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Found 7 results

  1. I've been having random electrical issues with my 10 journey sxt forever. The horn will just randomly start going off and at any rate. Might be one beep in a night it might be a few short quick honks and a long lasting beeping like laying on the horn all in a minute. Its Random. Also having issues starting. Just get one click and also random. Sometimes will start and sometimes wont. Had the starter replaced last week. Alternator a month ago and battery 5 months ago. I've gone through a few starters on this car thinking it was the issue. Could it be from this connection on the fuse box??? Attached a photo
  2. Okay.. I have a 2010 Dodge Journey with the 2.4 litre. It has 140,000km's on it. (85,000 miles) It has the strangest intermittent starting issue I have ever seen. DEALER COULDN'T FIND THE PROBLEM I will describe this the best I can. Went to the bank today. 10 minutes of driving. Came out and it cranked over fine and it would fart occasionally but not catch. I would let go of the key and when it did the starter would stop. Tried again with pumping gas pedal but even by adding gas pedal it didnt fire up or change any farting behaviour. I doubt that gas is the problem. I have put in cans of Sea Foam over the last few fuel fills and I even tried running 94 octane But here is what also happened on 3 of 10 or 15 starting attempts. The whole car would shake like the engine and starter was running but when i let go of the key and the key sprang back to the run position, the starter kept running on its own along with the maybe idling engine...even though the key sprang back. As it does this, the car kinda shakes which is why i think that the engine is actually idling with the starter motor running along with it. I wish i thought to open the door to see if i heard the exhaust as that might have helped confirm if the engine was idling. Also could be a separate problem that the starter motor is not disengaging. Whatever tells the starter to keep cranking and not let go. Is there a module or relay or solenoid i dont know? But if you wait a few minutes then the car starts fine This seems to be the pattern. It usually only happens with a hot engine. Only on one occasion did it not start when cold. But then started fine after a couple hours Also when it did start , the starter and engjne maybe idling at the same time, this would last for 4 or 5 seconds and then it would all stop together ANY HELP IS GREATLY APPRECIATED.
  3. Okay we had a previous post where we had stated that our 2011 Dodge Journey was not starting that when we would hit the start button the starter would spin but the engine would not crank to life we have looked at the belt and when the starter is spinning the serpentine belt is not moving I have been told that it should move when you try and crank the car is this that anyway connected to an issue with the torque converter or is there something else we should be looking at please. As we stated before the car has a new battery and a new starter and both have been tested and are good.
  4. So my car won't start. things that have happened 1. wouldn't start but after a boost it would be fine for few days. 2. Changed battery, lasted few days then needed a boost again. 3. Took to mechanic, changed out the alternator. 4. Next day car is going crazy lights off and radio off and on. I take it back. Turns out wrong alternator was bought. Switched out for proper one. 5. Started happening again. But not right away. Took it to work. Started going crazy again. See attached to see what it's doing. http://sendvid.com/fyd4o133 6. After driving with it doing this. Now car won't start at all. left battery boosting for 30mins. Nothing. Once I disconnect booster cables. Car lights go out. planning to check the battery connections tomorrow and make taking the battery out to make sure it's all good. Any other ideas to get car started at least? when trying to start it only gives a little click and small try to turn but not enough. Also noticed the lightning bolt is lite up now.
  5. Wont Start

    I have an 09 Journey that wont start. The battery is good when i turn on the car everything turns on, but the engine. I had this problem yesterday but after about 5 min of messing around it started and ran fine, when i got off work it started right up. This morning i had no problems, its about 8 degrees outside so i thought that maybe the cold is having some effect, but its warmer now than when i left the first time this morning. I dont hear the starter, but i dont know if the starter is bad or if some other sensor is telling it not to crank. Any ideas would be great, thanks in andvance.
  6. I've been having issues starting my 2010 Journey (2WD 6 cyl, 3.5 L, Automatic 6-spd) and I'm convinced it may be a bad starter. I replaced the battery in January and just replaced the alternator a few days ago after my car would not start and a horrible smell permeated through the vents when attempting to start multiple times. New alternator is in and now when I turn the key to attempt to start the engine, I get nothing, no sounds whatsoever. Lights are on and do not dim when attempting to start. Can anyone advise where exactly the starter is located? I have not been able to find the location of the starter and have not found any indication of where it may be online. Any help would be much appreciated. Pictures of starter location would be even better.
  7. I purchased a 2009 Dodge Journey SE in December of 2011. It's a very base module, pretty much has none of the spiffy features, not even the door locking buttons on the key. So basically, this thing has been in the shop seven or eight times over the last two years. Some of it was just standard stuff, some of it was really stupid (like a third party starter (That was already in there when I bought it) playing havoc with the ignition switch causing the car to decide I had stolen it and shut down WHILE I WAS DRIVING IT.)( never did get my second key back from that thing either) And some of it was my fault. Where I am now, however, is very strange. The car will start, I can drive it around for a while, then park and turn it off. If I try to start it again, however, it won't start. The lights inside all come on, not dim at all, and the car gives off a loud clicking noise. The strangest part is that if I let the car sit for at least three hours (I'm working on timing it) and I come back the car will start just fine. Then I drive it again, park it again, then if I try to start it again it won't start. It did it once or twice over the last two years so I wasn't too worried, I figured it was just the cold or something. But it has done it four times in the last two weeks, and I can replicate the issue now as well. My biggest problem is that I need to put gas in the tank, but I don't want to stop at a gas station, fill up, then be unable to start the damned thing. When I turn it on and it doesn't start, the little engine light comes on and stays on, and the little red lightning bolt light comes on, stays on for longer than when the engine actually does start, then eventually turns off. I don't have the money to get it fixed or even damned well towed anywhere, and I need the car to even find a job so I can afford to take it in somewhere. I hope that someone can give me an idea as to what the heck is wrong with the thing and maybe a way around it or a temporary fix until I can get it in to somewhere. I am not a car person, I am not mechanically inclined at all.