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  1. sounds like a loose connection somewhere, if you have warranty take it in, if not start wigging wires. good luck
  2. Over cooling maybe?

    have no idea as i had mine changed at the dealership when i hit around 60 k early i know but hey cheaper than replacing a bad trans.
  3. No help form dodge Australia

    best info would probally come from a local transmission shop, as info off internet might lead you wrong? most of transmissions here require the fluid be checked with a special machine with the engine running at a certain temp and other factors from what i read. also not sure if you have a trans dip stick or not over here most newer journeys dont have a dip stick (which i hate) good luck and keep us informed what you find out. i am sure you will get more answers here...
  4. Tpms for 2018+ 315 MHz or 433mhz

    why not ask your local dealership for the correct answer
  5. Over cooling maybe?

    just make sure what ever fluid you use that it is approved by mopar, the have specs listed on the bottles... check your manual for the correct type of fluid or better yet go your local dealership and ask them which type of fluid to use for your journey dont cheap and or take the wrong advice....also be aware of this trans needs to be at a certain temperature and a lot of other variables to fill it to the correct level from what iv read and heard ,its not like the old drain fill and check with a dip stick method, hope you dont screw it up could cost you big $$$$$ trying to save a few $$. good luck
  6. probably cant replace the camera since it is molded into the trim piece,of course i havent tried to
  7. click on the forum emblem and look under interior and or glass and mirror area seems like i remember someone posting there about this problem also check you tube for ideas about fixing it.good luck..
  8. www.moparpartsoverstock.com read where a lot of people order from here, i have no experience with them.good luck
  9. Hello

    welcome to the group, post some pictures of your journey showing your country side
  10. small knock when putting reverse

    also go to the area marked forums and scroll down to the engine and drive lines you will find out there is so much info on your problem there
  11. small knock when putting reverse

    depends how long have you have had it , most journeys have some knocks or like a surge feel when going into drive or rev at times mine use to, hasn't done it in a long time, they can do updates on the software, sometimes that helps and most of the time it doesn't, also depends on your mileage might also could be trans mount since its only does it in rev, hard to tell from here, but on the avg i dont think you have a problem other than the slight noise.
  12. hate to tell you but if it is revving up and not moving i believe you are in for some serious bills on it
  13. Lifetime New Maximum Care Plans Even though New Lifetime Maximum Care Plans are not available beginning December 1, 2018, Lifetime contracts currently in effect before that date will be honored throughout the lifetime of your vehicle to the original purchaser(s) at any authorized Mopar dealership. not sure if the 7 yr /unlimited miles is available according to this
  14. Headlight HID/LED Conversion

    check the forum i believe this has been discussed already
  15. driver side leaks

    seen this thought id post it for thoes who are all wet
  16. Heater Core leaking

    heater core replacement shortcut on you tube shows how to replace it very easy and fast,check it out on google
  17. Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    hmm iv never had a problem buying a certain vehicle i wanted from any dealership, and since i have almost always paid cash for my vechiles the last 20 yrs i usually get the red carpet treatment myself, i just tell them what i want and the best price they can give me and if i dont like the price the next car dealership down the street might have want i want... dam never had any problems LOL
  18. Bought a DJRT on Vroom

    hell i still dont an electric or self driving car, but the car manufacture seem to think we all want one so bad. oh well thats life. i am just getting used to buying off amazon dont think id buy a used car off the net have to kick the tires and drive it first.....times are a changing tho
  19. Over cooling maybe?

    also dont over fill or under fill it, the new trans depends on the temperature and other things to determine the level ,check out you tube on it...i also would use a mopar filter as well
  20. Over cooling maybe?

    with that many miles then you are overdue for spark plugs and the transmission fluid change as well better to to reg maintenance than wait for a problem to due damage to the journey. good luck and report back what you find out
  21. Hey

    welcome to the group.....
  22. Over cooling maybe?

    2013 if the coolant hasn't been changed yet, then yes i would replace thermostat the and do a flush and then all new approved coolant also have them clean out the overflow bottle also.thermostat....... the outside temp should not have that much affect on your engine temp,
  23. engine revving

    if you have the option i would definitely do that. did you buy from a dodge dealership or where from. the journey should be checked to see if any codes were set.good luck
  24. Overheating

    could also be a freeze plug hopefully that is the problem still not cheap but easier to fix, if that is what it is consider replacing all of them cause if one is bad the others might be going bad as well,or could be the y connector for the rear heat if you have dual climate