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  1. Reads like you have electrical issues...what type of drivetrain? is it a Journey? Could be one of many components that is causing this I would get someone who knows what they're doing to diagnose it
  2. Cold Heat

    OK sorry
  3. Cold Heat

    Is your thermostat stuck open?? What does the temp reading say on your evic? If the water pump was failing you have an overheating situation...just a thought
  4. In my 09 I had my phone connected by bluetooth but used an Ipod with the line in for music I dont think back then it was possible and technology had been upgraded to accommodate new phones etc in newer models Just a thought
  5. What engine???? that always helps
  6. Will tires fit?

    That is a wide "snow" tire I have 215/17's
  7. Ankle Replacement

    So you will never buy a Dodge again no doubt
  8. The AWD feature is transmission (transfer case) related I think the engine would bolt directly to the bell housing and torque converter without any issue. Any wrecking yard would be able to tell you for sure
  9. site lagging

    really bad.....
  10. OK then sounds like Subaru is the way to go
  11. there are lots of posts regarding bluetooth did you try "search"? You can unhook the negative post on the battery and see if a reset will work...no warranty left?