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  2. I agree with 2Late4U, it always seems that when you factor in the 0% financing plus incentives ...vs the financing interest rate on a used car the newer vehicle is about the same price I find. But 15 K is nothing if the used 2018 is thousands cheaper, in the end will you be happy with the 2018 and its options ? So, I guess whatever everyone else mentioned above, good luck; I am sure either way you will be happy just go with your gut..
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  4. Battery is changed and idle is back to normal. But ETC light still comes on. I get three codes: P2135, P0121, P0221. I attach some images of what comes up. Please look at the charts with what is called "Absolute Pedal Position E". While the chart with Pedal position D is flat, position E is choppy/jagged. Is that normal or should it be flat also? The car is standing still and just idles at that moment.
  5. Rain guards needed that fit

    just tell them not to pull on them
  6. Rain guards needed that fit

    I checked carid that was my second spot I looked at but again. When they arrive they don't fit so well. Not a fan of in channels I got kids they probably would screw that up. Just hoping someone has some that look like these and can pass along the name. All the stock photos of these products all look the same sure wish I got the name of the ones I had smh
  7. Bdberry

  8. Not to be rude, I am all for modding, but why not mod a car worth modding? The Journey is such a nice family vehicle, It would not be worth the $$ and time put into it for the outcome. Ive had many modified vehicles, Ive fabricated and done fully custom turbo kits etc, and the fun thing about building a racecar is being able to fix it when it breaks, because they always break. Enjoy the journey for what it is! you can buy a nice modified Nsrt-4 for $5k now a days which will be much more fun then the journey ever will be.
  9. make sure you take great video of you doing it and become a you tube star
  10. Rain guards needed that fit

    weather tech in channel are the ones i used they look great but had problems with the rear not staying in but i just removed them
  11. Rain guards needed that fit

    And the channel ones can be moved from car to car, of course it needs to be the same model....
  12. Rain guards needed that fit

    Check out carid.com. They have lots of the stick on window visors. IMO, in channel follow the lines better an look better. Good luck.
  13. Nope. Will have to be totally custom. Good luck! Post up some pics when you get it done. Hope you have thousands and thousands of dollars to throw at it.
  14. Late, late Post! Looks like http://navrepair.com/collections/programming-and-anti-theft-unlocking/products/anti-theft-code does not do Dodges anymore.
  15. I am looking to see if it is possible to modify a 2018 V6 Penstar Journey with a twwin turbo setup similar to other dodge models such as the challenger. I have done some research and cant seem to to find any kits for the Journey. Is there any additional information anyone has or anyone who has tried this before?
  16. Vehicle is a 2017 DJ. So I had these rain guards on my old journey that got crashed can't find it in my purchase history as it's over 2 years ago. Now I got another beautiful dodge journey and can't find rain guards that fit this well. I ordered some they didn't not fit well they were curved wrong showing the car color I don't want in channels either. Now all I see is some that fit but don't follow the curves properly seems to be my constant issue and very limited when I search it up. If anyone has rain guards that look like these please pass along the name. I know avs(auto vent shade) doesn't fit well. I appreciate all you guys/ladies help as always. Thanks
  17. Last week
  18. Most of the time the problem is a cracked cable that connects the DVD screen to the VES system. Check out this video for how to fix it - And here is where you can get the cable - http://ebay.us/APUpPK?cmpnId=5338273189
  19. MUlti code blues

    This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  20. After reading the Journey 2016 posts, I don't feel alone now. My 2016 R/T (owned 2 1/2 years, 18,200 km) just vaporized the navigation maps. When booking service for this Thursday, they tried to steer me to Chrysler Navigation Group which means they want me to try to fix the problem and spend $$. I believe my 'Can't Unlock Maps' is a continuing R65 issue so Thursday should be interesting. Thank goodness, I have warranty. Thanks all
  21. I have 2013 Dodge Journey Crew 3.6L 4x2 I have a problem with the radio going black when you start the vehicle and when it goes out it take out all the controls, A/C, fan, front power windows and both defrosters. If I put the key in the accessory position the radio and everything else works fine. I updated the radio and tried the 30 minute battery disconnect but the problem continued. I took the vehicle to a Dodge Dealer and was told BOTH TIPMs (totally intergrated power modules) are bad. The one in the Engine area and the one under the dash. Est. to replace $1700. Oh, my radio is bad too.....price quoted for a new one $2800. I can buy both modules online totaling some $300 and the one in the engine area is easy to replace. Anyone know how to replace the internal one under the glove box? Thanks
  22. MUlti code blues

    OK, guys here is my situation. I have a 2009 Dodge Journey SXT that I recently replaced the tuning valve. After the tuning valve was replace I then immediately received warning light for the Stability Control and Throttle Position Sensor, as well as the MAP Sensor. I disconnected the battery hoping it would reset and clear the faults, it didn't. I decided to replace the MAP Sensor, after doing this Stability and Throttle warning lights went away, however I am now receiving a P1005 (b code, (Baro pressure soliniod) and the vehicle is running very lean, Sluggish under acceleration, and will often cut off at idle. At this point I am at a loss, everything I've read talked about replacing the intake manifold. Is there anyway to trouble shoot the circuit????? Any help will be greatly appreciated!
  23. In all fairness it was first year/gen. All manufacturers never get it right the first couple years. Plus did you buy it new or used? Buying a used car is like unprotected sex with a hooker. Everything might be fine or maybe it kills you. It's a risk we all take buying used LOL!
  24. well if you have an other vehicle remove the bearings and take them into someplace that can match them up or rebuild them. maybe pick some up at a junk yard
  25. oh well guess dodge is going to cry over their loss. 10 year old vehicle
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