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  1. I've been away too long (or simply not paying attention). First of all, the mileage displayed is the accumulated GPS mileage - feel free to reset the accumulators at any time by pressing the menu button (top left) and the 'reset all' - no dealer crap required. RB6 is simply an RB5 with no Sirius/XM - no hard dive. The reason I quoted Ghost's post is to mention that the Bluetooh is all contained in a module located above the steering column.
  2. Tail gate wire harness

    It might, over time I suppose. Perhaps just lubricating it with silicone, or even grease?
  3. Tail gate wire harness

    Hmmmm . . . . I wonder if filling the boot with yellow 77 (wire pulling lubricant) wouldn't mitigate the problem? I am willing to try it, not that it would prove anything.
  4. got the NAV update screen......

    You need to get hold of new maps to update - it is just a nag screen.
  5. Try a diffrent stick
  6. Groaning door hinges

    My 7/115 (and very expensive up here in Kanukistan) OEM extended warranty has no deductible. The last time I went in for a service engine soon light which I know is related to an intermittent oil pressure sender. They ostensibly did a firmware update to fix the problem (which I would wager did nothing at all except reset my oil usage monitor (which they didn't tell me about either), which went way too long so I got the oil changed yesterday even though the car hadn't asked for it) and handed me a bill for $129 plus tax - I told them to f*ck off and credit it - they claimed that updates aren't covered after 36 months; I called FCA customer support on my cell, made my complaint and they called the dealer to set him straight. I don't put up with that bullsh*t, but you have to wonder how many people actually pay those garbage charges
  7. Groaning door hinges

    All 4 of the doors on my '14 Crossroad with about 60K kilometres on it groan on opening or closing. I have tried lubricating with various products with no success - not certain just which of the parts makes the noise - the roller? The Spring? The bushing surfaces? it isn't as if they could possibly be somehow worn out, especially the rear ones. It isn't as if the doors are going to fall off, and it isn't as if the vehicle is noisy when driving, but if I was planning to sneak in at night I'd need to climb out the window or somehow pop the rear hatch and get out that way. It is an annoyance, and considering that my dealer likes to charge for diagnostics and whatever else he thinks he can get away with, even under my factory extended warranty (which has had me contact customer service which directs him to reverse the invoices, and that, in turn affects the way they respond to me) I was wondering what the cognoscente among us has to say about this annoyance.
  8. That, and the VIN of the vehicle you are installing the radio in.
  9. Unfortunately, Apple arches to the beat of a different drum; No one seems to understand why many Android phones support messaging while Apple doesn't - the answer is that Apple doesn't adhere to the standards well enough. As the BT metadata? The radio ignores that. Album art comes from the very outdated on board database.
  10. A/C issue

    Again; Most likely the rotary control has become disconnected. If so it is an easy fix, though perhaps not for you.
  11. My factory extended warranty provides a loaner or rental if they need to keep my vehicle overnight. However a radio check should have you in and out in less than an hour, because they won't have a replacement in stock.
  12. A/C issue

    I'm going to guess that you have no bumper-to-bumper warranty left? Could it be as simple as the rotary control has disconnected from the vanes that regulate the amount of air that come through the vent?
  13. There's no mystery; Either your battery is weak or your radio needs replacing. But why are you here? Your vehicle should still be under warranty. Take it to your dealer and have him fix it. You might consider buying a factory extended warranty once you find out how much the radio costs to replace.
  14. Blurry at a distance? Care to post a photo? You DO have an RB5 and you can NOT put any other unit in as a direct replacement; As to be 'better quality', there are some issues with reliability, but one thing the RB5 does that almost no other automotive navigators do is that they support dead reckoning navigation, which means that they don't get messed up in deep downtown environments and they track perfectly when underground. The overall screen resolution of the RB5 is adequate for the tasks demanded of it. Either accept what you have, install an aftermarket system or trade the vehicle in for something that comes with a system you like.
  15. I have no clue what the point of your meme is. You said you were looking to save money, yet were willing to spend what seemed to be $900 for a backup camera - the 2 concepts are pretty much mutually exclusive. It isn't as if a backup camera is a necessity of life.