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  1. Check Ebay , junk yards, etc. all you needis the screen, not the entire radio
  2. With it working one second then not the next I would say you have a corroded connector, bad socket, or broken-loose wire. Good hunting.
  3. You might need a new socket, or a connector has failed. You can try to fix it yourself, but you do have to take the inner fender well out and have 3 elbows on your arm, but it can be done.
  4. Looking at the cap wont tell you anything, it needs to be tested to make sure it holds. Now where you can get this done other then the dealer I dont know. Good luck!
  5. Have you looked at the wires connecting into both control heads? It sounds like you have a contact issue. While it could be one of the control heads, Id look into the wires first.....pain in the ass, but might be an easy fix if a wire got corroded or has a poor connection.....
  6. NonReplaceable, in the gas tank part of the pump/pickup tube.
  7. At the jumper posts. Disconnect the negitive and that should do it. You can always disconnect both, just make sure the positive doesnt touch anything. Yes, the battery is located in front of the L side tire.
  8. You should be fine. The condenser is only for your AC system.
  9. Try disconnecting the battery for 30 mins or so to reset the PCM. Keep your appointment in case that doesnt work.
  10. 2016, if its under warranty let the dealer fix it... no issues with my 09
  11. Thats not a bad price at all. I was thinking $400 or more
  12. HA! Now thats funny! A cheap PCM.... try the auto wrecker, maybe you get lucky. It wont be cheap though....
  13. Check the speakers first. If one was out I'd say maybe a bad speaker but with both out it is 98% sure its the radio or the connections on the back of the radio. try Crutchfield for an aftermarker radio. They will tell you wath fits with what.
  14. Well if the radios plays at all its not a fuse. Speakers are not fused at all. Since its a 2015 I would ask if its under warranty because most likely the radio has blown. I suppose you could try disconnecting the battery for 30-45 mins, maybe something needs to reset, but I doubt it. let us know.
  15. Got one in my 09, on the dash by the speedo. Never had a problem....