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Found 16 results

  1. Good evening, I have a 2015 Dodge journey I just recently purchased 2 incandescent taillights assemblies to replace my LED tail light as it was cheaper to buy 2 new (incan's) then one used LED assembley. However plugging everything in everything works fine except for the brake light. The running light is fine however there is no brightness change when pushing on the break. Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
  2. So im hitting multiple road blocks when installing my new sound system amp. The radio has no place for the RCA cables. Also do i need a anything to connect the remote wire to the factory setup? Pictures are helpful
  3. Hi, I’m new to this forum, and am having an issue with my sisters 2009 Dodge Journey. She was in an accident and was hit in the driver front of the vehicle, not a lot of damage in the engine compartment, Replaced the radiator but other than that mainly cosmetic damage. Since the accident she’s having some electrical issues, check engine light comes on occasionally, lightning bolt comes on occasionally, rides rough, sometimes car loses power and won’t start. I think we’ve narrowed down the problem to the ECM. I think this because one of the plugs has moisture in the plug and sometimes has a small amount of liquid in the plug, and after I blow it out with a compressor and dry it. It’ll run fine for about a week, before moisture builds up again and it starts to run rough again. My question is has anyone ever heard of this? And where could the fluid/moisture be coming from? I’ve blown it out thoroughly about a dozen times and moisture/liquid still manages to come back. I’ve covered it with a bag, and it continues to happen which means some how the moisture is related to the plug or computer. I swapped out the computer and it still happened. So I’m assuming it’s the plug that’s “leaking” moisture into the ECM but I don’t understand how that could be possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated!!
  4. Evening I'm looking for some help w/ a dodge journey, so far I haven't found anything out of place, no codes are coming up but there is a knock when the engine starts. About a week ago the alternator was replaced, and car was running well. If ya'll could help me out I would really appreciate it,thank you for your time.
  5. Evening I'm looking for some help w/ a dodge journey, so far I haven't found anything out of place, no codes are coming up but there is a knock when the engine starts. About a week ago the alternator was replaced, and car was running well. If ya'll could help me out I would really appreciate it,thank you for your time.
  6. Hi 2 all, I'm Carlos and I'm from Braga, Portugal! I have a DJ R/T 2010 and I love it! I have 3 kids and needed space, so I bought one on December.2010! 8 years ago! Car always OK, 130'000 kms of fun, BUT now I have one problem! I have a tube that has a fissure ... see attached image please. I think it's one of the intercooler tubes ... I tried to repair it once but it did not work ... I ask if anyone has ever had this problem? Where can I order this tube? Can someone tell me what is the partnr of this tube? Is there any link from ebay or another website? I hope anyone could help me with something. Thanks and big hug to all!
  7. Tailgate won't unlock

    My 2016 journey,the tailgate door won't unlock I don't know what to do thank you for your help
  8. Heater Core

    Hello, I'm new to the site and was wonder if anyone had a step by step procedure for replacing the heater core in a 2012 Dodge Journey?Picture would be a plus! I cant find a repair manual anywhere. My Wife's heater has stopped working on the passenger side. The door actuator works so i am assuming its the heater core. Any help or suggestions are welcome. Thanks in advance!
  9. The car will not unlock, no dash lights, headlights, no key not detected signal, but brake lights work. changed battery For the fob 6-7 months ago. Car battery was replaced 5 months ago. A mechanic came out and said battery looks fine. I do not know what to do my car has been sitting at work for three days now.
  10. 2009 Dodge Journey AWD with a 3.5 engine. the car starts just fine and I can drive it all around, but when I go shopping, and park the car and turn off the engine, when I come back, the car won't start. sometimes when I slam the driver door really hard, I can start it, sometimes it doesn't. It must be something electrical right? Whenever the engine shuts off for a bit, it doesn't start back up.
  11. Hello Everyone, I have a 2011 Journey crew The remote start never gave me trouble in the past but recently it has not been nice. From past 10 days, when I start the car with the remote start in the morning, it doesn't start, the horn honk one time, and the EVIC gives me the message "remote start disabled - start vehicle to reset". Then, when I sit in the car and start it, it works for fine for a couple of hours. My job is about 20 minutes away. When I am done work (After 10ish hours) the remote start won't work, car will sound the horn once and the same message will display. When I get back home turn off the car and then try starting it with remote start, it works fine. There was the engine light on but it went away after replacing the spark plugs but the car continues to have the same problem. *I double checked the trunk, doors, and hood to rule out whether them not being completely shit was the problem but that did not change anything. * I did started using the second FOB from last month because I didn't use it for quite some time (I do not know if this has something to do with the problem). The car locks and unlocks with the FOB just fine. I am not sure what to do... any help, suggestions, or thoughts will be much appreciated. Thanks
  12. So I was doing brakes on my 2013 Journey SXT and didn't notice that one of the caliper guide pins had a rubber sleeve near the tip of one of the pins ( NOT TALKING ABOUT THE DUST BOOT!). Well this pin was a bitch to removed and is impossible to reinsert because the rubber has come loose and rides up out of the channel and binds in the hole. Now I've called dealerships, scoured the internet and can't find a definitive answer on which pin goes where. So at last I am here hoping someone could provide me an answer. The second question I have is would it be safe to use the pin without the rubber sleeve on it? (I think it's an anti-rattle device?) Thanks in advance, quick response would be much appreciated as this is an in the process job.
  13. 3rd row seat will not fold down

    I own a 2015 Dodge Journey SXT and as of last night the driver side 3rd row seat will not fold down after lifting the lever by the headrest. the lever feels like it catches something to unlock the seat however the seat will not fold down at all. There are no seat belts or anything in the way to block this from happening... I'd prefer if this was something I can fix myself if anyone has ran into this problem before and can help so I don't have to take it to the dealer and be charged an absurd amount.
  14. so i installed hid's into my new projectors that i made. I also used a wire harness and hooked it up to the battery and also to the grounds. They ran just fine for the first hour or driving but when the Air conditioning turns on they start to flicker a little bit or when I have to stop abruptly and the engine shifts back down to first gear. I'm not sure what I am doing wrong. But I think it has to do with how much power is going to the headlights. Can anyone please help I am planning on going on a long trip tomorrow I need to fix this ASAP.
  15. DodgeCACares

    how about checking into why us 2014 journey owners that bought cars off the lot that the dealer didnt order the drl lights, and all the dealers dont seem to know if we can get them turned on? up untill 2013 they could add the sales code and then get them turned on,most dealers had to be told how to do it, but the 2014 cant be done the same way. we have the option thur our 8.4 to do it but not the sales code for U.S. i been told it can still be done like that for the Canada owners. Woiuld really like to get them turned on mine so the wife will quit nagging me about it, and as we all know a happy wife makes a happy life... thanks for any help...................... P.S. as a example my dealer said he coudnt put a rear back up cam on my 2014 untiil i should him the web site for the mopar accs. and it said that it was aval. for the 2014 crossroads and as he at first said it couldnt be done i told him it was the same cam that they had just installed on my 2011 just about 4 months earlier.
  16. I purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey SE in December of 2011. It's a very base module, pretty much has none of the spiffy features, not even the door locking buttons on the key. So basically, this thing has been in the shop seven or eight times over the last two years. Some of it was just standard stuff, some of it was really stupid (like a third party starter (That was already in there when I bought it) playing havoc with the ignition switch causing the car to decide I had stolen it and shut down WHILE I WAS DRIVING IT.)( never did get my second key back from that thing either) And some of it was my fault. Where I am now, however, is very strange. The car will start, I can drive it around for a while, then park and turn it off. If I try to start it again, however, it won't start. The lights inside all come on, not dim at all, and the car gives off a loud clicking noise. The strangest part is that if I let the car sit for at least three hours (I'm working on timing it) and I come back the car will start just fine. Then I drive it again, park it again, then if I try to start it again it won't start. It did it once or twice over the last two years so I wasn't too worried, I figured it was just the cold or something. But it has done it four times in the last two weeks, and I can replicate the issue now as well. My biggest problem is that I need to put gas in the tank, but I don't want to stop at a gas station, fill up, then be unable to start the damned thing. When I turn it on and it doesn't start, the little engine light comes on and stays on, and the little red lightning bolt light comes on, stays on for longer than when the engine actually does start, then eventually turns off. I don't have the money to get it fixed or even damned well towed anywhere, and I need the car to even find a job so I can afford to take it in somewhere. I hope that someone can give me an idea as to what the heck is wrong with the thing and maybe a way around it or a temporary fix until I can get it in to somewhere. I am not a car person, I am not mechanically inclined at all.