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  1. Ah yes. The question of the century. The sellers often have no clue and unless you have the magic decoder ring (which seems to not exist) the only way to know is if the part number matches one that you already know is equipped . . . and, for example, some of the part numbers for the radio from the Dodge Dart match those of the ones from the Journey - but because the 2 vehicles use different data busses, the Dart version won't work in the Journey (perhaps they configure themselves when intialised - I have a printer like that - I don't know). But you could well wind up with a non-nav radio or a paperweight - ad then there is a generational question. There are three very different versions of the nav radio, and they use different firmware, only the latest version supports Sirius Traffic, So you take a deep breath, pay your money and hope for the best. As it happens I have a fully functional nav radio sitting on my shelf that I bought as a spare a couple of years ago. I have made it available for purchase since I haven't had any issues with my primary and I am reaching the end of my Journey (so to speak) after which it will be beyond redundant. I had it unlocked for my vehicle when I got it, tested it and then put it on the shelf to be called into service if the nav in my car died.. It is available for purchase for the amount i paid for it (US$800). It is the latest version of the radio, equipped with traffic support (the older one's weren't).
  2. 16” Rims?

    If they came off a post-middle 2012 Journey, they could not be 16", since the larger calipers make it impossible to fit that size wheel on the vehicle. 17" tires aren't outrageously expensive. And yes. if you decide to do the 'big brake upgrade' (or you get a newer Journey) at some point these wheels will still work for you.
  3. 16” Rims?

    If you have the small brakes the 16" rims will work, assuming proper bolt pattern and offset.
  4. Had my battery replaced yesterday

    Heat is bad, but it doesn't increase the starting load - with very cold temps friction (and oil viscosity) is negatively impacted, requiring more current to turn the engine over, all the while with reduced current available (CCA - Cold Crank Amps) - the larger Mallory battery can deliver 850 amps to turn over the engine when the battery is warm, but only 690 CCA when 'cold' (which is when it needs to be able to push out those electrons most). In fact since CCA ratings are defined as the number of amps a 12-volt battery can deliver at 0°F for 30 seconds while maintaining a voltage of at least 7.2 volts. -30 is a LOT colder than 0 and 7.2 volts isn't going to start any DJ.
  5. Had my battery replaced yesterday

    Interesting that the detail for the larger battery specifies that it is for colder climates. The higher CCA spec is the OEM one. So, based on the warranty detail it looks like you probably got the larger one. Then again if you hadn't it would not likely have made any significant difference - after all, do you guys get Arctic cold, as in 20 and 30 below where you live?
  6. Had my battery replaced yesterday

    Note that Duracell markets 2 versions of the group 86 battery. One is 690CCA which comes with a 3 year warranty and which they charge $140 for at Batteriesplus. The other is 540CCA and comes with a 2 year warranty. Batteriesplus sells the smaller one for $120. If you don't live in the land of -30 degrees you can certainly get by the with smaller capacity battery. But up here you need all of the capacity you can get to start the beast when it gets really cod.
  7. Had my battery replaced yesterday

    My DJ is rustproofed every year - no rust on that bolt, for certain, but the entire battery, the cable and such were probably pretty gunked up by the mineral spirits they use for the treatments. They knew - the clerk told me where it was and then rattled off a list of other Chrysler models done the same way.
  8. So, my Crossroad is about four and a half years old and, reading about electrical issues that seem to be triggered by dying batteries and given the extreme cold we suffer through each winter here I decided to be somewhat pro-active about the matter and have my battery replaced before anything really expensive happened. I did a bit of digging. The DJ uses a group 86 battery and the dealer wanted a lot of money to replace it - lots for the part they sell and a significant amount to install it. (Yes, I could have installed it myself, but . . .) In doing a bit of research I discovered that not everyone sells the battery for the DJ (Costco, for example doesn't have it nor do a few of the auto specialists I checked) . . . . but, not only does Sam's Club stock the part, they install it for free - AND, until June 2, there is a $20 discount for the battery. So, yesterday I paid US$103 and some change, tax included for a Duracell automotive battery rated at a full 690CCA that has a 3 year replacement warranty installed in my car. At that price, and with the free installation, periodic battery replacement is almost completely painless (OK, I spent a lot of money in the store while they did the work) and, with a battery in good condition, the alternator and its related components aren't going to be stressed trying to charge a half-dead battery. If your vehicle has an older battery in it you might want to consider taking advantage of the sale. https://www.samsclub.com/sams/duracell-automotive-battery-group-size-86/prod3590273.ip
  9. Boosted battery now engine light stays on

    A scanner/reset device costs about $25
  10. It would require a special aftermarket kit - the 4.3 does not have native support for the factory backup camera.
  11. No question that loading a map was the fix for a 'can't find maps' error. It is simply that you could have restored the maps for free. Based on what I can find, the part number is a replacement for the RE2, which does not have Navigation at all. Not sure why you'd see ANY icon. As to Navigation that need only to be activated, the Journey doesn't get that radio, we get the 8.4N. That feature is a function of the 8.4AN
  12. To answer the question, in addition to enabling automatic air conditioning you will need to change the ambient environment sensor and (possibly) add a wire. That is the sensor that sits under the dashboard in the center of the windshield - if you have neither automatic headlights or automatic air conditioning you have no sensor there. There are several versions of the sensor, one for vehicles with automatic headlights, one for automatic air conditioning, and another for vehicles with both. I'm not certain anyone who didn't have automatic air conditioning made the system work - at least I don't remember anyone posting about their success - good luck and please let us know how it works out for you.
  13. There are no settings in the radio for the RDS information. Is it just one channel? It could be that the station's encoder is on the fritz. Or have you lost the display on all stations? Does it work on another radio?
  14. You could simply have returned the RB5 to the scrap yard and purchased another one, or an RE2 (the radio you already had), or build your own map, set saving the $160.