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  1. Did you blow the engine and need a replacement or just want a bigger/smaller engine? Very difficult to swap different sizes because of the computerized control systems.....
  2. One may have nothing to do with the other. Not so sure a bad battery will throw an mil indicator. if you used a memory saver I’d say it worked if the mil stayed on after your battery change.
  3. That’s why I had the dealer do mine at 55k miles. WAAAAYYYY to much measuring/checking/remeasuring for me. Gone are the days of pulling the trans dipstick and getting a level. I agree you need to be as accurate as possible as overfilling is worse then under filled. I thought there was a special dipstick for the trans the dealers use, maybe you can buy one of those?
  4. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    A TSB is NOT a recall. Recalls are mandatory repairs to be made by the dealer atno coast to you TSB are Technical Service Bulletins that refer to a common complaint. These repairs are only made if you complain, are not free unless you are under warranty. A TSB will not show up under a recall list
  5. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Can’t help you with the Canada log in, but many members from Canada here so I’m sure someone will jump in...
  6. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Go to Mopar.com, to the owners page, make an account and put in your vin. You will then have access to see what dealer repairs were made, what warranty you have, etc. very useful when you deal with a crappy dealer. It will also help you find the closest dealers....pick a new one. Good luck!
  7. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    You mean new cars don’t fix themselves when left alone??? Dammm.....
  8. Not sure if this will help you but try Factoryradioparts.com they had a lot of replacement screens and stuff.....
  9. I noticed the same thing. you have a few options: A: use a different ringtone B: turn the volume down until you are talking, then turn it up. Turn it back down when you are done. C: try turning the ringer volume down on your phone, it should not affect the volume while talking. Thats all I got for ya. good luck!
  10. What is a Metra kit? With a 2016 you don’t have a lot of options because of the other things run through the screen. Members have done it, but it’s alot more then $400, so, unfortunately, I’d say your screwed.
  11. Engine wiring harness

    Where was it? A picture might help someone else out....
  12. something is seriously wrong

    I’ve been working on cars and electric since I was 15 (right after the dinosaurs died) and never heard of that! As as far as the drain goes, I will assume you checked the normal things like key fob too close, glove box light on, delay head lamps not shutting off light. I know it sound stupid with your battery draining but try DISCONNECTING it for an hour (longer if you have the time) to try and reset all the computers. If that doesn’t work you’ll need to get a meter and pull fuses one at a time to narrow it down.... Wasnt there an issue with the radio not shutting down? I recall something about the BCM causing the battery to drain as well......