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Changing the transfer case fluid? 12 RT AWD

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Hello everyone,


New to this forum, but not to vehicle forums in general.


I am looking to change the transfer case fluid (AKA 'Power Transfer Unit fluid change') in our 2012 Dodge Journey RT AWD & apparently from what I have learned, this is one heck of a job. 


Easy to drain the old fluid out but a huge pain to get the new/fresh fluid back in (various parts in the way of the fill hole & very labor intensive to make room in order to get the new fluid in etc).


I would like to ask members (any tech feedback would be awesome) who have done this service, if there is an easy way to complete this service without having to disassemble / remove a lot of parts in order to change the transfer case fluid or perhaps a specific tool / part one can use to make life easier?  :headscratch:


Any help with specific details would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you. 



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welcome to the group i have fwd so have no info on the awd someone will chime in soon

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Thank you 2late :)


Based on my research (and I am not coming into this blind so to speak) one has to take apart / disassemble quite a few items including a heat shield, among other components just to get at the fluid fill hole which is very frustrating (again, the draining is no problem...but the fill hole is completely blocked).  


My trusted mechanic (whom I've had for pushing 11 years now & has never hesitated performing any type of maintenance / service / repairs to my current 2012 Dodge Charger 'Blacktop' or our recently purchased 12 Journey RT AWD, and a few vehicles prior).


I have no issues taking the vehicle to the dealer...that is not the issue (although I cringe at the labor charges to put less than a quart of fluid in). :rant2:


Am I the only one that has asked about how to change this fluid on their AWD Journey?   Do my fellow AWD owners simply drive them & hope they get lucky without the PTU failing? 


I know there is no such thing as a 'life long fluid' in any automobile....that simply means 'the life of the warranty' ;) 


Part of it is definitely how this has been engineered I suppose...





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have you checked with your dodge dealer for the location of the fill plug and what has to be removed or how they do it?

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