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  1. Wheel Specifications

    No they are not all the same-different offsets etc
  2. You could try a auto salvage yard if there is one close to you they might have one and it would definitely be cheaper
  3. 2010 Journey V6 Engine oil cooler

    Take a look where the oil filter is, if its sitting on an adapter with hoses running into it then there is a cooler (that was from the factory) on my 09
  4. Do you have another phone you can try to pair and see what happens?
  5. It's not just Dodge

    I was just basically saying to all Journey haters that its not just Dodge that has issues
  6. It's not just Dodge

    Here is a blog from the GMC Terrain forum...its self explanatory I lease a 2018 diesel Terrain thankfully I have not had these issues. People need to understand it's everywhere.... So we heard from the service department for the first time since we dropped the car off again last week, the short of it was they have no idea how to fix the problem and GM is sending an engineer to look at the car... Even if he does fix it, the dealer techs have been rooting around in the engine bay for 3 weeks, god knows what else they might have messed up while they were in there...Also this morning I sent the required certified letter telling GM they have 10 more days to fix the car before we submit our lemon law application to the state...
  7. Try unhooking the NEGATIVE battery post for 30 minutes....it reads like you have issues though
  8. 2013 Journey – Fuel tank size??

    Yikes...I think it was designed that way so you dont BURN out your pump which is in the tank by running on fumes to do some scientific study that means nothing. You will be back on here bitching about a bad fuel pump soon.....
  9. Shocked that you did not discover this before you purchased the vehicle...did you buy it sight unseen?
  10. 2017 Journey overheats

    Pretty vague post.....tell them you dont want it then ..give it back them sounds like trouble a 4 or 6 ?
  11. Tail gate wire harness

    your best bet would be to call a dealership and find out
  12. Do you have scrap car places around you ?? should be lots at a wreckers....
  13. ^^^^^^ that would be a good idea.......
  14. For 2013 they upgraded the brakes on Journeys and Caravans,bigger calipers,pads and rotors made a world of difference and makes one wonder why it wasnt done from day 1 of production....idiots