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  2. PTU Fluid Change D.I.Y.

    I am doing this tomorrow thanks so much for idea. One question, when you pump the fluid in won’t you build up pressure? Aren’t you forcing fluid into a closed sealed unit ? Im thinking like blowing into a bottle with you mouth, air has no where to go? Am I wrong in thinking this way ?
  3. I just had new brakes put on by a local Dodge dealer and when I got home, I realized they used the smaller brakes. I had huge ones that had minimal clearance between the rotor and wheel and new ones have almost 3 inches. Looking for part numbers for the large rotors so I can have all the info when I call Dealer tomorrow (closed by time I noticed the smaller size.) Thanks!!
  4. Not sure what the buttons would look like
  5. VIN #3C4–PDDGG3JT–499507 Here is the link to the sticker also https://dl-mail.ymail.com/ws/download/mailboxes/@.id==VjN-oSPBuNY-mhaUG1WBYg6ZnkhDepgFBcuvsGtg48dRx4wmF_tZ1q5n3iMofAgUl4Xh6F676llwJijNHGM9Rx73ng/messages/@.id==AKpEG1B80MH1XQPqVwGpyJEwoMY/content/parts/@.id==2/raw?appid=YMailNodin&ymreqid=93bf33e8-1dfa-0ce6-1cd5-b30000013300&token=zitEzqOML3j84e6ealFTT5U7-km5qEQF52lp7AcCuBbmpMQZKH0viu_V47KriLuoZRKMjePg6j7NCVkF2HmrdGiCvNcfdJPjm324mYx49gEGYHG5zZROOYeWZBW-NzAx Thank you for looking into this for me, I will not contact the dealer until you get back to me
  6. Yesterday
  7. Help with Garmin update

    I have a 2011 Dodge Journey. My Garmin is telling my it is needing to be updated. But if I go through the owner manual and to what they tell me to do garmin.com/chrystal. And I type in the 10 digit unit code and the system tells me it is up to date. Am I doing something wrong? I really don't want to go to the dealership. Any advice?
  8. uconnect

    I am terribly sorry to hear this. Can you send me a private message with your VIN? I'd like to look more into this on my end. Jasmine Dodge Social Care Specialist
  9. 3.5L V6 Dodge Journey Engine

    I apologize for the late response. I don't know for sure if it has, but everything on the motor is in good shape and working. The transmission was bad in the Journey.
  10. Instrument cluster problem??

    Hi rsw0913, We understand your concern. Once you are able to visit your dealer for an inspection, you're welcome to send us a private message for additional assistance. Lydia Dodge Social Care Specialist
  11. Engine cooling upgrade

    Mine is the 6 cylinder. I'll probably change the thermostat and flush the system and see what happens over a months time with the weather heating up slowly.
  12. Instrument cluster problem??

    thanks for the help mechical-idiot. you are confirming what i have been told by another forum. take it to the dealer and have them check the code. i'll update when i get that done. i have friend that has a code machine but from what i am hearing this is a problem that may require the dealer's code reader. i'll try the friend first since it's free.
  13. ABS Module

    Thanks. That is good advice. I will get some rotors coming too.
  14. ABS Module

    I agree with mechanical--idiot, always change the rotors makes the pads last a lot longer and then if the old ones are not bad have them turned and your ready to go the next time
  15. ABS Module

    You might want to get a set of rotors as well, just in case they are in need of replacement. You can always save them for the next time, or take them back if you don't need them. That way if you change them in the evening or on the weekend, you are not up shit creek without a paddle (or without brakes in this case). mechanical-idiot
  16. Instrument cluster problem??

    When the dealer mechanic checks the codes, he or she should be able to tell you if the cluster is the next possible suspect (providing that the BCM is not the culprit). You can get them to diagnose the problem, you don't have to get them to fix it. You just pay for the diagnosis. Most of them are good to help and give some advice. They know the vehicle and they have seen most of the problems before. The codes will tell them and you what is wrong. Get a printout of the codes. Best of luck mechanical-idiot
  17. Do you have the buttons on the steering wheel for uconnect?
  18. Last week
  19. I have a 2016 Journey Crossroad and I have full subscription to Sirius. In February 2019 I renewed my subscription for another 6 months(everything was working at that time). After that renewal my Travel Link stopped working. It shows that I'm subscribed, but when I push the Travel Link button it says Data not available. I have taken it to the dealership 2 times and the last time they did a factory reset on my radio and it still isn't fixed. I have had at least a dozen refresh signals sent to it, to no avail. If I use the voice command it works fine. I can ask for the nearest gas station, grocery store, etc., but if I ask for the weather forecast it again says data not available. Please HELP!
  20. uconnect

    Run, don't walk, back to the dealer. There has been a misunderstanding somewhere. They are obligated to show you how to use the features you bought. If they have misrepresentated the item for sale, or you misunderstood, most states give you a very narrow window to back out of the deal. Give them a chance to make it right.
  21. i would go back you paid for something you did not get...............
  22. I just picked up a 2018 Journey crossroad, certified used. The sticker(and dealer) says I have, Uconnect® 3 with 8.4" Display Uconnect® Voice Command with Bluetooth®. I was trying to set it up today and was unable, I called customer support and they say that I do not have uconnect capabilities according to my vin. Being as how that was one of the deciding factors to buying the car I'm wondering what my recourse is? Is there an upgrade they will have to install? Or will I have to bring back the car and tell them to keep it...I hate being lied to...has anybody else had this problem?
  23. 1D794C11-4E84-4FD5-A3A4-BEA9B747C7B5.jpeg

    Hey Nice set up! I was wondering what you hooked the subs in to. Do you have an after market radio or an LOC? If you used an LOC where did you tap in to?
  24. Instrument cluster problem??

    battery and alternator are good...Next to check on the BCM. Thanks mechanical-idiot. If it doesn't throw a BCM code then can i assume that the instrumental cluster is bad?
  25. Instrument cluster problem??

    After the battery check, get your codes checked. That should tell you if the BCM is bad. Dealer for that one. Best of luck. mechanical-idiot
  26. ABS Module

    Sensor on order along with brake pads. I figure if I have to pull the wheel I might as well replace the pads.
  27. Instrument cluster problem??

    yes...on occasion the wipers will just go on for no reason at all. the chime starts dinging and the instrument cluster goes haywire. speedometer, tach all gauges start going out of whack. my other thought is possibly the body control module.
  28. Instrument cluster problem??

    when you said the wipers acting up, that should not be intertwined with the cluster acting up?good luck and keep us informed what you find out for others to see
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