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  1. Find a different dealer. Something is wrong with the fob, the receiver, or the fob battery. If it’s under warranty use it. And a new car should have 2 fobs.
  2. There was a post awhile back about the hands free module not shutting down causing the same issues. Maybe check that....
  3. So the switch on the door isn’t working correctly either? There is a way to set how the doors lock/unlock. My 09 has that option anyway. I don’t have my owner’s manual available right now. Take a look in yours, might need to be reset. This is something you can do at home, no dealer visit needed. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to check the door module, in the drivers door I believe. I recall some conversations about that here....
  4. You might be able to grab the cd with a needle nose pliers, or a straightened paper clip. Hit the eject button while trying to pull it out or lifting the cd. Likely will trash the cd but should work. If there is a passer sticker label on the cd don’t use it in the car....
  5. I have an issue going on with my 09 as well. I now have IPhone 8’s and 11, but the issue showed up when I had IPhone 5 & 6’s. All the phones pair up no problem. The issue is while on a call, the handsfree drops and sends the call back to the IPhone. Then the IPhone sends it back to UConnect. Over and over. The call doesn’t drop, just the handsfree does. Maddening. Just got it back from the dealer who told me I need to live with it till UConnect updates (it’s been 5 years since an update for my 09) or put in an aftermarket radio because the hands free module checks out fine with no faults. I called UConnect,opened a case. You see, I have a LIFETIME MaxCare warranty so SOMEBODY HAS TO fix this, right? We will see what happens. If UConnect wants to give me $800 (550 for radio , cables, sat tuner, plus installation) and warranty it, I’d do that.... UConnect does not play well with Apple... Oh yea, never got an answer to my pm to Dodgecares.....
  6. Radio reset needs 30 plus minutes of battery disconnected. 45-1 hour seems to work, if it’s going to work.
  7. Thank you Alex. I am fortunate that I have an EXCELLENT dealer and service advisor, however if I run into an issue I will pm you.
  8. Air Conditioning

    Have you changed the cabin filter? It’s behind the glovebox but very easy to do. Do you have 1/2/or3 zone controls? In other words can the passenger seat their own temperature different from the driver? Is there a control for the rear passengers? If so there are MULTIPLE air blend actuators, one for each control. let us know.....
  9. We’ve always had Apple phones and they worked from 2008 to 2018. All phones are updated to the latest software version (13.1 I believe). Also the same phones work perfectly in my Cherokee, which is also UConnect which is why I don't think it’s the phones. I don’t have an Android phone to try, and besides I’m not about to run out and buy new phones My 09 does not use a fob with a push button, you actually place the fob in the hole, if that makes sense. In my Cherokee it has a fob, which is usually clipped to my belt loop, but have had no interference from it with the phones. I haven’t heard anything about issues like this. I know the car is 11 years old, that’s why I’m thinking the BT module is going bad.
  10. Hey all. I’ve been fighting this for 9 months now. It’s a long story but wanted you all to know what I’ve been trying. Here we go..... From 08 till late 2018 the handsfree phone connections worked fine. Then the handsfree started dropping the call and sending it back to my IPhone 7. Repaired all the phones. IPhone 7 will pare and connect with UConnect hands free. You make a call, it starts out on hands free, but 20seconds to a minute later it self-switches back to the iPhone. Played around unpairing/repairing phones. Worked OK for a day or two, then the same thing. Also kept wanting to switch to French, couldn’t understand what we were saying. Took it to the dealer in May. Possible loose connection (fixed the French issue) but the Techs IPhone X paired right up and “worked fine”. It might be “a connectivity issue with your phone”. OK, on 3 different phones? Same issue with my phone THE NEXT DAY. Played around some more making sure phones are up to date. According to UConnect the system is running latest software. In June my son gets an IPhone 8. His won’t even pair. Deleated all the phones, get them all to pair after jagging around for an hour. He goes to take the DJ on a road trip, his phone isn’t there. Gone, forgotten. He tries to repair the phone, no go. He doesn’t drive the DJ much so we figure forget it. My wife’s IPhone 7 constantly doing the switching thing. Sometimes it self switches back to handsfree sometimes it won’t (she drives the DJ 98% of the time). Last week she gets an IPhone 8. It won’t pair. I deleted ALL the stored phones. NONE will repair. Time to disconnect the battery for an hour. 2 phones, an IPhone 7 & an a 8 pair up. Super. First time my wife uses the handsfree guess what. Disconnects from hands free and goes back to the IPhone. Maddening. I keep telling her the only way to fix this is to dump the DJfor another new Jeep Cherokee but she won’t go for that .... SO, I’m taking it back to Dodge (Lifetime Maxcare Warranty) next Tuesday. I say it has got to be the Bluetooth module, but the service writer keeps bringing up the “connectivity issue”. There is no way 4 different phones would have the exact same issue UNLESS it’s the car, right? Anyone else having this issue? Anyone get it fixed??
  11. New Member

    What link? I didn’t give you any link. as others have stated stick with a Chrysler warranty. I got mine when I bought my 09 through my dealer. Lifetime Maxcare. Now a days it’s very easy to purchase the same warranty online.
  12. New Member

    Well, welcome. If you haven’t already done so look into an extended warranty. No cheap repairs on the DJ, and a wide spread of issues. Hopefully you won’t have any!
  13. Trans is gone....my guess...trans shop or dealer..either way $$$$$$$$
  14. Trust me, I feel your pain. My 09 hasn’t been a bunch of roses either, but I’m lucky my dealer is great, now that i’ve found them. these cars are so voltage crazy/hungry we have been seeing all kinds of crazy sh*t happen. Like I said, keep updating, but we like to start cheap/simple first fwiw it sounds like your dealer sucks...