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  1. What Part is this?

    Call the dealer and ask for a price and part number. You can then compare the price...but you will have the part number.
  2. Ah, got you. Then definitely check the relay, might be going bad, or you have a frayed wire somewhere (or bad connection)...either one may cause loss of power to the motor.
  3. 2010 dodge journey overheating

    Why did you have the heads replaced? Were they warped from a previous over heading issue? Did the water pump give out?
  4. I would check the wiper relay or the switch itself. Do you have any issues with your turn signals or high beam? Not sure what you mean by the PARK position not working? You can't get the car in Park, or the light is out?
  5. Issues wth my wife’s journey

    Sounds like you are doing the typical tests for the problem. Unfortunately anything else would almost be a guess without getting a load test and see if anything is killing your battery. Definitely sounds like an electrical issue, but one person's bluetooth issue doesn't mean it's your issue. Since this could be anything from a bad battery ground to a short in the system, I would hate to try and guess. I would suggest performing a load test while removing fuses and then maybe a more extensive one. Good luck...
  6. Retired down south

    Welcome to the forum. Why not have the dealer add the camera since you just bought the car?
  7. Need help with 2009 Journey 3.5L SXT

    Is that really it? I had no idea it had that safety feature.
  8. A once very proud and vocal owner, now wondering.

    Great update and very well appreciated. Glad Dodge stood up and fixed your issue. Another positive when it comes to domestic. Anyway, I'm still thankful of my decision to buy my DJ. Hoping it gets handed down to my daughter who is getting her license soon and I get the new model.
  9. Squealing nose

    Best guess would be some oil type spoil on the belt or belt surface. Or just a loose belt that's slipping.
  10. Clear Oily Fluid?

    All great suggestions, or guesses really, but let's be honest there just isn't enough information to really be helpful. As mentioned, which side is it coming from? Have you crawled under there to try and see where it's coming from (you really don't even need to jack it up)? Does it have a color? All your going to get are guesses at best. There are normal fluids disbursed from cars, and there are abnormal fluids. If you really want help, you need to narrow it down in order for people to give you good advise.
  11. Here's a posting that's probably worth deleting. I'll never get those 30 seconds of my life back...dang it!!!
  12. Hello form Poland

    Welcome. It's the Freemont just re-labeled, or does it have many differences?
  13. Remember the good ole days? This is up to date, and as long as you have a co-pilot that can read road signs, you're all good.
  14. 2010 Journey Passenger Grab Handle (bar)

    Try the link below. Just change to your specific year and model. https://www.quirkparts.com/auto-parts/2015/dodge/journey/sxt-trim/3-6l-v6-flex-engine/body-cat/interior-trim-roof-scat/?part_number=1rl62hdaaa