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  2. Wasn’t there an issue with corrosion on the back of the bcm? I thought someone posted a fix here, or maybe it was tube.....
  3. Unknown wire connector

    It’s obviously some kind of Mickey Mouse repair by the previous owner. That blue connector looks like it’s for a relay. Don’t think my 09 has anything like that. Your looking at it, start by following the wires. You’ll have to open the wire loom to see where it goes. Look for melted, blackened, or cut wires. Hard to say what’s what going on by a picture. The attempted repair was done because someone else didn’t want to do the job right.
  4. Open air filter

    My 09 gets a consistent 26-27 at 72 mph. With a 3.5...

    Well, a bit more info would help. Does it crank? Original battery? Did you try to jump it? Which engine, options, key or fob (yes it matters) etc. and EXACTLY what you have done to try to start it.... Kinda hard to know what’s going on sitting in Chicago...
  6. Cooling fans cycling excessively

    Not normal, at least for mine. Obviously no mil light so I would start looking at temp senders. Maybe one is going. Which one you ask? Wish I could tell you but perhaps a more knowledgeable member will chime in....
  7. DRL can no longer be added. Chrysler removed the code
  8. So what’s THIS gonna cost....

    SO, got the DJ back today (finally). Replaced 3 AC lines going to rear condenser, evac, leak die, refilled AC system, snowing in the car on the ride home. Flashed HVAC control. Compressor stays off when display is off. found loose connection at Hands Free Module-will use and see, speaking and understanding English replaced 3 motor mounts replaced oil dipstick checked for stored codes, etc to explain low mpg. Couldn’t find anything, but on the way home hit 24 mpg on the highway with the ac on, so we’ll watch that too. If it stays crappy, bring it back for more involved diagnostics-no new deductible topped off coolant-could not find leak. If I lose any coolant bring it back, no new deductible TOTAL out the door cost for repairs: $146 dollars (dip stick wasn’t covered under either warranty, bummer) I LOVE Fields CDJR in Glenview, IL.
  9. Power steering problems

    The power steering has NOTHING to do with the water pump. Changing the water pump is a complex procedure. You do realize it’s an internal pump right? From the sounds of your posts you are not up to this task. Take it to the dealer.
  10. 2017 Journey Rear Wiper

    If it under your 3/36 or Mopar extended warranty it’s covered. Why wouldn’t it be?
  11. 2017 Journey Rear Wiper

    Not still under warranty I take it?
  12. 2017 Journey Rear Wiper

    There’s a nut under the cover, maybe it came loose...
  13. Check to make sure a button is not stuck down. Check the PC board for the stuck button.
  14. Drive Trans/

    Well a couple of things come to mind. with the tires being worn on the outer side, alignment is the first thing that pops into my head. Since it’s still under warranty, take it to the dealer for a 4 wheel alignment. Should they find anything wrong with the ball joints,etc. they can fix that under warranty You might have to pay for the alignment, you might not. Depends on what they find. A 4 wheel alignment was less than $150 last fall at my dealer. let us know