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  1. dhh3

  2. Which is inlet and outlet on heater core pipes at firewall?

  3. Hey mate did you ever find a fix for the album art problem? It's also driving me nuts that something as simple as reading the embedded artwork in an MP3 can't be done. It's a joke of a system and I periodically check the uconnect update website in a slim hope of them ever fixing it.

    1. bramfrank


      Yeah . .  he bought a new vehicle.


      No fix.  Not likely to ever be one.  I'd be fine with a Gracenotes update, but that won't happen either.

    2. iShibby


      That really sucks doesn't it. I live in hope that someone super clever hacks into it and creates custom firmware...

  4. Signing Off: DJ is Gone!

    Boy, the guys over there are nuts. They all think that they are driving a Wrangler! My TH does have a 2-speed transfer case and a locker rear diff. So, apparently it is a real Jeep! LOL. A Jeep built on an Alfa Chassis! What is this world coming to?
  5. Signing Off: DJ is Gone!

    The sticker on this was over $45,000, so I don't think that I'll be using it as an off road Wrangler anytime soon!
  6. Signing Off: DJ is Gone!

    The Cherokee Forum I found is jeepcherokeeclub.com, based in Toronto. Is this the one you are on? It is for 2014 - 2016 Cherokees. I'll stick around for a while and add input if needed!
  7. Looking forward to snow in my new Trailhawk!
  8. Welcome. I agree ^^
  9. Signing Off: DJ is Gone!

    I did something last week that I have never done before. I have always bought cars from Dealer Inventory. I have never ordered a car in my life. For those who may remember, I purchased my DJ off of the lot, solely for the color: Copperhead Pearl. 2 years ago, I was shopping for a Cherokee Trailhawk, but I was taken back by the color of the DJ, and purchased it instead. The thought of a Cherokee Trailhawk has haunted me for two years. So, I went online and built one in Mango Tango, and was prequalified to purchase by Chrysler Capital. My Salesman from my Dealer called me last Saturday. He could see what I had built, and made an appointment for me to come in Monday. He found 2. One was very close to my build; the other not so much. The one that was close had two things that I didn't check off: Technology Group, Black Wheels, and 2 things were missing: Remote CD player (The new 8.4s do not come with a CD Player) and the Cargo Cover. The CD player would be located in the Console and I can always purchase a Cargo Cover. The Salesman tried to order my build from the factory, but Mango Tango is no longer a paint option. He made me a deal that I could not refuse and I got 0% financing to boot. Here she is: Radio uses Apple Apps and Siri, so I have a lot to learn. It has been a good two year ride here, but I am off to the Jeep Cherokee Forum. Dave
  10. Where does this go?

    Well, I dont! Won't matter much longer anyway!
  11. RB5 Nav Radio for sale

    If you decide to try eBay, and it is your first sale, they will not charge you a selling fee.
  12. Meh 2015

    There was a recall on the idler pulley making a sound like a power steering pump, but at temperatures below 32F. I had mine replaced, and no more noise.
  13. Info Center Difference

    In the EVIC, choose fuel economy. The graph in mine is horizontal; not vertical. There are a series of numbers across the top of the graph. A small pointer will sit where the average mpg is at the present time. The graph starts out yellow, and as you approach the pointer, it begins to turn green. It also displays the instantaneous mpg at any given time.
  14. Try disconnecting the negative terminal on your battery for at least 30 minutes for radio issues. This is like a reboot on a computer. You will not lose you radio presets. The external amp is under the passenger front seat. Make sure all of the the connectors are tightly seated.
  15. Where does this go?

    I don't have this on either one of my front seats.