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  1. Multiple Updates

    I have no idea so didn’t answer but if you want an answer, yes, do both, one at a time. If you just do the latest you might screw the pooch. there you go.
  2. I was under the impression backup cameras were required as of MY 2018 by NHTSA or DOT or one of those government type agencies. No?
  3. 2.4L engine performance

    No way to do what you want that’s cheap and easy.
  4. Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    Ahh, thanks for the explanation! Wasn’t clear on the 10 pound thing, and now I am..
  5. The install might be plug in, but the dealer has to activate it. You would save $ on install labor but they will surely charge you to activate it if they didn’t put it in.
  6. If the vin says it has a camera, how the hell can the parts department say can’t order one? That is by far the stupidest thing I ever heard! I would go sit with the dealer GM, have him look up the vin and explain why they misled your wife by telling her it had a camera, the vin shows a camera, but apparently someone removed the camera at the dealership. They CERTAINLY CAN be ordered! What happens if a car with one installed breaks? Can’t be repaired? Put your foot down and demand what’s supposed to be on the car.... Dodge Cares, you out there?
  7. Vibration at 50 to 75 MPH

    Sounds EXACTLY like my 09. The seats would vibrate at highway speeds, free massage. Not even on the options list, Massaging seats at highway speeds. Anyway, what size tires do you have? My 09 has 19’s on it and they have been a b@#%h to balance since day 1! Never got it right on the first try, always took 3. That was with the factory tires and a set of Michilene’s I now run Bridgestones and on the first try balance was great. Local Firestone dealer did it right on the first try. It’s all in how the weights are set. BTW, I hope you meant 10 ounces, not pounds...
  8. Rear View Camera Problem

    Check the wires in the rubber grommet at the top of the rear door. These wires are known to wear and get damaged. Sounds like water is getting to the wires causing it so short......
  9. What is that socket ?

    Not the IPod cable then... not a clue...
  10. What is that socket ?

    Is that the passenger side, left side of the glove box? Might be for the optional IPod cable....
  11. Transmission acting like it's in Neutral

    Trans will not engage reverse above certain speeds. You can shift it into reverse, or it slips into reverse, but the gears don’t engage. sounds like OP has major issues with this trans...
  12. Broken Motor Mounts

    Funny, just got my 09 back from the dealer. 91K miles, 3 motor mounts replaced due to vibration when in gear an stopped at lights. Now smooth as silk....
  13. Installing under dash mount

    How about near the mesh net to the right of the gas pedal? Wouldn’t be seen when you are sitting there...
  14. Hard pedal, braking poorly.

    Did you use a computer/special tool when bleeding? The ABS pump must run when bleeding brakes now a days.....
  15. Installing under dash mount

    You realize that’s an air bag, right?
  16. If you have the codes fill us in. Could be any number of guesses
  17. Try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins or longer. Sometimes this will reset the radio system. if you are handy you can pull the radio screen and check the connections.... $1200for the radio is about right. Remember a lot more goes through that screen then just the radio.
  18. Why wait for a forum reply? Get in the car, drive to the dealer and say show or give my money back. Make an owners account on mopar.com and you can see for yourself what your car has. Don’t sit and wait, then bitch how you got screwed. Take action!

  20. Wasn’t there an issue with corrosion on the back of the bcm? I thought someone posted a fix here, or maybe it was tube.....
  21. Unknown wire connector

    It’s obviously some kind of Mickey Mouse repair by the previous owner. That blue connector looks like it’s for a relay. Don’t think my 09 has anything like that. Your looking at it, start by following the wires. You’ll have to open the wire loom to see where it goes. Look for melted, blackened, or cut wires. Hard to say what’s what going on by a picture. The attempted repair was done because someone else didn’t want to do the job right.
  22. Open air filter

    My 09 gets a consistent 26-27 at 72 mph. With a 3.5...

    Well, a bit more info would help. Does it crank? Original battery? Did you try to jump it? Which engine, options, key or fob (yes it matters) etc. and EXACTLY what you have done to try to start it.... Kinda hard to know what’s going on sitting in Chicago...
  24. Cooling fans cycling excessively

    Not normal, at least for mine. Obviously no mil light so I would start looking at temp senders. Maybe one is going. Which one you ask? Wish I could tell you but perhaps a more knowledgeable member will chime in....