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  1. well if you have an other vehicle remove the bearings and take them into someplace that can match them up or rebuild them. maybe pick some up at a junk yard
  2. oh well guess dodge is going to cry over their loss. 10 year old vehicle
  3. first off the 2020 journeys wont be made until July -Aug of 2019, long time to wait if you need a bigger car now. do what you can afford, have to ask why buy a used 2018 when you could get a great deal on a left over 2019, sales are slowing down now, so check out the new car deals they also come with low or zero % financing compared to used car rates which are always 2-3 times higher
  4. Rear End noise

    since its fwd and noise coming from rear either wheel bearings or brake pads dragging,or possibly a fuel pump going bad but not likely
  5. Remote starter

    read a manual....LOL
  6. my drivers side floor mat was starting to come apart and looking sad so i bought a set of 3D MAXpider Front Row Custom Fit Floor Mat for Select Dodge Journey Models - Classic Carpet (Black) cost me about $78. they had some great reviews on them well rec them yesterday and they fit the floor great and snug goes up the sides a bit and even covers the foot rest on the left side. the only thing is they rivet their 3d silver logo to the top side towards the back guess i could spray it black. other than that they fit great and look great, not a real carpet feel but looks and feels good hope they last
  7. i havent rec nothing yet but our renter who has a jeep compass rec a letter stating about the same thing.....
  8. in the max care i would think they would be covered BUT if the dealership said no you might want to check with another dealership to be sure.. good luck
  9. power train covers all internal Engine parts and transmission internal parts
  10. quick oil change shop

    well my last oil change it was cold and miserably out so for the first time i went to the local Havoline oil change place and had the oil and filter changed, made sure they had the right filter and was done in just a few minutes, well I just did the next oil change myself and dam did they ever bugger up the oil plug nut, I had to use a big pair of vice grips and got it to come off, so i walk to the Orilleys auto store and picked up a doorman oil plug with a plastic washer that says needs to be replaced with ever oil change. well I got the journey going again and will pick up a better oil plug from the dealership next week. first time i ever use a quick change oil place and the last ....LOL on a side note i removed the plastic covering below the windshield to remove all the leaves that were there from last fall, not to bad, about 6 push pin rivets and the one on each side of the cowling that looks like a Phillips screw didnt want to unscrew and i was able to just pop them out and then was able to pop them back in again after cleaning all the leaves out.....
  11. mine mess up every so often but not like that it either works or doesn't, i have checked the wires that goes thur the rear hatch where a lot of journey owners have found broken or frayed wiring,,,,, i would start there first
  12. from a short google looks like they dont sell them no more good luck
  13. yep probally going bad,time to replace it,i had the mopar oem added to my 14 crossroad.
  14. Newbie!

    nice,welcome to our family...
  15. SE 2017 journey lacks speed

    we have no idea as to which eng you have, but not a lot of possibility for any real improvement, you must have the 2.4 i guess
  16. Help

    only you will know havent heard any one trying that, some have removed seats, anything is possible
  17. Hi I'm new here!

    guess they dont make them anymore and the online or cd is the only info we have seen so far, if you find something then please post it.
  18. Blend air actuator

    check you tube lots of videos there depends on which blend door is messing passenger side is easy to get to from what i hear
  19. Hi I'm new here!

    it has been said you can purchase one on line but i dont have a web address, your best bet is to google it. also take your time and use the search areas here on different areas of interest for your questions that have been already asked and answered. a lot of good info to be found here also, i have a 2014 crossroad with 87 k on it have had a little problems with my rear wheel alignment but have had that fixed, welcome to the group
  20. check to see if at the wiper motor you are getting juice to it when trying the different speeds, probally your switch or the motor itself, if no voltage at the lower settings id say its your switch, if getting power on all settings then i would assume its the motor
  21. 09 journey passenger heat works intermittently

    either heater core pluging up and or the passenger blend door hanging up. passenger side easy to get to check out you tube for video on it
  22. start by a load test on the car battery (part stores offer this for free have them check the alt at the same time) then i would remove the fuse for the alarm system and no i dont know which one that is, to see if this solves your problem. can be a lot of different things good luck
  23. need a lot more info then what you gave,
  24. first off i would defiantly got to a different dealership for repairs, i was first thinking of the catalytic converter myself reading your post i had one go bad on my mustang and my sons camaro had one go bad but if its getting plugged up it will quickly not let the engine even start. as i said try a different dealership and keep track of your paperwork to prove your problems good luck