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    "Fool's Bliss" I like that. I need that on my license plate.
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    AVG / MPG sudden drop

    first off the readings from the dash can be misleading only real way of tracking mpg is gallons of fuel vs mileage driven and short trip at highway speeds can make a big difference and also idling time while car is warming up. also they way your car is park for instance on a steep driveway overnight and them the tank pressure gets equalized over night,also some elevations on your drive to work might be more subtle than you know as mostly down hill on way to work and uphill the way home.if it was earlier in the yr could be the station switching over to winter grade of gas from summer gas.... so many possible reasons....or maybe the kids or other half got a little drag racing going on....
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    Cold Heat

    look on you tube for journey heater core replacement easy fix from the drivers side,do it yourself or have the local garage do it a lot cheaper than the dealership...
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    Can't Unlock Maps

    Do you have basic warranty left? If so then get your dealer to deal with it. If your unit is out of warranty and if you have the 'Can't Unlock Maps' message then you can update the maps you had (note the tense) with newer ones yourself. It takes time to do but if you follow through you will get it working; If your unit is stuck on 'loading', you may have a bad solder joint on a board inside the radio - good luck with that if you have no warranty - my spare remains on the self, available for purchase.
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    Hey gang! Found it! It’s located on the left side of the motor right on the top side. Took about 10 minutes to do. Thanks for the help!
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    What engine???? that always helps
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    1 week, and no issues. I suspect the root cause of the issue remains- but as I've not had any issues yet, I'll continue to live in a fool's bliss. Fob transmits at a great range still... but I'll replace the battery anyway soon. I read in some outside forum that this was an indicator of a greater problem in the computer. I've not been able to dig up that forum post since reading it the first time. I read the manual, and now obvious to me in retrospect, the red light is simply the security arming. Thanks for the reassurance anyway!
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    Cold Heat

    Is your thermostat stuck open?? What does the temp reading say on your evic? If the water pump was failing you have an overheating situation...just a thought
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    Summer Solstice

    Cold Heat

    It could be the water pump but that would not be my first thought. You don't say what the dealer did to diagnose the problem and rule out other possibilities. Does the vehicle maintain engine temperature? Does the temperature run hot, cold, or fluctuate? Has the system been pressure tested to rule out any leaks with the water pump, the radiator cap, or even a head gasket issue? The pump may have a leak or the cap may not be holding pressure. You could have a slipping belt. The head gasket is unlikely by what you describe but can not be ruled out at this stage. You need to rule out the other possibilities first. My first thought is that you have an air bubble in the heater core from flushing it out the first time. Been there, done that. It's not uncommon. Let us know what has been checked already as this may have already been considered.
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    I had the same problem and was told that it was normal... I did a quick relearn of the transmission (with an expensive scanner) and no more big clunk when I shift from park to drive. I think it had this problem since I bought the car in 2012. Having tried that before I believe the transmission would be less crappy now that I have 160K km on it...
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    Performance upgrades

    This made me chuckle as I just bought an 18sxt and I referred to it in conversation as my MANNYVAN!!
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    Rear wiper blade

    For anyone who runs into this topic, I just installed a Trico Exact Fit 14-A on my 2013 Journey and it works perfectly. It's a double rocker and achieves full coverage on both swings. It's the best one I've found to date.
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    site lagging

    Admins did some tweaking and it seems to be faster now. Let me know if you are still having issues.
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    Performance upgrades

    OP, like many others, have the hope of getting that extra kick out of their DJ. I've not seen anyone actually do it. My personal take on it is, sadly, is the DJ is a family runabout crossover. It's purpose was to replace the short-bed caravan. The V-6 isn't slow, but isn't quick either.... I've accepted the fact I bought a minivan(DJ) and not a R/T charger. And, for what it's worth- Welcome to the forms! Check out the performance section of the forums for ideas. There's been a lot a very determined people attempting to make their DJ faster.
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    And? Maybe new members or someone might need the information and find it useful! No?
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    Member Map

    Pretty cool. Added another state, Colorado! Interestingly Redtomatoman I'll be driving past you on I-40 on my way to Phoenix in 3 weeks for my wife's grandmother's interment (no need for condolences, she was a spiteful old bat).