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  1. 2017? Is it still under warranty? It would seem that if no warranty, you have found the place to start in the other thread that you posted this problem too. I would be inclined to start with what has worked for others as posted in that thread.
  2. Rough engine start for 20 seconds only

    Is P301 the only code you are getting? A short term rough idle at start up may be the result of the throttle not working correctly while cold. It is common for a sensor to fail, something that controls cold idle like a MAS or MAP sensor. During the summer months, cold idle will only last a very brief time before the RPM's drop to idle and the engine smooth's out. If one of the sensors are bad, the cold idle would be rough. In cold weather, this condition may last a couple of minutes.
  3. Heater hose failure

    Hopefully your Journey is on the road to recovery.
  4. Heater hose failure

    If you had heat before the leak but not now it is hoped it is just an air bubble. It is a common problem on any car. You need to note if both heater lines are hot to know if you have flow. Then we can try to determine if it is air or something more serious. If it is air, you may be able to force it out by squeezing the inlet line and pushing the bubble thru. Remove the radiator cap and watch for bubbles and a declining level.
  5. Heater hose failure

    It's not unusual to trap air in the heater core. When filling the system, run the heat on full and make sure to feel both heater lines to make sure they reach the same temperature.
  6. Heater hose failure

    Sounds like you have an air bubble in the system. That is a common problem when doing a complete flush and refill.
  7. New Member

    Welcome to the forum.
  8. 2009-10 seats in 2015?

    A dealership or body shop should be able to tell you. The salvage yard should also have a database of parts that are compatible across years and models of vehicles.
  9. I purchased my 2016 at Lafontaine in Fenton, MI two years ago. The sales experience was lackluster, to say the least. The people were very nice and always tried their best but the system tended to let them, and me, down. There were numerous occasions where the ball was dropped and I had to come back the next day. Once I had the vehicle, I began to use their service department. Again, the experience was lackluster. There was more effort put into upselling "recommended" services than just taking care of the issues. The last service visit was for a warranty repair. While waiting for the part and a loaner vehicle to become available I was encouraged to get the "recommended" service 6 times via email, letters, and phone. A year and a half later, I'm still waiting on the warranty part and loaner. After that experience, I took the Journey to Al Deeby in Clarkston, MI. I was in and out in 1.5 hours with diagnostic and repair complete. No hassles, no upsell. I have used them for routine service since with absolutely no problems. They take care of the scheduled service and never push for a "recommended" upcharge. I am very happy with the service department so far and will continue to use them until that changes. It's all about the trust.
  10. Can't Unlock Maps

    Have FCA Canada explain to you what the R65 means. They are the ones that suggested this course of action. I would want a clear understanding of the cause and fix before I hand over $1000.00 and a guaranty that it is going to solve the problem. If their advise is worth $1000.00 then the explanation should be too.
  11. motor mount / support brace

    @jkeaton Ask a moderator to move this to the correct section.
  12. I had to replace the batteries in two key fobs that were only 2 years old. They still did not work. I got some good quality, name brand (the others were too) batteries and now they work like a champ. The lesion was that the fobs may not like certain brands even though the batteries are new. Why? I don't know. Some small issue with fit maybe but the new ones have been in almost a year now.
  13. I need a fuse box for dodge journey 2011 model

    Here is the winning number. XXXXXX I x'd it out so no one else would get it.
  14. I need a fuse box for dodge journey 2011 model

    Fuse boxes don't die. They have other problems but they don't die.
  15. Here is the link to the thread that ^^^^^^ is referring too. Lots of good information but there was no concrete resolution.