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  1. 2016 Crossroad. Paint bubbling

    Here is a related thread. The issue did get resolved. Persistence was key but style of approaching the dealer matters too.
  2. AVG / MPG sudden drop

    +1. When I questioned the fuel tank gage level and the mpg readout, the dealer replied that they are estimates only. I find them both to be reliable enough but the mpg can fluctuate depending on all the conditions that 2late4u stated above. The only reliable way to track mileage is the hard math way and being able to compare to past performance. This is not a bad idea in any vehicle from time to time. Then you have a reliable baseline. As the average comes back to normal with driving I would not be concerned, at the moment, and continue to watch it. Do check your tire pressures as winter cold will cause them to drop more than people realize.
  3. Cold Heat

    It could be the water pump but that would not be my first thought. You don't say what the dealer did to diagnose the problem and rule out other possibilities. Does the vehicle maintain engine temperature? Does the temperature run hot, cold, or fluctuate? Has the system been pressure tested to rule out any leaks with the water pump, the radiator cap, or even a head gasket issue? The pump may have a leak or the cap may not be holding pressure. You could have a slipping belt. The head gasket is unlikely by what you describe but can not be ruled out at this stage. You need to rule out the other possibilities first. My first thought is that you have an air bubble in the heater core from flushing it out the first time. Been there, done that. It's not uncommon. Let us know what has been checked already as this may have already been considered.
  4. Sat 2 weeks, Electric dead, Won't run after jump.

    "Fool's Bliss" I like that. I need that on my license plate.
  5. The USB is not limited to 32GB, at least on the 8.4 system. The SD card is. The USB does have to be formatted in FAT32 and the music has to be in Mp3 format. I have been successfully running a USB with 60GB. Trial and error taught me the limitation as far as formatting. One thing to note...I had recently plugged my USB directly into a router to access it from computers in the house. This is something that I have successfully done before but it did not work this time. Also, as a result, a small portion of the music will not read in my Dodge now. On inspection, the router had added files to the USB that were not there before. The flash drive is currently waiting to be reloaded before going back to the Dodge. I am updating my home music files first before updating the flash drive.
  6. As the title states, the Maximum Care Lifetime option was quietly discontinued as of November 30, 2018. Visit any of the warranty websites and you will find that the option of Unlimited is no longer available. The Ziegler website has a statement dated November 24, 2018 about the upcoming change. The current Unlimited warranties will still be honored.
  7. Ankle Replacement

    Glad I did not wait till my morning breakfast to see those pictures!! Hope everything goes well. Modern medical science can be amazing when it comes to replacing parts. Be sure to ask about their Maximum Care Unlimited warranty. There are a lot of parts in there. Good luck.
  8. Standard roof rack. How much weight can they carry

    See Journeyman425's answer in this related thread...
  9. 12 sxt zero power to anything

    Don't forget to switch your wiper blade sensor from rain to snow for the winter.
  10. Sat 2 weeks, Electric dead, Won't run after jump.

    I had a dead battery this past summer. The battery was the original one at 2 years old and 28000 miles. The diagnosis turned out to be a dead cell and it was replaced under warranty by the dealer. In the process of discovery, I had to call roadside assistance two days in a row. Before the vehicle was jumped, the battery had enough in it to cause the gauges and sensors to do all kinds of strange things but not enough to start the car. This is my first modern car and it was a real learning experience. Gone are the days of just "click, click, silence". Have it towed if that is what you are most comfortable with. Definitely have the alternator AND battery tested. Even though new, the battery may well have failed already. You could certainly pull the battery and take it in to the seller to have it tested. You don't say who installed the new one but, whoever did, should test it and cover it if it is at fault.
  11. Thank-you for the input bramfrank. I had somewhat that impression from reading other blogs but was unsure whether the problem was the onboard memory or not. Not really an issue as the music sounds good and the system is set up nicely. Thumbs-up to the designers!
  12. This is based on what I have found in my 2016 RT with the 8.4 system. The SD card slot will only work up to 32GB and must be formatted in FAT32. NTFS will not work. The card also needs to be a SDHC card. The 64GB SDXC card that I have will not read in the slot. I don't think, but am not sure, that a 64GB SDHC card, if you could find one, will work either. A better idea that others have done and I am doing myself - use a USB flash drive. The 32GB limitation does not apply to the USB port. I picked up a 128GB USB, on sale, for 20 bucks. I currently have 60GB of Mp3 format songs on it. It is formatted for FAT32 and it is working just fine. The only thing that I have not figured out yet is getting the artwork to show on all of the selections. This is a problem for a different day but it is not stopping me from enjoying the music. There have been some who have posted that they are using 500 USB Passports the same way. Something like that can be had for $50-60, on sale, but I have no need for that kind of space and I am concerned about the extreme temperatures in the wintertime here.
  13. I can't give an opinion on the AWD because I have never owned one. I do think that, with the right tires, the front wheel drive DJ is a decent vehicle for normal driving, including average snow conditions. As bramfrank said above, it is more the driver than anything. Before I bought my current 2016 DJ, I was renting a Crossroad. I had plenty of opportunity to experience traction issues in all weather conditions besides snow. I was particular impressed with the wet traction. The front tires were Pirelli. My current DJ has the stock Kumho tires and they definitely underwhelm traction wise in the snow, as they have a reputation of doing. Traction control, as mentioned above, is worthless on the DJ as well as other vehicles for moments such as climbing a difficult hill. Otherwise, even with the Kumho tires, the DJ holds the road very well. I did consider a Subaru Forester and took one for a test drive. It was not the vehicle for me but I can say that the thing was absolutely planted to the pavement. The grip was impressive, so much so, that I did not care for the feel for everyday driving. As I told the dealer, if I lived in the Great White North, it would have been a no-brainer. I also watched the promo video the dealer had on hill climbing comparisons between the Forester and other brands. Hyperbole or not, the DJ and the Forester are two different segments. Front wheel or AWD will never compare to 4-wheel drive either. The only roll-over accident I have had was a 4-wheel drive was on black ice on the freeway. Before buying, rent or borrow. Compare the vehicles on your time. Many dealers will allow you to take a vehicle for the day. Try it under your conditions before you sign the paperwork.
  14. Any guesses here??

    A vacuum leak could cause that problem. A leak around the intake manifold would do it. The installation of the new manifold may have developed a problem or a vacuum hose, related to he previous work or not, may have a leak.