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  1. Front end clunk, while braking

    If it wasn't doing this before you replaced those parts, probably something not put back correctly. No way to know how bad it is.
  2. New guy

    Welcome Gary!
  3. Caliper Covers

    From what I remember, they won't work on the DJ's because of the tight wheel/caliper dimensions on the front wheels. Plus, $249 for 4 pieces of aluminum? No thanks. Much cheaper to spend a day with some caliper paint.
  4. Only average 13-15 mpg

    This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  5. Rubbing noise when turning

    Maybe the dealer will know.
  6. Yes. It is the actuators calibrating. They all do it. You will eventually get used to it and learn to tune the sound out. Welcome to the forum.
  7. Help ! Interior lights still working.

    Why did you need to disable the interior lights?
  8. Moved to the correct section. Make sure you explain this to the insurance adjuster so it can be fixed as part of the damage repair.
  9. If it's "just an old amp", maybe it went bad. Put everything back to stock and see if the speakers start working. Process of elimination.
  10. You need to have navigation and also remote start already installed.
  11. This section is reserved for Q & A on how to use this forum. For information pertaining to the Dodge Journey, please post in the appropriate section.
  12. Without knowing the details of the aftermarket amp install (did you use adapters/wiring harnesses or splice into existing wiring, etc.?) Have you checked the fuses? Is the amp still getting power? Is the amp still turning on?
  13. Performance brakes

    I use mid-grade pads from my local parts store. Never had an issue.
  14. Sorry but it’s not dodges fault you bought this particular car. I bought a used truck awhile back. 2 months after I bought it I had to have the transmission rebuilt. I did not blame the vehicle manufacturer. I knew the risks going in. You witnessed thousands of complaints, yet you still bought one. That’s on you.
  15. Cruise control inop. & Traction Control light on dash

    Correct the known faults. Cruise will start working again.
  16. Correction. Your car is terrible. Had great luck with both of ours. You are judging based off a 10 year old previously wrecked, used vehicle. Your opinion is based on that and that alone. Hurry up and sell it.
  17. US models are not “equipped” with DRL’s as they are not mandated. As suggested, you may or may not be able to get the dealer to flash a code which will enable them to function. Search the forum for DRL. Plenty of discussion on the topic.
  18. nitrogen vs reg air

    Yeah, 5 years ago you couldn’t buy a new vehicle without nitrogen it seemed...lol...just another money grab.

    Good news!
  20. New guy

    For maintenance, follow the recommended maintenance as described in the manual. For performance, well, not much out there. Free up the exhaust with a performance muffler. Air intake is already cold, so an aftermarket CAI is a waste of money (like on any newer vehicle). Search around the forum on what others have done. Whatever you decide, it will most likely have to be custom or adapted from another vehicle. There is little to no aftermarket performance support for this vehicle. It’s meant to be a passenger hauler/grocery getter. Not a performance vehicle.
  21. Guess I'm the new guy

    Welcome to the forum. I drink whatever I can as often as I can.
  22. Front end clunk, while braking

    That’s the strut bushings. Lol
  23. Front end clunk, while braking

    Did they replace the strut bushings as well? Sorry for your loss.
  24. Ours was the strut bushing.