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  1. REALLY?

    It’s a CLOSED SYSTEM. THE FLUID DOESNT GET USED UP. If your fluid disappears and you get air in the system, where did the fluid go? How are bigger breaks going to fix this issue? YOU HAVE A LEAK. Take it somewhere where they know what they are doing, like the dealer. And for what it’s worth, @Summer Solstice Is not the dummy here.
  2. REALLY?

    I’m beginning to wonder if this is real. I mean come on.....
  3. Is this thing a lemon?

    That makes more sense. When you were saying codes, which is a series of letters and numbers you get with a code reader, but nothing on your code reader it didn’t add up. Obviously a major electrical issue, perhaps the BCM or PCM. Both are expensive. Let us know what it turns out to be.....
  4. REALLY?

    Whoever is giving you mechanical advice is trying to screw you. RUN to a new, competent mechanic. The person you are going to is either a lying thief, thinks you are gullible, or has absolutely no clue about repairing cars. My feeling is all 3!
  5. Is this thing a lemon?

    If nothing is showing up on a code reader, what “ codes” are showing? What are the “code” numbers?
  6. Factory Cold Air Intake

    Aliens are abducting the responses!!
  7. It could be. Didn’t AutoZone check the battery when they checked the alternator? Cars now a days are very picky when it comes to electrical issues. Could also be a loose connection. Have all recalls been done? Do you have an owners page at Mopar.com? If not make one, put in your vin, and you’ll see if anything is outstanding...
  8. When you buy used you have to expect problems, especially with a 9-10 year old car. I have an 09. Nothing like that EVER happened with mine. Pads wear quick? Yep, but not since I switched to ceramic pads. Your issue has nothing to do with fast pad wear. Obviously who ever “looked” at it did so from their chair. I can guess from my living room in Chicago that you have a leak in a line, bad master cylinder, blown caliper or some other leak. Take it somewhere with a real mechanic.
  9. trans.

    Are you asking or describing an issue? Need some info...
  10. Camshaft position sensor location

    What an ass......maybe have someone explain it to you if you don’t understand English, or use a translate program.
  11. CEL....no code reader

    For the DJ..gotta have a code reader
  12. CEL....no code reader

    It doesn’t cost to have the code read at most auto parts stores, if that’s what you meant. If if you meant you didn’t want the code read because you don’t want to spend money to fix it, then ignore it, have the car crap out, then complain about how Dodge sucks. Cars cost money to keep running, fact of owning one.
  13. Did you check the wires in the tailgate? Common issue with wires being broken in the rubber wire loom at the top of the tailgate.
  14. Not sure if this will help you, but when you said it came back on it got me thinking. There was a recall for the wire loom in the drivers door for my 09, might be worth checking. There is also a door module that’s controls the windows. Might have nothing to do with your screen, but may explain the clicking noise. Good luck!
  15. What you are asking is impossible to diagnose on the internet. It could be a dirty connection, bad internal module,bad sensor, just about anything. Gone are the days of 3 speed, non-electronic transmissions. You can’t even check the level without special tools { no dipstick either}! Sorry to say it needs to go to a specialist.....