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  1. Left rear turn signal light stays on

    Cut the power wire, or disconnect it. Adding aftermarket stuff to newer vehicles can always cause problems. I have a friend who had the same problem with an aftermarket towing apparatus on a ford truck. He was not as lucky as you because he spent over 600 bucks at the dealer trying to find the draw. mechanical-idiot
  2. Front end clunk, while braking

    Holy shit Johnny, it sounds like you actually built an entirely new car! I wouldn't dare tackle that stuff myself, so good for you! I am very glad that everything worked out for you. That is a very nice looking Journey - and I love the color. I hope it gives you miles and miles of trouble free service. You deserve it for your patience and perseverance. mechanical-idiot
  3. Trans will not catch any gear

    Well Steve, I hate to tell you this, but Crow does not taste very good. I have had more than a few helpings of it myself during my lifetime. In your case it might taste a bit better since your luck changed. Glad you had some relief from your stress. Journey on Steve, Journey on.......... Wantoo, please keep us posted on your progress. Hope to heck that you can get a good used one at a reasonable price. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot

    Congratulations! That is good news indeed. And good for Dodge for coming to your aid. I am impressed. Big expenses like transmissions and rear ends can be very frustrating and stressful for an owner to replace. I have been there and understand your need to vent. I wonder if they will cover my rear end viscous unit and steering angle sensor and differential seals and blend door actuator and hands free bluetooth module and front strut and rear toe links and upper control arms and 3 batteries and rear lift gate wiring harness and calipers and .......... probably not. It was good to vent, though. mechanical-idiot
  5. Finally got to wash and wax

    Love that blue. Very nice ride. mechanical-idiot
  6. New guy

    Welcome to the forum. Nice looking Journey, Gary - if that's your real name. mechanical-idiot
  7. 2012 Dodge Journey SXT Clicking Behind Glove Box

    Congrats on your purchase. Could be the blend door actuator. Check out youtube to see exactly where it is and then get down there and take a gander and a listen to it to confirm it. Hope you solve it soon. I am not great at mechanics, but there are a number of people on here who are a great resource and they love helping others. We are quite fortunate to have this forum and their help. Welcome to our world. mechanical-idiot
  8. Lift door tail light - see photo

    Shit, that is a great idea! Never thought of that. I will have to give it a try. Thanks. mechanical-idiot
  9. Lift door tail light - see photo

    Take a gander at the photo. Inside part fell off. I assume this comes apart and can be glued? I don't want to break it even more! See how the round piece inside has fallen backwards. Anyone here have this problem? Fix with Silicone? Epoxy? Crazy Glue? Bubble Gum? mecanical-idiot
  10. High idle + misfire + random codes

    Any luck?
  11. mechanical-idiot

  12. Lift door tail light - see photo

    Break in rain tonight. Took it off the vehicle. Could not get it apart. It appears to be a sealed unit. Off to the junkyard. mechanical-idiot
  13. Lift door tail light - see photo

    I am going to pull it off the car and see if I can get into it. There are a couple of screws on the inside of the lights, so hopefully it comes apart. I looked at some photos on ebay. I will let you know if I am lucky. Rain here for next 4 days. Might wait for a dry day. No garage. mechanical-idiot
  14. Does anyone elses 3.6 feel sluggish?

    Our Journey is a 3.6 AWD and it has plenty of power for us. If I had wanted something to blow my hair back from 0 to 60, I would have bought a Viper. mechanical-idiot
  15. Cruise control inop. & Traction Control light on dash

    What kind of a Journey is this? FWD or AWD? Get a code read of the error. That will tell you what is wrong. Then you need to get it fixed and all the shit that is screwing up will work again. Sometimes some sensors work with/effect other sensors and functions. Did the dealer not do a code reading to determine why the Traction Control Light was on? That should have been done. Also, it is not a good idea to be driving the vehicle a lot if the traction control light is on. It is on for a reason. Something is wrong. The vehicle is trying to tell you to get a code scan and fix it. You can do more damage to the vehicle if you continue to drive it. mechanical-idiot
  16. Here is a photo of the beast. We love it, but we have had to put some money into it in the past 16 months. Oh well, every vehicle has it's problems. mechanical-idiot
  17. High idle + misfire + random codes

    2late4u, Can you please post the address of that dark road that you previously referred to. I want to program it into our GPS. I will probably need it the next time we have a f'n 800 dollar problem with this beast. I am now in a love hate relationship with our 2012 RT AWD Journey. It could turn to a hate relationship at any given time. This old girl is dragging me down. A word of advise to everyone in the real world - Don't buy an AWD Journey unless you have an extended warranty. I think that should be a Chinese proverb. Ahhhhh, who am I fooling. I do love the damn thing. I just hate my bad luck. mechanical-idiot
  18. High idle + misfire + random codes

    Our first dead battery was a 6 year old original. Replaced. 2nd was a dead cell that showed up after about six weeks. Replaced. Third kept dying for no apparent reason. Replaced. Had a parasitic draw test done. Turned out to be the HFM (hands free module - bluetooth). Mechanic pulled the fuse which was number 131 under the passenger side dash. No more problems. I am now an expert battery replacer for the Journey. I am waiting for my certificate in the mail. All sorts of weird electrical shit was happening during low voltage including limp mode. It is a relief to have it fixed. mechanical-idiot
  19. High idle + misfire + random codes

    Charge the battery. Disconnect the battery. Leave it for a few minutes and connect it again. Should start. Had the same problem. Our Journey would not start after a 2 day drain. No lights or anything after a battery charge. Had to disconnect it via the negative post before it reset everything and would start. Weird. No logical explanation. Hope it works for you. You obviously have something draining it. You will get a ton of weird codes when your battery is low. Our code list was a mile long when our battery was giving us problems from low voltage. All sorts of electrical shit happens during low voltage setting off the codes. Start with finding the parasitic draw first. That will solve a lot of your code problems. mechanical-idiot
  20. Had the same problem with our Hands Free Module (bluetooth). It was screwed,-connecting, then not then connecting then not...... We ended up having battery issues. The HFM kept draining the battery. We ended up replacing 2 batteries before we realized that we had an electrical problem. We took it to a mechanic and he found the parasitic draw was the HFM - fuse 131 under the dash on the passenger side. He just pulled the fuse. It wasn't that important to us because the replacement cost was over 700 bucks plus a couple hours labour for the install at over 100 bucks an hour. Screw that nonsense. mechanical-idiot
  21. Anti Skid light came on. Would not leave. Hard shift on left turns. Binding on the back when backing into the driveway. Took it to a Dodge mechanic (he only works on Dodge). He did a scan. C0051-49 code. Steering Position Angle Sensor. Had to go to a dealer to get the part. SOB! $610.00 plus taxes. Got it for $530 plus taxes because they screwed up on the price on the phone before heading over to get it. Original quote was for $330. SOB! Information about it on these sites: https://www.autoblog.com/2016/01/12/symptoms-of-a-bad-or-failing-steering-angle-sensor/ https://www.yourmechanic.com/services/steering-angle-sensor-replacement There is also some information about it here on our site: Journeyman425 wrote this: Prevents binding during low-speed turns a third condition, which is independent of the others, uses the ESP steering angle sensor to determine when the vehicle is turning in a tight circle. This condition causes the electronic control module to reduce torque to the rear wheels to prevent binding in the driveline. The electronic control module is always checking for this condition as well. Part should be here on Friday pm. Getting it installed then (2.5 to 3 hours labour) . Then I have to take it to the dealer for a flash. I hope that this never happens to anyone else here. This vehicle is getting expensive. I am very frustrated. mechanical-idiot
  22. C0051-49 Steering Position Angle Sensor

    Got it back today. Working like new. No more warning lights on dash. Didn't need a flash as it was a sensor, not a module. Plug and play part. Hope our bad luck changes. mechanical-idiot
  23. 2012 Journey Crew upper rear control arms

    Just got all our lower toe and upper control arms replaced. It was cheaper to buy them at the dealer than anywhere else. I should have had them replaced at a garage, but I got them done at the dealer because we had three seals leaking on the back as well. Got a 2 year warranty on the repair. Not cheap though. I have spent a shitload of money on this rig, but we are afraid to trade it in case we have fixed everything! I did that with a Ford truck (after replacing a shit load of stuff on it - finally got sick of it and traded it) and the guy that bought it had it for 2 years without putting a gd thing on it! I can't win! SOB! mechanical-idiot
  24. Have I been Had

    Ask them to diagnose it and give an estimate first. That way, you know what is wrong and you can get it fixed cheaper someplace else if you can. mechanical-idiot