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  1. P0123 & p0222

    @larryl plugs and tranny fluid have already been done within the last 2 months as well.
  2. P0123 & p0222

    3.6L. Has about 150000km so that’s about 93000 miles
  3. P0123 & p0222

    Hey @jkeaton, I am having issues where there’s a little bit of rough idling when at a red light and a little hesitation when shifting through gears. Slight hesitation. Already tried clearing the codes and codes came back right away.
  4. P0123 & p0222

    Hello everyone, just looking for a little advice. I have a 2011 DJ crew with about 150000km on. hooked up the OBD scanner and I’m getting the P0123 (TPS/APP circuit high) and PO222 (throttle position sensor 2 high) codes. Anyone know what I can do to resolve the issue or would it just be easier to get it replaced? Also, side note... would this have anything to do with my battery being drained? Battery was only 2 months old and drained down to nothing. Luckily warranty kicked in for it
  5. Hey, just a quick little update... Ended up changing out the hose, upon inspection found that there was a small tear from where the clamp held down the hose. I guess wear and tear over time. Bought a genuine hose from mopar and came with a new clamp. Process was pretty easy. No more leak. Thanks
  6. Here’s a great video on how to change out the spark plugs on a 3.6L 2012 DJ. Was looking around the forums and couldn’t really find a proper video. hope this helps.
  7. Thanks @Summer Solstice
  8. Hello all, so so I recently changed out my water pump and everything looks good with the job, after a couple days I noticed a small drop/leak coming from the upper radiator hose. The leak seems to be coming from where the upper radiator hose connects to the thermostat, there’s a “stop” plastic piece where the hose sits on the thermostat housing and even after tightening the clamp a small drip keeps coming out. Any ideas? Or am I stuck with changing out either the hose or the thermostat? Dont think they were damaged when I removed them for the water pump job.
  9. Transmission leak

    Hey @Bustamatic, looking at doing my transmission change out myself too. Just wondering... how much transmission fluid did you end up putting back in after the change? Also, for the graph... did you take readings at start up and then after a quick drive around? Thanks
  10. Will tires fit?

    Currently I have 225/55/19 on. Looking to switch to winters
  11. Will tires fit?

    Hi im new to this forum, Just want to know if 235/65/17 will fit on my 2011 dodge journey crew? Thanks