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  1. My 09 will play exact ringtones from my phone, so I would guess so. If it connects to BT it should work.
  2. Why do you suspect the key battery isn’t low? I changed mine about every 2 years everything working perfectly or not. Not worth it being dead. i know the flashing red light is the security system, but never stuck around to watch it. Sorry not more helpful...
  3. Headlights Dimming and Brightening

    Could also be bulbs. Halogen bulbs dim as they age, maybe that’s why they are bright then dim as the electrical system cycles...
  4. Ankle Replacement

    Hey, does that come with a lifetime warranty???? Lmao
  5. Ankle Replacement

    The xrays are before the knee replacement after surgery to repair the brake.....lol
  6. Ankle Replacement

    Nice cast! Had my knee replaced in 2015, due to an injury. Had enough therapy to last a lifetime! One bit of advice on therapy, do what they tell you, not more, and ice is your friend! Good luck!
  7. ‘‘I was told this last time they will not replace it even if it’s under warranty time” What? And you accepted that? If it’s under warranty and it doesn’t work, they fix it. That’s what warranty’s are for. File a complaint with FCA...
  8. Any guesses here??

    Thought about the map but no engine light triggered..wouldn’t the map trigger a mil if it was bad? Not sure...
  9. Any guesses here??

    Hey all. The particulars: 09 , v6 3.5, about 88,500 miles The issues: rough idle when in gear with foot on brake, mpg is about 12 [usually get 14 around town in the winter] on occasion it will die after backing down the driveway and shifting into drive, but only when cold. Once it warms up once it won’t die until next day. NO ENGINE LIGHT. SO FAR: cleaned my K&N air filter (really wasn’t dirty but cleaned it anyway), cleaned the throttle body [wasnt really dirty but cleaned it anyway]. At about 85k the dealer replaced the intake manifold and changed the plugs for a similar issue, but that issue threw the check engine light. I’m taking it in Monday and leaving it for a 4 wheel alignment [new rubber] and so that they can check it out cold, but was curious what you all think. I’m thinking it could be anything from a weak coil to a slipped timing belt. Yes, this engine has a belt that needs replacement every 100k miles. I know no one can diagnose the problem online, but maybe someone had a similar situation and can point me to what they did to fix it. Thoughts? Thanks!
  10. Jeep Cherokee Trailhawk.....
  11. 2010 dodge journey inside fuse panel

    I recall removing the plastic kick panel but not sure about the carpeting.
  12. 2010 dodge journey inside fuse panel

    I think my 09 fuse box on the inside is on the passenger side, below the glovebox, but on the side . So if you are looking from the seat, under the glovebox, on the right wall in front of the door. I’ll check when the car is here and post if I’m wrong.
  13. Fuel economy

    My 09 gets anywhere from 12mpg to 23mpg. I live in Chicago so it’s all stop and a little go traffic. Winter always gets lower mpg. Nothing on the roof or extra weight in the car. On the highway I’ll get 23 mpg doing 75 mph. Think it’s just the constant traffic that kills me. Has about 88k miles on it. Plugs have been changed, throttle body cleaned, K&N air filter (cleaned). It does get up and go when you hit it though! I didn’t buy it for its mpg..
  14. So you would have to go aftermarket, then you lose some controls, like climate and Uconnect....
  15. I’m not sure DJ are compatible with car play, but mine is an 09 so I wouldn’t know. Good luck!