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  1. Power Steering Going Out

    Maybe your serpentine belt is slipping?
  2. Groaning door hinges

    I agree they do make an awful noise and I have not found a good lubricant either
  3. I had that message and ended needing a new module the battery disconnect didnt help
  4. Multiple problems

    yes you should have stuck to the Golf
  5. Sorry dont know what to tell you.... It takes money to own and operate a vehicle and they are a very complex and need diagnosis from people who know what they are doing. Maybe someone on here knows more...good luck
  6. I believe the AWD system requires all 4 tires to be replaced at the same time because they all have to be the same spec wise or people have experienced the issues you are having
  7. Thats what the dealer needs to watch...they cannot dodge the problem and it is probably a replacement issue
  8. he doesn't need a Journey...more like a Hummer
  9. Could be the wiper motor or the "park" switch which is in the motor housing I think
  10. Could be your fuel pump acting up if you have no codes
  11. No diesels in north america.......... we didnt get them til the 09 model year
  12. I'd say you have a problem
  13. take it to the dealer...show and ask them
  14. Outside Air Temp

    nope me either...please dont say its a lemon
  15. Acc with instrument cluster lighting

    yes by all means stick with the good stuff...lemons suck