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  1. Need help with 2009 Journey 3.5L SXT

    I'm waiting for a good knock knock joke about your bad sensor. Anyone, anyone.........anyone?
  2. Stripped lug nuts

    2late4u is right again. I replaced all the crappy lug nuts on our Journey with solid nuts. 40 bucks including taxes. All the caps were peeling off the old ones. Your problem nut could be stripped because it might have been put on crooked with an air gun. Not fun to take off. If the cap was rounded, it would pull right off the nut. The nuts are easy to take off when the caps are missing. It has no effect on the nut if the cap is missing. Good luck with that bad nut. Most tire shops have a special socket that can catch the nut and take it off for you. mechanical-idiot
  3. Front End "Clunk" while Braking Over Bumps

    It is likely the opposite strut that is making the noise. Or, it is the shock itself on the strut. It is hard to tell with the sound, as it seems to move to somewhere else, fooling you. If it is not under warranty, get a used one at a scrap yard and put it in yourself (great youtube video on it), or have a local shop do it for you. I think the struts are side specific, so left wont fit right etc. Have a local mechanic check it out for you. Sometimes they pick up stuff that the dealer doesn't. Anywho....good luck.
  4. Just installed a Trailer Hitch on my 2011

    It's good that you got that sand cleared out from your frame. It can get wet and stay wet and rot out your frame and floor. I had some in the back fender (small hole in fender wheel well) of my Accord and it rotted out the floor and bottom of the car. I had it all cleaned out and the metal cut out and replace. It is not so easy trying to fix a frame. We have a hitch on our Journey, but it was there and wired when we bought it. Great to have. I actually have another UHaul trailor hitch that fits the 2009- 2013 Journey in my barn. I picked it up from a guy who was throwing it out since he no longer had a Journey. I will probably sell it for 50 bucks sometime. It is just stuck in my way right now. mechanical-idiot
  5. DJ Trim levels Difference

    Thank you bramfrank for pointing out my error. I was wrong and I apologize for the misinformation. I am certainly learning a lot from the forum, mostly from my screw ups. I appreciate the time you took to let me know. mechanical-idiot
  6. You might be able to get at them by taking the glove box out. You may not need to take the dash apart. Sounds like a lot of work for a part that seems to mess up a lot, but then again, we have all seen worse! There are probably 2 of them in the center of the dash, one below another. One does the heater, floor, vents (top one) and the other does the air conditioning (bottom one). I think that this info is correct, but I am just learning a lot of this stuff myself. I looked into it when our air conditioning would only work on the passengers side. It fixed itself after a couple of days. It was likely stuck and got dislodged on a pothole. Lots of potholes here. Hope this helps. mechanical-idiot
  7. DJ Trim levels Difference

    My advice to you is to buy the SXT. Stay away from the Crossroad as it is an AWD vehicle and comes with an extra set of problems (moparts, moproblems). We made the mistake of buying the AWD. Moparts, moproblems. Mocostly ones. Also, as 2late4u mentioned, 17 inch tires are cheaper to purchase than 19 inch tires. You can't see them when you are driving, so what the heck is the difference. The 19s may look nicer, but I don't spend a lot of time staring at my tires. Given the information that you have provided above, the SXT is a much better buy in my opinion. In the end, it's your money, so you buy the vehicle that you want. mechanical-idiot
  8. Our RF Hub works when it feels like it. Most of the time it is fine, but sometimes it just refuses to start the vehicle. New batteries and all. No rust or anything in there. I think that the boards in them are so cheaply made that they have some problems. Temperature probably has some effects on them - expansion and contraction on a cheap board, chips etc. mechanical-idiot
  9. Engine wiring harness

    Nice mess. I hope that the animal did not suffer, which it probably didn't. That looks like about 3 grand in damage. Time to start looking for some used parts. mechanical-idiot
  10. Engine wiring harness

    You have got to stop hunting with your Dodge Journey!!!!! http://www.e90post.com/forums/showthread.php?t=106993 Check out this site for some photos. It is amazing the damage that can be done by hitting an animal. Scroll down to see where the guy hit a horse with his subcompact car. This accident did add some "horsepower" to that crappy little vehicle. mechanical-idiot
  11. Also, if it is an AWD model, don't tow it yourself. Have it towed on a flatbed. Towing it can screw the AWD gear in the arse end of it. Then you might as well just tow it to the junkyard because a 2011 with an arse end problem and an engine problem won't be worth fixing, unless you have a big bag of money in your basement. Good luck. mechanical-idiot
  12. I 4th - time for a mechanic. That's why they train those guys/girls. mechanical-idiot
  13. My new toy

    I read an article online that said that the Dodge Journey was going to have a complete redesign for 2019, but I don't know how credible it was. They are apparently going to move production to Italy as well. I hope it doesn't look like a dozen other SUV's that all look the same. I like the fact that it has a unique look. It might be time for a face lift though. mechanical-idiot
  14. I am no mechanic, but my guess is that your caliper is stuck on. I just had the same problem with the front drivers side. Rotor got hot as hell, so did the wheel. It was quite the smoke show. We looked like Cheech and Chong driving through town. I stopped and bought a big hammer at a store and pounded the hell out of the back of the caliper until it released. We made it home the 50 some miles without any more issues. It was at night, so no garages were open to assist us. I purchased a caliper the next day and a friend came and showed me how to install it. It was actually quite easy. Just because you purchase a new (it was likely remanufactured) part does not mean that it can't F up on you. Good luck frustratedowner (if you ever show up here again).
  15. 2012 power loss while driving

    Is it the throttle body or the throttle body sensor that is the problem? The sensor is on the gas pedal. You need to purchase the gas pedal (which comes complete with the sensor). 3 or 4 bolts and the sensor plugs into your wires with a small harness clip. I just got one for mine at a salvage yard for 75 bucks Canadian. You can also buy them on ebay. Any mechanic could change it for you. It's not Rocket Appliances (lol, little joke there for our members with an intelligent sense of humor). All your symptoms point to the sensor, since I had the same problem and a guy I work with just had the exact same symptoms as you had and it was the sensor. Ours is a 2012 and we got the pedal from a smashed 2013. If you check with a dealer, I think it will fit up to a 2017. Better double check that. Check a salvage yard first and save yourself some very valuable Canadian $. My dealer wanted 400 bucks for the part, but 2late4u reminded me to check a salvage yard. I am glad that he reminded me. I never even thought of the salvage yard. If you are not near a salvage yard, call one and ask them if they will ship it to you. Sometimes it is surprising how much they really do want to help you. mechanical-idiot