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  2. Gearbox fault

    Wow, thanks to op for posting this, I've just figured out why this 2008 crd 2.0 won't go either then. It's reporting two shift forks stuck. Never knew the gearbox could stop the engine revving or accelerating. Ill be off to do box filters and fluid first then and maybe solenoids in the box if that don't cure it. Cheers, rossco
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  4. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    It is supposed to be changed every 3 years but mine has never been changed. As mentioned above, the car was serviced by a Dodge dealer for the first 2 years (I've had the car since new and after the first 2 years the Dodge dealers disappeared) and they were stamping up the petrol schedule where changing the filter is not a service item! The company that had the Dodge franchise still exist (but are now Mercedes only) so I'm thinking about writing to them to contribute to all of the other unnecessary work I've had done as it is there fault (due to using the wrong service schedule) that the fuel filter was missed in the services that followed. I think the filter was probably clogged and blocking the fuel.
  5. Engine overheated

    Check your radiator has good flow and also check the thermostat isn't sticking. Any radiator that's even partially blocked can kill engines. Could explain why your cooling fan has no issue controlling the system temperature in the city but fails on the open road as higher revs = more heat, failure to expel heat = overheat. Also check your coolant is rich enough and not had water added too many times. Rossco
  6. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    Sweet, probably the diesel filter then? Too much air not enough fuel? rossco
  7. Engine overheated

    This just seems like a statement of a recent event...unless I am missing the question somewhere in there(???).
  8. New owner!

    Congrats and welcome. Great family car and very dependable (mine at least...don't want to speak for others). Group has been a great help for me so far with more than a few items...thankfully none of them being issues with the car. Enjoy.
  9. Power Steering Going Out

    Armando is right but also when changing your belt ALWAYS change out the belt tennsioner yes it isn't cheap but that can ruin a new belt if the tennsionor is not applying the right tension after changing it out, it happened to my fathers vehicle once
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  11. Power Steering Going Out

    I would personally start with the belt. It's definitely the cheapest part of this repair and you don't necessarily have to hear any squealing for them to be bad. Then go from there. Rack or pump, neither is an easy fix. Keep us updated.
  12. Power Steering Going Out

    havent checked on a journey but its a big job that my daughter had to have done on her caravan replacing the rack
  13. Power Steering Going Out

    I can get a reman rack around $260 also. I was wondering it anyone has had this problem. There are no leaks either like I stated earlier.
  14. Power Steering Going Out

    I don't think it's the belt either. Not sqealing at all and that would mean the tensioner went bad anyway.
  15. Power Steering Going Out

    The pump is definitely cheaper but is a waaaaay bigger job. The wheel has to come off, then remove the axle and then drop the exhaust just to get to the pump. The pump is not making any noise whatsoever.
  16. IMG_20180519_191055.jpg

    This is my 2010 2 litre Diesel. Not sure how the wheels do in the US, but in the UK I have seen many that corrode around the centre. All of mine were corroded so recently had them refurbished in gloss black (originally matt silver). Next thing I'm thinking of doing is a remap which will take it from 140bhp to about 180.
  17. WillTL

    My 2010 2.0 Diesel. Not sure how the wheels are in the US, but in the UK I have seen many that corrode in the centre. Mine used to be silver but were very corroded so I recently had them refurbished in gloss black (previously matt silver). Next thing I'm thinking of doing is a remap which should take it from 140bhp to 180.
  18. Turbo Diesel issue (P0234)

    Had the work done on Thursday and I'm trying not to be too optimistic but so far, no sign of the jolts. In addition, took the car for an under load run last night and accelerated from 60 to 80 up an incline and no engine management error so looking very good at the moment.
  19. Power Steering Going Out

    Maybe your serpentine belt is slipping?
  20. Power Steering Going Out

    i would suspect the pump and also that would be the cheapest to replace the rack can be very expensive to replace.
  21. I have a 2014 R/T since new. It has 83k miles now and has been extremely reliable. Recently the power steering has been going out sporadically when parking or at VERY slow speeds. Tap the gas a little and it comes back. It is getting much worse every day. Recently the dealer told me the seals on the rack are wet but its trivial since the fluid level does not seem to be moving at all. Still at the high level. When I try to turn the is a loud thunk in the rack before the ps comes back on. At first I was thinking it was the pump but now I am thinking more than likely it's the rack?? Any insight is greatly appreciated. Thanks!
  22. I'm looking for the same, did you find anything that can bee usefull ?
  23. H&R springs installed

    I have those same springs sitting in my garage NIB since 2014 when I bought my Journey. My fiance popped the front bumper cover off backing out of parking spot and ripped it virtually off on a curb. So there went those aspirations of dropping my RT. I can't trust her lol.
  24. I changed out all 4 corners with drilled/slotted roters with ceramic pads at 80k miles on the originals on my 2014 RT. The only reason I changed them was the fronts were starting to squeal more than usual. Thing is the were just halfway warm and had plenty of life left. But the pads were splitting, appearing to be delaminating causing the vibration sqealing.
  25. Groaning door hinges

    i could have went with a zero ded on mine but it would have cost about an extra cost of about $700 so i figured go the cheaper route and hope i dont have to use it too much have used it only once so far.
  26. Groaning door hinges

    My 7/115 (and very expensive up here in Kanukistan) OEM extended warranty has no deductible. The last time I went in for a service engine soon light which I know is related to an intermittent oil pressure sender. They ostensibly did a firmware update to fix the problem (which I would wager did nothing at all except reset my oil usage monitor (which they didn't tell me about either), which went way too long so I got the oil changed yesterday even though the car hadn't asked for it) and handed me a bill for $129 plus tax - I told them to f*ck off and credit it - they claimed that updates aren't covered after 36 months; I called FCA customer support on my cell, made my complaint and they called the dealer to set him straight. I don't put up with that bullsh*t, but you have to wonder how many people actually pay those garbage charges
  27. New owner!

  28. New owner!

    welcome to the group,lots of good info and some bad info LOL
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