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  1. 2009-10 seats in 2015?

    I'm going to say no as the harnesses are different for the seats which are for the air bags heat and power. I tried to put them in a 2013 from an 11 and they did not match up. So if I were you I would take a pic of your harness clips and compare them to the ones you are thinking of getting
  2. Transmission fluid

    Do yourself a favor and use Mopar fliud
  3. I find it strange that its a Canadian car when there are so many winter free and salt free states to get a vehicle from.....
  4. intermittently starting

    Can you say Clickbait
  5. With a name like that he needs more than a fuse box.....asshat
  6. Nothing but years of problem free driving if you don't have a Dodge........
  7. Weird transmission issues

    you have to drop the pan to change the filter so just about all the fluid drains out dont know how much more a flush would accomplish
  8. Weird transmission issues

    you dont have to get it done at the dealer just make sure they use a MOPAR filter and fluid whoever does it
  9. Weird transmission issues

    Have you ever changed the fluid and filter?? If not it would be a good place to start...and use MOPAR
  10. Could be a few things low battery, bad drivers door harness or switch, a fuse, bad bcm , bad ground, corrosion etc etc
  11. Inner Tie Rod replacement

    Maybe better off replacing the rack?
  12. New cars all need a battery to run now not like the old days to just turn the starter motor one bad cell can be crippling
  13. ^^^^^^^^^^ this.......
  14. Are they offering you some sort of refund? it does seem very strange that you have a one off Journey
  15. Eileen

    Won't be back............................