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  1. 2013 Journey RT AWD Brakes

    @DJgirl, thank you for expanding on what was done (or supposed to be done) on your service. Knowing the entire braking system was being serviced, sure clarifies your suspicion. Regardless of what they say, tell them you want the bigger brakes re-installed... like you previously had. I can see them looking up the VIN and just using the standard replacement although you may have had the upgrade. I had a similar situation with my old Explorer and the alternator. Mine had all the extras that required the 'bigger' alternator, but they installed the compatible basic one. Those bigger brakes make a difference.
  2. 2013 Journey RT AWD Brakes

    Using smaller brakes would entail completely changing out everything, not just the pads. Why in the world would a dealership do that? I would be curious to see a before and after picture, if you happen to have one from before you went to get them done. Maybe your brakes had converts that weren't put back on... and made them look bigger.
  3. This is what it supposedly means... The 3 overlapped cars is the status of the XM traffic subscription. If it is green, the sub. is active; if it turns orange/red it is not active or didn't receive the signal. The traffic service overlays the red,yellow,green lines on the roads to indicate traffic speeds and the incident screen will tell you what is going on where. Cute way of showing your signal strength.
  4. 2011 Cam Advance, Phaser Problems

    Pick the pedal that makes your car go faster
  5. 2012 Dodge Journey SXT Clicking Behind Glove Box

    @lemdog, I'm curious... after you replaced it, did the sound stop or just soften? I've been in a couple of cars aside from my DJ, and the clicking is just part of starting the car. You can usually also here it a bit if you turn the car off and sit in it for a while. As long as the vents are working correctly, the clicking should not be an actual problem (anyone correct me if I'm wrong).
  6. TPMS system alert

    I had one sensor go bad two years into owning my DJ. After trying to fix it myself, I took it in and got it replaced... one year later, no problems. My mechanic showed it to me and it had a little crack on it. It's not really common, but it happens. If the rest are fine, your main module should be fine.
  7. Power steering problems

    I just watched Christine... and that's how it all started Sorry, couldn't resist.
  8. Help! Door panel removal

    Google search...
  9. Moderator Volunteeers

    More information please. I have no idea what this entails.
  10. 2016 SXT picked up today

    Welcome and congrats. From a van to the DJ, sounds like a family car. I specifically went with the 3.6 because of the family trips and tow capacity for the family toys since my previous van only had the 3.0 engine that was a bit under powered in my opinion. Regardless, enjoy the new ride.
  11. quick oil change shop

    Moral of the story, don't drive off before getting down and taking a look at your drain nut. I've used a quick change place for my work truck and never had an issue, but I do watch what they are doing (maybe just been lucky). I know it sucks when these guys screw up, but I've also forgotten to replace something when doing my own repairs Undo and redo...ugh!
  12. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    Congrats!!! How about some pics?
  13. Dashboard Upgrade 2009 to 2011+

    Is it that much different? Obviously I'm not familiar.
  14. Transmission leak

    Don't forget to get a new gasket in case that's the problem. It may be included with the pan, but then you can't return it.
  15. 2018 Dodge Journey

    Found a great site with another guy wanting to lower his DJ. You might want to start there. There's even a link there