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  1. Uconnect 4.3 Frozen

    Update! Disconnected the ground (from under the hood). Waited 30 minutes Problem solved!
  2. TLDR; My radio is lazy, and unresponsive. Volume isn't working, and XM is not working. Will attempt a 'disconnect the negative terminal' trick, per forum discussions. feeling optimistic; will update. Story: As a follow-up to my previous repair tutorial entitled "Cruise Control, LOVE TAP FIX", and my experience as a Alternative Mechanical Repairman (ei, advocate of using the Love-Tap to fix everything from HVAC to Gauge Clusters) I recently noticed my Uconnect 4.3 (2011 DJ) was slowing down, crashing on boot up, and XM/Volume was unresponsive. After boastfully explaining to my wife that 'I knew FCA products, and that a well placed 'LOVE TAP' would fix this touch screen...' I proceeded to give the side of the console a 'THUD' (Just south of the ignition) AND I SHIT YOU NOT THE RADIO FUNCTIONS ALL RETURNED TO NORMAL! ALL WORKING- XM, FM and the VOLUME!... we couldn't stop laughing!!!!.... for about 5 minutes... then it froze again. Oh-well. So today, I check the forums. some folks say to leave the battery disconnected for 30 minutes. Seems legit. I'll do this tonight- and report my findings. I have no doubt this will solve my issue. PSA: I work at GM now... So I get to deal with my coworkers bugging me to switch my ride daily. To them I say "ONCE FCA, HERE TO STAY!" .... Also, it's not in my budget for a new car.
  3. Just installed a Trailer Hitch on my 2011

    Good Luck! So far my hitch has been holding up well. I've not towed with it, but my bikes are still strapped on there- so far so good.
  4. Howdy from Los Angeles

    Welcome! Coming from a Prius to a DJ? Get ready for your sweet sixteens (That being the 16mpg city mileage) hah! Anyway, I Like you , was worried about buyer's remorse. After 6 months (when the warm and fuzzies go away) I evaluated my decision to purchase the DJ. I didn't regret it! now, fast forward another 4 months and I'm still not regretting it! I do wish I had the backup camera. I've been driving the snot out of mine; me and my wife share it- and in 9 months we've done 20,000 miles. I don't think I'd get the journey again, unless offered a great deal on a pre-owned. I do think it makes a super good/comfortable daily car- and for what I paid for it, I'd never get a car with similar options, attractive interior, and as low miles.
  5. Dash Cam Suggestions

    SO, final follow-up. I ended up with a C200-type camera. Picked it up for $36. Suction mounted. Works well- other than the G sensor 50% of the time thinking me leaving my car is a 'mild collision' and recording a 30 second burst. Here's the link- This is the dash cam for people, who like me, care about the 3 dollar price difference between one model, and the next.... and nothing else. https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07B2R7M67/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 I Like mine, but I would recommend anyone else to really consider the 'Flush Mount' type cameras, as they don't obstruct the forward view as much.
  6. New member from Ontario

    Welcome to the Forum! Don't forget to set the speedometer and the infotainment to US Units when you tell us your stories of ownership... so us 'Muricans aren't confused by the complexities and mystery of the metric system. HAHA jk. Agreed, probably not first choice for most of us. I was driven by it being the best mileage to cost ratio.... and my wife liked it. for the price I paid on mine, I could have gotten a lot worse. In fact, now that I have it, I've been totally satisfied! Keep up with your maintenance, and you'll have that bugger for a long while.
  7. Keep your hands where I can see them!

    I saw my first Dodge Journey police car in Orlando just a few weeks back. It was grey, with the just the in-grille and under windshield lights. Super unmarked. It was helping with crosswalk duty outside Amway Stadium. Makes sense, as nobody expects such a car being under cover police.
  8. Dash Cam Suggestions

    Jkeaton, I'll do that now. JWheat411, That's a pretty cool one. I am very happy to see these units are not super expensive. I'm not sure on this one, even though it's really feature-rich. I would like the suction cup version better... you know, in case of an accident that wasn't necessarily their fault- when the emergency game of 'hide the dash cam under the passenger seat' needs to take place....
  9. All, It's been a while. After getting run off the road, thankfully resulting in nothing more that a few heart felt emails to the truck's parent company... it has come time to install a dash camera! Which ones do you have? Are you satisfied? What are the highlights and features of your respective cameras? Costs and links to Amazon? Considerations for during my install? Side note: Keep in mind, I'm in Michigan. The land of 'no fault' insurance. Dash cams here are not popular. For the most part, I've noticed very few people drive aggressive here... I guess the no fault keeps people more or less defensive at all times... As you're S. O. L. even if the other guy was at fault... I'm used to the mobius in my RC airplanes... But don't want to go that route because of the DIY aspects with powering it from a 12v supply. I want on that tucks up being the passenger side of the mirror, and has things like 1 hr loop, g sensor, ect. and perhaps other neat features. Looking forward to your suggestions or links to other threads!
  10. Winter Driving - So Far So Good

    looking forward to reading it! (Belated comment!)
  11. Front Bucket Seats Problems???

    What's the FCA Bumper to Bumper warranty? 3/30k? you'd need to fall in the bumper to bumper warranty for it to be covered. That being said, you mentioned it's a CPO. Did your dealer give you a special 30 day or something bumper to bumper? might be worth asking. Lastly, it might not hurt to just ask them. don't want to make you hopeful, but if there is no warranty, maybe talking nicely/firmly to the dealership will lead to them finding one from a back room they had lying around... you never know. PS. if you're feeling like getting even, just test drive an '18 and swap the plates. the next owner/person to test it will report it and claim it under bumper to bumper on that new car.... you know, if you're feeling devious and stuff.. My driver side one is starting to fail... i'm just dealing with it for now. I know if i fix it it'll just fail again later....
  12. My 2011 Journey Crew

    Sorry for missing the reply, i'm still getting the hang of the forms down... Yes, It's the V6. It was a dealership's courtesy/rental for it's youth. Always driven with dealer plates, so I'm actually the first Owner. as of right now I've put 12,000 additional or so miles on it. I drive so much. Me and my wife share one car to cut expenses, so we really roll that ODO. even while I'm at work she is out doing her thing too.
  13. Pic of self and a name

    My wife and I during the Xmas-eve snowstorm this year... also my DJ, for some reason, running without the fog lights on... My name's Tim
  14. What grinds your gears?

    You're quite right. I suppose i wish they just came off easier....
  15. Top speed

    YESS TO ALL! A mile really isn't that long when you're clipping at 90. Been there; I did two back-to-back there-and-back 190x2 mile jogs to get to O'hare airport... cruised at 85mph the whole Michigan side(120 miles) - 4 AM. This machine rides so smooth and quiet at speed for a inexpensive car. A separate occasion, I accidentally hit 90, Didn't even know I was doing it. I'm going to start (or find the fuel economy form) and see what speed yields what hwy mileage. honestly, I've done the best at 75mph. 55 was rather sad, with no real gains in economy. That 85mph long haul only made 22 MPG (reset on hwy) mileage... Defogger on. side note, my caravan would do 35 mpg at 35 mpg... as long at i didn't account for red lights.