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    Welcome, I've got the 2011 Crew. Got a good deal on mine. Me and the Lady have driven it from 33k to 65k miles. A grand total of $600 of repairs since it was bought 1.5 years ago (Brakes pads, rotors, and two new batteries) (It would have been one new battery had i spend more than $60 replacing the first one.) How many miles do you have, OP?
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  4. ^^^ this. I have had very few probs with my 2011, but recently I had a total transmission failure. I had a check engine light and no other symptoms that I could tell. Dunno. Get it checked if you think the tranny may be the culprit here... Peace.
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    Welcome. Lots of good info here. My 2011 is still going, and, despite some unfortunate problems that have been fixed, it still runs like the day I brought it home. 77,000+ miles. Peace.
  6. 2012 SXT Red Plasti Dipped Rims

    It looks great!
  7. Newbie

    Howdy! My name's Tyler. I just bought a 2012 Dodge Journey SXT.
  8. 2016 Crossroad. Paint bubbling

    Here is a related thread. The issue did get resolved. Persistence was key but style of approaching the dealer matters too.
  9. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    +1. When I questioned the fuel tank gage level and the mpg readout, the dealer replied that they are estimates only. I find them both to be reliable enough but the mpg can fluctuate depending on all the conditions that 2late4u stated above. The only reliable way to track mileage is the hard math way and being able to compare to past performance. This is not a bad idea in any vehicle from time to time. Then you have a reliable baseline. As the average comes back to normal with driving I would not be concerned, at the moment, and continue to watch it. Do check your tire pressures as winter cold will cause them to drop more than people realize.
  10. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    first off the readings from the dash can be misleading only real way of tracking mpg is gallons of fuel vs mileage driven and short trip at highway speeds can make a big difference and also idling time while car is warming up. also they way your car is park for instance on a steep driveway overnight and them the tank pressure gets equalized over night,also some elevations on your drive to work might be more subtle than you know as mostly down hill on way to work and uphill the way home.if it was earlier in the yr could be the station switching over to winter grade of gas from summer gas.... so many possible reasons....or maybe the kids or other half got a little drag racing going on....
  11. no such thing as battery saver mode, the transmission has the limp home mode when there is a problem with the transmission...
  12. 2016 Crossroad. Paint bubbling

    i believe the lift gate is aluminum like the hood
  13. Paint bubbling on liftgate. Anyone else having this issue? I'm sure dealer will blame rust proofing.
  14. Start at the source and work your way from the stove it could be multiple items as Larryl mentions. - Have the battery tested - Make sure cable are nice and tight, and clean - Make sure the ground is connected securely to a clean metal surface - Test alternator (looks like that's done) - Check starter... don't know if the car didn't turn over or was just plain dead From there you need to get fuses and relays checked. Then an experienced electrical shop. Good luck.
  15. When it was battery saver mode it will only stay in one gear.
  16. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    I have a '15 SXT FWD, well maintained DJ that I have not had any issues in the last 3 years. I usually average 16.7 to 17.3 MPG / AVG on the dash monitor, since I do almost no freeway driving. On long trips I average 24 to 25 mpg, which is pretty satisfactory to me. Over the weekend I got in the car and noticed the display showing 12.9 AVG, which was very surprising to me. I drove about 3+/- miles and it went up to 15.4 AVG. I thought it was just a fluke and by the end of the day I ended up at 16.5 AVG. This morning I got back in and the display showed 12.9 AVG again. I drove to work (about 4 miles), and it ended up at 16.3 AVG. Car sat all day, and at the end of my day (about 8 hours) when I got in to go home, again the display showed 12.9 AVG. I looked around for anything similar on the forum and web, but do not see anything like this. Also not sure why the magical number of 12.9. Anyone experience this before? Anyone know as to why this could be happening, or how to solve it? I'll be filling it up later today and will reset it at that point. I have not used any other gas station other than I normally do (Chevron 89). We have had a pretty big drop in our local temp, but not anything outside of the usual normal yearly drop. Seems like a system type of issue more than anything. No issues with starting the car or noticeable drop in the charging system (battery). Thoughts?
  17. i would have the new battery LOAD tested to make sure it is good. hope they tightened the cables down tight on the battery also. what do you mean the car was losing gear?
  18. Yesterday
  19. Yes it's a 2011 dodge journey awd.
  20. Reads like you have electrical issues...what type of drivetrain? is it a Journey? Could be one of many components that is causing this I would get someone who knows what they're doing to diagnose it
  21. Approx 3 weeks ago battery saver light came on while driving home. All warning lights came on shortly after (20minutes)into drive. Car started losing gear. Made it home. Had alternator checked by two different places. Says its fine. Had battery replaced. Was ok for one day then it happened again after sitting overnight. Currently waiting for tow as it wont start after picking kids up from school. (2min trip). What is wrong???? Any ideas would be helpful.
  22. cold heat

    This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  23. Last week
  24. Cold Heat

    look on you tube for journey heater core replacement easy fix from the drivers side,do it yourself or have the local garage do it a lot cheaper than the dealership...
  25. Cold Heat

    OK sorry
  26. Cold Heat

    The thermostat works . After some more diagnosis the top rad hose does get hot and pressurized. The dealership tested the actuator doors and said everything is in working order. The heater core exchange was just their next suggestion but they couldn't say for sure that would solve the problem . And it's a 7-8 hour job taking the dash apart . The heater core has always had a cooler outlet hose than the inlet not just since the flush Sounds like it's a common problem on a few years of these cars
  27. Cold Heat

    Is your thermostat stuck open?? What does the temp reading say on your evic? If the water pump was failing you have an overheating situation...just a thought
  28. Cold Heat

    It could be the water pump but that would not be my first thought. You don't say what the dealer did to diagnose the problem and rule out other possibilities. Does the vehicle maintain engine temperature? Does the temperature run hot, cold, or fluctuate? Has the system been pressure tested to rule out any leaks with the water pump, the radiator cap, or even a head gasket issue? The pump may have a leak or the cap may not be holding pressure. You could have a slipping belt. The head gasket is unlikely by what you describe but can not be ruled out at this stage. You need to rule out the other possibilities first. My first thought is that you have an air bubble in the heater core from flushing it out the first time. Been there, done that. It's not uncommon. Let us know what has been checked already as this may have already been considered.
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