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  2. Hi everyone I'm not sure if this is the right category for this question, so I apologize if it's in the wrong place. My question is could someone detail exactly what I need to do to get into "dealer mode"? I have searched and tried over and over and I have only gotten to it twice. I'm torn between just being a clutch and can't push 3 buttons at the same time, or I'm overlooking a step or two. Either way, I feel stupid not being able to do something seemingly so simple. Also, I've never been able to get to the other menu. I've seen it called the "engineering mode". Thanks in advance for your help.
  3. Thanks for checking. Im going to have to swing by my local dealer and hope he can tell me the part number so I can order it. I dont want to have to buy the whole kit since I dont need the camera.
  4. Hi Everyone I just completed installing the 8.4" screen upgrade on my 2011 R/T (which when smoothly, and everything worked great) and the place I purchased the center stack from gave me the back up camera from the same car. My question: Is the harness available as a separate part, or can you only purchase it as a kit? I have done some research and found a part number for a 2014-2015, but I don't know if it would work with my 2011, or if it is even the correct part, and if it would be all I would need aside from the dealer activation. The part number I found is 68166537AC Thanks in advance
  5. I used the VIN search to find the original equipment list for everything that was installed when it was built. It does in fact show the 4.3 display with SIRIUS, Uconnect and Bluetooth. I have the VIN for the car that the 8.4 came out of and did the same search and it does not list Navigation. To check the accuracy of the lists, I checked a VIN of a DJ that does have Navigation and it lists the Navigation option. So evidently the scrap yard guy was wrong, the one I purchased does not have Navigation.
  6. Would a unit from a 2013, 14 or 15 work in my 2011? It would be nice if it did, it opens up a few more opportunities.
  7. No, unfortunately the NAV key is not there. Its not like there is a spot for it, the rest of the soft keys are all spaced perfectly. I would think that if there was an issue, there might be a space for the NAV key. Sounds like the guy at the scrap yard was wrong. I dont think he intentionally ripped me off, but since I paid for a NAV unit maybe he has one that we can just swap. Any ideas what those connectors I circled are for in the picture? Also, he gave me the backup camera for free with the deal. I havent taken the old one off yet but is all the wiring there and I simply plug it in, or do I have to run some wires up to the radio?
  8. Thanks for the reply. The 4.3 had Sirius on it. I thought if you had Sirius the antenna was there. Im not sure if the 4.3 unit that was in there was the stock unit or not as I purchased the car used.
  9. Hi everyone I just did the 4.3 to 8.4 upgrade on my 2011 Journey R/T and everything went together perfectly and the whole thing seems to be working great. Except for 1 thing, I dont have navigation which is the main reason I went this route. I purchased the center stack complete from a scrap yard and they claimed it was removed from a 2011 with the backup camera. They gave me the backup camera assembly as well, however, I did not install that yet. The company said it was a navigation unit and I took his word for it, I know, shame on me. But I am wondering if perhaps I missed something. I noticed there was a couple of open plugs on the back of the radio portion. Am I missing a connector somewhere? Or does this unit just not have navigation? I have seen pictures of the rear of other units and it looks like two of my open plugs have a connectors in them. I have circled them in red in the attached picture. The picture is not my radio, mine came without any cut wires, just open plugs. The part number on the radio is P05091134AG Any have any thoughts? Did the parts guy rip me off or am I just missing something? Thank in advance
  10. Info Center Difference

    Now you did it. Now I'm going to have to go and check out the new ones.
  11. Info Center Difference

    LOL, maybe in a few years. The digital gauges in mine do have the multi colors, that's why I was thinking that I could change the mpg color.
  12. Info Center Difference

    Thanks for the replies. I was hoping for an easy change, kind of like those "hidden" ones, like hold these 2 buttons for 10 seconds, etc. I'll just leave it as is, just really liked the multi color. Thanks again
  13. Info Center Difference

    Thanks for the reply. Is it possible to "fake out the system"? I probably should have asked if it was possible to do without frying something.
  14. Info Center Difference

    Hello everyone. I'm new to the forum and am a new owner of a 2011 silver R/T. I have had it about a week and am liking it more each time I drive it. I have a question regarding the information center on the dash. I like keeping it where I can see the fuel economy. I noticed as I drive a red bar moves up and down showing my current mpg. I had the opportunity to drive a 2016 SXT and noticed that the fuel economy gauge looked exactly the same except for the red bar. In the 2016 it is multi colored. Red when you are below the average mpg, yellow when you are at the average and green when you are above. I really liked the multi color bar and was wondering if it is a simple mod to make the red bar in my 2011 into the multi color. I know its a little thing, but I liked the look of the multi color style. Any suggestions or solutions would be appreciated. Thanks in advance