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  1. Isn’t the 3.5 a 6 cylinder? I know my 09 is a 6 and pretty sure it’s a 3.5, but might be wrong. If not you missed 2 plugs....
  2. High idle + misfire + random codes

    JW, just so I got this right: You bought a car you knew was wrecked, didn’t get a CarFax report before you plunked down your money to see how bad, knew it needed work and is at least 10 years old (I got my 09 in July of 08) and expected to make money on reselling it? Seems pretty optimistic. That being said, my has been far from problem free, but I purchased a lifetime warranty AND got the free lifetime power train warranty because I’m the original owner. OK, none of that bullshit helps you. Check the negative battery cable. The sensor at the end corrodes and fails. Check the voltage at the jump terminals, see what you have. Anything less than 13+, start looking at the battery. Also, there has been occurrences of the HF Module draining the battery. Try removing fuse 131 in the fuse box on the passenger side fuse box. Good luck!
  3. C0051-49 Steering Position Angle Sensor

    Not true on the AWD. BUT another reason for a extended warranty! LOL
  4. I’ve done a complete delete everything from the car, then the phone, turn the phone off for 2 mins, repair everything. It finds the phones, connects, pairs, then keeps switching between the hands free and phone constantly while talking. Not the most pressing issue, so it will wait till I take it in for something else. It’s a DJ, something’s gonna break....lmao
  5. lift gate wont unlock

    Your pressing the wrong button? Your battery is dead? Your at the wrong car? sorry, couldn’t resist. Like JKeaton said we need more info. Do any of your locks open with the remote? How about the door lock button? Do you hear any noise at the tailgate when you try? Are all your tail lights, license plate lamps working? Let us know...
  6. I’m having the EXACT problem with my 09. I figure my BT module is going bad. I’ve done the delete, repair routine several times, no change. I’ll take it to my dealer when it’s time to get the timing belt changed. I have a lifetime warranty so not worried, it will cost my $100. Just curious, what kind of phone? I have IPhone 7’s....
  7. How to check ATF fluid ?

    One of the dumbest statements I’ve heard all week came from someone with a 6 year old car crying because something broke, but i’ve had a slow week.
  8. Maintenance at 100,000 kilometers

    Can’t help you with the cost of plugs,etc. but who gave you the line of crap about the alignment? I get a 4 wheel alignment every couple years.....about $120 US
  9. Question on small ding in driver door

    Cool video! Gonna try this this weekend.....
  10. Trans will not catch any gear

    Good luck with your search
  11. How to check ATF fluid ?

    Kinda complicated. You need special tools. Since it’s a sealed transmission , no real need to check it unless you have issues. I leave it it to the dealer myself. I have a lifetime power train and extended warranty so I’d rather pay to have them do the PM and be covered if something goes wrong.
  12. Unconnect

    One post is enough. See your other post
  13. Uconnect

    I believe that the 2010 can add the hands free module to the UConnect system if you have the buttons on the radio, which you say are there. I know that’s what my dealer did with my 09. Newer models you can’t do add it. You don’t get the mic in the mirror, but the external mic is small and works great. You can purchase the kit from MOPAR.COM and install it yourself, but the dealer needs to add the sales code.
  14. In my Jeep I used Mopar Kickers. Easy swap ( in my Cherokee anyway), direct plug and play. Didn’t change anything else and the difference is night and day. Maybe give them a look....
  15. Strange Drivers Door Behavior

    Is it causing other issues? If all that’s going on is a short ding, I’d leave it alone myself. However, if your having issues with window operation, mirrors, or door locks check the wire loom going into the door. As mentioned, 09’s had a recall for the wiring that goes into the door. Not sure if 10’s are in that or not.
  16. I did not mention Carmax in my original reply, I thought maybe you purchased it there and were confusing the two. I am not irritated. You tell us you engine light is on along with ABS and Brake lights go on and off. You offer no codes or other information. How is anyone supposed to guess at your problem over the internet? I gave you the only answer you could expect with such little information. since you apparently not aware you can do this, take it to AutoZone or some other parts store in your area, have them read, but not delete, the code. If they delete the code it will not help whomever you decide to let work on your car. Let’s us know what it is and perhaps you can be given more help. Since we have no idea where you are, it’s a bit difficult to suggest places to go for repairs. I myself use Fields CJRD in Glenview,IL.
  17. So take it back and tell them they did not fix your original issue. confused on your warranty, is it a Chrysler MaxCare warranty or not? What does Carmax have to do with it?
  18. Help

    When he changed the brakes did he use a brake tool and twist the rear calipers in? If not he damaged the calipers and they need to be replaced. I am not sure if that would keep it from going out of park, but if the pedal won’t go down maybe.
  19. Rain guards needed that fit

    Sorry, I used Weather Tech in channel on my Jeep. They fit perfectly and are not coming out. Good luck with your hunt!
  20. Rain guards needed that fit

    And the channel ones can be moved from car to car, of course it needs to be the same model....
  21. Rear Differential side bearings

    Try Rock Auto. I don’t know a part number but maybe they have it listed....
  22. Rear End noise

    Need more info... engine size, AWD or FWD, anything else that may help. could be a could be the wheel bearing, could be the AWD unit....
  23. I say if the ride you want is available in your price range, grab it. You could wait, taking the chance the car you want won’t be available. If it were me, I’d rather have a car I want then a good deal on something that I’m just “OK” with, but I also don’t have 4 kids either. Only you can decide. good luck....
  24. Led light fitment

    Try switching bulbs with the passenger side. Maybe the bulb has a piece of uncut flashing or something on it. If the problem moves you know what the issue is. No issues when I changed mine to HID bulbs. Both slid in no problem, although the drivers side is a bitch....