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  1. Heat and flow problem

    Blend door motor would be my guess. just had a wild thought, have you changed the cabin filter? Might be plugged....
  2. My understanding is no. Did the dealer tell you the vehicle was equipped with those items or did you just think it was? If the dealer told you it was you may have a leg to stand on for a return...
  3. Burning coil pack

    Plugs the the 4cylinder are good for 30k (if I recall correctly) and need to be copper (I think anyway). I have a V6 that’s why I’m not positive. Putting “upgraded” plugs in does not work well with these engines. much discussion on the forum. Search spark plug for 4cylinder or perhaps someone else will chime in.....
  4. Heat and flow problem

    Blend doors may not be operating properly. A coolant flush won’t change the amount of air coming out of the vents. It will help with the temperature though.
  5. Very complicated a lot of write ups on the forum on this subject. Try under upgrading radio... just saw the topic under your posted one installing 8.4 actually doing it...
  6. Evic controls

    If you don’t have the buttons on the front of your wheel you don’t have the enhanced dash display on your car. It’s optional The manual has every option described. You need to apply it to what your vehicle is equipped with.
  7. 2017 Journey overheats

    Could be one of the following : water pump (internal), fan not turning on, head gasket, bad radiator ..... how hot does it get? My 09 runs right in the middle of the gauge....
  8. Evic controls

    The buttons on the back of the wheel are radio controls Are you sure the cd and manual are for a Dodge Journey?
  9. I have to say you’ve done a great job on troubleshooting! I would think if you have voltage the relay is operational. My 09 is at the body shop so I can’t say what the resistance is, but should have it back by Saturday. Try checking the ground for good contact and the connectors at the window . I know you are getting voltage but maybe something is dirty? All things being equal if you have voltage it should be heating up. Did you check each line or just the sides? Try each line a foot apart at the middle of the window. Maybe there is a scratch that you can’t see in the grid. Thats all I can think of, I’m stumped!
  10. 4.3 Climate Control screen does not work

    One post wonder. Ask a question and never speak again!
  11. 4.3 Climate Control screen does not work

    A pioneer radio will not allow you to control anything but the radio. You lose your climate control abilities. You need to replace the factory radio with another (same type) factory radio
  12. Tail gate wire harness

    That would dry out, wouldn’t it? What about a small hit of expanding foam? Maybe the stuff used around windows and doors. Would encase the wires and could be trimmed if necessary. Might be more trouble then it’s worth.....
  13. Tail gate wire harness

    I think if you repair what's there correctly (solder, shrink tubing, no quick connects) you’ll end up with something better then the factory. Protect the wires inside the rubber boot and your all set. Replacing with the exact same wire loom (hasn’t been updated as far as I know) will result in the same thing occurring. I’d fix what’s there, just use the same size wiring.
  14. How often to wash?

    Hopefully you shower daily. Sorry, couldn’t resist! I’ve been washing my black 09 about every 10 days or so, maybe weekly in the winter. I also get the spray wax with the wash and an annual hand wax.