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  1. Rim size ... vehicle a same as 225/65r 17

    I have steel rims on mine - dealer supplied them with snows mounted as part of the deal. So, if I have 'em there OUGHT to be some in a junk yard somewhere.
  2. Do you have basic warranty left? If so then get your dealer to deal with it. If your unit is out of warranty and if you have the 'Can't Unlock Maps' message then you can update the maps you had (note the tense) with newer ones yourself. It takes time to do but if you follow through you will get it working; If your unit is stuck on 'loading', you may have a bad solder joint on a board inside the radio - good luck with that if you have no warranty - my spare remains on the self, available for purchase.
  3. The system does not look at your artwork - there is a non-updateable database in the uConnect radio that is used as the source of artwork for music - it is, however out of date and quite picky about the ID tags.
  4. It is less about the vehicle than it is about the driver tough in icy conditions the traction control the DJ uses sometimes needs to be switched off to climb hills.. A story from my past: In those days there was no legislation in my province requiring snow tires, even through we got lots of snow up in cottage country. Even today my vehicles get their snow tires installed on the last legal day and removed as soon as the law allows. My brother used to have a country house in the lower Laurentians that was at the bottom of a hill. He used to have lots of guests and the parking situation was that anyone could take whichever vehicle was parked at the head of the line if they needed to head into town - for some reason, my vehicles seemed to always be the ones that people took. One memorable weekend my ex sister-in-law tried to take my wife's van to go into town to get bread and other breakfast necessities to feed the usual weekend crowd. It had snowed overnight (as usual - and a significant amount, too) and she got about halfway up the drive and bogged down, getting stuck and she stomped into the house, complaining to my wife that the problem was that there were no snow tires on the van - My wife, in turn berated me, so I put on boots and a jacket and went out and drove the van up to the highway, parked it and brought the keys in and handed them to my sister-in-law. That afternoon I took the van and went into town and spend hundreds on 4 new snow tires. The following morning our van was again at the head of the line and my ex sister-in-law again decided to head into town and again (as you can imagine) managed to get stuck at almost the same place on the drive. She came in. I went out, again drove to the top of the drive and parked the van on the highway and came back in to be berated by my sister-in-law's yelling mixed in with content from my wife. The topic concerned how irresponsible it was to drive around with all season tires instead of snows. I lost it. I pointed out that the in-law managed to get stuck, not once, but twice and that in each case I was able to rather simply extracate the vehicle and go up the steeper part of the hill - no digging, no great wheelspins required. I then pointed out that she managed to get stuck twice; And that the second time she DID have brand new snow tires, purchased at great expense - and that the new tires didn't help, suggesting rather conclusively that my then sister-in-law was the problem, not the tires. In many, many decades of deep snow driving and heading to the ski hills twice a day on week-ends during snow season I have NEVER gotten stuck - in fact, way back in 1971, when the area was hit with snowfall that set a record that survived for many decades I drove from Montreal to Toronto and came back the same day and when I crossed the border into Quebec was greeted by someone driving a snowmobile who informed me that I was the first car through in over 6 hours - and I was driving a rental with the all-season tires of the day. I did see many vehicles stuck and off the road on the trip back. Snow clearing was almost non-existent. Over the years we've pulled vehicles as tough as AWD Ford expeditions out of parking spots at the ski hill with vans we've owned and more. And, with the years even my wife has figured out the niceties of driving in difficult snow conditions. But as you drive up north what you notice is that the vehicles in the ditch tend to be things like Jeeps and so on which OUGHT to do well on snow covered roads. So it is largely about the driver.
  5. Then the code doesn't work or there is some sort of hack because the RE2 and RB5 and, in fact ALL unlock codes for modern OEM radios are tied to the VIN of the vehicle in which it is installed as a theft deterrent.
  6. So . . .. you will get a provide the unlock code for the buyer? Because the unlock code it derived from a combination of the radio serial number and the VIN of the vehicle in which the radio is being installed, so the code you have will not work for the buyer.
  7. Journeys don't do Car Play or Android Auto. No matter what year.
  8. With the Nav there are no compass settings. Heading is derived from the GPS
  9. Clearly the product works . . . . . even if they can't seem to design a reasonable web site.
  10. There was actually a recall for this a few years ago. It didn't help, but then nothing they ever did for the RE2/RB5 ever helped.
  11. Strangely not. Just people from Georgia - and they have other potentially useful stuff for the DJ: https://www.vickersav.com/ AIS (a division of Vickers AV) 329 FREYS GIN RD., MARIETTA, GA. 30067 Phone: 844-283-6372 Fax: 770-933-5075 Email: cris@vickersav.com
  12. Clearly something on the market that is an external device, based on the fact that the bottom of the screens look stock. Learning to use Google can be a great asset. Contact their support group, describe your vehicle and ask what the story is and if you can get documentation so you can get map updates. It could well be something of interest to any of the members here. Looks like a North America map update is about $70 AND they have a chat widget that can speed up the exchange. This must be what you have: https://automotiveintsolutions.com/products/dcjnav1
  13. if it doesn't look like the uconnect screen then someone did something; perhaps they installed an aftermarket system and tied it to the screen. But the OEM system in the Journey is Garmin based and is dead reckoning, to boot.
  14. Well, the SQL directory isn't required. The POIs are integrated within the img file. And it is interesting . . . I hadn't actually checked that first post, I just assumed that the OP wouldn't list files that weren't required - the SQL file isn't listed in the site I used for my reference and it doesn't actually DO anything for you and isn't required; everything works perfectly without it. Reading through that opening post I was struck at how vehement the OP was in terms of his justifying a serious DMCA copyright violation on the basis of Chrysler's integrating the radio to the system, preventing the use of an aftermarket device . . . . something almost every car manufacturer does today.