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Found 16 results

  1. Ok Ladies and gentlemen. My 2010 2.4L has 140000 km so far, not too many issues other than plugs until now. Engine just stalled at a downshift last week. Luckily I was able to manage to restart the car and pulled it over. Engine is working very rough and Mil was flashing. I looked up scanner and got a bunch of codes for the crank sensor and misfire on cylinder 1. ( P0300 P0301 P0315 P0335 P0339 U0402). We went ahead and changed the crankshaft sensor since p315 p335 p339 were all refered to it. The Journey was started and idled fine, test drive everything felt normal just a bit weak. All code were gone except P0301 which is cylinder 1 misfire is on all the time. I have changed all plugs at 110000km. They were all fine. We swap coils, plugs. no change. Swapped fuil injectors, no change. Still just p0301. We got fuel pressure test done. Everything is normal. Do you guys think one of the cam sensors might be bad and could possibly be sending funky signals to pcm? Or the PCM need to be relearned after crank But there is no code for cam sensors at all and all code for crank sensor were gone. Welcome some expert insight here. Thank you all in advance for your idea.
  2. 3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    For sale, 3.5L V6 Engine from a 2009 Dodge Journey with 123K miles.Tested and working. $750 Shipped or best offer.
  3. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    My wife and I currently have a 2014 Journey SXT AWD. It has just over 104k miles on it so it is out of warranty and the check engine light came on and the engine started ticking. We took it and the code ran. It came back saying there was a problem with the second cylinder on the left side (sorry I do not remember the exact code). We spoke with a friend of ours that is mechanic and he said that it is a known problem for the 3.6L Pentastar and that he had the same problem with his Chrysler Town & Country. He said that Dodge repaired his van free of charge and that we should reach out to Dodge and see if they would do "good faith" warranty repair since we are out of warranty and it is a known problem for previous model years. We did that and Dodge told us that it was not their problem since there were no active recalls for it and the 2014 model wasn't affected in the previous model year problems. So my question is this, is anyone else here experiencing the same engine ticking problem with a 2014 or newer model year?
  4. Help! Please.

    2014 Dodge Journey busted coolant hose, ran hot and shut off. Replaced the hose, antifreeze, etc. Car still won't start. It will crank, but not turn over. The fuel injectors aren't working and there is no fire from the coil. We've tried getting it out of every safety mode possible. What in the heck could it be?
  5. Hello all, Hoping to get some help on this forum as i am really stuck on this. I am having Dodge Journey for last 3 years and have no issue at all, recently two weeks back it started some noise from engine. Having looked by few mechanics it was mixed opinion like bad Rocker arm or loose timing chain but no one was sure. One of the mechanic asked me that he wanted to keep the vehicle for inspection. I dropped the car on Friday and he called me to workshop on Tuesday evening and explaining me issues he found in car (not the actual tick noise) like bad jump / strut, slight leakage from one of the heater hose. but was not confirmed about the engine noise. At that time he started the car and engine and it was running fine. he wanted to keep it to make sure or investigate. After no response from him i decided to pickup the car which first he said for thursday and then he pushed to Friday. This is now from where problem start. So i went to pickup the car. I started the car and as soon as i come out from his workshop and drove 300 meter the engine start shaking and then stall. I tried one more time but same, engine shaking and then stall. I called him as he was there and he said something is broken. I said to him that i am not expert but i am sure nothing has broken. There is one thing i want to mention is that when i picked up the car he said that battery is flat but when i put ignition it started the car. After the stall the check engine light was on. I did not allow him to touch my car further and towed car back to home. First of all took battery out and put it on charger (12V/2Amp) it took 4 days to charge the battery. After that read the trouble codes it was for low volts and engine Misfire P0300. Having some internet research and with few try i am able to work out that engine starts and runs for little while (untill fuel finishes) if the fuse of fuel pump relay or fuse of fuel pump is taken out. Otherwise it just shake and then stall. Any suggestion ? or idea ?
  6. I been looking in to swapping the engine but i having trouble finding conversion kits
  7. Wont Start

    I have an 09 Journey that wont start. The battery is good when i turn on the car everything turns on, but the engine. I had this problem yesterday but after about 5 min of messing around it started and ran fine, when i got off work it started right up. This morning i had no problems, its about 8 degrees outside so i thought that maybe the cold is having some effect, but its warmer now than when i left the first time this morning. I dont hear the starter, but i dont know if the starter is bad or if some other sensor is telling it not to crank. Any ideas would be great, thanks in andvance.
  8. I have an 09 journey se 2.4L i have had it for just about 3 years now, i have had to replace all 4 coil packs 3 times now. The check engine will come on ill check the codes it'll say misfire in 1-2 cylinders (different each time) as well as crank shaft and cam shaft sensor. This happens about every 12-13 months, I know there has got be something that is causing the packs to go bad that fast but until they go bad the engine light doesn't come on and everything runs fine. Any information you can provide would be awesome.
  9. When coming to a stop quickly engine cuts out and symbol appears. Usually if I start the cat again it drives normal but other times it cuts out straight away. I took the car to the mechanic and he found that the turbine / some filter to the turnbine had a hole in it and that was cause the engine to stall due to low revs. He repaired it and all seemed fine till today wjennthhe same thing happened.
  10. P0128 code

    i saw this post on srt forum a i have same issue........."""""""i was just driving about 10 minutes ago and my engine light came on, and the code was P0128-THERMOSTAT RATIONALITY"""""""" " any idea about it??????
  11. Engine shuts off when put in D or R

    Hi, my dodge journey has some troubles ( mostly in the morning ). It starts up without any problem but when i put it in Drive or Reverse en then release the brakes and push the gas pedal the motor shuts off. What could be te reason for this?
  12. Ok, so my ELM 327 cable arrived and I ran a few different diagnostic programs on it. My engine sometimes stutters on acceleration like it isnt running on all cylinders and then clears, the mpg is also lower than expected (about 6-7mpg less) Here are the pics: The things concerning me are the MAF is showing anywhere from 11 - 15g/s on idle from cold The absolute throttle position is showing 94.9% on idle There was also a P0513 showing intermittantly on 1 program only, which seems to correspond to the immobiliser key. I did have a problem a few days back where the car started and immediately stopped so I assume this is what it was. This problem seems to have gone away. Should I be worried about the readings I have found? Im not sure what they should be, although I assume the throttle should read 0% or close to it on idle? The MAF reading from other forums on other cars seems to be only 1g/s on idle? appreciate any help Im worried theres some fueling problem or MAF issue I have the VW TDI CRD PD engine if it helps (same as the Audi A4, Skoda etc) I seem to remember this didnt happen before I changed the air filter. I had to chop the rubber sill down a bit to get the lid closed as it was ASHIKA branded and "compatible part" not a 100% perfect fit
  13. cutting out

    I have a 2009 Journey with a 4 cylinder, it first started chugging slightly when ever I was trying to go up a steep incline or trying to maintain speed while going up a hill. The other night it started chugging/cutting out really bad ad the check engine light came on. As soon as i let out on the gas it quit and the light went off. I'm thinking it might be a misfire but wanted to get ant opinions that you all might have Brandon
  14. I purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey SE in December of 2011. It's a very base module, pretty much has none of the spiffy features, not even the door locking buttons on the key. So basically, this thing has been in the shop seven or eight times over the last two years. Some of it was just standard stuff, some of it was really stupid (like a third party starter (That was already in there when I bought it) playing havoc with the ignition switch causing the car to decide I had stolen it and shut down WHILE I WAS DRIVING IT.)( never did get my second key back from that thing either) And some of it was my fault. Where I am now, however, is very strange. The car will start, I can drive it around for a while, then park and turn it off. If I try to start it again, however, it won't start. The lights inside all come on, not dim at all, and the car gives off a loud clicking noise. The strangest part is that if I let the car sit for at least three hours (I'm working on timing it) and I come back the car will start just fine. Then I drive it again, park it again, then if I try to start it again it won't start. It did it once or twice over the last two years so I wasn't too worried, I figured it was just the cold or something. But it has done it four times in the last two weeks, and I can replicate the issue now as well. My biggest problem is that I need to put gas in the tank, but I don't want to stop at a gas station, fill up, then be unable to start the damned thing. When I turn it on and it doesn't start, the little engine light comes on and stays on, and the little red lightning bolt light comes on, stays on for longer than when the engine actually does start, then eventually turns off. I don't have the money to get it fixed or even damned well towed anywhere, and I need the car to even find a job so I can afford to take it in somewhere. I hope that someone can give me an idea as to what the heck is wrong with the thing and maybe a way around it or a temporary fix until I can get it in to somewhere. I am not a car person, I am not mechanically inclined at all.
  15. I was looking around searching for an cold air intake for the journey and came across this: http://www.knfilters.com/search/product.aspx?prod=69-2543ttk it looks like it might fit the 3.6L journey, its made for the avenger. I saw someone post on a different forum that they used this on their journey but it was an old post and im not sure if it will fit since there are no pictures of it on that journey or any one else out there talking about it. so if anyone out there has tried it or knows if it will or will not fit please let me know! thanks
  16. Has anyone encountered this? I'm not a mechanic and don't know how to tinker with an engine. I took my 2011 Journey with 10,000 miles to the local dealership to take advantage of another of the free oil changes that came with the purchase. They had it at the door when I left and by the time I drove past 3 garage bays I had to shut it down due to a horrible engine noise. The rep came out and tried to start it and the problem continued. They gave me a rental for the day. When I returned they said they couldn't find a problem and that it started and ran fine for them. The ticket suggested that I heard "valve noise after an oil change." After getting home I realised that I might have capture the noise on video since I keep a dash camera running when I drive. Sure enough the noise was there. I've posted the video on YouTube and would welcome any thoughts and comments on the problem.