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  1. I got mine from AutoZone. Got the best one they had that fit, was about $170. Havent had an issue. Did not have to adjust anything.
  2. Heat not working

    I know this is a talked about issue. If your blend doors are working, your coolent level is full, thermostat is working properly, its the heater core. Search the site, there are a couple of shortcuts talked about when replacing it.
  3. Recent repair items

    I’ve replaced all of that and more on mine
  4. underhood fuse box issue

    I doubt that is factory. Gotta be an aftermarket add on, maybe alarm, remote starter , something like that. You can tell it has been pinched by the cover. If it was factory it would come in a Wireloom. -
  5. underhood fuse box issue

    Any chance you can post a picture? Alot of wire in the fuse box, it would help.
  6. Might be aliens trying to lift the car into the mother ship......
  7. New Owner....Maybe

    Dont have diesel in the states so couldnt help you there, but if you downloaded the owners manual it should be in there.
  8. Thank you for the explanation. that being said, I wonder if there is a module for the sunroof like there is for the windows. Obviously something is losing its memory when the power shuts off. If you shut off the car and restart it right away does it not work, or does the car need to be off for awhile? this might be one for the dealer....
  9. I have a sunroof in my 09. Never had to do anything other then hit the switch, even after the battery was replaced. What memory are you referring to? If I hit vent, it opens to the vent position, same with open and close. Is yours doing something different? Not being a smart ass, just really dont know what you are referring to....
  10. Message received........ Happy Thanksgiving all!
  11. Im thinking a corroded connector, bad ground, bcm issue Definately needs to go back to the dealer
  12. 2015 Dodge Journey

    Sounds like the alternator. Hope you towed it to a Dodge dealer, should be under warranty and is about a $500 repair.
  13. A ton of questions... are they the factory bulbs? did you upgrade anything with the headlights? are you having any other electrical issues? Have you recently had work done on the car? was it ever damaged in the front end?
  14. Coolant tank replacement

    Looks the same to me...
  15. Have you tried the good old disconnect the battery for at least 30 mins to reset everything? Seems to work on ALOT of DJ electrical issues.