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  1. Has Maxcare Delivered A ROI For You?

    I’m sorry, but the Chrysler warranty does not have this limitation...... I mentioned that in my post.
  2. Has Maxcare Delivered A ROI For You?

    I also bought the Lifetime Bumper-Bumper Warranty, back in ‘09 I think I paid $1800 for it. I think it was so cheap that year because in ‘07, ‘08 & ‘09 Chrysler vehicles came with Lifetime Powertrain, so the Bumper-Bumper warranty didn’t have to cover the power train. As the previous poster mentioned, it comes with a $100 deductible, but my dealer waves the $100 if I bring it there for my service, since I bought the car and the warranty there. That alone has save me the cost of the warranty. Many similar warranties expire when the cost of the repair exceeds the value of the vehicle, but that’s not the case with this warranty. I currently have almost 300,000 miles and still going strong, so we’ll see how far I can take it. My only fear is that someone will crash into my car, at this age it wouldn’t take much to total it and that would end the warranty. Hope this helps, Happy Motoring....
  3. 2009 Journey SXT AWD 3.5 L starting issue

    I had a similar problem with my ‘09. I’ve been through seven batteries in nine years and several starters. The dealer really has no idea and the last time it happened, they addd a ground strap to the engine block. I told them this can’t be the cause of my problems, if that extra ground strap was needed, it would’ve been there since new, and I, not sure how they came to that conclusion. But I have to tell you, I haven’t had a starting problem since then. Fingers crossed and we’ll see if the problem returns, I’ll keep you posted.
  4. Tail gate wire harness

    I would try a junkyard. For one thing you’d get a chance to see what another harness looks like (is it worn like yours)? If it looks in good shape, then I’d buy it. If it has the same problem as your harness, then you know there’s a problem and buying a new harness would end up with the same result...... Happy Motoring.....
  5. brwengel

  6. I think what they mean is that it's a common problem with these Journey's. I looked at my brake hose and the metal bracket in question appears to be rusted, looks like it's not plated. So I would expect all of them to rust, and it'll be worse the further north you are. My sister has an '09 Caravan and it has the same problem with the rear calipers and her hose bracket is also rusted.....
  7. Hey freeeric, That was a great find......a lot of people might be surprised to find this to be true. Thanks for posting.
  8. Rear Bumper Pad Protector

    You realize this thread is eight years old, right?
  9. Last year I received a recall notice for campaign S07 NHTSA 16V-047 regarding the passenger occupant restraint control module and a possible corrosion of the power supply integrated circuit. The recall notice stated that parts would not be available until second quarter of '17. Two weeks ago I received the same notice again, except this time, there was no mention of parts availability. So I called my dealer and they knew nothing about it, said that the customer will usually be informed before the dealer. Today I received a call from the dealer telling me that they do have limited parts, but the first couple of modules they've installed have taken almost two days. Mine is scheduled to have the recall completed in two weeks, I'll keep you updated. NOTE: This recall affects certain [2008- 2009 Dodge Grand Caravan, Chrysler Grand Voyager, Chrysler Town & Country and 2009 Dodge Journey] vehicles S07.pdf
  10. 3rd row

    While it is possible to add the third row seating, there are a lot of pieces affected. Beside the seating itself, there are the rear plastic trim panels on both sides of the cargo area that need replaced. In addition to that, there is the addition of seat belts for the third row and then the second row seating must fold up to allow access to the third row. The seats that are in the second row, actually have the mechanism built in, but you'd need the handles and trim pieces to allow it to function. I'm sure it could be done, just know what you're getting into before you start the project....and as someone already mentioned, having a donor vehicle really helps as long as all interior colors and fabrics match and have faded at the same rate as your vehicle. Happy Motoring.....
  11. I've not heard about a recall on the paint issue, but I can tell you that mine have both peeled to the point where I'm considering taking the rest of the paint off to make it look completely black (my Journey is Blue) and I also have a friend who has an '09 in the same color and his paint has also peeled off the mirrors.
  12. Just a bit of an update on the KeyFob......here in the U.S. we had a recall for the Win Module back last year This recall was to replace the ignition switch with one that had a stronger detent so the key could not be accidentally turned off while in the switch. In addition to the new switch, the KeyFob's were also updated, this fixed the battery problem the original style had. However, with the new Win Module and KeyFob Chrysler somehow took away the ability for an owner to program his own key....meaning you Must have the dealer do it, and the KeyFob is not reprogrammable. I just had to have my Win Module replaced, which meant I needed new KeyFob's. I'm not sure if any of this applies to vehicles in the U.K., but I hope it helps.
  13. ignition issues

    I too am having this same issue. I have an '09 with a 3.5L and had the R03 recall done last year. Recently I went to start the car and nothing happens, just one click. Turn it off and maybe on the fourth or fifth try it will start. And yes the car is firmly in Park (actually there's nothing different I do from the times it won't start until the time when it does start). Recently I found that if I use the Remote Start on my KeyFob, it always starts. So that may help in troubleshooting, I have an appointment next week. I'll let you know what they find...... UPDATE: I picked my car up from the dealer and they told me the problem was the WinModule that was replaced last year under the recall. Luckily my Lifetime Bumper-to-Bumper Warranty covered the repair, but the warranty does not cover KeyFob's, so I had to pay for two new keys. I called Chrysler to complain that a new WinModule should come with keys and while I understand the warranty doesn't cover KeyFob's, there's nothing wrong with my keys. The rep agreed that the keys should be covered under the warranty repair, but I'm still waiting to get my money back from the dealer..... The saga continues.
  14. So I'm just curious, do you not have a copy of your recall? While I don't have mine in front of me at the moment, I'm pretty sure that's where I saw the wording that stated they would replace all Fobiks, including any you may have purchased. I have my notice at home and I'll check this week-end...
  15. I just did my upgrade on the front wheels of my '09 this past weekend. I got my calipers from a junkyard and put new factory rotors and new pads on. Bled the brakes until new fluid came out and I had great pedal immediately. Was a very easy upgrade and I worried about bleeding the anti-lock brakes for nothing......