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Found 13 results

  1. Lift door tail light - see photo

    Take a gander at the photo. Inside part fell off. I assume this comes apart and can be glued? I don't want to break it even more! See how the round piece inside has fallen backwards. Anyone here have this problem? Fix with Silicone? Epoxy? Crazy Glue? Bubble Gum? mecanical-idiot
  2. Dear All, This isn't my first post, I have asked before about verifying the existence of a UConnect option of a changeover switch for a Fiat Freemont's headlights to be able to drive it legally both in Europe and the UK. That was a fruitless enquiry, no one could help in the end and the mystery of whether this functionality exists outside of the owners manual still isn't solved for me. It became irrelevant as when I bought the car a year ago, the dealer promised a cheap enough solution. I have now been assigned back to the UK from Poland where I bought my Dodge Journey in its Italian suit. Problem is, to import it, it needs to pass a technical inspection and currently, the lights point the wrong way. I asked when I bought the car and was told that for about $400 equivalent the RHD lights were readily available and a breeze to fit. Now, 1 year later, I go to buy them and the Polish dealer is claiming that this was never the case. In desperation I have trawled numerous sites and other forums and I have found the ePER here: (which may be of some wider use to DJ owners) I think part numbers K05067786AC and K05067787AC may be what I need (they are the only ones listed on Australian and Irish sites) but - at over $1000USD equivalent - I want to be absolutely sure. The Polish dealer doesn't have a clue, or care, and just wants my money - can make me a special order but no returns. UK Fiat dealer is telling me that there is nothing available for my production year and to give up (not an option) The central customer helpline just directs me to speak to a parts department at useless dealers. Australia doesn't have an email and is asleep when I am awake - I have asked in a Australia forum. Japan... well... have you tried to read it? Aftermarket option is half the price but lots of risk (both because of the nightmare stories of poor quality and because it might fail at import inspection) Can any on the Gurus on here give me a clue: 1. Will the fittings for K05067786AC and K05067787AC definitely match the current set: K05067786AD and K05067787AD? Will they work? 2. What do the last 2 designators on the Mopar parts mean - do they give me any clues? 3. What are Line B vehicles as opposed to Line C & D vehicles? - I have seen references to this when differentiating between part numbers 4. How simple is it to change internal workings to make the lights RHD legal? Any, any other help with this would be greatly appreciated. I'm posted in 4 weeks so if something has got to come from a long way away, I am already cutting it close. Thanks in advance
  3. We now have a problem with rear lights and camera on DJ 2010 DCT All started with register plate lights not working and ~at the same time the camera stopped working. Changed the registerplate wires and pulps, got those working but the camera still dont. Then the reversing light (on right) stopped working, but at the same time the register plate lights stopped working - very much weird is that the rear light on right seems to work when the lights inside are on ? So I may have a problem with wires (short circuit?), pulps ? or shall I remove the minus cable from the battery to see if it clears the problem or what ? Will have a beer anyway
  4. We just recently bought a 2011 Dodge Journey SXT. I took the vehicle to have a hitch mounted, wiring harness installed, and brake controller put in. The shop was able to do the hitch and wiring harness, but had to quit on the brake controller. From what I understand, the level of the wiring is too low due to the LED Brake lights. I tried a local RV dealer thinking they would of had similar issues, but they are also at a roadblock. Seems Chrysler isn't helping much. Has anyone had success in installing a Brake Controller in a Dodge Journey (with LED lights), and if so, can you please share how it was done. Our trailer is in storage, and pretty soon I need to get it out.... and I don't want to attempt that w/o the trailer brakes obviously! Coke
  5. Hey everyone, Quick question. Has anyone put HID's in their fog light housing? I was going to do it but it's all plastic. I am afraid the light will melt the housing the bulb goes into. Can anyone share their experience?
  6. anyone on here install any type of off road exterior lighting on their journey? I'm planning on getting a short light bar to go around the lower grille area and possibly a longer one around 50 inches to be mounted above the windshield.
  7. I know it sounds straight forward, but I've looked everywhere for just a replacement bulb for my DJ foglamps. I don't want to pay dealer prices. Also I've been to multiple auto-parts stores and none carry them. Any websites i could order them off of? I already ordered 9145//H10. I got them and they weren't the right bulbs. But the site said they fit my Journey. But they didn't. 9145//H10 is the bulb number from the manual. Thanks for your imput. (: Jordyn
  8. Hi Everyone, I'm looking around and I haven't found a post really about installing an HID kit for low beams or any lighting. Has anyone done any research of any sort? I'm looking at installing them on my 2014 DJ Thanks
  9. Okay. So i recently bought Audi style LED dual color switchback light strips. They change color between amber yellow and xenon white. They function as both DRL's and turn signals, as they change colors. My SXT has DRL's. I am confused because on the Journey the parking lights and turn signals are the same set of wires and light... _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ Here is the directions for the LED Strips from the company: "There are three (3) wires that are on the LED strip; turn signal positive, running light positive, and negative. The turn signal positive is connected to the vehicle's factory turn signal positive wire, the running light positive is connected to the parking light or accessory (ACC) wire positive, and the negative is grounded to the vehicle's chassis on bare metal." _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________ They say they are universal on all cars... I am confused because i have to connect the first wire (Turn signal positive) to factory turn signal positive wire... And the running light positive from the LED's is connected to the Parking light or Accessory wire positive... How do i do this if the parking lights and turn signals are the same? How do i go about doing all this?? Very confused. Please Help! Also if you could help me identify wires... I'm inexperienced with car wiring. Thanks! Jordyn.
  10. My family is pretty active in the outdoors and quite often we find ourselves out in the middle of nowhere, in the dark. I come from Alaska and with our long dark winters I have always been a fan of “more light”. I wanted to add some off road lights to our DJ but wanted to do it in a way they can be easily removed when not needed. I used a product many years ago called a Carr Light Wing. I ordered one recently and installed it along with two KC lights on our 2012 SXT. Below you will find a picture of the lights installed. I’ve left the license plate off so you can see how easy installation and removal is. The light wing mounts with two screws. I opted for longer bolts that way I could beef it up to minimize light vibration. When I decide to remove it all I’ll need is to take the wing off and unplug the lights. The lights are plugged in behind and below the grill do it looks prettier, lol. To run the power I used a relay system. I installed a switch in the cab right next to where the old dimmer switch used to be. When the switch is in the on position, the lights will turn on when the high beams do. The lights themselves are powered off the battery on their own circuit. I tapped into the high beams just to power the relay. I went this route so the TIPM will never have an unexpected current flow.
  11. 2010 Dodge Journey SXT AWD, So i noticed this problem after i began using the auto down front window feature via remote. When unlocking and locking the car, the hazards are suppose to flash. They don't anymore and the only way i know the car is unlocked is because the headlights come on. This is a very frustrating problem, as i cant tell if the car is locked or unlocked from a distance since the hazards in the front and rear don't flash to signal unlock/lock. I need to know how to fix it, also if there is a reason why it happend?? Please help!!
  12. Sensor/Camera

    What is the sensor/camera looking thing that is in the center of the map lights between the visors in my Dodge Journey. It doesn't seem to do anything, but I cant figure out why it is there.
  13. I recently bought a 2012 SXT and so far I LOVE it. One question I have is regarding Off-Road Lights (KC, etc.). Our family does a lot of camping, fishing, hiking and Geocaching. I would like to install some off road lights attached to a light wing (a license plate bracket / light bar) so I can easily remove them when I am not going to be needing the lights. Since the vehicle is so new I am not too keen on drilling a hole in the dash to mount a switch. I am curious if anyone has installed such lights and how they did it. I have contemplated tapping them into the driving lights so I cn use its exhisting switch but I'm not sure if it would be too much of a drain on the system. I have done a lot of electrical work on older vehicles but these new ones seem tricky with all the sensors and computers. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated and thanks in advance!