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  1. 3.6L Coolant?

    google the manual on internet, real easy
  2. just a word of warning,IF your journey is running fine i wouldn't worry about getting it fixed as when they redo the software you may lose some mpg due to stricter limits on pollution controls and if you have been passing the test your state or country requires i wouldn't do it till i had problems or they made you do it..
  3. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    hmm, you should have just bought different rims and tires and saved a bunch of money...just kidding.... welcome to the group
  4. Winter Driving

    since all journeys are fwd use them on the front, even AWD only kicks in when front tires loses traction from what I have herd ,so call or visit your dodge dealership for more accurate info on use of chains, personally grew up in Michigan and now live in AL and never had to use chains
  5. unless you use the wiper a lot best to just remove it and dont worry about it. i hardly ever use mine
  6. probally a new wiper motor time
  7. What ever....
  8. Ball joint

    part store or dealership should be able to provide all that. good luck
  9. make sure you use a magnetic spark plug socket..... as using a reg socket or one with a rubber boot may let the plug slip out and the plugs are about 4-6 inches down inside a small area.this is with the 3.6 engine and the 2.4 engine as well..... i would also cover up the 3 open areas in the middle of the engine with a rag just in case something doesn't slip or fall into the the holes not sure what they are but to be safe precaution and DONT forget the insulation pad like he did... i am sure its there for a reason.. BUT a good video
  10. lol in Alabama we hardly get any snow, might get down in the low teens for a short while but not long, but the heat on batteries can be about just as bad for the life of a battery
  11. well mine was on sale for $110 ( including the 10 percent off when ordering on line)with a $20 rebate and came with a full 3 yr replacement this was in august of 2017
  12. 2016 SXT picked up today

    check with your dealership as the org on my daughters 2.4 were off amazon 4 New NGK V-Power Spark Plugs ZFR5F-11 # 2262 Sold by: B2C Auto Parts $11.15
  13. quick oil change shop

    my daughter uses the local dodge dealership to service her jeep ( she uses on her postal route) and after one of the oil changes the next morning she seen a good size oil spot on her concrete drive so she checked her oil with the dip stick and it was down but still registering on the stick so she took it back and the dealership re_did her oil service and gave her a free one for the next service so not even the dealerships are fool proof, i asked her what did they do wrong and she said i dont know but they got it right...lol i just shook my head so i have no idea if it was the plug or filter as it was on her 2.4.....
  14. quick oil change shop

    well my last oil change it was cold and miserably out so for the first time i went to the local Havoline oil change place and had the oil and filter changed, made sure they had the right filter and was done in just a few minutes, well I just did the next oil change myself and dam did they ever bugger up the oil plug nut, I had to use a big pair of vice grips and got it to come off, so i walk to the Orilleys auto store and picked up a doorman oil plug with a plastic washer that says needs to be replaced with ever oil change. well I got the journey going again and will pick up a better oil plug from the dealership next week. first time i ever use a quick change oil place and the last ....LOL on a side note i removed the plastic covering below the windshield to remove all the leaves that were there from last fall, not to bad, about 6 push pin rivets and the one on each side of the cowling that looks like a Phillips screw didnt want to unscrew and i was able to just pop them out and then was able to pop them back in again after cleaning all the leaves out.....
  15. i have that same battery( duracell) got mine about a yr or two ago, bought mine from battery plus about the same price and also got a rebate on it. havent had no problems with it yet..
  16. 2016 SXT picked up today

    welcome to the group,as far as the 2.4 vs the 3.6,,, less power and usually not that much better mpg. but not a game changer ,also the spark plug replacement is a lot easier but more often than the 3.6. i use to always have a caravan with the 3.3 engine, that was a great engine they should have used that instead of the 2.4 in my opinion. other than that i have had 2 journeys a 2011 with 70 k on it and now my 2014 crossroad with 92 k on it... just change your plugs every 30 k and use the OEM plugs as the 2.4 they say runs best with them and do your regular maintenance and enjoy the ride...
  17. AWD rear suspension issue

    if your rear tires are wearing on the inside or outside of the tires ( camber)then your rear upper control arm is out of adj and it is a NON adj part has to be replaced and then a 4 wheel alignment done, check out you tube and go with the aftermarket adj control arm that is what i did and it solved my problem.
  18. New 2018 SE Blacktop

    welcome to the group, glad you found nee you liked, dont believe there are no SRT journeys only r/t and lower models
  19. a;so after removing the nut the stud is splined so if the whole arm is hanging down and the arm is still tight then it might be more of a problem like the motor has went bad,or the linkage has slipped, good luck and let us know what you find out
  20. Transmission leak

    so have you checked the level of the trans fluid ?sounds like a good plan on what you are getting ready to do, make sure you use approved transmission fluid and i would use a mopar filter as well, let us know how it went a few pic would be helpful for thoes who might want to do it themselves
  21. 2010 Journey Passenger Grab Handle (bar)

    not sure if any of the journeys have the passenger side windshield pillar grab handle, i worked at the caravan plant before i retired and some of the models had it and most didnt they called it a swing van,i have no idea why it was called that.
  22. Drive Trans/

    quick lane shops (owned by ford dealership) offer a lifetime 4 wheel alignment for as long as you own it for $172, bought for my 2014 crossroad it as my rear camber was out so now i chage mu oil and have my tires rotated and balance (discount tire) and then have my alignment checked every 5 -6 k.as most shops charge $90 for a 4 wheel alinement i am already ahead of this cost..had no problems with my 2011 and had 70 k on it and 91 k on my crossroad
  23. well it just could have been put in crooked at the factory and your the first person to use that outlet............ yrs ago my son was fooling with his camaro and after a while he came in saying dad my car is running rough i ask all the usual questions and then i also looked at the fuse box under the dash pulled out the fuses he said he was messing with didnt see nothing wrong ,so after a day or so i put it in the local repair garage and they did the usually checks and changed the plugs,wires and such no luck i had told them about the fuses he said he was fooling with and after another day and a big bill the mech called and said its running fine. went to pick it up and he said your son had pulled one of the two fuses for the fuel injectors and when he replaced the fuse, one of the prongs went on the wrong side of the connector and wasn't making contact causing the one side of the injectors not to fire right...oh well
  24. hope it wasn't a flood car,shouldn't have been corroded
  25. no idea other than replace the fob battery and if that doesn't help disconnected the battery cable from the car and wait 10 minutes and then reconnect and hopefully that will reset it