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  1. New owner!

  2. Engine overheated

    Moved to the correct section. You state "They could help me figure out the problem", did they?
  3. Gutting catalytic converter

    Just remember that you won't see any significant performance increase from doing this and what you are actual creating is another resonator by "gutting" the cat. You may hear some sound improvement, but the majority of sound dampening in the exhaust is from the muffler and existing resonators. Plus your vehicle will stink bad, real bad. Good luck and post your results after you finish.
  4. Break in the wiring harness is a common problem. Your owners manual will tell you if there is a fuse or not.
  5. Iphone 5 is appropriate for this 5 year old thread...lol
  6. Front and Rear Axle Weight Limit

    2500 lbs max including trailer, vehicle, people and cargo. I really don't think it matters whether the heavier people are in the front or back.
  7. Persistently blowing power steering hose

    Yes. I read that completely wrong.
  8. Gutting catalytic converter

    You will need an adapter to get the sensor out of the exhaust stream to avoid a CEL. Good luck!
  9. Multiple problems

    I'm not disagreeing with you. Just stating the fact that no single engine did more to sully the good reputation of the diesel engine in North America than the Oldsmobile Diesel.
  10. Gutting catalytic converter

    Today's cat's are high flow enough not to restrict exhaust flow. Back in the early days of catalytic converters, yes it could free up the exhaust by doing that. Not beneficial on todays cars, plus you will throw a check engine light for cat efficiency. There are better ways to get the tone you want. Down here it is a federal offense to alter factory installed emissions equipment and you will fail inspections. Maybe different in Canada.
  11. Multiple problems

    General Motors killed almost any chance for a diesel passenger vehicle engine back in the 80's. They are slowly making a return.
  12. Multiple problems

    Europe only.
  13. If all 4 tires are now new and the same size, perhaps disconnecting the battery for a bit will reset everything. Otherwise, it takes a special scan tool to read the codes causing those lights which means a dealer trip unless you know someone who has such a tool. Good luck and be sure to post back what you find.