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  1. Bosch Rotors - lucky or not?

    Get ceramic. The dust they give off is minimal and doesn't show unlike the metallic.
  2. What grinds your gears?

    13 hour airplane rides across the Pacific. UGH.
  3. New Lights

    https://www.carid.com/2014-dodge-journey-headlights/ Even though it says 2014. They fit all years
  4. Moisture Issue Won't Defog

    The best thing about -25C is that salt becomes inactive and your car stays clean! Us Prairie people and our cars are quite hardy!
  5. I use premium for the cleaning properties and the fact that it does not contain ethanol. Not a fan of that. Since I drive so little (only about 10,000 km's per year) the cost difference doesn't bother me. Here, and in most places, regular and mid grade has ethanol in it. On a side note, I've had more than one small engine dealer tell me to only use premium without ethanol in small engines like snowblowers, lawnmowers, weed trimmers and blowers. Premium stores better, and personally I had nothing but trouble with a carb. on my gas weed eater, but on the dealers recommendation switched to premium and the issues disappeared. H.P.
  6. Winter Tires

    Any auto wrecker will have lots of 17 inch wheels that will fit. Just ask for Journey or Caravan wheels. They are the same. H.P.
  7. Are 17" rims interchangeable for different years?

    17 inch from any year are OK. NOT 16 inch.
  8. Ugh. Winter

  9. Ugh. Winter

    Visiting. Second time. Got an apartment for a month in Port Douglas. I will avoid the stingers, salties and assorted spiders and snakes. Terrified of fish with teeth. LOL H.P..
  10. Ugh. Winter

    It's here. Salt, slush, ice and of course, many idiots spinning out. Nothing changes. Happy I don't have that regular commute. Only really drive to go shopping or play hockey. Slowed down to only 2 hockey games per week. At middle age I'd play 5 or 6. I did manage to ride the mountain bike 2,472 kilometers this year. All trails. That ended with the snow. Off to the tropical north part of Australia in January. To go mountain biking! Great Barrier Reef and Daintree Rain Forest too. Have to keep my eyes open for a variety of critters that would like me for a meal. Keep well folks. H.P.
  11. Tire Advice Needed Please

    A quick check of tirerack.com shows some prices higher, some lower than your Tire Post file. Might want to check it out
  12. Don't know where you are, rural or urban. My dealer here in Winnipeg had a replacement radio here in 3 days and replaced on the 5th. H.P.
  13. Dash cam anyone?

  14. Dash cam anyone?

    I plug mine into the 12v outlet and it attaches to the windshield with a suction cup. Works fine. In my opinion I think anyone who doesn't get a dash cam is nuts. H.P.
  15. 2010 fwd

    Absolutely. But they MUST be put on ALL 4 WHEELS! To do otherwise would create a very dangerous handling situation. They make turning and stopping on ice/snow improve greatly.