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  1. New member and owner of 2014 R/T

    I too ignored the prejudiced opinions, did the research and extensive testing, and am happy with my 2016. I knew the documented problems going in. I have also had experience with the other manufacturers. I knew what to realistically expect. Welcome to the forum! May the ride be smooth!
  2. 2010 - Check Engine, Stability, and ETC

    Check all of your power connection also, including battery cables, alternator connections, and grounds. Make sure they are tight and corrosion free.
  3. Chilton Manual

    Could it be that the Dodge Journey is so trouble free that there has not been a need for a manual?
  4. This is going to be pure speculation on my part as I don't have a problem here. One other common theme you mention is all the phones are Apple. Has there been a common software update lately from Apple? Have you tried an Android? Any reports on the internet about a software cliche recently? And just to rule it out, the key fob does interfer with the phone sometimes but you already know that.
  5. Air noise buffeting

    I will agree with what the salesperson has told you. My Journey does this if you only try to roll down the back windows. My Chevy Impala does the same thing and so did the Ford Marquis that I had. It is something that I do not remember being a problem on older cars but I have experienced it across different brands over the last dozen years. Its irritating and disappointing but it is not a fault of the vehicle. It is, in my experience, a common problem. With the Journey, I use the auto climate control and have been quite happy, once I have learned it's idiosyncrasies.
  6. What NavalLacrosse has mentioned has been my experience also. The battery in my 2016 went bad at only 2 years old. With a bad cell the car could be jumped and driven but it would not restart. The dash gave all kinds of errors and lights and I thought the worst also. The Journey, being the modern electronic marvel that it is exhibits all kinds of weird symptoms with a weak battery. It is not your father's Dodge. Have your battery tested at any auto parts store for free. A trusted mechanic may even test the battery for free. As for DodgeCares, I understand your frustration but to lash out at someone who offered help, and gave you the choice to take it, is not going to help you get your problem resolved. Check the battery first and go from there. Good luck.
  7. radiator cap hose

    The problem that the OP, and all of the symptoms, sounds exactly like a situation that I had with a Grand Marquis. The car blew the temp sensor out of the plastic manifold while on the freeway. I was within a mile of the Ford dealer and coasted in. Plastic intake replaced but misfire and overheating continued. Another shop changed coils. Overheating and pressure continued, along with a misfire. Before I was done, both shops had diagnosed the problem again. The dealer pressure tested the coolant system and determined that the radiator had a pin hole leak. This did not explain the excess pressure to me, nor the lack of a real leak so I declined replacement. The other shop did a leak down and compression check and ruled out the head and gasket. No exhaust gases either. The car continued to overhead and misfire after it warmed up but not before. I never found the problem and replaced the vehicle with the Journey. My suspicion was that a cracked or warped head, or a bad gasket, was allowing a pin sized leak only after the engine was warm. Once the vehicle warmed up, it would overhead and the pressure in the coolant system would build until the coolant was expelled from the radiator cap. Sorry I don't have a solution but only a guess. In my case, it made more sense to cut my losses, which were considerable at this point. Good luck.
  8. Battery saving mode

    If the battery was the original at 2014 it was not a bad idea to change it anyway. Checking the alternator correctly would be the next step. If the alternator and the battery are both good, but the battery is draining, you may have a parasitic draw. Plenty of threads on here about that kind of problem. Also go over ALL of your connections for corrosion, including grounds and at the fuse box.
  9. 2020 Dodge Journey Arrives this fall - No Changes.

    The 3.6L was one of the deciding factors for settling on the Journey. It remains one of the things that I most like about it. It is smooth and quite during normal operation but has the power to move with authority when needed. The competition that I test drove had 4 cylinders with no 6 as an offering. The result was a rougher idle and noisier operation. The trade-off was better economy. The Journey 2.4L offers no such benefit. The real killer here is a 4 speed transmission that is years behind the competition. Other vehicles, including FCA offerings, are at 8-10 speeds now. I wonder if FCA, being basically foreign based, is moving to offer an electric version in the future? Don't know but glad I have the warranty on this one. I plan to drive it for years to come.
  10. 2020 Dodge Journey Arrives this fall - No Changes.

    Makes me think that they are trying to push people toward the Durango, which has not been meeting sales expectations. There are still 2018 models on the lot. I agree, it's a shame. A 2.4L with a 4 speed? That does not even make sense to be the only offering in this day and age. I sure would not buy one with all of the competition out there now.
  11. I ran across this video. There are often questions from forum residents about the MAP sensor. This video goes into nice detail about how it works and how it is affected by various conditions. Pt1 and Pt.2 amounts to about 40 minutes. This is a general instructional video and is not Journey specific.
  12. Just bought a Journey SE Blacktop

  13. New forum member

    Welcome to our little piece of blacktop. Hope you enjoy yours as much as I have.
  14. 09 Journey 3.5 P0205 + P0305

    I am no (professional) mechanic so I am just throwing out ideas. 1st, I agree that if the timing was off it would show all the time. As it always runs fine once started until it is shut off I am thinking not a mechanical issue as opposed to an electronic issue. A scrambled instruction such as a computer malfunction or a sensor. If it was a wiring problem it might be intermittent but not so controlled by circumstance. I'm thinking an incorrect signal is being sent on startup from a misread or malfunctioning sensor. Maybe even a poor or corroded connection that interferes with a start up instruction only. Again, just my two cents and pennies aren't even copper anymore.