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  1. Rotors Warped After 25k miles?

    I had to replace the pads and rotors at 11,000 miles on my 09. If you have an earlier model go with ceramic brake pads, you will get way better performance from them and the rotors also last longer.
  2. 2010 Journey Starting issues

    Was the recall for the key fobs done?
  3. 2010 Journey Starting issues

    Electrical issues on newer cars are always a pain...good luck...
  4. 2013 Dodge Journey reverse tail light

    This is a known problem with the DJ. Can cause everything from bulbs not lighting to door lock malfunction. Very nice shot of the problem area. Not always clear when being described.
  5. 2010 Journey Starting issues

    I dont see how the remote start would drain anything. The signal is sent to the bcm and then it starts. I recall there was something about a wire loom that can be corroded and cause various things to not shut down. Have you checked to see if there is a draw when the car is shut down? A small draw is normal, but if its a big draw something is not shutting down. try searching the forum for that, I know it has been discussed several times.
  6. 9k miles and 6 months later...

    I know my 09 auto up windows are settable. Auto down always works, but autoup is an option. I forget the exact resetting process, but its smoething like without stopping lower the window while holding the switch in the down position for a second or two after the window is down, the repeat the process for window up. Ater that you have auto up & down. Maybe yours is different, check your owners manual.
  7. Climate control unit not working

    Have you tried disconnecting the battery for about 30 mins? This seems to work sometimes. Resets everything. Give it a try, you might get lucky!
  8. obd not ready? no dtc.

    Im pretty sure misfire is monitored, and I know the 02 sensors are. Something must be wrong, but I couldnt tell you what...sorry
  9. Alternator broke at low mileage

    Its a machine, and machines break. A part can break after 100 miles, or last the life of the car. My 09 still has its original alternator at 80,000 miles. My battery lasted 3 years, the one in my wifes car lasted 10. Its all a crap shoot. I have not heard of excessive alternator failures , you just got lucky.
  10. OhareFred

  11. Cross Bars

    The crossbars fit between the side rails, which may or may not have come with the car. Cross bars were not included, they needed to be purchased separately.
  12. Rattling in rear by exhaust

    My 09 has rattled on startup for years. Goes away after about a minute. Never could figure it out......
  13. Yes. Buy a car with the 8.4 and you can get it. what plan are you talking about? We arent mind readers! Do you want to swap out your current system and upgrade? Is that the plan? Let us know.
  14. Why are you washing the engine so much? You keep putting water into the electronics, not good bed fellows. There is an issue with the wires going into the rear hatch getting broken, but if it happens when you wash the engine Id say you are shorting out a connevtion on the BCM..,
  15. 2012 rear brake code

    Who told you that bullshit? You do need a brake caliper tool as you need to turn the pistons in, not just collapse them with a C clamp......most auto parts stores ( ORiellys, auto Zone, etc) will borrow them to you....