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    You should get the fluid and filter changed as a first step and use Mopar...but it could be several things TCM ,solenoid pack,clutch pack and on and on
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    Relocating the battery

    beside the cost of the cables and also losing space inside the vech, i wouldn't bother with it as i just replace it every 4-5 yrs and i always pick nice weather as i choose when to replace it
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    Find a different dealer. Something is wrong with the fob, the receiver, or the fob battery. If it’s under warranty use it. And a new car should have 2 fobs.
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    5 yr 100k powertrain warranty call your local dealership they will tell you to bring it in you can verify with them if you still have the powertrain warranty but i would assume you do
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    If I back out of a parking spot, put the DJ in drive and accelerate (slow or fast doesn't matter) while turning the wheel, the headlights dim briefly, it sounds like a belt slipping or (as funny as it sounds) a blow off valve releasing pressure, and I lose power for a split second. It happens every single day and every time I pull out of a spot. The car bucks as power is restored and it shoots off. Weird sh!t for sure, and frustrating. I mentioned it to a mechanic buddy and he named a steering part, but I cannot for the life of me remember what he said. Anyone else experience this? *EDIT* Now that I think about it, he mentioned the power steering pressure sensor/switch.
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    William Burke

    2010 r/t drivers side door issue

    Thank you everyone. I replaced the tipm with remanufactured one. Solved all my issues, just now have all error lghts on dash. Any ideas? All car functions work now except door lock buttons, but keyfob works on all locks.
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    Thanks for the input guys. I have an extended warranty which is good until 115000 km, so I'm still inside the warranty period. I agree that this is something that a flood change will not fixed.
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    2010 Facelift?

    just check with your local dealership on the frt end change and if the parts are interchangeable and just change your bulbs out to led will be the cheaper solution than buying the whole units themselves as they are Expensive and when they quit working they have to be serviced at the dealership only..good luck
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    since this is in Km is this outside of the power train warranty that is offered by Chrysler?if you are still with in the limits i would take to a different dealership as they should be required to fix it. as you suggest i dont believe the fluid and filter change will solve the problem. maybe dodge care will chime in on weather you are in the warranty range?
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    Adjust brake pedal height ???

    Got into situation where DJ is our first car where my wife with small foot cant drive it nicely. She got many cars before and never ever had any issues. So the problem is that brake pedal position is much higher than gas pedal, so to push brake pedal she has to take her foot completely in the air. This is absolutely inconvenient and unsafe. Asked friend who has DJ for years, he has big foot size, but he mentioned same issue for his wife. I am seriously looking for ways to lower/adjust brake pedal position. Dealer told me this is impossible.
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    Adjust brake pedal height ???

    well thats a great way to get advice by calling names from whom you want help...to be honest their isn't much can be done if the pedal height is not to your liking. i use to work for Chrysler in St Louis and drove the vans off the line and to be honest the ones with adjustable pedals that CAN be ordered(and to be honest might could be redone at the dealership but u am certain the cost would be extremely high) had a feel to them that i didnt like dont know if it was the angle or just the pressure feel when using them..good luck finding a fix for your problem
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    Loud bang/clunk when turning

    one or two of our members have had to replace that unit kind of pricey to have it done at the dealership check the forums for more info
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    Relocating the battery

    Why would you want to do this?
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    There was a post awhile back about the hands free module not shutting down causing the same issues. Maybe check that....
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    i would replace the fob battery first, as i seen in the past the cars battery can turn on the lights or radio but not enough juice to start the car , could be the same with your locks,at least it would be the easy to replace and might save you a bunch of trouble and $$
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    So the switch on the door isn’t working correctly either? There is a way to set how the doors lock/unlock. My 09 has that option anyway. I don’t have my owner’s manual available right now. Take a look in yours, might need to be reset. This is something you can do at home, no dealer visit needed. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to check the door module, in the drivers door I believe. I recall some conversations about that here....
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    I'll replace but the strange thing is that the lights flash as if locking
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    Dodge TIPM's

    As long as they come with a warranty.....
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    Dodge TIPM's

    no experience here ,,,,good luck
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    CD stuck in player

    sounds like the ejection assy. is out of alignment if you still want the cd player to work run by a stereo shop and let them work on it otherwise you will probally mess it up more yourself by pulling the cd out. the assy get out of alignment over time from having a cd in 24 -7 and the vibrations of the road traffic
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    Journey not starting problems

    maybe a bad connection at the battery but i would almost lay odds he will be back in a couple of days
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    CD stuck in player

    You might be able to grab the cd with a needle nose pliers, or a straightened paper clip. Hit the eject button while trying to pull it out or lifting the cd. Likely will trash the cd but should work. If there is a passer sticker label on the cd don’t use it in the car....
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    2nd Row Climate Controls/Headliner

    Yes. It’s normal. There was a thread in here awhile back discussing this. Our 2013 is the same way. Held in place by reverse gravity or something like that. It will outlast the vehicle unless you start pulling and tugging on it to find out the breaking point.
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    Morning problems

    Just for update and for information, wo have diesel's the problem calls dpf. Diesel particuler filter. Best regards, Sérgio Almeida
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    Navigation Upgrade

    If you are in North America the non-nav radio is the RE2 and the Nav radio is the RB5. If you don't have a 'Nav' soft key next to the phone icon on the lower edge of the display you have an RE2. I installed the OEM backup camera - I bought the 2011 kit which came with the wiring harness; good thing, since try as I might I was never able to find the back end of the video cable that I am certain was installed at the factory. I had the dealer make the connection to the rear of the radio when I took the vehicle to them to have the sales code for the camera applied. It was essentially free, since they were going to carge me for an hour of service to flash the code an they claimed it was a 20 minute job to insert the pins in the connector. I was there for 2 hours because the tech/mechanic had to work harder than he expected doing the pins, but the dealer still only charged the one hour.
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    Kev T

    Navigation Upgrade

    Because I bought a used vehicle for an exceptional deal that will cost thousands less to simply upgrade the radio than find one with the Nav. Kind of an odd question. I like wrenching and saving money!
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    Navigation Upgrade

    What do i need for this? Or can you direct me to the correct thread? I have the larger screen and want to add navigation and the backup camera.
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    Painting Brake Calipers

    Just got done painting my brake calipers blue!
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    Adjust brake pedal height ???

    I'm having the same problem and I did test drive mine. It's not so noticeable until you drive it for awhile. I'm actually having severe knee pain and it's no joke. I'm currently looking into have pedal extensions installed to see if that will help. I think it can be adjusted so the transition from gas to brake should be easier. Look on Amazon for gas pedal extender kit. https://www.amazon.com/Auto-Pedal-Extenders-Brake-Sourceone-mobility/dp/B0198VE4YO
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    Hi All, I upgraded my non navigation 8.4" U-Connect Radio to the one with the navigation. My old radio was the RE2 media version. I ordered the navigation media radio (RB5 - i think) from a wrecker in London Ontario for $250.00. The wrecker shipped the part to my local used parts store and I picked it up from there. I took the new radio with my purchase receipt to the local dealer parts desk and they provided to me the anti-theft code. The swap took a total of 20-minutes - and then another 20-minutes to update the radio software which I downloaded from U-Connect web site. All in all I am very happy with the swap and for me - I was lucky in that the only thing my existing radio did not have was navigation - so the swap didn't require a new screen or new antennas, etc.... If I can do it - anyone with a little bit of mechanical aptitude can do it themselves .... Love the new radio with functioning navigation - so no need for my Magellan screen on top of my dash.... Note: I have a great RE2 non navigation media radio with the hard drive, etc.. if anyone needs it - contact me through the forum.
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    Navigation Upgrade

    It is very easy to do if you already have the 8.2 inch display. Less so if you don't. This is my second Journey. I went the Garmin route on the old one, but did the upgrade on this. I also added the backup camera to mine. I find the integration makes a HUGE difference and I have zero regrets.
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    Live Data Dodge Journey 2.0CRD

    Hi. Is anyone here who can help and explain what is wrong with my car? 24hrs trip via Europe has been planned already and I’m a bit worried