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  1. radiator cap hose

    I just picked it up. $5000. 200,000 miles on it. Pressure check on cooling system ok. No emissions in cooling sysyem. OEM themostat installed, air bled, still overheats. Fans are good, both speeds. The shop is trying to figure it out as I type this. Haven't heard from them yet. I don't think they replaced all the coolant. I was charged for 2 gallons of chrysler antifreeze at $23.95 each(!) when they did the thermostat. My theory now is as states; if it's not a head gasket then maybe head gasket sealer was put in before I got it and it plugged up a port in the head or block somewhere. Idk.
  2. radiator cap hose

    Ok got the journey back from the shop. Had a thermostat replaced and it's ok at idle, but when I'm driving 45-50 mph after about 15 minutes the temp will go up from 225 up to 260! That's the boiling point of antifreeze. And more liquid gets pushed out of the vent at the resrevoir. Just like before. The gauge to 3/4. Its only when I'm on the throttle too, if I'm slowing down, the temp goes down. Maybe radiator is just bad? Maybe it's a cracked head. Hmmmmmm any ideas even though we pretty much summed it all up: take to a mechanic!
  3. My ticking journey

    It is common on the 3.6. the rocker arms bearing will wear out. There's plenty of YouTube videos on how to fix it but you really do have to be mechanicaly inclined. The hardest part about the job is disconnecting everything in the way.
  4. radiator cap hose

    Thanks guys, it's in the shop already. Just love the input from people that know way more than me lol. I wish I could do the job myself, but I would mess something up, not torque the bolts correctly or something. I really appreciate your input!
  5. radiator cap hose

    Isn't this what forums are for? To help each other out, answer/ask questions, discuss and debate things?
  6. radiator cap hose

    A vent on a coolant resrevoir? I never knew they existed. Do all Chryslers vent the cooling system?
  7. radiator cap hose

    I am also seeing gold/bronze particles in the reservoir. They are wherever the antifreeze got onto in the engine compartment; mainly just undneath the rerevoir. This is a shot of the bottom of the resrevoir cap with the tiny particles clearly shown. Any ideas why?
  8. radiator cap hose

    Well I ordered an exhaust gas test kit for the cooling system. Saw it in use here: So I am suspecting not a bad gasket but more like a "cracked cylinder head" I say this only bc there is no milky oil on the dip stick nor under the filler cap. And from my past experiences, that's the sign of a head gasket failure. Hey 200,000 miles, I expected something bad but not this bad lol
  9. radiator cap hose

    Ok so if fluid is coming out of a vent hose, how much fluid is acceptable? Certainty not what I saw. It dripped a bit on the ground when I parked. Knew something wasn't right. Looked under the hood and saw evidence of antifreeze splashed a bit around the cowl near the reservoir and liquiid on the reservoir itself. And I heard a hissing sound when the engine was hot. It sounded like it was coming from the rerevoir cap.
  10. radiator cap hose

    It sounded like it was coming from the cap, honestly. After I drove it for a while and the engine temp went up to 3/4 the way to H. I was like OMG. When I came back home I saw the evidence of a leak.
  11. radiator cap hose

    So no fluid is spewing from that opening? Wowza. Then I have a leak somewhere else......
  12. radiator cap hose

    Thanks I think your right. Can you post a pick of that hose? Or even a name of hose. I cannot find it in Rock Auto.com
  13. radiator cap hose

    I think it goes back to the radiator. But since this is such a new vehicle to me, I on here lol
  14. radiator cap hose

    Hi guys, where does the small hose underneath the radiator cap go to? Mine seems to have disappeared. Just that plastic sleeve is on the fitting. Mine doesn't go anywhere. The all mine mine
  15. high mileage

    Sorry for not being more specific; 3.6 L v6. When I first looked at it, before the repairs, three lights on the instrument panel were lit up: service AWD, traction control and ABS. After the fix they were out. No ticking that I notice.