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  1. You should get the fluid and filter changed as a first step and use Mopar...but it could be several things TCM ,solenoid pack,clutch pack and on and on
  2. Relocating the battery

    Why would you want to do this?
  3. I think you have to pay for updated maps.....
  4. Electrical Issues

    Sounds like the TIPM has gone to the toilet...
  5. Transmission knowledge

    Why not ask a dealer or wreckers? They would be able to tell you for sure but I think the bell housing might be different on those two engines though
  6. It could be so many things.........
  7. you would be surprised how a bad battery will make a new vehicle react...hope you can resolve your issue
  8. radiator cap hose

    Every vehicle has a vent for the radiator or overflow tank it has to go somewhere if there is an issue like you are experiencing. Before overflow tanks there was only a hose off the rad expansion tank and coolant went all over the place if something let go and overheated
  9. P0406 code

    if it is an 09 you have a 3.5 engine........
  10. Might as well call it a Compass but with less features and the same money...crazy
  11. Wow cant even get a v6 anymore...turning into a real pos for the money
  12. Remote start

    Its not cheap and should be done by the dealer or you will have problems
  13. Rear hvac system

    It would be a complete waste of your time or effort....