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  1. In all fairness it was first year/gen. All manufacturers never get it right the first couple years. Plus did you buy it new or used? Buying a used car is like unprotected sex with a hooker. Everything might be fine or maybe it kills you. It's a risk we all take buying used LOL!
  2. Light bar, hikari led headlights

    Ya funny how they say plug and play and it is always slightly off. When i did mine on mg DJ i completely removed headlight housing from vehicle. Found it much easier then trying to squeeze and contort my hand.
  3. Just curious since you installed have you had any issues or gremlins?
  4. Light bar, hikari led headlights

    Looks nice. I was thinking of mounting a lightbar in the same spot. Went as far as buying it last fall but never got around to mounting it. Glad to know will look like how i envisioned it. First thing i do when i buy any vehicle is change the lights. Can't see a thing at night with those old halogen bulbs. Especially after it rained lol. I made the switch from HIDs to led couple years ago and never went back. Seemed like every year i would either need to replace a bulb or ballast or both on one side or another on mine or my wife's. Should mention i didn't buy some crap brand off ebay so can't blame that on the issue. But since switched to LED no problems with wife's car and only had to change 1 bulb in mine. I'd say definitely an improvement.
  5. Was wondering if anyone knows off aftermarket taillights for the 2009 journey.  And also if there’s away to make the 2012 dash work in 2009 journey 

    1. Locosiete


      I never seen any aftermarket taillight. But honestly never looked for any.

      As far as dash would think to do the conversation would be cheaper and easier to just buy a newer model with the options you want

  6. Performance upgrades

    Would love to turbo one but lord knows that is not with in my reaches ANY time soon. Don't know if there is any truth to it but was talking to someone at a car show and he was saying there is some type of chip or something that would force the system to be full-time AWD not just when it is slipping. Never did any research to see if there was any truth to it but curious if anyone here ever heard of something like that. I would think on DJs the AWD is not designed to always be on so it would burn out the system. Granted i am not a mechanic or an engineer so can't say for sure either way.
  7. Service AWD strikes again

    I have an aftermarket alarm. The bypass module for ignition taps into canbus at the obd2. I just disconnected the power to thr bypass. Alarm itself still works if someone broke in but the keyless entry and remote start is not since the bypass module is not powered. If you have a aftermarket alarm i would try disconnecting power to the alarm. If you are referring to factory alarm only thing i could think of is to disconnect battery for 10 minutes and reconnect.
  8. 3.6L alternator stereo and controls

  9. Hmmm... When you do call i would call the company directly and not the agent. I prefer to hear the good or bad news directly from tje source. Less chance for info to be misinterpreted.
  10. Glad to hear everything was paid for. Again only thing i would do is confirm with your comany they show it as a claim against you and if it will impact your rates at renewal. The rear diff shouldn't but the "damage to rear bumper" even though there was none may rate against you. It never hurts to call and ask. I would especially since adjuster since adjuster had it was damage to rear bumper. If it does not impact your rates sounds like you made about $700 for your time and inconvenience. If the bumper claim does impact your rates i would return the check and tell them you want to withdraw the bumper claim since there is no actual damage. Otherwise over next 3-5 years you'll end up paying more then the $700 on average. All my point was from beginning is it is always in your best interest to ask questions.
  11. I only mentioned it initially so you didn't have any surprises down the road. I personally would contact the tow company and try working directly with them and leave the insurance company out of the picture. Assuming tow company will pay. If they just say sorry too bad then i would call insurance and see what they can do and then go from there. And confirm they won't list it as a claim against yourself.
  12. My point was make sure to ask if liability will show as paid $xxx by your policy or it was a $0 paid claim that another company paid. In this case state farm being the other company. The most common misconception is that since it wasn't your fault your rates won't change. At fault vs not at fault do rate differently but never the less do rate against you. Granted every State and every company has their own set of laws or rules but my point is it is always in your best interest to ask your insurance company what will happen rather then finding out when you get your new bill. I talk to at least 1 person a day who says "if i would have known my rates would have gone up i would have just paid it myself." Also i would ask the claims department how it will process not the agent. No matter how good he is he can't speak for the claims department. For that small of an amount they most companies won't sue since would cost more in legal fees and man hours. I am sure they will try to subrogate it but if tow company refuses they usually will just leave it at that. If you didn't figure it out i work in the insurance industry.
  13. Just something to mention if you file a claim against your insurance make sure to ask if it will counts as a claim. If you file a claim for $1500 against yourself it may effect your rates at renewal. So make sure to ask if it will count against you and if it could possible loose you an other discounts like claim free or something. Even though no accident happened if you claim is over $1000 some companies may remove some discounts. So sometimes for small things it's cheaper to pay out of your own pocket then submit a claim. All that said your insurance company shouldn't have to pay for a damage done by tow company even though your insurance company dispatched them to you. Tow company should pay for all damages.
  14. Performance upgrades

    As i told my wife "it's NOT a minivan!!" It doesn't have a sliding door is my argument. She just replies "yes dear" LOL
  15. I would go to nearest Dodge dealership you trust and have them look at it. If it was fixed corrctly shouldn't make a new noise. Warranty should be honored at any Dodge dealership even if you had it done in another state.