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    The first thing I would try is disconnect the battery for 30 mins. While it’s disconnected you might want to check the connections. Front trim piece just pops off, then it’s a few screws to remove the radio and HVAC controls.....
  2. Did you get the DRL turned on because as far as we know it ISN’T possible. If you did get them turned on let everyone know how or what was done...
  3. What have I got

    Kinda late to ask if you bought it already don’t t you think? LOL Nice looking ride. Journeys have all kinds of issues but every car is unique. I have an 09 and have the usual brake issues, struts, etc but so far no big engine or transmission issues...
  4. 2010 Dodge Journey R/T electrical issues

    I’d dump it now while everything’s working. Get something else with a factory extended warranty. Once you have electrical issues, you’ll always have electrical issues..., but that’s just my opinion.
  5. BCM bad maybe? Wasn’t there something like this when the dash was bad? Try searching the forum for that.....
  6. Weird transmission issues

    I have both done, flush, new filter, new fluid at the dealer. About $200 but IMO worth it. I have the Lifetime Powertrain and a Lifetime Extended Warranty...
  7. Multiple Updates

    I have no idea so didn’t answer but if you want an answer, yes, do both, one at a time. If you just do the latest you might screw the pooch. there you go.
  8. I was under the impression backup cameras were required as of MY 2018 by NHTSA or DOT or one of those government type agencies. No?
  9. 2.4L engine performance

    No way to do what you want that’s cheap and easy.
  10. Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    Ahh, thanks for the explanation! Wasn’t clear on the 10 pound thing, and now I am..
  11. The install might be plug in, but the dealer has to activate it. You would save $ on install labor but they will surely charge you to activate it if they didn’t put it in.
  12. If the vin says it has a camera, how the hell can the parts department say can’t order one? That is by far the stupidest thing I ever heard! I would go sit with the dealer GM, have him look up the vin and explain why they misled your wife by telling her it had a camera, the vin shows a camera, but apparently someone removed the camera at the dealership. They CERTAINLY CAN be ordered! What happens if a car with one installed breaks? Can’t be repaired? Put your foot down and demand what’s supposed to be on the car.... Dodge Cares, you out there?
  13. Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    Sounds EXACTLY like my 09. The seats would vibrate at highway speeds, free massage. Not even on the options list, Massaging seats at highway speeds. Anyway, what size tires do you have? My 09 has 19’s on it and they have been a b@#%h to balance since day 1! Never got it right on the first try, always took 3. That was with the factory tires and a set of Michilene’s I now run Bridgestones and on the first try balance was great. Local Firestone dealer did it right on the first try. It’s all in how the weights are set. BTW, I hope you meant 10 ounces, not pounds...
  14. Rear View Camera Problem

    Check the wires in the rubber grommet at the top of the rear door. These wires are known to wear and get damaged. Sounds like water is getting to the wires causing it so short......
  15. What is that socket ?

    Not the IPod cable then... not a clue...