it in limp mode? Is the check engine light on? Have you tried manually shifting the gears? A little more info would be helpful.
  3. Fat tires

    Widest factory wheel is 7". Maybe you could go to 8", probably have some rubbing depending on what size tire you get. You can check out an online tire dealer (like discount tire) and they will have options for plus size wheels and tires for stock suspensions.
  4. Dodge TIPM's

    As long as they come with a warranty.....
  5. Remove the radio and take it apart I would guess.
  6. New member and owner of 2014 R/T

    Welcome! I had two of them, 2009, 2013. Minimal issues with both.
  7. I guess you have to wait till they are back in stock..
  8. Alarm

    Yes.....common issue....search horn honking and read some threads....
  9. LED headlights

    What issue? Who are you asking???
  10. Wet Floor and water in storage bin

    Find out where it's coming from......
  11. Tire rotation and pressure monitor sensors

    They should have offered to replace the sensors when changing the tires. You don't mention the age of your vehicle. It could be time to replace them, At any rate, I would take it back to the tire installer and question them.
  12. Ticking noise and rough idle noise

    Might be a valve. Might be normal valvetrain/timing chain noise, might be low on oil, a pulley going bad, AC compressor, etc....kinda impossible to diagnose a ticking sound over the internet. Mechanics stethoscope will help you isolate exactly where the sound is coming from.
  13. Chilton Manual

    Probably demand. Typical buyer of a Dodge Journey is not a "wrenching" type of person.
  14. Open air filter

    Ok. You don’t need to post this in every thread on the forum. We get it. You are proud of it. Lol