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  1. For the second time in six months, my bluetoth phone lost connection with uConnect. I've seen lots of people stating the same problem, and how they were charged serious money to have it "fixed". Although there are many reasons for this problem, this is what I found worked for me. 1 - Locate the fuse block under the glove box on the right side kick panel. If you can't access it, you may need to hire a left handed, double jointed gymnast . 2 - You need to locate Fuse 131 which is listed in the Manual as the Hands Free Module. Since they are not marked and there is no picture in the manual, I've attached one I found on someone's site. Its a red 10A fuse in the third column from the right, and the second fuse from the top. 3 - Using long needle-nosed pliers, carefully pull it straight out. 4 - Wait a minute or two, then reinsert it. Not easy, just awkward. Make sure it's properly seated 5 - Now, press the Start button to ACC and with your phone handy, they should connect.
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  3. Just bought a 2012 R/T about a month ago and everything worked fine until tonight. We had a cold snap this evening and as we came out of the restaurant, with fob in pocket, the door did not automatically unlock as I touched the handle. After a couple of tries, I used the remote Unlock to get in and tried to start the engine. FOB NOT FOUND. So I tried the Remote Start (while in the car) and it started. I let it run while we buckled up, then tried a regular start. No soap. Got the same error message again. Started with the Remote and let it run about five minutes, then tried again and the car started. So, key points: 1 - Remote worked inside and outside the car - probably not the battery 2 - After the car warmed up a few minutes, the FOB was FOUND Thank God for that since I did not know about the trick of starting the car with the back end of the FOB. I looked for a place to insert the emergency key but found no slot. Is there one somewhere? Graebeard