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  1. Engine shutting off while in operation

    If you have a way of recording the issue when it happens do so....then you have proof that the dealer has to acknowledge just a thought
  2. i would go back you paid for something you did not get...............
  3. Which refrigerant?

    What does coolant have to do with refrigerant? They are two separate fluids?
  4. P0123 & p0222

    If you are going to change the TPS I would do the plugs also....and the tranny fluid
  5. Original battery??? if it is change it out and proceed from there

    Get it towed to someone who knows
  7. Sealing washer for rdu drain plug

    2late4u gave you helpful advice......
  8. Transmission doesn't shift

    When it's acting up record the issue...if it's mechanical it might not throw any codes then you will have something to show the dealer
  9. The possibilities are endless...loose exhaust shield, a piece of plastic not attached etc etc especially for one or two seconds
  10. Replacing intermediate shaft

    I'm going to guess it's not installed correctly ?
  11. Power steering cooler

    Your post is extremely confusing...The water pump is separate from the power steering pump It might have overheated if fluid got on the serpentine belt causing it to slip and the pump not turning?? If you had a fire who knows what was ruined in the said fire
  12. Dashboard Upgrade 2009 to 2011+

    Ummmmm possibly wiring ?????
  13. Misfire

    Another clear as mud post..............................