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    Gutting catalytic converter

    Just remember that you won't see any significant performance increase from doing this and what you are actual creating is another resonator by "gutting" the cat. You may hear some sound improvement, but the majority of sound dampening in the exhaust is from the muffler and existing resonators. Plus your vehicle will stink bad, real bad. Good luck and post your results after you finish.
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    I believe the AWD system requires all 4 tires to be replaced at the same time because they all have to be the same spec wise or people have experienced the issues you are having
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    Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    It is supposed to be changed every 3 years but mine has never been changed. As mentioned above, the car was serviced by a Dodge dealer for the first 2 years (I've had the car since new and after the first 2 years the Dodge dealers disappeared) and they were stamping up the petrol schedule where changing the filter is not a service item! The company that had the Dodge franchise still exist (but are now Mercedes only) so I'm thinking about writing to them to contribute to all of the other unnecessary work I've had done as it is there fault (due to using the wrong service schedule) that the fuel filter was missed in the services that followed. I think the filter was probably clogged and blocking the fuel.
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    Engine overheated

    Check your radiator has good flow and also check the thermostat isn't sticking. Any radiator that's even partially blocked can kill engines. Could explain why your cooling fan has no issue controlling the system temperature in the city but fails on the open road as higher revs = more heat, failure to expel heat = overheat. Also check your coolant is rich enough and not had water added too many times. Rossco
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    Armando G

    Power Steering Going Out

    I would personally start with the belt. It's definitely the cheapest part of this repair and you don't necessarily have to hear any squealing for them to be bad. Then go from there. Rack or pump, neither is an easy fix. Keep us updated.
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    Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    Had the work done on Thursday and I'm trying not to be too optimistic but so far, no sign of the jolts. In addition, took the car for an under load run last night and accelerated from 60 to 80 up an incline and no engine management error so looking very good at the moment.
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    I changed out all 4 corners with drilled/slotted roters with ceramic pads at 80k miles on the originals on my 2014 RT. The only reason I changed them was the fronts were starting to squeal more than usual. Thing is the were just halfway warm and had plenty of life left. But the pads were splitting, appearing to be delaminating causing the vibration sqealing.
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    Groaning door hinges

    My 7/115 (and very expensive up here in Kanukistan) OEM extended warranty has no deductible. The last time I went in for a service engine soon light which I know is related to an intermittent oil pressure sender. They ostensibly did a firmware update to fix the problem (which I would wager did nothing at all except reset my oil usage monitor (which they didn't tell me about either), which went way too long so I got the oil changed yesterday even though the car hadn't asked for it) and handed me a bill for $129 plus tax - I told them to f*ck off and credit it - they claimed that updates aren't covered after 36 months; I called FCA customer support on my cell, made my complaint and they called the dealer to set him straight. I don't put up with that bullsh*t, but you have to wonder how many people actually pay those garbage charges
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    New owner!

    welcome to the group,lots of good info and some bad info LOL
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    Groaning door hinges

    most extended warranties have a deductible . even if its a covered problem, i went with a $100 ded. on my max warranty that i bought.
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    You have assessed the issue correctly. It is the tune. Dodge tuned it for mpg. As Journeyman correctly stated, the transmission will adapt to your driving style somewhat, but not enough to compensate for the tune. The pentastar has lots of power, you just have to wait for the computer to know that you want to accelerate. I use the manual mode when I need immediate power. That works fine for me most of the time. The DJ is a great vehicle. It would be unbeatable with a more responsive tune. Peace.
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    You dont need to add the sales code for the radio to the vin...I dont know where u heard it would show the mileage for the vehicle it came out of because the radio doesnt show the mileage that is shown on the odometer...I never added the sales code to my wife's car and everything works fine minus the fact that it shows 22c all the time (see my previous posts) I have also gotten 2 radio unlock codes at my local dodge dealer one for my wife's car and one when I did the radio in my ram each about a year apart and they gave me both of them free...I just had to show them the registrations to prove I owned the vehicles they were going in...which didn't really make sense because proving that someone owns the vehicle the radio is going into isnt going to stop them from stealing the radio and the point of the unlock code is to prevent ppl from stealing radios but o well
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    Dealer mechanics and their BS!

    There is a service bulletin for the whine sound when cold. The idler pulley bearing can make this sound. Mine screeches for a few seconds in extreme cold. The power steering pump makes a noise like it's low on fluid for several seconds after cold start. Finally, there is a moaning sound from the engine after a cold start which lasts about a minute then stops. Been making that since new. The minivans do it too, but strangely, not the Grand Cherokee, Durango, 300 and Charger - essentially the RWD platforms as opposed to the FWD ones. No worries.
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    Is yours Front Wheel or All Wheel Drive? Mine is FWD and is a rocket ship when floored. Too much power for the front wheels - I get torque steer and really have to hold on. How many miles on yours? Give the tranny time to adapt to your driving style and it should feel more responsive after a few thousand miles of adaptation and break-in.
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    Break in the wiring harness is a common problem. Your owners manual will tell you if there is a fuse or not.
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    LED Update..... After extensive testing today, I determined that the problem is NOT the passenger side inner LED tail light assembly. Instead, I discovered that there's no power to the inner LED assembly plug. Power to the DRIVER'S side inner LED assembly works fine. Note that this is the INNER lamp assembly which only holds the filament-type backup lamp and an LED lamp assembly which is only on when the headlight switch is on. It is NOT a brake light or a turn signal. Other than a break in the wiring harness, is there a fuse which controls only this passenger side inner LED lamp...?? Thanks....!!!
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    Dash goes crazy!!!

    I would go around check all the ground connections that you can find. I had issues with starting on my 2010 and adding a heavier gauge ground cable seems to have solved it. I also own a Jeep Cherokee, 2001 not the newer version, and have had times when half the dash would go crazy similarly to your's, again cleaning and redoing the ground connections solved the issue. It seems, at least to me and other Cherokee owners, that Dodge/Jeep ground and electrical cabling is an issue and to me under engineered. The change in how my 2010 started was rather amazing after adding the additional ground. Many items are controlled by the computers and if the signals aren't good they will tend to act up or in the case of starting not work properly. Digital stuff is looking for on or off and low voltage because of corrosion, loose, or under engineered cabling with a tiny bit of corrosion and cause the signal to look wrong. The first advice one gets in the case of older Cherokees is to go through and check all your grounds, I am beginning to think the same advice can apply to the Journey. Finding a cleaning and tightening grounds is a very inexpensive way to eliminate problems as well as, in my case, solving them.
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    Iphone 5 with uconnect

    Iphone 5 is appropriate for this 5 year old thread...lol
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    If all 4 tires are now new and the same size, perhaps disconnecting the battery for a bit will reset everything. Otherwise, it takes a special scan tool to read the codes causing those lights which means a dealer trip unless you know someone who has such a tool. Good luck and be sure to post back what you find.
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    There is a reason the hoses are flexible in the first place. If you put in a solid pipe, I think you'd discover failure far faster than in the cold conditions they keep blowing up in. Only two payments left on my Journey now ... it'd be great if it manages to not blow another line before that happens. LOL Luckily it doesn't seem to mind +30 and higher nearly as much as -30 and lower.
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    Sorry dont know what to tell you.... It takes money to own and operate a vehicle and they are a very complex and need diagnosis from people who know what they are doing. Maybe someone on here knows more...good luck
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    Need help with 2009 Journey 3.5L SXT

    Hi jmz1, the fault code you mention relates to the brake light switch on the brake pedal. The switch usually has two circuits, one powers the brake lights and the other deactivates the cruise control if you hit the brake. It's common for half of the switch to break, I.e the brake lights still work but cruise function doesn't or vide versa. I would be changing that switch first as they are about £10. cruise control probably won't function if that broken. rossco
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    Damn I used the T connector from CURT ..... so easy to get it working ..... don't have to mess up with reflashing PCM !? WTF
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    www.youtube.com/watch?v=26FyUgmhUNQ this is for a 2010 caravan but about the same thing you need to do
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    blend doors trying to reset
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    Take the time and read the posts above your question There could be a whole bunch of reasons