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  1. starting issues

    My first guess would be a bad ground or a loose connection. The battery was just replaced but maybe the cable has come loose. There is also a known issue with a sensor that is part of the negative cable right at the battery. I am not familiar with that one but there is plenty of discussion on this forum about it. Alternately, I just had a issue with my key fobs not working and it was just the 2 year old batteries in them. Does not sound like the same problem you have. Check your battery cables and make sure all of your connections are clean and tight. Good luck.
  2. REALLY?

    Thread 1 Thread 2 Thread 3 Just to clarify what I am talking about. However, I can not help you beyond what has been mentioned in this thread and the two previous threads in which you posted so I will not intrude any further. Moderators, please feel free to edit or remove this post as you feel necessary. Good luck.
  3. REALLY?

    No one on this forum has given you this advice. This is the 3rd thread that you have posted too on the same subject and the answers have always been the same. If you are losing pressure, you have a leak. If you can't find it, you need a mechanic. If you have one that can't find it or is steering you wrong, you need a better, and more trusted, mechanic. Personally, if something as important as the breaking system on my vehicle was causing an unsafe condition, it would already be with a competent mechanic. In fact, been there, done that.
  4. Multiple electric issues

    Here is a decent write up that explains what the Body Control Module (BCM) does and the symptoms a bad one may show. http://knowhow.napaonline.com/bad-body-control-module-heres-tell/ Along with the link provided by 2late4u above, putting "Dodge Journey BCM" into Google will give a number of vendor sources. Be sure to check if the module is preprogrammed to your specific vehicle as it will need to be.
  5. Looking for a new journey. (Possibly)

    Sorry to hear of the loss of your vehicle but sounds like it did right by you and you walked away okay? Buying a used Journey, with a very specific list of wants, may be time-consuming. I bought a 2016 in late 2017 after shopping for over a month to find the best fit for me. I am glad that I waited to get what I wanted but it did cost. During the shopping, I rented a 2017 Crossroad and ultimately bought a 2016 R/T. I can say they are different to me in the ride and handling, as they should be. The Crossroad was very smooth, handled very well, and was comfortable with the cloth seats. The R/T is a bit stiffer on the bumps and the steering, still a smooth ride overall, and corners better due to the stiffer suspension. The seats are leather and that took some getting used too as they are harder, at least in the beginning, and slicker, as leather tends to be. After a year of driving, I am very settled into it but I was also happy with the Crossroad. The difference was fairly stark in the beginning as I would test one and then go back to the other. Drive them both, if you can. I can say that I drove samples of each that had terrible rides and were noisy. I suspect these examples were poorly cared for by the previous owner. The one I bought was a very low mileage former lease vehicle, not a rental. They are popular as rentals but I would not consider one. As for a sunroof, of all the ones I looked at, I never saw one in this area with a sunroof. With a bad experience with a sunroof in the past, I was not in the market anyway.
  6. Is this thing a lemon?

    Most states allow you to cancel a major purchase within a short period of time. If you are this unhappy, run, don't walk, and get your money back. You already have decided that the purchase was wrong for you. With a start like that, you will not be happy unless you cut now and move on.
  7. I replaced a battery due to a bad cell. The symptoms, with all of the electronics, were all over the map, with different warning lights and odd behavior. It was a learning experience. Rule out the battery and the alternator first. It does sound like a wiring issue. On an older car, I would be looking for a bad ground and/or connection.
  8. New clunking/squeaking sound - after hitting a bump?

    Given your location, do you have any snow or ice build up between the windshield and the hood? I have found that when ice gets down into this area, it makes a very annoying rattling, clunking sound that sounds like the dash / windshield juncture. It is quite irritating.
  9. Big brake kit to repace crappy OE brakes?

    Agreed. The problem, as you describe it, is not the common issue that the early Journeys had with brakes to small and excessive wear. What you describe is a loss of pressure and / or fluid. This is not a common issue to the Journey anymore than other brands. The fact that "nobody seems to know what is wrong with it" is because you need a better mechanic to diagnose the problem. If you have air in the system, you have a leak. If you are losing fluid, you have a leak. If the fluid is good but the peddle is soft, you have a mechanical problem at the end of the system with the actual braking components. If the peddle is hard and will not go down, you have a sticking caliper or a cylinder / valve problem. All vehicles can have these issues. You need a qualified mechanic to start.
  10. During this winter, all 3 of my fobs failed to work at the same time. This is a 2016 and two of the fobs are original with the 3rd coming with the vehicle when purchased used from the dealer. None of the fobs would work for any function no matter how far I was from the vehicle. Even standing next too, or sitting in the vehicle. The door handle would work fine and the vehicle would start when pressing the fob to the start button on the dash. This would only happen when the temperature was 0 degrees F or lower. The car battery is less than a year old and was changed by the dealer under warranty. During this last cold blast, I would even get the "key not detected" error on the dash but the vehicle would still start fine. Naturally, I was leaning toward thinking that it was a receiver problem. Before going all in I decided to change the batteries in two of the fobs with a good quality, name brand. Bingo! Everything works fine now, even from inside the house and close to 10 degrees below F. I would not have thought that all 3 batteries would fail to work, at the same time, under the same conditions, at just 3 years of age. This is just a note to anyone having a similar problem to try the simple first, even when it just doesn't seem right.
  11. Front side windows still fogging with fan on high

    Agree with 2late4u. Most of my vehicles have had this problem in very cold weather. The Journey is actually not too bad but I always use the defrost vent / floor setting for just this reason. Anything else and the side windows will begin to fog around the edges. The problem is worse if your door and window seals have any air leaks. Clean and treat the seals as part of your normal vehicle maintenance.
  12. Left cylinder head letter.

    In the States, we have Mopar.com where we can set up an account. It is the official Mopar owner's site that allows you to track your vehicle by VIN #. You can see all of the service records from the dealer or those you enter yourself. You can also see what your warranty is specific to that VIN # and a listing of recalls. You may be able to access something similar where you are even if the brand is no longer sold there. Try a Google search.
  13. Squeal only when Cold

    I've been having this same common issue in my 2016, which is not listed in the TSB. It only shows up in this sub-zero weather. Fortunately, if it poses a problem, I am covered under warranty.
  14. Service AWD strikes again

    That's cool! I don't have to worry about my wife borrowing my DJ. She can't drive a clutch! It might be fun watching her try to find it though.
  15. hello

    Welcome to Dodge World from the State Of Michigan, USA