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  1. Try ejecting cd. Maybe it’s full of cd’s...
  2. I think the TV option is a pay service, like satellite radio. As far as the dvd, it’s not something that is “set up” by the dealer. If your dvd keeps being ejected there is something wrong with the DVD player.
  3. 2009 Journey SXT AWD 3.5 L starting issue

    What good is it for us to give ideas when you can’t fix it? Most likely is the starter or battery but you need to get it tested. If they tell you it’s bad, then what? cars are an expense. You have to repair them. Coming here and asking for help when you have no intention of fixing it is a waste of everyone’s time.
  4. I have a portable Garmin Nuvi that I get free updates 4x a year as well as Lifetime traffic updates. Think I paid about $150 5-6 years ago. Nav is spot on, maps are 99% accurate, so it’s not a Garmin problem, it’s a UConnect/FCA/3rd party vendor problem. Your most current update you received is generally 18 months behind, which makes NO SENSE because Garmin updates their maps quarterly. Go figure....
  5. My presentation and I need help

    Is that a Diesel engine?
  6. P0740 dodge journey 2011 CREW

    Changing the fluid isn’t going to fix an open solenoid error. You have to replace the solenoid . I wouldn’t have a clue how it’s done, I would go to a trans shop or a dealer.
  7. Throttle body size

    Cant you measure it? I assume you are looking into Cai....
  8. Try Crutchfield for an aftermarket. If I didn’t have a lifetime warranty and my MyGig radio died, I’d be slapping in an aftermarket with Nav, Bluetooth, etc for half the cost of a Mopar refurb....
  9. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    I can tell you now the RT struts won’t make it feel like a F250 or a Wrangler. This is a car, not a truck. It’s not a camero or a mustang either. Maybe you need to go to a spring shop that can make something for you. Not a lot of options available like there is for Jeep. Good luck!
  10. Soft suspension / driving a boat

    So you want to make it ride like a dump truck? Just kidding, I have an 09 R/T and think it rides nice and smooth but has a good road feel. May you can change the struts to those used on the R/T’s. Should be bolt in....
  11. 2009 Journey SXT AWD 3.5 L starting issue

    Could be the starter. When mine was goining it did the same thing. Start perfectly one time, absolutely nothing the next.
  12. Crank no start

    Hope it’s something covered. You really covered your bases in troubleshooting! Was the belt ever changed?
  13. Crank no start

    How many miles? The belt needs to be changed at 100 K, and a belt can skip if a part wears out but doesn’t break. The fact that it just quit while driving makes me wonder. did you check for spark? Voltage at BCM? Voltage at PCM? I read somewhere about corrosion on the bottom of the PCM, but that prevented cranking.... let uss know....
  14. EVAP Leak

    Replace the cap (if that’s what you think it is) and have the parts store who gave you the code reset it. I believe if it is the cap, it will reset in a day or two.
  15. Dealers are asses

    I can say I went to one dealer who was a scammer (my selling dealer, who was fantastic, closed shortly after I bought the Dodge), but the second dealer I went to,and continue to go to, is again fantastic. Maybe in the States we have more dealers available, which causes more competitive, or we have stronger laws, but it seems our friends in Canada are stuck with 1 or 2 dealers. The dealers know it and figure “screw you,”! Very unfortunate situation, hope you can find a dealer half as honest as mine! Best of luck....