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  1. Transmission fluid

    After seeing this thread and our 2012 3.6 L having 99300 kms it was time. Loosened the lower corner only allowing a limited drain ( no mess) then lowered the entire cover. removed all residual sealant from cover face and cleaned the inside including the magnet. Did the same on the transmission face after allowing it to drip naturally for about an hour, then cleaned both faces with brake cleaner to be sure surface was clean. Removing the old filter was easy only two torx screws to remove then twist and pull but, the small sleeve remained in place. Did not want to risk damaging the insert smooth walls and still not get it out. So, we left the original one in place and did not use the new replacement. The new filter minus the replacement sleeve took a little force to slip into the sleeve but you felt in slip into position and knew it was seated properly. Had a second set of hands hold a rag over the the small dip of fluid still leaking so not to leak on any of the sealant before both faces were together. Remove the rag as you are lifting the cover back into place. Now for the fluid replacement, we used ATF+4 not a general ATF. We measured the volume of fluid in the drain pan after also emptying the fluid from the old filter, about 6 quarts / liters. This amount was slowly installed using a long neck funnel into the tube marked for dealer use only. We then did the usual add about half the volume and going thru all gears then adding the remainder. Check for leaks from the cover and hopefully none and you are good to go. Cost was about $120 Cdn total.
  2. mwsdhd, I tested my sunroof drains (2) after noticing a couple small water marks on each of the "A" post where it meets the roof liner. My two drains exit on each side alongside the inside of the front tires, on the same side as the drain holes.
  3. That flexible rubber strip was about half off of my 2012, you see it when lift gate is fully open; attached to the underside of the liftgate top. I used gorilla glue to re-attach but am now curious what that rubber strip is for really ? It looks like a drip edge you would find over a storm door but does not go the whole width of the liftgate opening. Does it help with wind noise or simply force water entering the seem to go to the sides and not drip on you when open ?
  4. Rubber drip edge on top of inside of liftgate

    Half of the left side had come off, you can see some glue above the left side top now.
  5. Great idea, thanks I will do just that
  6. I thought I kept my window sticker but guess not. I want to change my trans fluid but cannot find a site / link to give my transmission speed based on my vin #, but I bought a 6 speed tranny filter kit. Can anyone help me with this ? thanks
  7. FYI : From a article I just found, the SXT , Crew and R/T trim packages indicate as having a 6 speed transmission the SE in noted as being a 4 cylinder 4 speed base model.
  8. Trying to count the shifts but wanted to verify 100 %, and want to change the fluid myself as it is not a difficult job just takes a little time. I thought there was a link on this site posted some time ago but a search did not result in one. The ones I did check did not offer that specific info when I input my vin # , just thought I would ask here before asking a dealer. There will be a time when I will not be able to do some of this type work myself or we simply cannot anymore but, not there yet. Thanks, will see if utube can show how to tell tranny speed you have.
  9. Engine cooling upgrade

    Just had a coolant flush in my 2012 last April / May at 95,000 kms, Fresh coolant no other issues noted, why mess with something that is already working fine ? Apex87, it has been a month did that do the trick in bringing the temp down to your normal 220 ?
  10. Eileen

    No disrespect to Eileen, but I for one enjoy paying 50% for a part that does the same job 99 % of the time. Anyone want to bet ? I think the part was ordered from the e-Bay link provided LOL Hope it works out for you Eileen
  11. Eileen

    No clue but hopefully my 2012 does not have same issue, have you been provided with a loaner all this time ? RF meaning radio frequency , what does this part do ?
  12. After you do jump start it, go and get the charging system and battery diagnosed. First see if there is a problem with the alternator or battery themselves.I just changed my original 2012 battery this past Spring.Then, move on from there.
  13. Had my battery replaced yesterday

    Install included, good deal. Dealing with the rusted on nut for the hold down bolt is worth the money alone ! LOL
  14. Lift door tail light - see photo

    Assume that idea worked since this thread is quiet ?
  15. Caliper Covers

    $249 ...Ouchhhh,
  16. Lift door tail light - see photo

    How the heck do you get at that, I almost think you need to replace the whole lens itself ? If that is the case, guess it would not hurt to experiment on taking it apart and try to do as you suggest and glue it back in place. Are not most all those outer body plastic parts friction welded into one solid piece, hope I am wrong and someone else can help you.
  17. Towing

    Sounds like you have have a good plan at this point, I do not see any problems happening enjoy the journey..
  18. I agree with 2Late4U, it always seems that when you factor in the 0% financing plus incentives ...vs the financing interest rate on a used car the newer vehicle is about the same price I find. But 15 K is nothing if the used 2018 is thousands cheaper, in the end will you be happy with the 2018 and its options ? So, I guess whatever everyone else mentioned above, good luck; I am sure either way you will be happy just go with your gut..
  19. Replaced a leaking heater core about 3 weeks ago and cleaned all inside windows 2-twice. I know it is very cold now but still noticing some fogging. The A posts on the DJ are pretty big, does that affect the small defrost vents from working as you would hope ? I used invisible glass cleaner then some very hot water to remove possible coolant residuals, having window tint all around I do not want to damage it. Has anyone used vinegar / water mixture with success ? I just never recall an issue this bad having bought the DJ new in April 2012. With the fan setting on panel / floor mix all the windows start fogging up. Defrost or defrost floor is the only option that helps.
  20. Front side windows still fogging with fan on high

    Please post when changed noticed same, cracked window solved problem. Need to see where re-circ door is to look and see.
  21. Had the radio volume oh high issue years ago in our 2012 SXT 4.3 " screen / 3.6 L, it was fixed with an update I believe. But, have had the radio sometimes not work at all / almost frozen it seems on and off for years now., dealer confirmed latest firmware etc.... Since that system was out of warranty, there was no way I was giving them hundreds of bucks to fix. I simply turn engine off and on at the next stop and a reset occurs fixing the issue. Sucks that you live with a problem because the issue is too expensive to fix, radio replacement .
  22. Touch-up paint interior console?

    Very strange....correct like something splashed on both sections.Yep, remove, sand and, repaint; hope you can find a match for that colour. Good Luck
  23. Factory Cold Air Intake

    Where did the replies go ? They were here now there gone, I see what others have commented on previously now. Guess members will start disappearing next !
  24. Front side windows still fogging with fan on high

    I do not recall it as an issue really...wonder since heater core issue I am more aware of it in general now. Glad to hear it's not just me, thanks. Yes the minus 26 C / - 15 F not including wind chill is a little abnormal lately LOL
  25. Need to attach front license plate

    Hankster, someone stole your bracket , it's black in colour, an inch plus in depth and in the middle of the front end just under the grill. As mentioned look for the dimple marks then after the bracket is attached, attach plate in side bracket using the two threaded holes for the license plate screws.