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  1. Winter and summer mats

    should'a posted months ago that these sold locally. welp Journey forums peeps, this will be my last post here. Thanks all, I learned a lot especially in the early days of my Journey ownership (2011). I liked my Journey so much (despite the warp-prone undersized front rotors) that I went to trade it in for a 2018 Journey. I made the mistake of test driving a 2018 Durango while I was there, and was smitten. I'll be using a different forum now. Best to you all. Hope you all enjoy your Journeys as much as I did mine. here's a parting shot of my Durango GT Black Top Edition (V6) with KMC wheels.
  2. Winter and summer mats

    Embroidered carpet front mats, unused carpet rear mats, and used winter rubber mats from my recently sold 2011 Dodge Journey available for pickup in Central CT. $20 for all. I will ship at owners expense. Text 203-631-0021 if interested. Thanks.
  3. Winter wheels and tires

    From my recently sold 2011 Dodge Journey, these well cared-for Sport Edition wheels with sensors and Blizzak WS-70 tires in size 225/60R18 are available for pickup in Central CT. $495 Additional pictures of tread depth can be emailed or texted. Forum wouldn’t let me upload them. Text me at 203-631-0021 if interested. I don’t visit this forum much lately.
  4. Destination

  5. just pads and rotors. EBC front and rear. Maybe not needed for rear, but I didn't want to chance it.
  6. 19" rim difference

    If it's only rubbing a very small amount, you might be able to take a Dremel tool to the caliper casting and get the clearance. I'm talking like if you only have to remove .030 - .060" of material. If it's a quarter inch of interference forget it.
  7. 2011 with 18" Sport Edition wheels and Blizzak WS70s

    UPDATE... so far so good, this winter will be the forth winter. They are holding up nicely.
  8. I use EBC slotted and dimpled rotors and green stuff pads. So far the only rotors that don't warp on my 2011. Expensive but worth it.
  9. Rotor/Pad recommendations

    someone mentioned my DJs eating brakes for lunch is a driver issue.. def not. I don't drive fast, I don't tailgate, and I don't brake late. I've owned dozens of cars and this is a first. But as I've stated in other threads, the EBCs have improved my experience, the car no longer warps rotors, and the second set of EBCs installed are lasting longer than the first, leading me to believe the first set were not installed correctly, possibly they were dragging.
  10. I'm still satisfied with using EBC slotted and dimpled rotors with Green Stuff pads. No more warping on my 2011 with excellent braking and pedal feel. I use them front and rear. I got about 20k from the first set of fronts, rears are still going at 30k plus.
  11. Rotor/Pad recommendations

    sorry for resurecting an old thread, but I want to update my experience with the EBC dimpled and slotted rotors with Green Stuff pads: about 11,000 miles, no warping. That's a record for my car. Past factory rotors warped within 3,000 miles. Front pads are noticeably low though, about .100" of pad left, and a noticeable lip on edge of rotor. Not much of the dimples left. Rears have much more life left. So I'm thinking I'll need fronts in about 5,000 miles. So while I'm happy they are not warping, the car is still eating them for lunch. 15,000 miles (one year of driving) from premium rotors and pads is not good mileage. Despite this, I like the car very much. carry on.
  12. Rotor/Pad recommendations

    ^^the brake kit in that link only fit Challenger, Charger and RAM according the pull-downs.
  13. Rotor/Pad recommendations

    update; About 4,000 miles on EBC dimpled and slotted rotors with Green Stuff pads. Still pleased. As noted before, there is a slight sound/sensation when braking hard, but they have not warped yet, and that's what matters to me the most. Also as noted, they look great behind the Black Top Edition wheels.
  14. DODGE Badge from rear on front?

    man, I thought that was the word FLEX on the front of a Range Rover. That car is dope.
  15. These wheels are sweet!

    those look great. I'd rather have that than my blacktop edition gloss black.