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  1. Had my battery replaced yesterday

    Install included, good deal. Dealing with the rusted on nut for the hold down bolt is worth the money alone ! LOL
  2. Lift door tail light - see photo

    Assume that idea worked since this thread is quiet ?
  3. Caliper Covers

    $249 ...Ouchhhh,
  4. Lift door tail light - see photo

    How the heck do you get at that, I almost think you need to replace the whole lens itself ? If that is the case, guess it would not hurt to experiment on taking it apart and try to do as you suggest and glue it back in place. Are not most all those outer body plastic parts friction welded into one solid piece, hope I am wrong and someone else can help you.
  5. Towing

    Sounds like you have have a good plan at this point, I do not see any problems happening enjoy the journey..
  6. I agree with 2Late4U, it always seems that when you factor in the 0% financing plus incentives ...vs the financing interest rate on a used car the newer vehicle is about the same price I find. But 15 K is nothing if the used 2018 is thousands cheaper, in the end will you be happy with the 2018 and its options ? So, I guess whatever everyone else mentioned above, good luck; I am sure either way you will be happy just go with your gut..
  7. Replaced a leaking heater core about 3 weeks ago and cleaned all inside windows 2-twice. I know it is very cold now but still noticing some fogging. The A posts on the DJ are pretty big, does that affect the small defrost vents from working as you would hope ? I used invisible glass cleaner then some very hot water to remove possible coolant residuals, having window tint all around I do not want to damage it. Has anyone used vinegar / water mixture with success ? I just never recall an issue this bad having bought the DJ new in April 2012. With the fan setting on panel / floor mix all the windows start fogging up. Defrost or defrost floor is the only option that helps.
  8. Front side windows still fogging with fan on high

    Please post when changed noticed same, cracked window solved problem. Need to see where re-circ door is to look and see.
  9. Had the radio volume oh high issue years ago in our 2012 SXT 4.3 " screen / 3.6 L, it was fixed with an update I believe. But, have had the radio sometimes not work at all / almost frozen it seems on and off for years now., dealer confirmed latest firmware etc.... Since that system was out of warranty, there was no way I was giving them hundreds of bucks to fix. I simply turn engine off and on at the next stop and a reset occurs fixing the issue. Sucks that you live with a problem because the issue is too expensive to fix, radio replacement .
  10. Touch-up paint interior console?

    Very strange....correct like something splashed on both sections.Yep, remove, sand and, repaint; hope you can find a match for that colour. Good Luck
  11. Factory Cold Air Intake

    Where did the replies go ? They were here now there gone, I see what others have commented on previously now. Guess members will start disappearing next !
  12. Front side windows still fogging with fan on high

    I do not recall it as an issue really...wonder since heater core issue I am more aware of it in general now. Glad to hear it's not just me, thanks. Yes the minus 26 C / - 15 F not including wind chill is a little abnormal lately LOL
  13. Need to attach front license plate

    Hankster, someone stole your bracket , it's black in colour, an inch plus in depth and in the middle of the front end just under the grill. As mentioned look for the dimple marks then after the bracket is attached, attach plate in side bracket using the two threaded holes for the license plate screws.
  14. Curb rash

    Looks familiar, I did the same a few years ago but not that bad. It looks pretty small really but you know its's there now. Personally, as long as tire seal is maintained and wheel balance was not affected leave it. Worry about it when its time to buy new tires. My two cents.
  15. Heater Core leaking

    Widows started to fog-up and I knew what happened, been twenty years since that happened to me. Found a "rad shop" that offers not to discharge air conditioning & lines and limits what is removed on the dash. Dealers wanted between $1200 and $1550 taxes included. This rad shop charged $630 including a total coolant flush, and if you do not want short cuts taken price is $1100. No brainer here, short cuts all the way. Just wanted everyone to know, look for shops willing to skip unnecessary steps if the savings is passed along. Not sure if the skipped steps are environmental or safety concerns but was assured end result is the same.
  16. Water Ingress? How?

    I noticed when oil spraying the 2012 Journey that the door sills are all filled with foam. At the time other owner's here suggested this was to help decrease road noise in the cabin. But to answer your question, yes foam in that area is normal.
  17. Vehicles owned, past and present

    1972 Cutlass Supreme 350 Rocket - 4 barrel Fun Fun Fun 1979 Pontiac Sunbird hatchback 3.8 L Super fast off the line, possibly my favorite car to drive all time 1984 Mercury Cougar hardtop best looking / riding car by fa black and red interior - power everything 1993 Pontiac Sunbird 4 cyl Blah 2002 Dodge Caravan, getting old, kids in sports 2006 Chevy Impala, 3.8 , worst engine ever....head gaskets 2012 DJ - still own this one 2013 Chevy Trax, kids in sports still ....to small 2017 GMC Terrain
  18. My 2012 has sat outside for 4 yrs now, no issues. The thought of freezing then letting the area warm up from the motor for it to work makes sense. Then you mentioned windshield replacement and this now occurring. I think your thought of possible water now leaking into an area it has not before makes sense. Is there a drain in the area that may now be plugged ? I know sometimes debris gets in that trough, maybe water is pooling now ? Then is freezes stopping the wipers operation until the motor can thaw the area ?
  19. New brakes make grinding noise

    Just a thought as I did this ( dumb ass ), are the little metal clips on backwards ? Sorry for being vague, I installed mine backwards and a little nipple type thing sticking out would rub on the rotor. Once I switched them around noise went away. Now have a very fine line on one rotor where clip was just touching.
  20. Our 5-year ownership experience

    I agree, operating rear window or at least motorized rear side windows that tilt partially open like our old Caravan's did.
  21. Went a bit offroad

    Nice...did you have to lower the tire pressures when you went in the actual sand dunes ?
  22. Replacing water pump 2014 Journey 3.6L

    Never heard of changing a perfectly good operating tensioner pulley just because your are changing the cerpintine belt . You change that when or if it ever starts making noise from bearing failure, easy change generally any way. I hear what they are saying ( water pump when timing is done - yes ). As you mentioned, where do you stop then ? Good luck with timing belt , water pump and belt change.
  23. Our 5-year ownership experience

    I completely agree with your opinion of the voice commands. Luckily there is not a learn feature for the commands I repeat back when trying dial a contact. Your L/ 100kms seems a little higher than my 2012 SRT averages but on the highway the 3.6 L gets good mileage. We do not have the back-up camera or the navigation system but, our 2017 Terrain with its Tom Tom system I hate it. Our portable Garmin for the DJ works great and free life time map updates. Very little maintenance our our end also, replace 2 sets of undersized brakes all around one we paid for and battery that is it ! Great report good read.
  24. Figured after 6 1/2 yrs with the last 3 having been kicked out of the cozy garage battery had had enough. Alternator pumping out 80 amps, load test showed barely ok and battery taking a full charge but by morning dead again. Would not pay the $120 for dealer labour to change. After removing the tire and the wheel well shields found that the battery hold down rod and nut where completely rusted, great ! What a pain in the ass but, nothing a soaking of penetrating oil and a impact gun with extension could not handle. Then surprise surprise found the two negative cable fastener nuts were only hand tight ? Thanks dealer techs obviously when doing previous re-call work you forgot to tighten the connection properly. Pulled old battery and it tested to 12.4 volts.......OMG ! Not going thru that again, so installed the new battery bought anyway. I cannot believe someone could forget to make tight a battery cable connection or has anyone had one come loose on its own ? Guess it is possible and I could with the 6/49 lottery too ! Thanks for letting me rant everyone.
  25. 2013 RT Journey AWD Brakes & Rotors

    My 2012 SXT with smaller brakes went thru 2 sets of front brakes and rotors in first 2 years and only 20 000 kms on them. Changed all around in 2015, on the same pads and rotors, perhaps the OEM rotors were upgraded to a new supplier or better materials at some point ?