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  1. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    Great info! Thanks for letting everyone know. I would have bet $$ it would require a code from the dealer! Glad it worked out easy for you!
  2. Great Journey, just needs some TLC

    Your a little vague here. Does it crank? Does anything on the dash light up? Have you tried starting in neutral? Does the radio work when in the accessory position? Are you out of gas? saying it doesn’t run is not enough info. We need more symptoms. I think the natural safety switch is in the transmission. If you are the original owner the 09 had a lifetime powertrain warranty from Dodge. fill us in so we can help you.....
  3. where is the air flow mater

    Been using a K&N filter since 09 with no issues. 84k miles...
  4. Heartbroken

    Unfortunately not so isolated. Search the forum for dead..battery
  5. Converting Manual Drivers Seat to Power seat

    If you run your own power, you need to use a relay AND fuse to be safe. Pretty sure it will require a trip to the dealer if you want plug and play. Curious to see how it works out. Let us know!
  6. Door Locks

    I seem to recall a discussion about a drivers door module. Man I wish I could remember more. Try a search for door module see if anything pops up. Hopefully someone else will remember more...
  7. Door Locks

    Go to ,Mopar.com and make yourself an account. Put your vin in and you can see what’s been done and if there are any outstanding recalls. Sure sounds like the door loom wires in the recall....
  8. I’m an idiot. I thought you wanted to ADD Nav (a very common question here) not that you HAD Nav and needed an update. Sorry, read it to fast
  9. I had something similar on my 09. Sounded like something was going to push through the floor. Dealer found some broken bolts on the rear stabilizer bar (I think that’s what it was, maybe a cross link, idk) and bad struts/shocks in the rear. Thankfully it was under my extended warranty. Was a bit over $1000 to fix. The third row seats and interior panels need to come out. Who designs this shit??
  10. Discussed a ton of times on the forum. Coast varies depending on what your starting with. Then there is the map upgrades which are NOT free and are usually 18 months behind everything else. Then you may lose some control of some things, and you need to go to the dealer to have a code added, which may or may not be free. a lot of people just opt for a Garmin/TomTom portable unit with lifetime maps and traffic.
  11. Glad you found it! Didn’t know you had the towing package and trailer hookup.
  12. The screen is one part, the radio receiver is a second part if I am not mistaken. If your screen is cracked, that’s all you replace.
  13. Dodge Journey Stretched LIMO

    7. 7 miles between brake jobs....
  14. Dodge Journey Stretched LIMO

    I’m in!
  15. See above comment. Wire loom at the top of the gate going into the body