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  2. sounds good but how the in **** would know, depends on condition a lot of other things, have it checked out by your local mech you trust. good luck
  3. Wheel Specifications

    No they are not all the same-different offsets etc
  4. Hi guys Wanna know if a dodge journey 2014 SXT FWD with mileage 220,000 km is good for CA$5,500.
  5. Hi guys Wanna know if a dodge journey 2014 SXT FWD with mileage 220,000 km is good for CA$5,500.
  6. Wheel Specifications

    Are all oem wheels direct fit from year 2009 to 2018 ? I have stock 17 inch and I found a good deal on some 19 inch r/t s wheels.
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  8. Serpentine belt chirping

    ok thanks! yes i will hunt down the video(s) for sure. again i am always willing to do my own maintenance to save on $. i was trying to find similar engine layouts like the more recent 3.6L caravans. i went to go look at the belt diagram under the hood but it wasn't there for some reason. just to get a visualization of whats going on down in there and how it all snakes around. yup, LOTS of salty roads up here in winter. i get my car under-sprayed each fall every year. not too expensive yearly, but worth it in the long run. if i get anywhere with the belt or tensioner, i will post back to update for the benefit of others.
  9. Serpentine belt chirping

    i typed in 2011 journey serpentine belt replacement u tube and it brought up a bunch of sites one showing directions on how to replace the belt but i cant copy the address and have it come back up, any ways just keep looking and you will find it,also a 2011 caravan would be the same way might check that out. article stated not to hard to do now replacing the belt tensioner would add some hardship and cost but i would do that as well since your journey is 7 yrs old and going thur salt and winter weather your tensioner probally needs to be changed ......your choice
  10. Serpentine belt chirping

    Same thing happened to my Chrysler Sebring. Got REALLY noisy after spraying beltdressing. Hit the belts with some silicone spray and noise is gone. No slippage noted, everything running great. These belts were less then 6 months old, tensioner replaced when the noise started. That was in March of this year, still no noise..
  11. Serpentine belt chirping

    thanks for the reply, yes after i posted i realized i didnt mention mileage. i should have. about 150,000km give or take a couple thousand. but around there. (convert to miles for U.S. reading) i was just surprised that as soon as i added the dressing and the dressing dried it immediately became constant. i did give it a good coating and it did go quiet, until it dried. (same with the water test) no humming, whirring, screeching like you would get on an old fan belt or anything that really sounds like pulley bearings. definitely a chirping sound like rubbing or catching (chirpity-chirpity-chirpity-chirpity! say that fast and for a while, thats the sound i hear. haha!!) it is annoying to hear especially in city driving. i am an attraction with the noise for sure! i will take a look at some more you toob videos to see what it takes to replace our belt + tensioner. i couldnt find a heck of a lot the other day on my initial search.
  12. Serpentine belt chirping

    well your belt may have stretched a bit, and since you gave no mileage on the journey but with the age it wouldn't hurt to replace it but if you do ALWAYS replace the belt tensioner as well and it isn't cheap on this journey but they do weaken over age and also when you release the tension on it, it may not go back to the proper tension and let the new belt come off and get ruined...this happened to my fathers van yrs ago so dont cheap out on it. also the noise could be from one of the other pulleys that the belt turns but since you say its a chirp and not a squeal or hum i would just do the belt first, and have never tried it on my journey but it does look tight ,but look on u tube there should be a video on how to do it.
  13. Hello all, 2011 RT here. So about back in August, during morning warm up driving, maybe about 10min or less, i would get a continuous belt chirp and as soon as things warmed up, it was gone for rest of the day. Its not a squeel or anything, just a minor chirping as things are rotating. I figured once things warmed up more, it would be fine. BUT, being the tinkering person I am, i knew i had a can of belt dressing in the garage, so last week i decided to give the belt a spray down to see if it got rid of the not-really-that-annoying chirping. (i do a LOT of my own maintenance on my vehicles to save $$$) well, it made it WORSE and now it is constant and louder through continuous driving ALL day long. the only time it goes quiet is when i come to a complete stop and idle below 1000rpm after quite some time of being warm. But as soon as you breath on the gas pedal, it starts and gets louder the higher you rev. i should have just left it alone, but too late now. I am wondering, could simple belt dressing cause it to get worse? Is it rubbing? Does the belt require replacing? is there a pully gone or tension needs adjusting? when i do a simple test of spraying a bit of water on the spinning belt, the noise completely goes away....... until the water dries up and it comes back. It appears that only when moisture is on the belt/pullies, the noise goes away, but when it dries (even the belt dressing?) it all comes back. its just annoying driving around with this loud "wiggity-wiggity-wiggity" style of chirp. i work hard to keep my DJ running long, smooth and quiet as she is getting old in the mileage. I take care of my vehicles and make them last as long as they can. any input or thoughts or suggestions ? if its a belt replacement, how "fun" is that to do on this engine and its lovely tight compartment? thanks!
  14. Caulette

  15. Already checked the wiring loom and found a frayed wire. I soldered it and retaped it which seemed to fix the flicker, but it's just going black even after the fix. It works for a few seconds, sometimes, and then goes total black. That's why I'm thinking the camera??
  16. Last week
  17. Hello has anyone had issues with the screen being fuzzy when using the back up camera? I have a 2015 Dodge Journey. I wondering could it be a loose wire somewhere or just the camera going bad.
  18. @Biker414 Glad to see this post is still alive...ultimately I traded in the car. Mystery unsolved for me, and I appreciate all the follow up. But I still believe that you can get your cpu flashed if you’ve installed the switch and already have a sensors installed.
  19. Abs/tone sensor- confusion

    speedo shows 42624, as far as i seen most of the tone rings are built into the axle themselves, the sender unit that reads the tone should be able to be replaced but i have no knowledge of the cost or work there. good luck
  20. Abs/tone sensor- confusion

    Sitting at 42,6k my warranty is over. Shop said it was abs, nothing else. But was wondering if that would cause other issues and if abs sensor is separate from ring tone, which I'm understanding is in wheel assembly/ hub.
  21. well he said that by changing the switch did make them come on and go automatically all the time which shouldn't be a big deal it would just burn the bulbs out a little sooner than normal,if you didnt want to spend the money on adding the ambient senser as needed. with them on full time would just be an added safety feature i guess.
  22. Check the wire loom in the rubber boot at the rear hatch. Common problems with wires breaking
  23. Abs/tone sensor- confusion

    Are you over 36k? If not it should by under your 3/36 warranty
  24. Hey y'all! I got myself a new car two years ago, and loved it till last two weeks. I've got a dodge Journey 2016, 4cyclinder. Troubles began slowly, my abs lights and traction control would come on and off randomly, then my brake light. I've had it checked. All fluids looked good. They told me my sensors (abs) were dirty, cleaned them and sent me away. A week later lights back and always on. I'm guessing my abs senors are needing to be repaired, but is the tone sensor separate from abs sensor? Also ballpark repairs are $1200?! Also would this cause my car to rev higher when turned on or have issues with acceleration/loud humming when on expressway... Don't like to go over 65 as the car sounds louder than it used to. Thinking I may have sparkplug issues... Or worse tranny issues! Also: no other lights on except the traction abs and brake light.
  25. Hello @decoyboogie I was wondering if you ever follow up on the Automatic light switch. I was wondering about doing the same thing; changing the , switch, but I imagine is not that simple. Did you ever go it to work or is your wife making fun of you? Please keep us posted, thanks!
  26. mine has been doing that lately have a 2014 journey i think its more of a wiring problem than the camera . because it wont work at first or it flickers and then a couple of stops later on it starts working again.. oh well till some one finds the cause we all will be in the dark
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