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  1. Left rear turn signal light stays on

    Glad it worked out. Keep in mind, that probably means you have a short on the power supply wire leading to your Curt harness or the ground is no good. Might want to inspect it...you may need to tow something in the future.
  2. Left rear turn signal light stays on

    FYI... most of the Curt writing harnesses have a fuse at the battery end. Check the fuse, or remove the fuse completely if you don't tow. Their could be a short on that wire (the one running to the front of the vehicle and connecting to the battery) that is making the system function incorrectly. I've had that wiring harness installed for two years now with no issues, but I do remove the fuse when I am not towing. Make sure that white ground wire is also cleanly connected. You can also call Curt and explain what is happening... their customer service people are really helpful. Good luck.
  3. New guy

    Welcome guys. Enjoy your Journey.
  4. Caliper Covers

    Pricey, yes. These seem to be a lot more than the covers for other models, but they look pretty good. A guy on the Facebook DJ forum is doing an install this weekend, curious how it's going to workout.
  5. A friend of mine (who is a non DJ owner) drove up with some nice, bright red caliper covers on his car that looked really nice. They were MGP brand covers that he said only cost him about $70. I got all excited and did a search when I got home, and of course the covers for the DJ were a bit more expensive ($249). They look really good on ebay and on my buddy's car, so I wanted to see if anyone here has tried them? The link is below... https://www.ebay.com/itm/MGP-Caliper-Covers-w-o-Stripes-Engraving-For-2012-2018-Dodge-Journey-Red/173471943363?fits=Year%3A2015|Model%3AJourney|Submodel%3ASXT|Engine+-+Liter_Display%3A3.6L|Make%3ADodge|Trim%3ASXT+Sport+Utility+4-Door|Engine%3A3.6L+3604CC+220Cu.+In.+V6+FLEX+DOHC+Naturally+Aspirated&epid=191773723&hash=item2863bbcac3:g:lF0AAOSw6iZcLnkQ
  6. Towing

    Blue, if you are concerned about towing in O/D, it depends more on the road conditions, speed, and temperature. If you are just going to be on a flat road, you shouldn't really have to worry about O/D. If you are going to be towing over hills and mountains, you can use the Autostick option to shift down as needed and completely avoid using the O/D (regulating your speed of course). If it is a really hot day, keep it slow and steady going up any hill, and coming down off of them (depending on the braking function of the trailer). I've pulled a few different weights up to 2400 lbs and my DJ has done great, except for the fact of low gas mileage...but that's to be expected. I have also been lucky enough to have found a weigh station on every tow to assure of the weight I am pulling.
  7. Question on small ding in driver door

    Looking to know if anyone on here actually tried this. I have a little ding on my passenger side rear door that drives me NUTS every time I have to go to that side of the car (daughter opened the door straight into a fire hydrant as I was dropping her off at school ). If it actually works, I want to try it.
  8. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    Thank you for the response. I just filled up this morning and reset the system. I will give it a couple of days and see how it goes. If it continues I will get it checked.
  9. Start at the source and work your way from the stove it could be multiple items as Larryl mentions. - Have the battery tested - Make sure cable are nice and tight, and clean - Make sure the ground is connected securely to a clean metal surface - Test alternator (looks like that's done) - Check starter... don't know if the car didn't turn over or was just plain dead From there you need to get fuses and relays checked. Then an experienced electrical shop. Good luck.
  10. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    I have a '15 SXT FWD, well maintained DJ that I have not had any issues in the last 3 years. I usually average 16.7 to 17.3 MPG / AVG on the dash monitor, since I do almost no freeway driving. On long trips I average 24 to 25 mpg, which is pretty satisfactory to me. Over the weekend I got in the car and noticed the display showing 12.9 AVG, which was very surprising to me. I drove about 3+/- miles and it went up to 15.4 AVG. I thought it was just a fluke and by the end of the day I ended up at 16.5 AVG. This morning I got back in and the display showed 12.9 AVG again. I drove to work (about 4 miles), and it ended up at 16.3 AVG. Car sat all day, and at the end of my day (about 8 hours) when I got in to go home, again the display showed 12.9 AVG. I looked around for anything similar on the forum and web, but do not see anything like this. Also not sure why the magical number of 12.9. Anyone experience this before? Anyone know as to why this could be happening, or how to solve it? I'll be filling it up later today and will reset it at that point. I have not used any other gas station other than I normally do (Chevron 89). We have had a pretty big drop in our local temp, but not anything outside of the usual normal yearly drop. Seems like a system type of issue more than anything. No issues with starting the car or noticeable drop in the charging system (battery). Thoughts?
  11. Pet peeve... people who don't do a search prior to posting. Just had to get it off my chest, sorry.
  12. Happy Thanksgiving All

    Quick Happy Thanksgiving to you fellow DJ forum members. I appreciate the help and advise I've received/read on the site over the couple of years I've been on here. And of course, thanks to the creator and webmaster for keeping it all together. Hope you all get to enjoy the day with family and friends.
  13. I don't think anyone can give you the go ahead without knowing, or seeing, the actual hill. I can say that having AWD should help, but it is not 4WD. I have a friend with a similar situation with his RAV4 and his AWD DJ never had any issues getting up his driveway. Getting back down was another issue though.
  14. I have to say, that is very impressive. Can I ask how much the system cost, and were there any additional items needed? Did you happen to take any pictures of the install? I looked at that system before but want thrilled with the lower buttons. Good job Miss!!!
  15. Have the battery tested then the alternator, and go from there. Make sure your connections are secure too.