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Found 2 results

  1. Help! Please.

    2014 Dodge Journey busted coolant hose, ran hot and shut off. Replaced the hose, antifreeze, etc. Car still won't start. It will crank, but not turn over. The fuel injectors aren't working and there is no fire from the coil. We've tried getting it out of every safety mode possible. What in the heck could it be?
  2. Bubbling in coolant tank

    I have a 2011 with the 3.6l, and my wife noticed the smell of hot coolant on the way home the other day. When I popped the hood I could see coolant that had spilled out of the reservoir in the engine bay and coolant still in the reservoir bubbling. The next day I kept the journey home, refilled the reservoir which was empty and try to replicate the issue. I kept it at about 2rpms until the coolant temp reached just over 220 and checked the reservoir. The reservoir had coolant bubbling inside and coolant spilling out of the overflow drain on the tank. So my thought was maybe a blown head gasket but my oil is clean (no white film) and the car runs fine with no check engine light or white smoke coming out of tailpipe. So any ideas or similar experiences?