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  1. Stripped lug nuts

    I haven't had a chance to get back at it yet, thanks to life being so busy, but do you think its possible for the cap to be spinning but not coming off? I had once come off before and when I tried to remove the base nut underneath it was ceased on so hard it stripped and I had a hell of a time with a stripped nut removal socket to get it out. I really don't want that experience again
  2. Stripped lug nuts

    Anyone have any trouble with stripped lugs nuts on the factory 19" rims? A while back a cap slipped off of one and months later when I tried to pull the tire off to replace a wheel bearing it was a huge chore that cost me a lug nut and a stripped nut removal socket and the deep pockets in the rims for the nuts don't do any favors for access either. Now on another wheel one of the caps on one of the nuts is stripping and not gripping at all. I'm toying with a couple of options to have it removed, one of which is to try and pull the nut cap off before I mangle it too much and take my chances with the bare nut underneath. I'm not sure if the cap is turning loosely over the nut underneath or if its simply rounding out. I don't care too much for the lugs, just want to minimize rim damage as much as possible. Any advice on how I should proceed?
  3. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Without creating an account I went to https://www.mopar.com/en-us/my-vehicle/recalls/search.html and after entering my VIN the TSB doesn't show up. I'm wondering if more information appears if you actually have an account? I do think I'm out of luck though, the knocking seems more on the passenger side and the engine light isn't on, even after letting it idle for an hour. When I get my failing lug nut off so I can change off the flat tire I'll take it for a small drive to see if it triggers anything. If not I'll start shopping for a new engine because the knock sounds pretty bad to me. VID_20180512_185459.mp4
  4. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    Does this work for Canada too? When I try the US one to register the link I am emailed fails saying my registration is invalid or expired even though its only been 2 minutes. Trying the open to register for Canada website instructs me to register for SiriusXM Guardian from my UConnect. I don't have that, is there a software update I'm missing? I haven't updated anything since I purchased in 2012.
  5. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    I don't really have a good relation with my dealer. They've done a few shady things and didn't quite hold up to their word. Is there a way to check this with my VIN without having to go to my dealer until I know for sure I'm covered? I don't trust them to tell me the truth.
  6. 2014 3.6L Engine Ticking

    My 2012 AWD developed a ticking/knocking at 185K/km and I assumed the engine was dead. I was so upset I parked it 6 months ago and been driving my van ever since. Is it possible my model is affected by this warranty? I miss driving my R/T
  7. AstralRT

  8. Do I need a new rear diff?

    Unfortunately I'm just over 150k now, no more warranty
  9. I've just started hearing grinding noise and clunking from the rear of my 2012 DJ R/T. The grinding happens when accelerating from stop and more when turning from a stop. The clunking happens when starting/stopping at slower speeds. Is my rear diff done for? What's an avg cost for a repair/replacement?
  10. 2013 Journey – Fuel tank size??

    A tank not being full should only give you less mileage per tank, not increase the rate in which the fuel burns
  11. gas

    87 is all the DJs need now, used to be 89 for the 3.5L, but I prefer not to use ethanol which I can only find in 91 octane (at non-sunoco/Petro convert. stations)
  12. Kumho tires are Junk.

    Just put my 19 inch Kumo's Solus 3 season tires and rims back on tonight, what a difference compared to my 17 inch winters. Turns are tighter, much less road noise, and driving feels very smooth (except of course the lower profile tires feeling the bumps a little harder) No complaints about my Kumo's so far.
  13. Loud squealing noise cold start.

    I've noticed what seems to be the same sound described in mine for the first little bit when starting. It was only during the first start up in the morning after a really cold night, ~-20C and colder. Haven't heard it for a while now since the weather has been warming.
  14. Fake chrome wheels for 500$ ? WTF Dodge!

    Plastic covers = no Chrome wheels in winter = no no $500+ for covers = no no no Just my 2 cents. I don't like chrome, and only use steal wheels in winter. To each their own.
  15. 2013 Journey – Fuel tank size??

    I've ran pretty low and have been able to put about 73.5 litres in my tank. I did also keep pumping past the first click of the gas pump trying to round out to an even $$ amount. I hate that the DTE only shows "Low Fuel" after I drop below 50km, although I did manage to see it in the 30s once but I think that was because I was close to 50 and then drove a little hard dropping the fuel faster than the computer refreshed. Either way I'd rather see a number till the end rather than "Low Fuel", but I guess its a safety design to scare you to the station before its too late.