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  1. REALLY?

    Wow another happy poster looking for mythical advice and getting annoyed when it doesnt magically appear TAKE IT TO A COMPETENT MECHANIC FFS and stop abusing people who are trying to give knowledgeable friendly advice which is all it is yikes..
  2. REALLY?

    Or they would be wrapped around a tree
  3. So do you still blame the POS vehicle? or is all good in the world now ?
  4. I might guess that whoever you bought it from screwed things up royally when they installed the battery and alternator.....or they were trying to hide something from you by doing so. Hope you enjoy your next vehicle I have a 2013 with 117000 miles on it and it has been a peach not a lemon
  5. Wheel Specifications

    if you have the brakes they wont fit
  6. Multiple electric issues

    The BCM is inside the vehicle in north america
  7. GM's or Ford's...sell it
  8. North America did not get this version that you have...many things might be different
  9. CEL....no code reader

    Maybe an o2 sensor?
  10. Reads like you have a bad ground connection somewhere
  11. Maybe they didnt fill the differential up after the draining?
  12. Ideal coolant temperature

    anything above 230* might be an issue- below that no issue
  13. No help form dodge Australia

    Maybe in Australia they throw them away