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  1. Rim size ... vehicle a same as 225/65r 17

  2. Squeal only when Cold

    Sounds like this...
  3. Squeal only when Cold

    Idler Pulley Noise During Cold Start (3.6L) TSB # 07-002-15 January 07, 2015 http://www.wk2jeeps.com/tsb/tsb_wk2_0700215.pdf
  4. Fog light installation

  5. 2015 dodge journey RT, still waiting for a delivery from Vroom

    If it is under 4 yrs and 48k miles. You can extend the factory warranty. https://www.chryslerfactoryplans.com/default.aspx
  6. Dvd works in drive too. But picture turns off when you start moving. The dvd keeps playing sound when moving.
  7. Mine shows on top left of Evic and on nav button on 8.4. No subscription needed. Plays dvds on the 8.4 too!
  8. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Another shows the cooler with sensor.
  9. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    For oil pressure sensor. Not pump. Not sure what u want.
  10. Hello from Maple Ridge, BC

    Welcome Still enjoying my R/T at 35K miles
  11. Cover up paint

    Hood is aluminum.
  12. Best Tire Deal I Could Find

    Kumho 225 55 19 are going for $93.99 at Amazon. Just got them, 8 18 & 7 18 date codes.
  13. mopar stainless gas/brake pedals question

    82210243AB http://www.moparonlineparts.com/mobile/dodge-journey-pedal-covers-p-3528.html came right up