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Found 20 results

  1. I just had new brakes put on by a local Dodge dealer and when I got home, I realized they used the smaller brakes. I had huge ones that had minimal clearance between the rotor and wheel and new ones have almost 3 inches. Looking for part numbers for the large rotors so I can have all the info when I call Dealer tomorrow (closed by time I noticed the smaller size.) Thanks!!
  2. 2009-13 EBC Front brake pads

    EBC Green Stuff front brake pads for the single piston front calipers. Ordered these with the 330mm rotors for the dual piston caliper upgrade and they sent me the single piston pads. $35 shipped
  3. I recently installed new front rotors and pads on my '12 SXT and now I hear a grinding noise. it only happens when i put maybe 30-50% pressure on the brake pedal, and only when I get under 25 mph or so until i completely stop. The rotors are completely smooth and I have no idea why it could be grinding with brand new pads/rotors. It's definitely coming from the front, so if anyone has any ideas, please share.
  4. On my 2009 Journey, I have a longstanding issue causing the left front brake to drag. At first I didn't notice it while driving, I just had uneven brake wear. The first time I saw this, I checked the obvious things like caliper pins, and didn't find a cause, so I replaced the caliper and flex hose, and figured it was fixed. A few thousand miles later, the left front pads were worn out again. This time I replaced the ABS hydraulic control module. Now it's bad enough that 10 miles at highway speed heats things up enough that I get a vibration when I brake, and when I stop the left front wheel is noticeably hotter than the right. So I went ahead and did the 2014 front brake upgrade, replacing both front calipers, rotors, and pads with the upgraded dual cylinder calipers and 330 mm rotors. Still the left front gets hot at highway speeds. I don't see any kinks in the hard brake line, though I haven't replaced that yet. I'm pretty sure this is a pressure retention issue, because if I jack up the car and spin the wheel I can feel resistance, but if I crack open the line or bleeder, it releases. Also I would expect replacing the caliper and mounting bracket would fix any mechanical sticking. Could this be a master cylinder problem? Does the journey use a front/rear split for primary/secondary, or is it diagonal? I'll try and check the rear for uneven wear to check for this problem, but what else can I check. I'm tired of throwing money at this problem, and don't feel safe driving the car for long distances as it is.
  5. I pieced together an air intake and primed and painted my original calipers. The intake was pretty easy. Items needed were the pipe, filter, coupler and hose clamp, and brass fitting for the small hose coming from the motor that was connected to the original air cleaner box. I went with a 3.5” pipe, coupler and clamp. Painting the calipers was easy. Take the wheels off, put a couple coats of VHT caliper primer on, and then a couple coats of VHT black caliper paint on the calipers and anything else you want to spray while your down there. Lol. I can honestly say, the caliper paint made a big difference visually.
  6. Hi all, Ive been experiencing some pulsating while braking recently in my 2016 RT AWD (65000 miles) and decided to go have my local shop take a look. They told me fronts were 8/32 and rear were 6/32. Does anyone know the thickness of the brand new OEM pads? This seems like basically no wear on the pads for 65k miles to me
  7. Hi all, I have a 2009 Dodge Journey 2.4SE (I live in the UK - Northern Ireland), 43k miles on the clock from new, and have an unusual very intermittent vibration. I can't remember when it started though. My wife thinks it might have been after the tyres were replaced about 2 years ago, but can't be sure. On the other hand, it might have been when I replaced the brake disc & pads about 6 months ago. The vibration feels like it's from the front left wheel, and happens pretty rarely, and usually when traveling for some distance at 60-70mph. One day it happened on the motorway with a slight vibration (and noise) which seemed to get progressively worse the further I went. I slowed down and could feel it "grab" at the disc as I braked. I got out and looked at the tyre as I thought we maybe had a puncture, but it was fine. Upon moving off again (carefully) after a minute or so, the vibration had disappeared and didn't return until maybe a week later. It never seems to happen at low speed. One thing I've noticed though, is that after about 10 or 15 minutes of driving at any speed, there is a slight "squeal" from the brakes (not sure if it's front left, right, or both), which stops if I brake gently, or if I move slightly left or right, although it eventually returns again. It doesn't seem to make any difference if it's wet or dry weather. I'm wondering if this could be related, i.e. could it possibly be heating up and temporarily warping the disc slightly, causing the vibration, then after stopping for a minute would it have "unwarped" after cooling a bit ? The squeal does tend to get worse, the further I drive. Another thing I wondered is if the pads aren't fully retracting perhaps ? Or maybe just bad pads/discs (they didn't come from the Dodge dealer, but from a local car shop) ? Any suggestions ? The tyres seem to have even wear across them and the tread is still about double the legal limit, although they will all need replaced in another 6 months or so I reckon, or less (I do about 5k miles per year). As I say, it's very intermittent but I'd love it to disappear !
  8. So I was doing brakes on my 2013 Journey SXT and didn't notice that one of the caliper guide pins had a rubber sleeve near the tip of one of the pins ( NOT TALKING ABOUT THE DUST BOOT!). Well this pin was a bitch to removed and is impossible to reinsert because the rubber has come loose and rides up out of the channel and binds in the hole. Now I've called dealerships, scoured the internet and can't find a definitive answer on which pin goes where. So at last I am here hoping someone could provide me an answer. The second question I have is would it be safe to use the pin without the rubber sleeve on it? (I think it's an anti-rattle device?) Thanks in advance, quick response would be much appreciated as this is an in the process job.
  9. Well discussed topic, I apologize. So I own a 2012 AWD Crew purchased through overseas sales. The car is hitting the ~50,000 mile mark. To this point I have replaced brake components front and back more than once now. I get the feeling that the 2nd iteration for the front is coming already. Meaning both Rotors and Pads. Not happy. I already have a list of components in an amazon list ready to hit execute. However it only covers the front brakes. The parts are for the upgrade in size from the 2012 Journey brakes to the 2013 13" brakes. Looking to see if anyone has the 2013 Rear Brake part numbers from the same manufacturers listed in the list so that I have matching brake set-up for front and rear with increased stopping power. If someone has a better overall setup for front and back I am all ears. Raybestos 780964R Professional Grade Disc Brake Rotor A1 Cardone 18-B5403A Unloaded Brake Caliper A1 Cardone 18-B5402A Unloaded Brake Caliper Wagner Brake QC1589 CeRAMic Front Brake Pads, 2013-2015 Dodge Journey It has gotten annoying because I do live in Germany, and do have to opportunity to frequently drive at higher speeds on the Autobahn when unrestricted but that same ability is still killing the longevity of my brakes. Not to mention warping the front rotors in 2013. That was not due to Autobahn speeds but descending a hill in the local area. Thanks for any help in advance.
  10. multiple problems

    Hi guys, i have been having major problems with my journey... here is just a basic list... duel mass flywheel clutch and damper turbo actuator code on the ECU rear caliper siezing tyre pressure thing attached to the valve I still currently have all of these issues, i have replaced the turbo actuator itself and its till causing the EML to come on and with the same fault we have had a good look around it and think it could possibly be the turbo vains... As for the brakes ive been told its because the rear caliper has siezed and im just waiting for my replacement to arrive so it can be fixed along with disks and pads... the gearbox... this is the decider on weather i ram it threw the dealers window that i got it from 3 months ago with all of these problems, no one seems to be able to help me... i have been told its a vovlo/ford/vw/audi gearbox, yet no one seems to know how to fix it for less than £3000 i only paid £7000 for the car 3 months ago so dont want to spend half that on beginning to fix it... if anyone can help please get in contact with me on either curt_cars@hotmail.com or on here... thanks
  11. Summary: We enjoy driving our Journey and find the layout and features class leading for the price, but are dismayed with the quality of the components and the dealership's service. Short of cancelling the remaining debt on our Journey, we will never find a reason to by another Chrysler product. Background: When the time came to add a seven passenger vehicle to our family fleet, I started researching online (including this forum) for a suitable candidate. Our parameters were: AWD, occasional 7 passenger seating, comfort for 5, and of course, value. Being a devoted Subaru fan (last 3 new vehicles were Subaru, still own 2), I wanted a Tribeca, but between the cost, complexity of the nav/infotainment system and cost, I had serious reservations. We loved the Ford Flex with Ecoboost, but cost and availablility were issues. We settled on the Journey because it had features we really liked, adequate power and fuel economy with the Pentastar and awesome price and financing. I had considered the known problems identified on this forum and thought surely they would have been resolved by the fourth year of production of this model. Sigh, I guess I'm just an eternal optimist... Pros: - Quiet cabin - Powerful motor (3.6) - Nicely finished interior - Great ergonomics and layout - Easy to use infotainment/EVIC/Uconnect Cons: - Vague handling - Rolly polly ride - Cheapest quality components known to mankind (see following) Warranty issues: - Interior fit and finish on seat components - BCM reflash (dead battery twice) - Satellite radio replaced - Rear differential pinion seal replaced - Rust bubbling under paint on passenger side door and front fender (no chips) - Front brake rotors warped at 40K km Now, while no vehicle is perfect, I have to say this vehicle has had more issues in the last 20 months than our last 3 Subarus combined. The dealership was fine with replacing the radio, reflashing the BCM and replacing the seal, but these last couple of days have put me over the edge. I just got the vehicle back from the dealership bodyshop where they fixed the rust: the paint does not match. It is obvious the door and fender have been repainted. I stopped at the dealership for an oil change and inquired about how to proceed regarding the warped front rotors, specifically if I needed to have the vehicle booked in and diagnosed. After describing the problem, the service rep said no, that it was pretty obvious and I should just call Customer Care if I thought that it was something I should be reimbursed for as it was outside the 1yr/20k km window. OK, I called Customer Care this morning and they opened a file said they "may" be able to "assist" with fixing the brakes as it was outside the warranty window, but I would need to have the problem diagnosed. Grrr. Called the service rep I spoke with: nothing under warranty, would have to pay for the diagnosis. Called Customer Care back and asked, OK, how much "assitance" might I be eligible for? 100%? 1%? Sorry, we can only discuss that after the diagnosis. So, they want my money up front with only a vague possibilty of reimbursement, even to only turn the rotors or put back on the same crap components it came with. Sorry, but I'll fix it myself (seeing as the brakes are no longer under warranty) with aftermarket parts. Chrysler will never see another dime of my money. Now, maybe my view is skewed. Do all Dodge brakes need service at 40k km? I dunno. All I can compare it to is my experience: over 35 years, 11 vehicles (7 makes), and 6 of them new from the dealer, I have never, EVER have had warped rotors or required brake service prior to 100k km. Regardless, I am done with Chrysler products and will make it a point to relay my ownership experience to everyone I meet when the topic turns to vehicles, so as to save anyone the disappointment. Hopefully this review will help those doing their pre-purchase research. Buyer beware.
  12. Replacing Rotors

    My Journey will be 1 year old on Monday...I recently took it in to a shop for an oil change and tire rotation and they say my rotors need replaced due to severe scoring. I've looked online about this issue and apparently it's common in the journey and to be honest...IM PISSED!!!!! To have to replace this after 1 year? Does that mean I need to replace them EVERY YEAR? I had my Dodge Caliber for over 3 years it had over 40k miles when I traded it in and I never once had to replace ANYTHING! So...My question is...What do I do? Raise some hell @ the dealer? They did an inspection in March and I can 100% guarantee they saw the scoring and didn't tell me about it. My steering wheel has been shaking when I brake for MONTHS!
  13. Hi all; I'm new to here. I'm having a problem, I took my journey to a hitch shop to have a hitch and wiring installed. Hitch went fine, wiring is ok but when they got to the brake controller they can't seem to find where to hook it up. They called Dodge and they told them what wire to hook to but they say there is no power on that wire. They finally gave up and told me to take it to a dealer. I went to the dealer and they said something about putting a sales code in to turn power on to certain wires, when I asked him if he could put it in he said it probably wouldn't work because Dodge doesn't want you pulling anything that heavy. I said that I was only pulling 2500 lbs and that is what its rated for but you need a brake controller to pull that much legally. In the end he told me to search on the net to see if I could find how to hook it up. Hitch place not much help, Dodge dealer no help. If any one has had any luck hooking up a brake controller on a Dodge Journey 2013 with LED tail lights I would sure like to hear about it. Thanks in advance
  14. I need to replace my brakes on my car for the third time in 3 years. I only have 45 000km on my car and have had to replace brakes 3 times!!!! What is going on? There must be a flaw in the design as this seems to be ridiculous. If I am going to have to change my brakes once a year without having put much milage on the car, I will get a different make of car. Something is amiss! Anyone else having this same problem?
  15. Is any dodge journey owner ready to participate in a class action suit against Dodge? Let me know! I'm going to start interviewing lawyer firms!
  16. Braking Shudder

    I have a 2009 Journey. When I brake, I get some serious shudder. The rotors were replaced 6 months ago whilst I still had my winter rims/tires on. I did not experience shudder back then. Once I put the summer rims/tires on (that came with the car) the shudder started. I have recently had all the wheels balanced but it is still there. I get a little bit of shudder whilst cruising. Any ideas? Dodge Journey 2009 19" Rims FWD SXT
  17. I've seen a lot of info out here about brakes and rotors on the Journeys. I have a 2011 Journey with 33,000 miles on it and was just told that it needs new brakes and rotors all around. They tell me it is NOT under warranty, that it is a normal wear-and-tear item. This just doesn't sound right to me, and I'm not sure who to talk to or what to say . . . . Anyone out there have an opinion on this? Should it be covered under warranty? They are asking me to pay $863 to get it fixed.
  18. My wife owns a '10 DJ and had mentioned her brakes made an odd sound. So, when took it for a ride I knoticed that while pressing on the brakes at speeds above 35mph there was a serious knock. Not a shuddering, like when rotors need turned. But a knocking, almost as if something was slapping the wheel well with every rotation. I took a look around and didn't notice anything amiss. Anybody else have this sort of thing happen? Just hoping to get some gouge before I take it in.
  19. Hi All So for the last little while I've been enjoying my new (to me) 2010 DJ SXT - was nice getting back to Dodge after having Nissans for the last few years. My only issue is the brakes which I'm planning on replacing and bleeding in the next couple of weeks for a nice weekend project and lets face it, you want great brakes for Alberta winters I'm just looking for suggestions for new rotors and ceramic pads for my Journey, hopefully I can get a decent consensus from a few people before I head over to part source and stand in front of a giant wall going Eeny Meeny Meiney Mo...
  20. I hate my 2011 Dodge Journey

    This a recent letter I sent to corporate. I figured I would spread the world about this horrible vehicle to others and maybe Dodge will get off their lazy off and quit trying to force feed us the Dodge Dart and build a proper Cross-over with no problems for working families. Some of the details have been **** out for privacy but I'm sure by the end you will get the picture----DO NOT BUY A DODGE JOURNEY (ANYTHING) To whom it may concern: I own a 2011 Dodge Journey, I have owned this vehicle since May of 2011. And as of my first oil change I have had continued problems with the vehicle. I am writing this email in regards to a case I have opened up with your corporate office. I spoke with an ******** and my case number is ***************. And per our conversation I explained all the problems I have been having with the vehicle which include the following. 1. Ac shutting off at random times and blowing hot air out of all the vents. 2. Radio shutting off and not wanting to turn back on. 3. Steering wheel off center after numerous Alignments. 4. Car keeps pulling to the right after numerous alignments. 5. Steering wheel vibrating passed speeds of 45/50 mph. 6. Loud ticking noise coming from the drivers side front wheel-well 7. Paint discoloration on rear bumper and rear lift gate. 8. Brakes making loud noise/squealing and not braking properly. 9. Brakes having to be replaced--after brake replacement the brakes are starting to make the squealing noise again. 10. Tires being worn out due to car being off of alignment. (Replaced via Chrysler Corp.) Tires are starting to wear out again. 11. Wheel steering lose of control when turning right/left as I am backing out or pulling into parking spaces. 12. After the AC is on for long car rides a loud rumbling noise seems to come from the dash board near the ac. All these problems have yet to be addressed to my satisfaction. The last visit I had with the dealership. (Advantage Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep Mt. Dora Florida) My car sat in their service dept. for 9hrs. And several of my issues where not even looked at for example: The loud ticking noise coming from the front driver side wheel well, the discoloration in the paint on the rear bumper and lift gate, the brakes starting to make noise, the alignment of the car being off. I had a very long conversation with the service manager about my issues not being resolved. Per SERVICE MANAGER I was told they spent the better part of the day trying to figure out why the alignment was so off of spec, I asked him why my car had the loud ticking noise, he stated to me that there is some type of filler that connects the wheel to the car that has worn out and its metal on metal rubbing together...I said what why wasnt it fixed I specifically pointed that problem out to the service tech, you guys have had my car for 9hrs, you didnt even look at the paint discoloration, he than says to me well when you come in next time if you have an extra 30 minutes we can drive over to our body shop to look at it for you. I reply the car has been here for 9HRS!!!! No you want me to come back and have something looked at that should of been looked at already. I told him you guys sold me a LEMON there is no reason why a car that is 14 months old should have this many problems. He said that I would have to contact chrysler about any other issues I have with the vehicle. So with the already case I had opened with Corporate I contacted ******* who is a very nice case manager, who listened to my problems documentated everything we said and told me she would push my concerns and issue to upper management that looks into possible lemon law case's. About 2 days later I recieve a phone call/ voice mail. A gentlemen is telling me that based on the concerns and issues I have had with the vehicle that it does fall into a Lemon Law status here in florida and that within a week the dealership should be contacting you regarding any further steps that would have to taken regarding your claim. So I wait a whole week over the 4th of July week/weekend I call the following Monday to Advantage Chrysler Dodge Jeep, and speak to SERVICE MANAGER once again who tells me I haven't got anything stating for me to call you, but our regional manager from corporate will not be here till the 27th of July. I ask him why do I have to wait so long, I've been dealing with you and this car for the past 6 months and the issue is not resolved now you want me to wait another week, and the person who is coming to look at my vehicle is not in the position to make a judgement call on weather or not I should have the car repaired again or swap my car out for another one, you are having me wait for an Chrysler engineer to inspect my vehicle, something you service department has already done and the problem continues. He states to the me the only way they can communicate is via email and that he has no way of knowing if the engineer is going to be able to make a special stop to the dearlership for my case. This is my 2nd Dodge Journey and I am very dissatisfied with the way my issue is being handled, and the fact that a car that is 14 months old should have this many problems. I hope this letter finds somebody that can assist me and make the right call for me to have a speedy resolution. As of right now with the car at 26,000 miles I feel I was sold a Lemon and the time it has taken for me to get anyone to assist me has taken way to long. I didn't buy a brand new vehicle to expect to be in the dealerships service dept for half the time I have owned the vehicle. Thank you for your time. If you were patient enough to read this I thank you for your time. I live in Florida and I am deeply regretting my purchase of the 2011 Dodge Journey. I purchased this car because of the deep ties I have to the auto industry and what I ever I could of done to bring back just 1 more job back to an American I wanted to do, but I really wishing I would of just purchased a Honda now!!! spread the word and I would love to chit-chat with anybody who has gone through or is going through the same issue. God Bless