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  1. Best Battery for 2016 Journey

    Since you live in the Great Lakes region, you probably should get a battery with the highest cold cranking amps that you can. I would recommend that you get group size 86 which is about 590 CCA. You bought group size 25 which is only 525 CCA. The battery is not hard to change, it is just a bit of a pain in the arse. Youtube has videos on it. It is not rocket appliances! LOL! mechanical-idiot
  2. Differential vent

    Or, just don't take any advice at all and let it be. Then buy one of these emblems from Ebay and put it right below the Journey emblem on the back of the vehicle: https://www.ebay.com/itm/REDNECK-EDITION-PAIR-CAR-EMBLEMS-Chrome-Metal-Badges-suit-CHEVY-SILVERADO-NEW/400885638670?hash=item5d56a5660e:g:MAUAAOSwAYtWM9Wc LOL! I am being facetious! Take 2late4u's advice and get it looked at. The dealer obviously couldn't find the problem. It does not mean that a problem does not exist. I will guarantee you that you do have a problem and it is probably the viscous unit. Good luck with it and please keep us posted. mechanical-idiot
  3. Dodge Journey wins Consumer Reports 2017 Award

    I hate CR as much as the president does. I really do. They really really suck. They truly do. It's tremendous that you people realize that they are pushing fake news. It really is. They are such a bunch of losers. They really are. I heard that a lot of Mexicans are working there. They should be working in the Chrysler plant in Amexico building Journeys. They really should. This forum will make the Journey's reputation great again. It really will. We have no secrets here on this forum. We really don't, and we are going to prove it to the American people. The Mexicans at CR can push their fake news, but they will have to push it over the wall. They really will. I hear that Putin drives a Journey. Isn't that amazing? It really is. It's tremendous. Nobody drives the Honda Pilot in Russia. They really don't. The Pilot is getting fat. It really is. It is such a fat loser. I am not a Honda racist. Nothing could be further from the truth. I just think they are losers. They really are. CR - It's really great, it's wonderful, it's amazing to drive the Journey. It really is. mechanical-idiot
  4. How to check ATF fluid ?

    Always change the filter as well. For best results use the proper Mopar filter straight from the dealer. Don't use anything else. I let the dealer do the dirty work for me. mechanical-idiot
  5. Differential vent

  6. Loud bang from rear when turning

    That is a normal price for this type of repair. Five and a half hours for labor is high. My guy did mine in less than 3 hours. Your guy must be a bit slow. Some dealerships like to have their mechanics "busy" . Glad it now works for you. It is not fun having problems like this, but when you own a vehicle (any vehicle) shit happens. Best of luck with it. Keep us posted. This forum is a free educational institution for the Dodge Journey. I have learned so much from the people here. Use it as a source of information as often as you can. Thank you for your follow up with this topic. It is so nice to see people report back on what fixed their vehicle, as it ultimately helps other in the long run. mechanical-idiot
  7. Dodge Journey wins Consumer Reports 2017 Award

    CR can kiss my ass. They are so off the mark with so much of their testing, that they have come to represent the "go away from guys" when I am seeking information about products. I refuse to pay them money to read their biased, incorrect, unreliable reviews. The best source of information about the DJ is right here in front of us. mechanical-idiot
  8. Differential vent

    Your viscous unit is F****d up. You can put all the vents and seals in that you want, but until you replace the viscous unit (which is probably your main problem), it will always make noise when turning. Don't band aid it with vents etc. Fix the problem. mechanical-idiot
  9. ABS Module

    You might want to get a set of rotors as well, just in case they are in need of replacement. You can always save them for the next time, or take them back if you don't need them. That way if you change them in the evening or on the weekend, you are not up shit creek without a paddle (or without brakes in this case). mechanical-idiot
  10. Instrument cluster problem??

    When the dealer mechanic checks the codes, he or she should be able to tell you if the cluster is the next possible suspect (providing that the BCM is not the culprit). You can get them to diagnose the problem, you don't have to get them to fix it. You just pay for the diagnosis. Most of them are good to help and give some advice. They know the vehicle and they have seen most of the problems before. The codes will tell them and you what is wrong. Get a printout of the codes. Best of luck mechanical-idiot
  11. Instrument cluster problem??

    After the battery check, get your codes checked. That should tell you if the BCM is bad. Dealer for that one. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot
  12. Battery Tray Corrosion.....

    We have our car rust checked every year, so we don't have to worry about the battery shelf, since it is coated for us. If we didn't get it done, I would buy a can of Rust Check and coat the damn thing myself. I have a can of it that I spray on the hinges etc. Love that stuff. mechanical-idiot
  13. 220 miles a tank!?

    As jkeaton said, it might be time for a tune up. If over 100,000 miles, get your spark plugs changed (if they have not been changed before). If it is a 6 cylinder, go with the iridium plugs, preferably mopar plugs. And - take the advice from the boys above and check the brakes. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot
  14. Front end wobble/vibration

    If they vibrate on the back, then it is a broken belt or an imbalanced rim/tire. mechanical-idiot
  15. Unknown wire connector

    You could run it thru the firewall into the dash and hook up a toggle switch there. Or, you could get it fixed correctly. I would choose option B. Good luck mechanical-idiot