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Found 10 results

  1. 20190721_183409.jpg

    I'm looking for honest opinions! I want the hate I need to know If it looks good like this or should I remove it and do something else
  2. I just had new brakes put on by a local Dodge dealer and when I got home, I realized they used the smaller brakes. I had huge ones that had minimal clearance between the rotor and wheel and new ones have almost 3 inches. Looking for part numbers for the large rotors so I can have all the info when I call Dealer tomorrow (closed by time I noticed the smaller size.) Thanks!!
  3. Weird transmission issues

    Hey guys I'm new on the forum I have a 2013 dodge journey rt with 150,000 kilometers on it. Over the past few months of ownership I've noticed it shift can be hard but very slightly hard not to bad yet, also while slowing down when the vehicle is downshifting I can feel a very noticeable vibration in the powertrain. Is it normal when driving at low speed (in the mcdonalds drive thru) to hear a loud clunk after the rpms drop from pressing the gas? Thanks for your answers!
  4. Hi everybody, We drive a 2009 DODGE JOURNEY RT. my wife asked me what does the 3 following cars symbol mean on the front DVD screen in the right upper corner. uhhh, I don't know honey. Does anybody know what this symbol light means ? thank you, all the best. Pete
  5. My first forum and post thanks for help in advanced. My question is i got a 2016 DJ RT i have been doing my oil changes myself. I was told 2 oil changes later by a mopar diehard friend of mine that, i should keep receipts of my oil changes to keep my warranty valid am i screwed already? Im already having issue with the vehicle i dont like and plan on visiting dodge real soon
  6. I have a 2009 R/T 3.5L V6. I need to replace the ball joints, but I'm getting some conflicting information about which is the correct replacement. I'm looking to use MOOG ball joints. JC Whitney is saying the 500120 is the correct replacement, but everywhere else is saying it's not compatible. The alternative seems to be the 500235. Which one? 500120 or 500235? Thanks!
  7. Picking up my DJ in 2 days!

    Hey guys, future owner of a black 2015 Dodge Journey R/T! Found this forum after doing a little research on what to expect from my recent purchase. I'm a 30 year old guy from a Detroit suburb, and I was just sick and tired of climbing in and out of my 2003 Saturn L200 (I'm 6'3" with back pain, no fun). I started looking around for affordable SUV's and landed on this Journey in a Ford dealership lot. I've always liked the front end look of the newer Dodges, and I was hoping to find something black, up higher, and relatively sporty. With 18,000 miles on it, heated leather seats/steering wheel, Alpine stereo, one owner and a clean Carfax - I was able to close on it for $16,300. I think I got a pretty good deal! Just posting on here because of excitement (I've never owned a vehicle that was under 8 years old), and looking for any feedback from other owners on their experiences and opinions. Thanks!
  8. Hi folks, I was looking at superbrightled.com at the led bulbs for my license light bulb. I came at a step, where i have to choose between normal led bulbs, and can bus led bulbs... I dont know which one i should choose. The reason i am changing i bought some cheap led on eBay and they started to flicker. It bothers me, and i hate the yellowish light of the bulbs since all my car is factory equipped with led inside. Another question, for the trunk light, they're also yellowish. I want to buy led. When i opened the cover, they were dome light shaped (212-2), and superbrightled are saying they're 579... Please help me here too. Thanks, i appreciate it.
  9. Off roading

    hi all! i have a question... is the dodge journey rt AWD a good car for off road? Off road not as in little dirt, nono. Real off road with hills, rocks, sand, mud and all the kit! thanks in advance!
  10. First Dodge Journey

    Just got my first Dodge. It is a 2013 Dodge Journey R/t and i got it for 28k. The base price the dealer gave us was 32k but since it was the last one on the lot, he gave us a lot of discount plus i added a lot of options like navigation and sunroof so it ended up being 28k. It is being delivered saturday and i had one question about it. Does it come with some headphones for the tv at the back, i forgot to ask the dealer. If so, can someone take a picture of theirs and show it and are they any good?