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  1. It could be your hatch latch has been damaged and its triggering alarms as it works by fob also.....just a thought
  2. Have you verified the timing belt is in good shape?

    119000 miles on my fantasy 6spd..... the dealer should at least look at your POS tranny before you buy whatever else you are going to get to get rid of all your car problems...good luck and hope you dont have to rant on another vehicle forum. Also I hope you dont have the fuel dilution issues Hondas are having......you should google that also...good luck
  4. Haha you have to start from scratch
  5. I think the 3.6 is happiest with the Champion brand recommended by Chrysler...
  6. Help

    Could very well be the post of the year
  7. Trans will not catch any gear

    It's probably a mechanical issue inside the tranny that will not put out a code......... not an electrical issue
  8. Rear End noise

    wheel bearing would be my guess.....
  9. Performance Mods

    It's a Journey not a Maserati
  10. Remote starter

    If you have a cel light on it will interfere with the remote start it is a built in safeguard to protect the drivetrain..
  11. REALLY?

    Wow another happy poster looking for mythical advice and getting annoyed when it doesnt magically appear TAKE IT TO A COMPETENT MECHANIC FFS and stop abusing people who are trying to give knowledgeable friendly advice which is all it is yikes..
  12. REALLY?

    Or they would be wrapped around a tree
  13. So do you still blame the POS vehicle? or is all good in the world now ?