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Found 2 results

  1. I own a 2013 Dodge Journey CVP. I received two keyless entry fobs with the purchase of the vehicle. I recently lost one of the fobs so I need to buy a replacement fob to have as a back-up. I am looking to purchase one online and get it programmed at the dealer to reduce the cost. Does anybody know if I might face any issues ordering from one of these sites? http://www.keylessride.com/order/chooseremote.asp?make=Dodge&remoteyear=2013&model=Journey https://www.keylessentryremotefob.com/Dodge_Key_Fob_Remote_s/1826.htm?searching=Y&sort=11&cat=1826&f-Dodge=2032&f-2013=1947&show=12&page=1&f-Journey=2719 These are definitely the replacement fob for a 2013 Dodge Journey but I'm hoping for some confirmation from someone who knows better. Any information will help. Thank you.
  2. I have purchased a Dodge Journey 2009 SXT in the uk, however it has only one key fob. I have tried to buy a spear, but the dealer said he couldn't code it because it is the wrong p/n number! (£41 wasted). I am desperately trying to source a spear key without paying the £234 that the dealer is asking for. The p/n of the working key is p/n 05026422AC. Any ideas where I can get one from?