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  1. Battery Tray Corrosion.....

    We have our car rust checked every year, so we don't have to worry about the battery shelf, since it is coated for us. If we didn't get it done, I would buy a can of Rust Check and coat the damn thing myself. I have a can of it that I spray on the hinges etc. Love that stuff. mechanical-idiot
  2. 220 miles a tank!?

    As jkeaton said, it might be time for a tune up. If over 100,000 miles, get your spark plugs changed (if they have not been changed before). If it is a 6 cylinder, go with the iridium plugs, preferably mopar plugs. And - take the advice from the boys above and check the brakes. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot
  3. Front end wobble/vibration

    If they vibrate on the back, then it is a broken belt or an imbalanced rim/tire. mechanical-idiot
  4. Unknown wire connector

    You could run it thru the firewall into the dash and hook up a toggle switch there. Or, you could get it fixed correctly. I would choose option B. Good luck mechanical-idiot
  5. If the code for the BCM is coming up, it is likely trying to tell you that it should be replaced. Check a salvage yard for a used one. mechanical-idiot

    I guess Carlos got what he was looking for. Another one post ghost. mechanical-idiot
  7. Unknown wire connector

    Time to visit your local auto wrecker. mechanical-idiot
  8. Your HFM module (blue tooth) could be draining it. Common problem. Pull fuse 131 under the dash on the passenger side. Charge it. If it does not go dead, then that is your problem. mechanical-idiot
  9. as above mechanical-idiot

    Your battery is probably dead or very low. The Service AWD message will come up if the battery is low. Charge it, then try starting it. You might have a bad battery that needs replacing, or you have a draw. mechanical-idiot
  11. Allen

    David, that makes sense. The software would be different for each manufacturer. Thanks for pointing that out. mechanical-idiot
  12. Allen

    Broken wire(s) Abs Sensors Abs module/pump I'm just guessing. In any event, the only way to truly identify the problem is to have the codes checked. Some auto parts stores will do a diagnostic check for free. Call around. This won't fix your problem, but at least it will give you some peace of mind knowing what is wrong. This is not something you will likely be able to fix yourself. If you can't get anyone to diagnose the problem, it is time to visit your friendly neighbourhood Dodge dealer. Best of luck Mechanical-idiot
  13. 2014 SXT FWD suspention upgrade to RT

    Tire pressure/bad tires/one new tire of a different brand? Wheel alignment Brake problems Bad tie rods or ball joints just guessing As 2late4u said, get it checked out immediately. It is abnormal and dangerous. mechanical-idiot
  14. AWD out of sync?

    Your steering angle sensor is bad. Get a code reading. C0051-49 code Binds up rear end, causing tire to skip. 600 bucks or so for the part and 3 hours labor to install. Good luck.
  15. 16” Rims?

    I did the same thing, but I went with a 17 inch rim and a higher walled tire. Don't forget to check the equivalent tire size to match the rim size (should match the original 19" rim and tire height) or otherwise, your odometer and speedometer will be off. If you check the online tire stores, they will show equivalent tire sizes to the original. I hope I am making sense. mechanical-idiot