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Found 4 results

  1. Hiya, I am reading the from for a quite while but this is my first post I live in Turkey and using dodge journey 2012 (fiat freemont in europe) 2.0 diesel engine with 62te 6 gear transmission , lounge (equivalent to sxt) car itself has the alpine sound system, my dash speakers are not working. we have 2 of this car and when ı tried the amplifier from the 2nd car , didn't help either. so I decided problem is speakers not the amplifier. all the other speakers are working only there is no sound from the dash speakers. anyone else had a problem like this before? I wanted to remove and try other speakers on dash but couldn't find how to remove dash speakers, it seems there is no seperate cover , do I need to take out all dash? that's crazy
  2. Hi 2 all, I'm Carlos and I'm from Braga, Portugal! I have a DJ R/T 2010 and I love it! I have 3 kids and needed space, so I bought one on December.2010! 8 years ago! Car always OK, 130'000 kms of fun, BUT now I have one problem! I have a tube that has a fissure ... see attached image please. I think it's one of the intercooler tubes ... I tried to repair it once but it did not work ... I ask if anyone has ever had this problem? Where can I order this tube? Can someone tell me what is the partnr of this tube? Is there any link from ebay or another website? I hope anyone could help me with something. Thanks and big hug to all!
  3. We now have a problem with rear lights and camera on DJ 2010 DCT All started with register plate lights not working and ~at the same time the camera stopped working. Changed the registerplate wires and pulps, got those working but the camera still dont. Then the reversing light (on right) stopped working, but at the same time the register plate lights stopped working - very much weird is that the rear light on right seems to work when the lights inside are on ? So I may have a problem with wires (short circuit?), pulps ? or shall I remove the minus cable from the battery to see if it clears the problem or what ? Will have a beer anyway
  4. Flex Fuel Question

    Hi, we just bought a 2013 Dodge Journey SXT yesterday! So, the Journey we bought yesterday was a certified pre-owned vehicle. It only had 18,400 miles on it. It was a rental vehicle, and it has a 7 year, 100,000 mile warranty that started in 12.2012, which means we have about 6 years 4 months left. So it has the 283 HP 3.6L Pentastar V6 that features Flex Fuel that allow it to take Ethanol fuel. Here's my question...I was reading that there is no real standard for this fuel, so the only cons are that the Ethanol fuel might not perform as well as a gas engine and more importantly, certain cars that use Flex Fuel need some sort of Engine lubricant if you do use Ethanol with it. Can anyone tell me if that's true. Do I need to put something special in it to use Ethanol? I really want to use this as I live in SoCal and the gas prices where we live are $3.86 (for lowest normal gas price 87 Octane) vs. $3.25 for Ethanol. Is there anything I should know about using Ethanol over gas? Do I need to use anything at all in order to use this fuel? Can anyone tell me if the performance is affected by using Ethanol and if so, then how much. I would like to see the pros and cons for it. Like I said earlier, the only cons that I read was Ethanol might not perform as well as regular gas and some engines require something special in order to use Ethanol. Thanks in advance!