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  1. 3.6L Coolant?

    If I had the owners manual... missing.
  2. 3.6L Coolant?

    Which type anti-freeze should I use?
  3. Winter Driving

    I know summer is coming on but I have a question about winter driving, especially the use of tire chains. I can't find any info in the booklet I got with my 2014 Journey (used). So my question is are they recommended and if so front or rear. I assume front. Most winters we get by with studded tires and when we bought this car in February it had studded tires on it. However, now and then it snows allot and chains are often used in this area.
  4. Changed spark plugs , worse fuel economy

    I'll give Fern credit for doing the job, must have been a typo. I do it all the time myself, even smart people goof.
  5. quick oil change shop

    The local Jiffy Lube forgot to tighten the oil drain nut on a guys truck, he lost all his oil on the highway. I came by just after that and we looked for the nut, never found it. He called a tow truck to pick his truck up. Some time later I met the guy in a store in town and asked him about it. He said, they told him they don't loosen the nut to drain out the oil. They pumped it out of the engine. Think thats BS, they didn't stand behind their work, offered him a free oil chance. He got stuck for the towing.
  6. DJ Workshop Manual

    I think that's the same one I got on ebay. Some good info but no index. Why haven't they put out a Haynes or Chilton book?
  7. The other day I got some new rockers and some other stuff. I had planned to replace the spark plugs and thought I should also look into the rockers because of a slight ticking noise (more noticeable cold. Hardest part for me was removing the intake manifold (not too bad). Yep, #5 cylinder had a bad rocker on the second intake valve, the rocker's roller was loose on it's little shaft. I found some scoring on the edges of the cam due to the sides of the rocker rubbing on the cam, but other wise the cam looked pretty good. I don't know how long it had been this way, since we bought the car with the tick already present and the car has 112K, everything else seems pretty good. And, we got it for a pretty good price, probably due to the ticking. At first I was a bit worried about doing the repair and the cost, but it came off pretty easy. I've done allot of work on other cars but this was a different animal, so much of it plastic and those little push-in plastic anchors to deal with. I'm an old school Ford and Chevy guy with some VW, Volvo and Subaru experience along the way. Nothing like this. Thank God for 100K spark plugs! I think the ones I took out must have been the originals, Champion and still looked pretty good, but were replaced. Took me about 4 hours to do the job, less than I thought. I had taken it to a couple Auto Repair places including the dealer to get an estimate, cheapest was about $1000 and the Dealer was saying around $2000 and up. I did it for less than $100 with new plugs and still have some extra rockers incase it does it again. My only advice is get it done when it happens, don't wait too long and you'll save damage to the cam, which will save allot of money.
  8. nitrogen vs reg air

    Not worth it, no real value. The atmosphere is about 78% nitrogen already. It's just another scam to take your money.
  9. How to check ATF fluid ?

    After seeing a few videos on the subject another question comes up which tranny do I have? My 2014 Journey is AWD and I'm not sure it's the same as the FWD models, is the 62TE used in my car? Something or else? Then again there is the transfer case and driveline to consider.
  10. How to check ATF fluid ?

    Thanks for all the replies. Whew, I didn't mean to start a brush fire amongst us. So what I'm getting out of this is, there is a way to check the tranny oil, they just don't provide a way, like the good old days. From my limited experience with Dodge cars and automatic transmissions in general (most of my previous cars were manual tranny) it's good to hear all the pro and con. Thanks for all that. IMHO the first line of preventative maintenance is to check fluid levels and their condition. Surely you would want to make sure your brake fluid was at a safe level and the same for the engine oil and cooling system, so why not the tranny? My best guess is so people don't mess with it or maybe to save a few $$$ building the car. Neither reason is a good one to me. I'll check out the videos and find out what I can about it. It's a shame they don't put out a service or repair manual like Haynes or Chilton, I used to buy one for every car I owned and did most my own work. Times have changed, now they want you to buy a DVD for a few 100 dollars or subscribe to a online manual, I think that's BS. So I've learned allot from all this, and hope this car last along time with few issues.
  11. How to check ATF fluid ?

    As I have discovered these new cars don't have a dipstick for the tranny. How do you check the fluid on a 2014 Journey 3.6 AWD? And, what kind of fluid would you put in it? Is there a filter that needs replacing? Thanks.
  12. Oil types, viscosity and oil pressure

    Thanks for the reply's! I don't know what kind of oil has been used in this car before I bought it. The dealer did a change on it just before I purchased the car and in the past I've usually changed oil about 3-5 K. I guess modern cars are going longer between oil changes.
  13. Recently purchased a used 2014 Journey, I do regular oil changes to my vehicles and it's getting close to doing the first one on this car 3.6 engine. Just wondering about oil and grades. The oil cap said 5-20, why so light oil, something to do with efficiency? Maybe? I'm wondering if any other oil can be used safely. I've used 10-40 in most my cars for many years and it seems to do well. I haven't used much synthetic oil and wonder of it's benefits if any. Also I notice on start up the oil pressure runs up to about 80 psi and at warmed up is about 35 at idle and goes up with the RPM, I assume this is about normal for this engine? Also the engine has a tick, it's worse when cold and doesn't quite go away when warmed up, assuming it's a rocker, I plan to fix that soon.
  14. Engine tick

    Thanks again and thanks for the videos. I wish someone would put out a repair manual, rather have one handy especially working on the engine. The job doesn't look that hard, I may give it a try.
  15. Help! Please.

    What do you mean, it will crank, but not turn over? Without knowing much else I'd check the fuses.