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  1. CEL....no code reader

    For the DJ..gotta have a code reader
  2. CEL....no code reader

    It doesn’t cost to have the code read at most auto parts stores, if that’s what you meant. If if you meant you didn’t want the code read because you don’t want to spend money to fix it, then ignore it, have the car crap out, then complain about how Dodge sucks. Cars cost money to keep running, fact of owning one.
  3. Did you check the wires in the tailgate? Common issue with wires being broken in the rubber wire loom at the top of the tailgate.
  4. Not sure if this will help you, but when you said it came back on it got me thinking. There was a recall for the wire loom in the drivers door for my 09, might be worth checking. There is also a door module that’s controls the windows. Might have nothing to do with your screen, but may explain the clicking noise. Good luck!
  5. What you are asking is impossible to diagnose on the internet. It could be a dirty connection, bad internal module,bad sensor, just about anything. Gone are the days of 3 speed, non-electronic transmissions. You can’t even check the level without special tools { no dipstick either}! Sorry to say it needs to go to a specialist.....
  6. Dodge Journey 2009 Gearbox serial

    Yea, the entire thing.....
  7. Back up camera

    Did you fix the wires? If you did why wouldn’t the camera work?
  8. Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    Sounds like a pretty secure deal for a used car. Hope you have nothing but the best of luck with the car! I know what you mean about dealers, my wife won’t go until the deal is done and paperwork needs to be signed!
  9. Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    Unless it was new. That’s me also, however things are changing. If it comes with a warranty......
  10. Spray some WD40 on the same points. The lock decider is removing all the lubrications from those areas. Lock decider is usually high in alcohol....
  11. Coolant Issue - Help

    Usually plugs not only a small hole, but the radiator, heater cores, and engine block. I know your far from home but would have been better just to replace the radiator(if that’s what’s leaking). When you do replace the radiator, and don’t wait, have a complete coolant system flush and clean. You might get lucky.
  12. Bad disc or bad reader
  13. Coolant Issue - Help

    I would add the water. If the reservoir is empty you have low, little, or no coolant. Any signs of Leakage? Wet hoses, etc.? You need to have it carefully checked...
  14. Try deleting your phone from the car and UConnect from your phone, wait a half hour, then reconnect. Worked for me when I was having issues
  15. Switching To Synthetic?

    I also have been using Mobil 1 since July 08 in my 09. Used whatever oil filter the oil change place uses. Never had an issue, change every 5k miles. Same with all my cars. I buy the oil on sale at CostCo and the oil change place uses it, so I pay about $30 for 6 bottles of oil, and they charge me $25 to change the oil and supply the filter. Total cost about $55, ends up being 1-2 times per year.....
  16. Oil percentage

    I know on my 09 the change oil light comes on EXACTLY at 2500 miles. I used Mobil 1 (since it was new, changed the factory oil at 500 miles) so I simple reset the indicator and change at 5000 miles. In my opinion the indicator on the 09 is useless.
  17. Merry Christmas

    Merry Christmas and a healthy, happy, safe New Year to all!
  18. New brakes make grinding noise

    I use ceramic pads. Last longer, less dust, stop my Journey better.
  19. My 09 will play exact ringtones from my phone, so I would guess so. If it connects to BT it should work.
  20. Why do you suspect the key battery isn’t low? I changed mine about every 2 years everything working perfectly or not. Not worth it being dead. i know the flashing red light is the security system, but never stuck around to watch it. Sorry not more helpful...
  21. Headlights Dimming and Brightening

    Could also be bulbs. Halogen bulbs dim as they age, maybe that’s why they are bright then dim as the electrical system cycles...
  22. Ankle Replacement

    Hey, does that come with a lifetime warranty???? Lmao
  23. Ankle Replacement

    The xrays are before the knee replacement after surgery to repair the brake.....lol
  24. Ankle Replacement

    Nice cast! Had my knee replaced in 2015, due to an injury. Had enough therapy to last a lifetime! One bit of advice on therapy, do what they tell you, not more, and ice is your friend! Good luck!
  25. ‘‘I was told this last time they will not replace it even if it’s under warranty time” What? And you accepted that? If it’s under warranty and it doesn’t work, they fix it. That’s what warranty’s are for. File a complaint with FCA...