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Found 16 results

  1. For the second time in six months, my bluetoth phone lost connection with uConnect. I've seen lots of people stating the same problem, and how they were charged serious money to have it "fixed". Although there are many reasons for this problem, this is what I found worked for me. 1 - Locate the fuse block under the glove box on the right side kick panel. If you can't access it, you may need to hire a left handed, double jointed gymnast . 2 - You need to locate Fuse 131 which is listed in the Manual as the Hands Free Module. Since they are not marked and there is no picture in the manual, I've attached one I found on someone's site. Its a red 10A fuse in the third column from the right, and the second fuse from the top. 3 - Using long needle-nosed pliers, carefully pull it straight out. 4 - Wait a minute or two, then reinsert it. Not easy, just awkward. Make sure it's properly seated 5 - Now, press the Start button to ACC and with your phone handy, they should connect.
  2. Morning all, I've got a 2017 Journey Crossroad AWD and for the past 6 months I've been experiencing intermittent issues with bluetooth pairing when I start my car. It happens 6+ times/week where I start my car and the bluetooth does not pair with my phone. If I touch the phone icon on the screen it says there is no device and asks if I want to pair one. If I select yes, it searches and seaches but never locates the phone. It may connect 5 minutes, 10 minutes later or not at all or if I shut down and restart the car it may connect on the next attempt. I thought it was happening because my phone is not in the car when I remote start it, but it's also been happening when I'm sitting in the vehicle. The second problem is that sometimes when it does connect to the car, I make a call and mid-conversation the call transfers to my handset and the bluetooth disconnects from the car. It may reconnect and transfer back to the car during the same phone call. The same thing has happened with my son & husband's phones also so I don't believe that this is an issue with my phone. The car has 6000km left on factory warranty and because the problem is intermittent the dealer has been unable to replicate it. I've left the car at the dealer for full days several times for this issue and get told that their phones connected each time. Has anyone else experienced this problem with their Journey or another with UCONNECT? I'm worried this is one of those problems the dealer can't/won't find until it's out of warranty. Any help or information is greatly appreciated. Thank you.

    2012 Journey RT AWD kept killing batteries. Took it to a mechanic. Couldn't find a parasitic draw. Got new battery. Killed it in 6 weeks. 3rd killed battery. Took it to another mechanic. He did a parasitic draw test. He found that it was drawing 50 milliamps when sitting in the garage with everything off. He said that it should not draw beyond 35. So, he started pulling fuses and replacing them one at a time while checking the draw. He pulled a fuse called HFM (under the dash on passenger side - hands free module) and the draw went down to 29 milliamps. Put it back in and kept pulling. No other fuses reduced the draw. He told me that the fuse was for the bluetooth. Son of a bitch! The bluetooth was intermittent, then quit working for us. So, we pulled the fuse and have not had a problem with the battery draining since. We had to have the battery charged on an industrial charger to bring it up to snuff. He did a slow trickle charge overnight, so it was charged for 2 days. Seems to have brought the battery back to snuff. New HFM costs 737 dollars Canadian at our dealer (before taxes). Son of a bitch! Easy enough to put in (check out youtube for the video), if you don't mind taking off the brake pedal. Seems to be a common problem with a lot of Dodge Journeys. You might want to pull this fuse first if you have this problem. Might save you a few bucks in mechanical fees! Then again, it may be a totally different problem for you. Hope this helps someone out there in the real world. mechanical-idiot
  4. I have a 2013 journey RT. My battery died and after boosting my Bluetooth started acting weird. I can connect my phone. My audio/saved songs/spotify/Google maps all route through no problem. My calls ring through the system but once I answer, or if I make a call, no call audio goes through to the uconnect. I am stumped.
  5. Hi! I currently own a 2013 Dodge Journey RT. As of late, I have been having issues with both the Bluetooth and the Handsfree functionality of the vehicle. They are completely non-functional. Each time I try to use them, I'm met with a Please wait... message from UConnect. I've read here on the forums that I should first try disconnecting the negative terminal of the battery for a period of time in attempt to reset the computer. However, after locating the negative terminal under the hood, I've been unable to disconnect it due to a plastic barrier around the nut. Here's a picture I found of it. Frankly, I have no idea how to remove this barrier, and the isolation hole shown here as item #3 doesn't seem to have a purpose. Just to add, I brought the vehicle in to be assessed, but after a $200 CAD assessment, they told me it would be $700 CAD to fix. I can find the MOPAR part online for much cheaper, and I'm tempted to buy it and have my local mechanic install it. That being said, I just want give this potentially simple fix a chance before I fork out the cash. Am I missing something here to disconnect the terminal and battery? Any help would be much appreciated!
  6. I paired my phone and used the phone for 4 days with no problems. Suddenly I can dial or receive calls but they cannot hear me although I hear them. I have tried pairing again but it did not work.
  7. Just bought a used 2016 Journey with 4.3S sound system. The car was originally used as a rental fleet vehicle. We are unable to locate the bluetooth option anywhere. it does not appear in any of the menu options that we have tried. Is it possible that it was factory disabled? Any guess or ideas would be appreciated.
  8. 2013 Journey with 4.3s reb radio with Sirius, Bluetooth, USB, etc. quite happy for awhile. The usb port stopped working. the Bluetooth stopped working. Now - every time I go over a bump or small rock, the radio station changes (I can replicate by hitting the dash with my hand). Is it the radio? or is it the Harness? or the Modules? Do I replace the whole darn thing or try to get someone to diagnose & fix it? The dealer in town is notorious for bad service and cheating people ... not going there. So I have to find someone to look at a radio & try to trust them not to screw with me. It's not on warranty - do I buy an extended warranty and then go into dealer for fix? It looks like all UConnect radios are POS - is there a recall? Who are the engineers and can we call them or send them our POS radios in the mail? or is it just a wiggly harness that is stretched too tight - $20-100 fix??? I'd love to have Dodge respond to this and tell me what is really wrong ... it looks like EVERYONE with a Dodge has this issue.
  9. Hello. I got a problem, with my Freemont 2012, bluetooth and voice command. I press the "buttons" on the uconnect, and they just grey out, but nothing happens. Can't access phone settings also. I already let the negative cable of the battery unplugged for about 12 hours, without solving it. Than I took it to a dealer, but they didn't solve, they actually did nothing. They just upgraded the software and reseted it. So I will need to take it to another dealer (300km away). So, reading thru several forums, the problem is probably the HFM module. Maybe just a problem with the connections, and unplugging and plugging again may solve. I already checked behind the glove compartment and it is not there. I also looked bellow the panel at drivers side, and coundn't see it. Does anyone know where is it really located? thanks.
  10. Hello, So a friendly question to the forum. How long is it taking for your phone to be ready to share music via Bluetooth on a UConnect REB 4.2s? It probably takes my phone a solid minute or more for my phone to finally make the connection with the radio. Which with my son in the car waiting to leave is not much of an option. Let me know. It might be related to an issue I am having in another thread. (Linked below)
  11. Hi! My iPhone takes FOREVER to connect to my radio... I dont know what to do, i tried to re-pair it, delete it from my phone, etc... But it is not working. I went to apple and they said theres no problem at all with my phone... Thank you
  12. So I was looking through the supported phone site for our re2 and rb5 head units to see if any of the phones supported metadata over Bluetooth or this elusive "Text Messaging" feature that they boast about on the uconnect website, and I'm not surprised to say, that NONE of the phones support this feature. NONE. I've sent off a message to Dodge/Chrysler/Mopar about how they've left 200, dart, ram, journey, and 300 customers with a head unit that's not capable of doing something that ALL vehicles with Bluetooth have been accomplishing since 2005 (at least), and also explaining that it's a safety concern because we have to pick our phones up and unlock them to get basic song information. I'm tired of driving friends around and them asking where the song information is displayed on this kick ass 8.4 inch head unit, only to reply "yea, it doesn't support that in 2015". I've already put in a complaint, but it would be nice if ALL of you did the same thing. Perhaps if we bitch enough, they will do the right thing and add it. It appears to have been in their previous versions of the head-unit firmware, so the hardware is there. http://www.chrysler.com/chryslercares *UPDATE 1* GOT AN EMAIL RESPONSE FROM CS Dear Christopher, Thank you for contacting the FCA Customer Assistance Center. It has been determined that the concerns raised regarding your uconnect needs further review. We have referred your concerns to a uConnect Specialist for follow-up. A Case Manager will contact you by phone within approximately one business day addressing your issue. I appreciate your patience and understanding as we further look into matter with you. Thank you again for your email. Should you require additional assistance, or have any new information to provide, please reply to this email message or call 1-800-CHRYSLER (1-800-247-9753). Sincerely, Jody Customer Service Representative FCA Customer Assistance Center --------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE 2* Got an email back from the main CS person, which said it wasn't a feature... right. Dear Customer: Case #: 28337244 VIN: 2C4RC1BG9FR514202 Vehicle Description: CHRYSLER TOWN & COUNTRY TOURING WAGON Hi Christopher, This is Sherri from Uconnect Case Management and I have been assisgned to your file. I understand your concern about the song title not being shown and this being a safety issue and I understand your concern and frustration that it is not available. I will forward your concern to the engineers but currently this is not a feature we currently have. Please contact me if you have any further questions or concerns. My office hours: Monday – Friday 11:00 am till 7:30 pm EST Your case number is: 28337244 The Uconnect Case Management telephone number is: 877-855-8400 ext my direct extension: 4718746 also for your convenience you can reply to this email. Regards, Sherri To reply to this email, please use the link below: Sincerely, SHERRI Customer Assistance Center ------------------------------------------------------- *UPDATE 3* My response back to Sherri: Sherri, It's funny you should say that it's not a feature you currently have, when the feature WORKS if you're using a phone that's at least 4 years old. The bluetooth song information appears if you're using an android phone that's version 4.1 or less and apple devices that are using IOS 7.1 or less. The problem is, your uconnect devices have never been updated to work with the newer (and I use the word "newer" very, very loosely, as the newest phone that works in this manner with your uconnect devices is 4 years old) hardware. While you can search your site for supported phones for the HTC x8 on sprint, it says it's not supported but in fact, it does work. Also, the Samsung galaxy s3 on verizon (but i'm sure it will for all carriers) also works as i've tested it personally. The x8 is a phone made in 2013, but it's a windows phone who are known to only support older versions of bluetooth drivers. The s3 is about 4 years old and if you leave the older version of android on it, works perfectly with your head-unit. The problem is, using these antiquated devices for your mobile needs, leaves you in a situation where you're using an insecure phone that's no longer being updated by the manufacture. Also, it means that you're not eligible to the latest data rates like LTE. The update to the uconnect unit is trivial as the bluetooth function was merely changed during the 2.1 transition to 4.0. The uconnect Bluetooth adapter already support 4.0 as I can see what it negotiates at when connecting to a mobile device. The problem is, the AVRCP bluetooth standards changed from 2.1 to 4 and your device doesn't conform to those changes, as it's requiring 4.0 devices to pass the metadata information in the 2.1 standard which is impossible. With that said, saying that it's a feature you don't currently have, is inaccurate. The true situation is, you don't currently want to support newer phones in relation to this feature, which is pretty crummy. Thanks, Chris
  13. New Dodge Journey Owner

    Hi, I just bought a 2011 Dodge Journey R/T. Great vehicle so far. Comes with NAV, and assumed it came with Bluetooth..but doesn't, so will be searching for ways to alleviate that. Also came with a towing prep package, but no Hitch, so will be looking for advice on what to do with that, too. Cheers, Mike
  14. Hello. I have a 2013 Journey with the Uconnect 4.3 RSP (I have satellite radio) system in my car. So far, my wife and I have been unable to use the Bluetooth function with our current phones. However, we are planning to upgrade our phones this Christmas. I am planning to get an iphone 5C, which according to the skimpy phone listings on the uconnectphone website, should be fully compatible with my system. However, my wife wants a Samsung Galaxy Note 3 that operates on Android Jelly Bean 4.3 Our service provider is Verizon wireless. Has anyone been able to successfully pair either this Verizon phone or another Verizon phone operating on the same Jelly Bean 4.3 software with a 4.3 uconnect system? Thanks and have a Merry Christmas
  15. My wife and I recently got identical Samsung Intensity II phones. They connected fine with the bluetooth in my 2010 Kia Forte but somehow cannot connect to my 2013 Journey via Uconnect. I just get the "pairing failed" message. The latest compatibility chart I can find on this phone shows it works with a 2011 Journey but with older software and hardware versions on the phone. Not sure of the version of my radio, but the sticker says Uconnect 4.3S and I have the 4.3 touchscreen. Any advice, suggestions on how I may pair these phones and begin to use the bluetooth in my Journey (that don't involve either new phones or vehicles)? Thanks.
  16. Use a Blackberry Bold 9700. On an incoming call, it transfers the call to the mobile phone and although I am connected, I cannot hear the incoming voice. Somewhat intermittant. All seetings are fine on phone. When it auto transfers to the mobile phone, I do not hear the other side. I push speaker twice and get the handsfree call working and then hear caller. Anyone experiencing this issue?