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Found 9 results

  1. RB5 Nav Radio for sale

    I suspect that I'm going to regret doing this at some point, but I am selling my spare nav radio. Because of a perfect storm of circumstances I ended up buying two radios. One is installed in my vehicle and, because of FCA's now-resolved software bug in the RB5 I had decided to keep the second unit as a spare and it sits on a shelf in my garage - I have been hanging on to it for if (or when) the one in my dash might give up the ghost - now that FCA claims this has been resolved I no longer need it. FCA released the R65 recall because they state resolves the software glitch in the device, but more importantly, I have just resolved someone else's 'can't unlock maps' problem, so I know how to recover from the problem should it occur anyway. This is the third (latest) generation of the radio and it supports traffic, something the previous generations do not. It will work in all 2011 and later Journeys with the 8.4 inch screen (or you can convert your 4.3 to an 8.4 and then use this as your radio and get navigation, though the required components for the screen conversion are not included). I had temporarily installed and activated it to test it out and everything radio-related works - AM/FM/Sirius and Nav. I admit that perhaps while I should have, I did NOT check the DVD player though I have no reason to believe that it has any issues. So I'm offering my spare for the same amount I paid for it - US$800 plus shipping. I will ship it either from 12919 or from Montreal, Quebec, depending on where the buyer is located. I am not going to update the radio here because I really don't feel like pulling out one radio to install the other solely to flash it, but I will make the necessary files (and more) available to the buyer from my Dropbox. PM me for details if interested. Images are clickable if you want to see the large version:
  2. First I would like to say I read every post in this forum on Black Screens and Radio/Nav problems to solve my problem and make sure I did not duplicate a post. Thank you to everyone the takes the time to help everyone. I have a 2013 Dodge Journey Crew 4x2 with the 8.4" Nav/Radio I turned on the vehicle one day and the radio flashed the start up screen for one second and went black. Does not work to the touch, all controls are dead and the heat in defaulted on defrost full blast. I restarted the vehicle a few times with not change. I hit the forums and started searching for answers and started with the 30 negative battery trick but it did not solve the problem. A week later I started the vehicle and it was on. While it was on I applied another fix from the forums and updated the software from 4.09 to 7.xx (not sure) and updated the Garmin software/database. The next day, dead again. It did note that when the power is in the accessory position or run without the engine running, the unit works perfectly. It is not until you start the vehicle that the screen goes black. Also note that when the screen is black the window controls on the drivers door blink and only the controls to the back windows will work. One day the screen happen to be working while I was driving and it went out right before my eyes. 15 seconds later I heard a clicking in the dash/steering area (like a relay clicking) and the screen flickered a couple times and then came on. This got me thinking the problem is a bad wire, ground, connection or relay but I have been hard pressed for find anymore information on the wiring of the system before I take anything apart and start poking around. If you would have any advice moving forward, I would appreciate it. Thanks in advance
  3. so i use my gps navigation about 1-2 times a week. usually i can hear the talking gps voice OVER my music. however last night i used it and the talking voice was barely hearable. i didnt change any settings that i know of. does anyone else have this issue? id like to be able to hear the turn by turn like normal again
  4. I just purchased a 2017 Journey GT and the 8.4 unconnected doesn’t have nav. The dealership tells me it cannot be added on. Is this true?
  5. I got an RB5 some time ago from Steve White Motors (good guys). Did the install up here in NJ where I live and got it at: 1. NAV is working 2. Backup camera is activated and working 3. Temp control stuck at 22 degree celsius 4. No UConnect (no bluetooth) I put in the unit ID onto Mopar's nav update site and it tells me it's a 2012 RB5 and the update is a 2017 map update Part number 010-12463-11. Anyway it says not for model year 2013 and forward so I've got the question: OK to upgrade the NAV?
  6. Hi All, I upgraded my non navigation 8.4" U-Connect Radio to the one with the navigation. My old radio was the RE2 media version. I ordered the navigation media radio (RB5 - i think) from a wrecker in London Ontario for $250.00. The wrecker shipped the part to my local used parts store and I picked it up from there. I took the new radio with my purchase receipt to the local dealer parts desk and they provided to me the anti-theft code. The swap took a total of 20-minutes - and then another 20-minutes to update the radio software which I downloaded from U-Connect web site. All in all I am very happy with the swap and for me - I was lucky in that the only thing my existing radio did not have was navigation - so the swap didn't require a new screen or new antennas, etc.... If I can do it - anyone with a little bit of mechanical aptitude can do it themselves .... Love the new radio with functioning navigation - so no need for my Magellan screen on top of my dash.... Note: I have a great RE2 non navigation media radio with the hard drive, etc.. if anyone needs it - contact me through the forum.
  7. Hello, I just bought a brand new Dodge Journey plus 2016 with 15 miles on it. I have 8.4 uconnect and it does not have the nav on it. I wanted to know if and how I can add the nav to it. The salesman said I might be able to add it by getting the app and put it on a sd card and upload the nav to it. It does have the backup cam on it. thank you in advance, sealizard.
  8. Hi guys, I have a simple problem that I can't seem to fix. I have a 2012 journey with the 8.4 nav, I have the display set to auto so at night it goes to the night theme and during the day it goes to the day theme. Well at night it doesn't change to the night theme making it very bright to look at. I also have the car set to automatic lights. Anyone else have this problem? Need help, Thanks
  9. Swapping 4.3 to a 8.4

    We just purchased a 2011 SXT with 4.3 I was wondering if at all possible would I be able to put the 8.4 in if I purchased it and where would I get it from.