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  1. Unfortunately, Apple arches to the beat of a different drum; No one seems to understand why many Android phones support messaging while Apple doesn't - the answer is that Apple doesn't adhere to the standards well enough. As the BT metadata? The radio ignores that. Album art comes from the very outdated on board database.
  2. A/C issue

    Again; Most likely the rotary control has become disconnected. If so it is an easy fix, though perhaps not for you.
  3. My factory extended warranty provides a loaner or rental if they need to keep my vehicle overnight. However a radio check should have you in and out in less than an hour, because they won't have a replacement in stock.
  4. A/C issue

    I'm going to guess that you have no bumper-to-bumper warranty left? Could it be as simple as the rotary control has disconnected from the vanes that regulate the amount of air that come through the vent?
  5. There's no mystery; Either your battery is weak or your radio needs replacing. But why are you here? Your vehicle should still be under warranty. Take it to your dealer and have him fix it. You might consider buying a factory extended warranty once you find out how much the radio costs to replace.
  6. Blurry at a distance? Care to post a photo? You DO have an RB5 and you can NOT put any other unit in as a direct replacement; As to be 'better quality', there are some issues with reliability, but one thing the RB5 does that almost no other automotive navigators do is that they support dead reckoning navigation, which means that they don't get messed up in deep downtown environments and they track perfectly when underground. The overall screen resolution of the RB5 is adequate for the tasks demanded of it. Either accept what you have, install an aftermarket system or trade the vehicle in for something that comes with a system you like.
  7. I have no clue what the point of your meme is. You said you were looking to save money, yet were willing to spend what seemed to be $900 for a backup camera - the 2 concepts are pretty much mutually exclusive. It isn't as if a backup camera is a necessity of life.
  8. And just how do you get it to the dealer, since the new radio module needs to be learned in before it can be started. I believe this is a dealer-install item at best.
  9. IMO, if you are looking to conserve money then spending anything for a backup camera flies in the face of the concept.
  10. 2018 Dodge Journey Crossroad

    Dealers suck. Yours seems to suck more than many. Yes, you can add the OEM backup camera if you have the 8.4" screen. Of course you can also add aftermarket ones of you find the OEM one to be too expensive.
  11. One as nothing to do with the other. Here charges whatever they want, but the manufacturers may, or may not be included in whatever sale there may be. And the update for your radio is not the same as that for a GM product, for example, so there is no competition. Either pay the price, learn how to do it yourself or simply live with old maps.
  12. Clearly you haven't dealt with automotive nav systems much. The manufacturers charge as much as FCA and more.
  13. Be careful with eBay's (and any else's) compatibility lists. Your options are to buy an update from Here (who do the mapping for uConnect), or to research a way to do it yourself on your particular model radio (it is out there) - noting that the method shown on THIS site is for the 3rd generation radios in the 2013 and later Journeys and won't work with what you have - as mentioned trying to use the later procedure in the older model radios will result with you being the proud owner of a bad boat anchor. Of course you can also go out and buy a 3rd gen navigation TGM (radio) which would work with the 'do it yourself' method that is the most supported upgrade method.
  14. It can be done, but those ads you mention are not for your radio. Search the web and you shall find what you need. There are three different models of the radio. Yours is the 'first' version. So note that your radio requires different files and procedures than those of later ones (from 2013 and later models), which look the same, but if you tried to upgrade with the later firmware you would 'brick' your radio.
  15. Did you really expect anything to change when you didn't load anything into the navigator? If CTP2011 firmware was the initial release for your radio and there's been no update issued since I wish you luck finding a copy.