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  2. 2009 FWD SXT, tie rods are worn. Does the steering rack have to be removed to replace the inner tie rods? Doesn't appear to be enough room to get the removal tool in due to the heat shield so close to the floor and rack. Help!!
  3. 2009 FWD SXT, tie rods are worn. Does the steering rack have to be removed to replace the inner tie rods? Doesn't appear to be enough room to get the removal tool in due to the heat shield so close to the floor and rack. Help!!
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  5. 2010 SXT trans pan bolts

    also size of which engine ? fwd or awd?
  6. 2010 SXT trans pan bolts

    would have to say the dealership would be the best advice to find the correct bolts without having one in your hand to compare them, but after removing them send out for some from the local parts store
  7. Hi, my wife's 2010 Journey, is intermittently just clicking once, when trying to start in park. Shifting it to neutral will get it to start. I am going to swap out the Neutral safety switch this weekend. I looked at the pan and the bolt heads are in rough shape. I cannot find the thread pitch and length. Does anyone know what the right bolts are, So I can get new ones ? Thank you
  8. suddenly the brake sink. error code C10822f

    Not had that problem but, in reality, $120.00 in not a lot when you consider the time and expense of trial and error. Ask the shop if the diagnostic charge is applied toward the repair. Most shops follow that practice. In the end, you have to weight the pros and cons of having the brake system repaired once and working correctly versus your skill and confidence that you can do the task yourself cheaper, and get it correct the first time. Having the correct code and the cost and ease of changing the part yourself vs a shop that you trust and the time that you save. Good luck.
  9. Oil in Coolant

    If all of the oil in your engine had gone into the coolant system, your car would be knocking and ticking for just a bit before catastrophic damage occurred. What jkeaton has suggested is far more likely. Transmission oil will float on the coolant and make it look dark, murky, and frothy in the coolant reservoir and the radiator. Your radiator is divided into two parts. Coolant flows in the large main section. The transmission has lines that connect to one side of the radiator. The radiator is separated internally. This separation will develop a leak that allows the transmission oil to seep into the main part of the radiator. This is not uncommon in an older car. Don't drive it like this. Your transmission and coolant will both run hotter than normal. Get the coolant system pressure checked as suggested. Also pull the engine oil dipstick and the oil fill cap. Look for any light colored froth or slime. That is a sign of coolant in the engine oil from a head gasket or worse. If the coolant and radiator system check fine, then you would have a leak-down test done on the engine. That would find any issues with the heads or gaskets. At this point, that sounds unlikely. One step at a time.
  10. Hi, my car brake suddenly start sinking, at the beginning I had to bush twice, I left the car for two days, the brake completely sank. I left the car for 5 days, the brake starting working as should be. I start driving it more but the brake sank twice only. the dealer connected to OBD2 and got error code C10822f and mentioned it might be caused by ABS or vacuum pump or sensor or brake booster and to know which one they have to inspect the car and I have to pay $120 which I find it is a lot for just checking. I searched online and found the error code C108 is for sensors but I could not find C10822f. any one had the same issue or same error code?
  11. Busted A/C Hose Do I need to add more oil

    most systems do use some oil but since i an not a tech cant really answer just make sure you are using the right freon
  12. Well the gremlins are active in my 2011 Mainstreet. I need to change out out one of the A/C hose's. The question I have is do I need to add some oil back to the system after the change? I know I will need to pull a vacuum before re-charging the system just not sure about oil addition.
  13. Oil in Coolant

    Engine runs fine with all the oil in the cooling system? I can't imagine for long...Pressure test the cooling system for starters. Could be the internal transmission cooler in the radiator has ruptured.
  14. Oil in Coolant

    Help 2012 3.6 Journey pushed all the engine oil into the cooling system and it bubbles out of the overflow after a 10 mile drive. I do know that engine has been reported as a big problem with heads cracking yet it’s not under warranty because of rebuilt status. Would it be correct to consider the oil cooler as potential cause or am I dreaming Engine runs fine
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  16. Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    let them know that you keep bringing it back for the same problem and that you are starting to think you have gotton a lemon and check out your lemon laws in your state, who paid for the different tires? keep up with the dealership and your timeline on what you are taking it back and what for,i think they are just hoping you will give up on getting it right till they tell you well its to late and to many miles for anything to be done
  17. Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    Tire vendor indicated that the Nexen tires were missing weights and were not balanced properly- its the same shop that did the last inspection/balance. All four tires replace with Yokohama, road force balanced, and alignment checked to be Ok. Noticeable improvement now but, yes but, it still has a vibration at 60-70 mph with the seats shaking and not much in steering wheel...suspect something is wrong in the drive line...will take it back to Dodge now to investigate.
  18. Thanks for adding me

    start with the battery first
  19. Just wondering if anyone else has received this email. Costs $99 to do this. It Looks legit, but this is my first time dealing with this on my 2018 Journey. Thanks!
  20. Thanks for adding me

    Hi all. I am here on the hunt for some knowledge on a uk spec 2010 Journey 2.0crdi, looks like a 2.0 vw Engine to me, Had one towed in yesterday with non-start problems and when the key is on there is nothing turning on at all, the only thing showing on the instrument cluster is hood open warning, nothing powers up no door locking or anything and no comms on diag tool due to no power-up. I only got a short time at it yesterday and will be back at it tomorrow to see what's up with it and was wondering if anyone had the same sort of problems, I am based in Ireland and these are not a popular brand here so limited on info other than the main dealer who is not helpful at all. Any help/info would be much appreciated.
  21. +1 The Journey does not tolerate a battery at less than full charge very well and will do all sorts of weird things. I found that out the hard way. Always start there.
  22. jump start the car if possible then drive it straight to a parts store and let them do a load test on the battery, you most likely need a new battery it can test good like you are testing it with a meter but when it needs the full voltage the battery is dead under a full load...good luck
  23. Hi, can I get your help to address the issue on my car? Today I found I cannot start the engine and there is no light on interior indicators at all. Click the engine button many times, no response. Remote lock/unlock by key, it doesn't work. Checked the voltage of the battery, about 11~12V seems normal. Should I try to replace the fuse one by one? Any other suggestion? Appreciate for the suggestions.
  24. Exhaust pressure sensor

    well i googled what you said (exhaust pressure sensor on a Dodge journey 2009) and came up with a bunch of different things,first off GO TO A DEALERSHIP and at least they will be able to lead you to the right part or area of your search, you gave us no info on the problem,codes,or engine size or the correct name of the part you are looking for.could be as easy as a egr valve or many other things ...good luck
  25. Hello, can anyone please tell me the location of the exhaust pressure sensor on a Dodge journey 2009 please? I have Been looking for a while but can't seem to locate it. Nothing on Google for it's location either. Any help would be much appreciated.
  26. Dodge Journey Scotland!

    Many Thanks for the Welcome guys! So far the Forum has been very informative and just seeing some of what can be done to the DJ and what some guys are planning to do is very inspiring indeed, and of course the maintenance tips etc is always absolute gold. There are some very sweet looking DJs out there! Summer Solstice, I don't own Bagpipes or Golf Clubs but maybe one day! Kywjibo, I have just had a Sensor Code pop up, Bank 1 Sensor 1 but my DJ is under Warranty so I'll be taking it in start of week. ( I requested a new MOT before I purchased but it had failed on EML, when I quizzed them after it Passed the re-test they said that they had changed a Sensor but they were vague on that. Me thinks they pushed it through MOT... ) Best Regards James
  27. Dodge Journey Scotland!

    Yeah i had mine for 2 weeks before i had to take it back into the dealership to get a wheel speed sensor replaced which left a little bit of a sour taste in my mouth, but since then im just loving it more and more, its not fast and I dont want it to be, its just an enjoyable truck to take it easy and enjoy the drive. Welcome to the Forum and if you ever have any questions at all ... 2Late4u is right ^up^ there lol
  28. well to be honest sometimes the solution to the problem can be the simplest things you hate to ask, was actually thinking of the switch but didnt take the time to ask the question as some poster will get mad or act insulted by the question. glad everything is working like it should..good catch rolfe
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