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  1. 2012 Dodge Journey 3.6L Starter Replacement Has anyone replaced a starter on a 3.6L? If so, how difficult is it? I've been scoping out YouTube, however, can't find a video detailing the procedure.
  2. Temporary Forum

    Once the original climate control forum is fixed, all topics will be migrated into one place
  3. unread content

    You can create your own custom content streams in a matter of a few minutes - here's how: http://www.dodgejourneyforum.com/topic/9948-content-create-custom-content-streams/ It's the best way to custom tailor your search / content discovery.
  4. Forum Activity: How To Use The Dodge Journey Forum has an advanced content and forum activity application. Not only can you easily find new content that you have not read, you can create your own custom activity streams with ease: ^ Step 1 Login to your account and hover over the "Forum Activity" tab When hovered over the "Forum Activity" tab, hover over the "My Activity Streams" and then click on "Create New Stream" Forum Activity > My Activity Streams > Create New Stream ^ Step 2 From here you can customize your own content discover search functions. These custom streams can be based on forums, images, tags or calendars. You can further tailor it to include when it was posted, ownership and more. If you wish to follow content in certain forums, you can click on "content types" and then the gear icon to select which forums you wish to receive updates to. The same applies for events, images, etc. Finally, don't forget to name your custom stream and click on the "Save Changes" button.
  5. Hello from another new guy

    Welcome to the Dodge Journey Forum
  6. Journey Forum Upgraded

    The next upgrade will be a really bump in speed
  7. Also new to the forum

    Welcome to the Dodge Journey Forum
  8. robertlane

  9. We upgraded the forum a few days ago and really gained some more speed. There is more speed to be gained on the server side with some more adjustments too. . .working on that next.
  10. Cross Bars

    Let me clarify - if you're installing the rails, there might be an issue drilling according to Dodge. The crossbars are just an add on. My bad.
  11. Cross Bars

    I went to the Dodge dealer and they said that air bag equipment was up there. They didn't even want to sell me any because of liability. I guess they were just wrong
  12. Goodbye DJ!!

    Love that colour!
  13. Classic Dodge logos
  14. Does anyone have a nice copy of this logo?
  15. Member Map

    I just added this link to the top menu/navigation bar.