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  1. 220 miles a tank!?

    Can any with experience point me into the right direction? 2014 crossroad dash reads 12-14 for city. Did a road trip and avgd 18mpg.. Fueled up last week and only got 220 miles out of it. All city. We do regular oil changes (lifetime oil change deal) and during the check ups we're all green on the reports from the dealer. Out of warranty at this point so I'm treading lightly on dealing with full repair costs.
  2. anyone have a source for gmaptz.img ive been scouring the web for hours
  3. Kenneth Elie

  4. just looking for a bit of confirmation feedback.. I have a 2014 Crossroad bought as new in 2014. No extended warranty. R65 recall performed in January 2016 and once before that aswell. "No Maps" issue occured today while on CTP16. I then applied a radio and navigation update which brought me to CTP17 but the problem persists. Is my only option now to take to deal and pay out of pocket for new HU? Anyway to obtain already owned registered maps without a fee?